Off road electric scooter for adults

An off-road electric scooter is a smart investment for those who like adventures. These electric-powered units are suitable for rough terrains and surfaces like dirt roads, parks, and even inclines.

The best off-road electric scooter can take you anywhere, which makes it great for exploring nature or for going hunting. They can also be a great way to avoid traffic jams and get to work quickly.

On top of that, electric scooters are eco-friendly vehicles. They run on electric batteries that you recharge before you start your adventure.

The goal of this article is to help you find the best off road electric scooter for you. We thoroughly went through a great number of products and reviews to come up with a fair and unbiased selection.

We have selected six of the best off road electric scooters for adults to review. 

We looked at the power, battery efficiency, comfort, durability and more for each model with off-roading potential to help you make an informed choice.EDITOR’S CHOICE

Off road electric scooter for adults


OUTSTORM 56MPH Ultra High Speed Electric Scooter for Adults Foldable



This scooter is fast. Dangerously fast. If you are not used to riding a scooter, or have only ridden a standard rental version, then riding the Outstorm will take some getting used to.

Its top speed is a ridiculous 56 mph. For adrenaline junkies, this will allow you to push yourself to the limits – just take care, especially if off-roading. Big bumps at top speed are certainly hazardous.

The Outstorm is also a great option for heavier riders. It can carry up to 485lbs in weight. Because it has such a powerful motor, even when it is carrying more weight, it still has fantastic acceleration and high torque. The detachable seat post is also a nice extra touch, perfect if you want to have a bit of a more laid back riding experience.

This scooter has enormous power, with a whopping 3200w dual motor. This makes off-roading all the more thrilling. It handles inclines with ease and has incredible acceleration.

With any off-road scooter, high-quality suspension is essential. You get a comfortable riding experience with dual suspension shock absorption.

When you order your scooter, you have the choice of selecting solid road or pneumatic tires. If you plan to do a lot of off-roading, it would be better to go for the air-filled tires. While it means you may have to deal with a puncture at some point down the road, they will offer additional support on the rougher terrain.

The battery on the Outstorm is a huge 60v, and this means you can get up to 52 miles in distance, depending on your weight and riding style. If you love a long-distance adventure, this makes this model appealing.

A lot of the more powerful models, that have a longer battery life, take a long time to charge. It is nice that this scooter comes with a dual charger. This means, even though the battery is bigger than that of an average scooter, it still only takes 6 hours to reach full charge.


These scooters are not manufactured or shipped from the US. If you have to do any returns or are waiting on replacement parts, you will need to be prepared for a long wait. 

Frustratingly, if you have any issues, you will have to rely on communicating by email as there is no telephone customer support.

The biggest downside to this scooter is the fact that it is an absolute tank. Of course, this helps to ensure that it offers good stability and durability for riding off-road, but it weighs over 100lbs. It is even an effort to lift it in and out of the trunk of a car, never mind trying to carry it any distance.


The Outstorm is well suited to off-roading. It has a durable frame, decent suspension, a heck of a lot of power, and a battery allowing you to go further distances. It is just a shame it is such a cumbersome model. You don’t want to be having to lift this bad boy about too much!Check Price on Amazon


Dualtron Spider off road electric scooter



Minimotors, who produced the Dualtron Spider, are developing a good reputation for fast and powerful scooters, that are capable of off-roading. We have reviewed their Thunder model in our fastest scooters review, but we have selected the Spider this time. 

Although it doesn’t have quite as powerful an engine, it is still beefy with a 1,600w dual hub motor. Way more powerful than your average scooter. This one is more affordable and lighter than the Thunder too, and it is still a great option for light off-roading.

The impressive motor and the large 60v battery means that it has an impressive top speed of 37mph. It will also give you a decent, if not epic, range of about a similar amount too.

The rear suspension helps to absorb any bumps when you are off-terrain. You do get a comfortable riding experience when you combine this with chunky 10 inch wide pneumatic tires.

The cartridges on the suspension can also be changed to softer or more solid options depending on the type of riding experience you want to have. This is a nice additional touch from the makers.

The alloy frame is exceptionally sturdy and well made, but this scooter still manages to come in at just 44 lbs. It is still not light enough to carry around like some commuter models. For an off-road powerhouse, this is still an impressively light option — the lightest of all those we reviewed.


For light off-roading, the Dualtron could be a good choice. It has a powerful motor, an efficient battery and provides a comfortable ride.

It is just that it doesn’t offer as good value for money as some of the other models we have reviewed. Although impressive, it doesn’t justify quite such an astronomical price tag.Check Price on Amazon


NANROBOT Power D5+ Foldable Lightweight 2000W Electric Scooter



This model comes with a powerful 2000w dual hub motor. It handles steeper gradients well, and this makes it a good choice for off-roading.

Don’t forget, however, that when you engage both motors for super turbo mode, it does drain your battery power a lot faster. You won’t be able to do long rides if you are in this mode a lot.

The Nanrobot D5+ comes with dual suspension (with two shock absorbers at the back and four at the front). This combined with 10” wide knobby tires means that you are offered a very comfortable riding experience, even when you take this off-road.

It has a decent maximum weight capacity too, so it is perfect for heavier riders.

The dual regenerative electric and disc brakes system means you don’t have to feel worried about your stopping distances when at high speeds.

It is responsive, although it can be a little sticky when you first take it out. Make sure that you break them in before putting them to the toughest of tests.


When the Nanrobot first reaches you, you will likely have to do some tinkering with the fittings to get everything secure and safe to ride. They are often not adequately adjusted or screwed in tightly on arrival.

Although not the heaviest of the scooters we reviewed, it is still a pretty hefty 70lbs. It is not an easily portable option.


If you are looking for a versatile scooter with a long range, comfortable ride, and enough power to tackle hills with ease, then the Nanrobot D5+ could work well for you. Just make sure you are prepared to make a little adjustment of the settings before your first ride.Check Price on Amazon


Boosted REV



Boosted are a well established and respected brand, although they are better known for their electric skateboards.

The Rev is their first electric scooter, although, it is anything but entry-level. They have produced a nippy scooter capable of handling some light off-roading. They also offer great after-sales support.

This model shines in terms of its stability, handling, and responsive braking.

It looks sleek, but it is not style over substance. The frame is incredibly sturdy but, for a powerful scooter capable of off-roading, it is also relatively light at just 46lbs.

Most scooters have electric braking systems, and this is sometimes backed up with mechanical disk brakes too. The Rev has both of these, plus a handy manual stomp brake on the back wheel too. You can ride at high speeds with confidence that you will have excellent stopping power.

Although not as powerful as some off-roading models, it still has a strong motor with effective torque and acceleration.

It is just a small feature, but it is nice that the Rev folds down so easily that you can lock it into place with only one hand.


The Rev is a favorite of ours, but it does lose points for its lack of suspension. Given the fact that it is not cheap and it is designed to handle rougher terrain, this is a real shame. It is something we hope that Boosted looks at going forward.

It does have wide air-filled all-terrain tires that help to buffer the bumps. You will, however, need to develop a technique of riding with your knees to provide a bit of extra support.

The Boosted Rev is not slow, but its top speed of 24mph is considerably less than some of the more extreme off-road viable scooters we have reviewed.


You are not going to win any records for top speeds. You are, however, still getting a nippy, well-designed, powerful and sturdy scooter from a brand with a great reputation.

If you plan to do a lot of off-roading, the lack of suspension, however, will mean you are in for a more jarring ride.Check Price on Electric Spokes


QIEWA qmini Scooter 500watts Motor



Most of the scooters that are capable of off-roading come with a higher price tag. Because they need to be more heavy-duty, have suspension, power and good battery life this pushes the price up.

The Qiewa Q-1 is still not a budget model, but it is a lot more affordable than most of the other scooters we have reviewed.

It is a great choice for heavy riders as it can cope with over 400lbs. Despite this, it is still lighter than some of the hefty rough terrain scooters are, at just 59 lbs. Okay, it is not portable like a zippy commuter scooter is, but this weight means it is still easier to get in and out of the trunk.

You get a pretty smooth ride with the Qiewa Qmini. It has dual shock absorbers in the front and rear. It is just a shame that it features 8 inch rather than 10 inch tires, but for light off-road riding they still do the trick.


The power of the motor, at just 500w, is not as intense as some of the others reviewed. It still tackles hills reasonably well, but if you want serious acceleration, you would be better off opting for a more powerful model.

The electric and drum braking system works well, but they do sometimes need a little light adjustment when you first get the scooter set up. You want to ensure they are responsive but not too harsh.

The top speed and range are somewhat limited. If you want a maximum adrenaline-inducing long-distance option, you would be better off looking at one of the other models reviewed.


For the money, the Qiewa Q-1, gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Providing you are not looking for crazy high speeds and mega long-range possibilities, this could be a good starting point for delving into off-road scooting.Check Price on Amazon


Mercane Wide Wheel Scooter



Like the Boosted Rev, the Mercane WideWheel may not hit the dizzying speeds of some of the other models reviewed here. But who really needs to go above 25mph to have some off-road fun, right?

It only has a 500w motor, but it is surprisingly powerful nonetheless. It still manages hills with relative ease.

For a scooter that has the power and durability to handle off-roading it is more affordable than a lot of the other models reviewed, and it looks very streamlined and stylish. 


The Mercane WideWheel does have suspension, but it is only on the rear wheel, and it is not as sophisticated as some of the other off-road capable models. The solid rubber road tires mean you don’t have to worry about a puncture, but it doesn’t offer any additional buffer on the rougher terrain.

If you are a gadget geek, you will be disappointed that this model has a very basic LCD interface. It is even hard to get an accurate idea of how little charge is left available as it runs low.

You will need to watch you don’t get caught short on a longer ride, especially as the range is not as high as some of the other models we have reviewed. You will only manage a maximum of 20 – 30 miles on a single charge, although it is fully rechargeable in 6 hours.

This scooter isn’t suited to heavier riders. Unfortunately, it only has a 220lb weight capacity.

A lot of the higher speed scooters are fitted with a speed limiter which caps the speeds you can go up to (often 15 or 20mph). The Mercane is such a model.

You can remove this if you want to go faster, but you need to be careful when you are doing this, and it can sometimes forfeit your warranty. There are instructions and video tutorials to follow to make sure you do this properly.


Compared to some scooters with off-road potential, the Mercane Widewheel is affordable and a bit less cumbersome. It might not be the best choice for extreme speedsters, but it is a reliable model that looks professional.

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