online shopping sites list for clothes in india

Looking for best online shopping sites list for clothes in india? Then your search ends here. Below is a list of top eCommerce stores who deal in clothing and fashion related categories. Some are niche specific and some deal in other niches too, but without any second thought, as of now, they’re best picks for you.

Online shopping lets you shop online without physically visiting a store. This is indeed a good facility for people who are too busy in their day to day life and of course it’s a boon for shopaholics. Nowadays, everything is available online from smallest product to largest one, from cheapest to expensive one.

India is an emerging market for online business and it (eCommerce) is evolving very rapidly. Buyers are getting discounts they would not have imagined and sellers are getting unbelievable opportunities to expand their business. For both, it’s a win-win situation.

Listed online shopping sites are famous for their products, discounts and customer service. You will get unbelievable discounts on your online purchases along with easy returns and refund options.

As of now, there are enormous online shopping sites in India for clothes. Many eCommerce stores have been launched with a vision to run a long lasting business. But, for your information, some of them have just started their business to scam naive people.

Therefore, before making an online purchase from any online shopping website, you must know that whether you’re buying from a genuine website or not.

For a seamless shopping experience, there’re certain measures you should take and I’ve discussed in detail about them in a separate post. Here is the link to read most common online shopping mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

As mentioned earlier, there’re hundreds of online shopping sites in India for clothing category therefore it’s very difficult for me to choose best clothing websites for you. So, I decided to choose these websites on the basis of online visibility, customer rating, product reviews, website and app user friendliness, payment options like cash on delivery, return policy, and customer service. 

This list of Indian online shopping sites for clothes, that I’m going to unveil here, is obtained on the basis of mentioned parameters. I hope you will have a seamless and pleasant shopping experience.

An online shopping store should offer following services/options:

If an online shopping site is offering you following services/options then you can say the store is good and trustworthy.

The number of internet users in India is about to cross 500 million mark milestone and here online businesses have a large scope. If an online shopping website is offering reliable services then it has countless opportunities to expand its business across the country.

Cash on delivery is must for an online shopping site because in India majority of people prefer payment at the time of delivery. And it’s also good for an online business because this way it can win trust of the buyers.

On-time order delivery is also must for an eCommerce website. At the time of purchase, it should clearly mention when will you get the product and it’d be delivered within the specified time.

Good customer service is very much essential because sometimes you face some problems so there should be someone to answer your queries.

An eCommerce website should have an easy return and refund policy. Such things make shopping a pleasant activity. If an online store has easy return and refund policy then you can confidently make your purchases because you know that if you didn’t like the product then you can return it for refund. Online shopping sites in India for clothes I’m going to list have 10-30 days easy return policy.

Though discount offers are not must but look for an online store that offers authentic products with huge discount.

An eCommerce website should make your connection secure to protect your privacy. Its website URL should always start with ‘https‘ (not http it’s almost obsolete, now normal websites and blogs too don’t have http). If an online shopping website doesn’t have https then refrain from it.

A reputed online store never sells first copy products therefore avoid using such websites that offer first copy products. If store sells refurbished items then it should clearly mention that. Read, what refurbished products are and benefits of buying such products?

Its user reviews should always be good. Nowadays due to competition some online stores deliberately create negative reviews for its competitors just to malign their names. Therefore while reading reviews only give importance to verified buyers who actually have shopped from the store.

If you’re going to buy an electronic product online then here is a list of top online electronics shopping sites. Following listicle is more focused on online shopping sites in India for clothes.

Online Shopping Sites in India for Clothes

online shopping sites list for clothes in india

Note: This listicle does not represent any ranking therefore you can pick any of them to shop online.

If you want to shop online, you can shop from any of the online shopping sites listed below and your shopping experience will be pleasant.

Myth buster: Today, online stores in India also give you the same warranty as you get when you buy from a local shop for example if you do not like the product, you can return it or exchange it; depending on the refund policy.

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Let’s began with one of the best online shopping sites in India for clothes. The store is more focused on clothing and fashion category. There are a very few clothing niche based online stores in India and Myntra is one of them.

If you’re going to do shopping online for fashion related products, the Myntra online shopping is a very good option. It’s one of the favorite online shopping sites of Indians. You get all kinds of fashion brands including luxury brands on this online portal. On the store, you can readily find product of your choice.

Myntra is also known for its unbelievable discounts. Apart from discount on product, you also get special discounts on select banks’ debit cards and credit cards such as HDFC, Axis, ICICI and the like.

Note: Debit card and credit card discounts are not available all the time.

On Myntra, you get an easy refund policy, if you do not like the product you bought, you can easily get your money back (depending upon refund policy). If you’re reluctant to pay online then you can opt for cash on delivery.

It’s a one stop shop for all your fashion needs.

Latest remarkable change that Myntra has applied to its store is now it shows final price including taxes under the product. Earlier, Myntra used to show product price excluding taxes and final price could only be seen on the payment page; which was very confusing.

On your Myntra first order, don’t forget to apply following:

Myntra new user offer: MYNTRANEWW500 and MYNTRANEW1000

Browse the collection here:

jabong shopping site

Jabong is a reliable and prominent fashion and lifestyle online shopping site in India whose parent organization is Flipkart. Jabong is another one stop store for all of your fashion needs. You can find all national and international fashion brands on this store. On this website, you can find millions of products to choose from and this website certainly can subside your shopping appetite.

If you want to shop for luxury fashion products then Jabong has a separate luxury store section where you’ll find expensive luxury brands.

Browse the collection here:

tata cliq  shopping

Really, I liked it! It’s a new store and I must say it’s all the qualities to become one of the best online shopping sites in India for clothes and other categories. Its website and app are very user friendly. For seamless shopping experience, TataCLiQ has come up with an easy return and refund policy.

It offers you a large range of products to choose from. On this online portal, you can find products related to fashion, electronics, health, fitness, personal care, and kitchen. But it’s more biased toward fashion category.

It also has a separate luxury fashion products section where you can find luxury brands.

Browse the collection here:

flipkart shopping

Talking about best online shopping sites in India for clothes then how can we forget to mention Flipkart, India’s first successful online startup that encouraged many others? When it comes to eCommerce marketplace dominance in India, Flipkart ranks at the top. Indian eCommerce giant Flipkart has become first choice of Indians for online shopping.

This store offers you everything despite the size of the product. You buy clothes, fashion products, electronics, furniture items, and more. Flipkart is also know for its easy return and refund policy. For fashion category, it’s millions of products to offer.

Many buyers eagerly wait for its flash sale and end of season sale where you get unbelievable discount offers. Certainly, Flipkart is a best choice for online shopping. You can read here how to shop on Flipkart.

Its Big Billion Days sale is very famous.

Browse the collection here:

koovs review

This is online shopping store is devoted to fashion and lifestyle category. You can find millions of clothing and fashion related products on this store. It’s been evolving very rapidly and many people are liking it due to its vast range of products.

On Koovs, you can also order via phone and product can be delivered to you within a day (depending on your location).

You get lucrative discount offers on select products. Its website and mobile app are very user-friendly and you can use them easily. You get cash on delivery, free shipping and online payment options.

Browse the collection here:

best online shopping sites in India for clothes

Amazon is one of the world’s most famous online shopping sites. Despite the fact that many online shopping stores exist, this store is still a favorite online shopping site for a large number of people. As of now, many online shopping stores exist in India due to which Amazon is getting a lot of competition in India.

Amazon has increased its TV ads program to beat its competitors. You can see so many ads of Amazon on TV. Amazon is one of the oldest online stores and it would not be wrong to say that it’s still one of the best.

If I think of best online shopping sites in India for clothes then the word ‘Amazon’ always pops-up in my mind.

Browse the collection here:

Snapdeal online shopping store review

Ah, Snapdeal online shopping store initially made many online customers, but due to a lot of competition, this website fails to retain them. But Snapdeal is emerging again, and again winning the hearts of its customers by offering a lot of discount offers. This website is also a good choice for online shopping.

Browse the collection here:

Reliance Trends

Reliance Trends online shopping site is a product of Reliance. Here you get fashion-related products on huge discounts. Although, this store has less products than other stores but you get cheap and best quality products, which is very good for buyers who seek branded products at lowest cost.

Reliance Trends also has physical stores in some cities you can also go there for shopping. You can also make online payment on its online portal and collect product directly from its physical store.

Reliance Trends has moved its collection from to I’m not removing it from the list because of their value for money products.

Browse the collection here:

ajio review

AJIO is running many advertisement programs to increase its store visibility. Company is targeting potential buyers in India belonging to clothing and fashion categories. If you want to buy a good fashion product in less money, then must visit this store.

Many are predicting that this online store would emerge as a huge online shopping store and could become a rival of eCommerce giant companies like Amazon and Walmart.

AJIO has quickly become one of the renowned online shopping sites for clothes, footwear, and fashion. This store offers fashion related products for people of all ages. You can choose this website for your online shopping.

They offer lucrative discount offers time to time on various products including international brands.

Browse the collection here:

paytm mall review

Paytm Mall online shopping store is also a one stop shop for all of your shopping needs. It’s a very big store. Paytm is offering lucrative cashback offers to expand its business across India. Undoubtedly, this could be your online shopping site for clothes. Paytm is known for its cashback offers and you get similar offers on Paytm Mall.

Browse the collection here:

Listed online shopping sites in India for clothes are best in my opinion. You can expect authentic products at lucrative prices from them.

How to buy clothes online (Guide on shopping for clothes online)

Shopping for clothes can be fun but it could also be confusing and sometimes intimidating. When we talk of buying clothes from online stores it can even be more complicated and intimidating than shopping from physical stores. Today I’ll be giving you 5 tips that will make your shopping experience better so you can enjoy the full convenience of buying clothes online.

Tips on buying clothes online

  • Know your measurements and sizes
  • Check the description and reviews
  • Reference the sizing chart of the item
  • Consider your wardrobe
  • Pay attention to the shipping and returns information

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission when you make purchases through the links. Which supports me and keeps the blog running (free for you)

  • Know your measurements and sizes

This is very important and will greatly affect how often you return clothes. Knowing your measurements is not that difficult, you can ask your local tailor to do it or you can get a measuring tape and do it yourself. Take measurements of your chest, back, arm width, arm length, pants length and more (let me know if you’d like me to write on measurements).

measuring tape

You should know if you wear S, M, XL etc. Know your shoe size and your pants size. Have it in mind that different countries/regions have different sizing systems, so know the one you use in your country/region and compare/convert it to that of the clothing you want to purchase.

  • Check the description and reviews

Every piece of clothing should have a description section where you will find things like the materials used, the sizing chart and some additional information. Take the information you find here into consideration before making your purchase.

Unfortunately, some descriptions are not always true and can be misleading. This is why you also need to check the reviews, this is where you’ll find unfiltered information about the clothing, that can be more accurate than the description.

In my opinion, reviews are more important and factual than the description.

  • Reference the sizing chart of the item

If you have taken your measurements and have checked the description, this is when you apply both. Reference the sizing chart in the description with your measurements and figure out what size of the item you should purchase. Different stores can have different sizing systems so, doing this will reduce your chances of buying the wrong size.

  • Consider your wardrobe

When you want to purchase clothing, make sure it’s something you can and will use. Consider the other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe and how well that item can be matched with other items you already own. This will make sure you’re getting value for your money.

 Although if you are buying clothing to experiment with a new style or trend then this may not be applicable.

  • Pay attention to the shipping and returns information

A lot of people don’t do this and may regret it later. Take note of the shipping options and information so you’ll have an idea of how quickly it ships, this might make you rethink if you want to go through with the purchase or not. (You should note that the shipping period may not always be accurate).

package box

The return policies will determine how easy or difficult returning an item will be. You won’t always keep what you buy and so understanding the return policies of the store will make things easier.

When you have bought clothes a couple of times online, it becomes easier as you get used to stores you shop at often and understand their sizing, shipping and other information.

You should understand that you may not be able to buy everything you want online so always check physical stores once in a while. This can even help with the sizing of clothes from online stores if they have physical outlets because they’ll likely sell the same items.

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