oral b electric toothbrush reviews

Here for the Oral B Electric Toothbrush Reviews? Our team has researched and reviewed the best electric toothbrush 2020 to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying the best oral b electric toothbrush.

Oral B Electric Toothbrush Reviews

What’s the best Oral-B brush head?

It is not that simple to say definitively which is ‘the best’.

All of the brush heads offer slightly different things, engineered slightly differently, to suit different users’ needs and desires.

However, I know simple answers are best, so I have done my best to break things down a bit.

Best Oral-B Brush Head: Different Types Compared & Explained 2

Have a read over the sections below to see which brush head appeals to you the most. And be sure to check out the rest of this article if you need any more information — I’ve covered as much as possible, but if you’ve got any questions, ask in the comments.

Best all-round Oral-B brush head

The CrossAction or Pro GumCare are the best brush heads to go for.

I know this is 2 options and not 1, but they are both excellent choices.

The CrossAction is the brush head most commonly supplied with a new Oral-B toothbrush.  The bristles are firmer than the Pro GumCare, which is another very popular option if you prefer or your dentist recommends soft bristles.

Oral-B Cross Action Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refill, 3 CountOral-B Cross Action Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refill, 3 Count809 Reviews$29.99View on Amazon
Oral-b Pro Gum Care Electric Toothbrush Replacement Head, 2 CountOral-b Pro Gum Care Electric Toothbrush Replacement Head, 2 Count167 Reviews$17.97View on Amazon

Best Oral-B brush head for sensitive teeth

If you have sensitive teeth or gums, perhaps inflammation or even bleeding the best brush head in this instance for cleaning your teeth will be the Pro GumCare (view on Amazon).

The softer bristles move over the teeth and gum surfaces with a motion, less abrasive than some other brush heads, reducing the sensitivity on the teeth.

If you regularly experience sensitive teeth and gums, you should seek further advice from a dentist as you may need to consider a change in diet, specialist toothpastes or even dental work.

Best Oral-B Brush Head: Different Types Compared & Explained 3

You can use this brush head with any cleaning mode on your Oral-B toothbrush, but for the best effect if you brush handle has the Sensitive or Gum Care cleaning mode, then do make sure to choose one of these when brushing.

With a good oral healthcare routine, sensitive teeth and gums should subside, as often the cause is poor brushing technique and irregular cleaning. If after a couple of weeks you have seen little or no improvement you should seek further advice from a dentist as you may need to consider a change in diet, specialist toothpastes or even dental work.

Oral-B Pro GumCareOral-B Pro GumCare167 Reviews$17.97View on Amazon

Best Oral-B brush head for braces

Braces are fantastic in what they can do to our teeth, but fixed braces, in particular, can pose a real challenge in keeping them clean.

Thankfully Oral-B have a specialist ortho brush head (view on Amazon) that can handle their design and help remove the small food particles that can get caught on the teeth and gums and around the dental work.

Whilst you can use any brush head on braces, the specially designed head has a bristle formation that works effectively, reaching in between the brace and around fittings to clean as effectively as if you had no braces at all.

Oral-B Ortho Brush HeadOral-B Ortho Brush Head191 Reviews$11.85View on Amazon

Best Oral-B brush head for whitening teeth

To get that pearly white shine to the teeth you need a head that not only cleans the teeth but buffs them to give them that polished look and sheen.

Oral-B’s 3D white brush head (also known as ProWhite) is designed to achieve just this — you can view it here on Amazon.

In the middle of the brush head is a rubber polishing cup (purple or yellow in color) that replicates the motion and effect of professional dental tools to buff away stains on the tooth surfaces and leave you with whiter teeth.

Essential it is not, but use the 3D White brush head with a whitening cleaning mode on your brush handle (if available) to achieve the best results as the specially programmed oscillations and rotations will ensure the best possible whitening is achieved.

Oral-B 3D White Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refill, 3 CountOral-B 3D White Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refill, 3 Count2,802 Reviews$21.99View on Amazon

Which brush head should I use?

I recommend the CrossAction or Pro GumCare brush head.

The small round heads do a fantastic job of cleaning the teeth and gums.

However, Oral-B does offer a little more choice if you are really particular about picking the absolute best brush head for you.

If you want to get into the details, you first need to consider the brush head style.

Best Oral-B Brush Head: Different Types Compared & Explained 4

Do you want the small round brush head, which Oral-B are famed for, and that is clinically proven to offer a superior clean. Or, would you like the sweeping action of the Deep Sweep brush head which is more aligned with a manual toothbrush?

A Deep Sweep brush head reaches over 2-3 teeth at any one time compared to the one tooth approach of the small professional inspired heads.

Both will offer a better clean removing more plaque than a manual brush.

Seeing as the small round heads are clinically better and more popular, I will presume you want the small round brush head.

With that covered, you have another slight consideration to make. What bristle configuration do you want?

The options include:

  • CrossAction
  • FlossAction
  • 3D White
  • Pro GumCare
  • Sensitive Clean
  • Precision Clean
Best Oral-B Brush Head: Different Types Compared & Explained 5

Each of these have potential advantages based on your specific needs. CrossAction is a good general clean option whilst the floss action is advantageous if you particularly suffer with plaque build-up in between teeth.

3D White is best used if you are trying to remove stains from the teeth and get more of a polished shine.

Pro GumCare is best suited if there is inflammation in the mouth or you have particularly soft gums whilst Precision Clean attacks the gum line removing up to 5x more plaque.

There are of course the more specialized Ortho and Power Tip/Interspace brush heads which should ideally be used by those with braces, teeth implants or dental crowns.

All give the teeth a good general clean, do not be worried that you will lose out by selecting one over the other, but it can be good to change brush heads if your needs change over time.

Arguably just as, if not more important than the actual brush head is the way in which you clean your teeth.

Best Oral-B Brush Head: Different Types Compared & Explained 6

Oral-B brush heads explained

Let’s now get into the finer details of what each brush head offers, what the differences are and what one you might want to choose.

To further help in understanding and comparing the heads, I have also created a comparison chart to help, this is available for viewing later in this article.

Also included are links to the various brush heads so that you can be sure you’re choosing the right one, and there’s a detailed video below that I’ve created that explains the role of each brush head.

There are many third party brush heads, but here we are focusing on just the manufacturer originals offered by Oral-B.

There are 6 main brush heads:

Below we have included links to buy on Amazon, but we would also recommend checking out:

Oral-B Cross Action Electric Toothbrush… (809)$29.99View on AmazonOral-B 3D White Electric Toothbrush Replacement… (2802)$21.99View on AmazonOral-b Pro Gum Care Electric Toothbrush… (167)$17.97View on AmazonOral-B Precision Clean Electric Toothbrush… (1189)$18.97View on AmazonSALEOral-B Floss Action Electric Toothbrush… (588)$21.99$13.45View on AmazonOral-B Sensitive Gum Care Electric Toothbrush… (4108)$19.99View on Amazon

You then have even more specialized brush heads:

Oral-B Ortho Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush… (191)$11.85View on AmazonOral-B Braun Ip17-1 Interspace Replacement… (1909)$8.79View on Amazon

Are Oral-B brush heads interchangeable? 

One of the fantastic things about Oral-B brush heads is that they are fully interchangeable.

This means that if you have any of the Oral-B electric toothbrushes, you can use any of the brush heads explained here.

So whether your brush came provided with a CrossAction or Sensitive brush head you can easily clip on a FlossAction or 3D White head if that is your preference.

No longer does one person in a household need to have a different brush to another. Share the same handle, just swap the brush head.

It is advised to only use Oral-B brush heads with the brush handles as performance and wear on the brush using other brush heads cannot be guaranteed.

The interchangeable nature of the brush heads are explained in the following video:Oral B Replacement toothbrush heads

Pro vs Deep sweep

I mentioned earlier that there are different styles of heads, Pro and Deep Sweep.

You may be wondering what is the difference between the Pro and Deep Sweep and the way they work. The following videos show the brush head in action and how the movement differ.

Deep Sweep brush head:Hillsdale Dental Care Presents Oral B Deep Sweep Electric Toothbrush Demo

Pro Oscillating Rotating brush head:Oral-B Cross Action replacement toothbrush head

What you should notice is that the motion of the heads are different. Deep Sweep is more like a traditional manual brush compared to the more advanced and arguably better oscillating rotating brush head of the Pro.

It is the Pro series brush heads with the 3D oscillating, rotating and pulsating technology that tends to be most popular and are particularly praised for their cleaning abilities.

A look at the different types of brush head

I have tested almost all of these different brush heads (with the exception of Ortho, Interspace and DualClean) and my personal favorites are the CrossAction and Sensitive brush heads.

Being able to actually tell the difference between each and how well they clean is very difficult.

Personal opinion is most certainly going to influence the thought about each. You might get different feelings and results when compared to my everyday use.

Oral-B makes many claims about the efficiency of plaque removal and how well each head cleans in combination with their brush handles. I am not here to judge or make comment specifically on how well they remove plaque, this is not a scientific test.

Having tried each, here are a few of my thoughts.

Cross Action heads

Oral-B CrossAction Brush Head

This is the brush head most often provided in the box with new electric toothbrushes and is essentially the ‘default’ recommendation for users unless they have specific dental needs and requirements.

Positioned at a 16 degree angle, the bristles are placed in a crisscross configuration to give an effective clean to the tooth surface and along the gumline.

Reaching deep in between teeth to loosen bacteria and remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush the CrossAction head is ideally suited to everyday use.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes, all available here from Amazon:

  • 2 brush heads
  • 3 brush heads
  • 4 brush heads

The CrossAction brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B Brush Head handles

Oral-B Cross Action replacement toothbrush head

Oral-B CrossAction brush head review

I actually use an Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 as my main toothbrush and it is the CrossAction head that I have fitted most of the time.


Well, although the bristles are not as soft as the Sensitive brush head, I actually quite like the slightly firmer bristle and the way they are laid out.

The clean feels more aggressive. It is not, but what I mean by this, is after a clean my mouth pops with a certain freshness I do not get with other brush heads.

If you have sore, swollen or inflamed gums it might be a bit rough on these.

Many dentists preach about using soft bristles, and I will second that. However, the bristles still have a nice flex and movement to them and I don’t think you could consider them overly firm, they are just firmer than a Sensitive brush head. They are not going to do any damage to your teeth and gums.

During every use, it feels like the head is cleaning deep and gets into the gumline, giving an invigorating clean.

The small round brush head is like the calling card for Oral-B electric toothbrushes and what makes them so popular.

The shape makes for much easier control and movement, particularly in the tighter space at the back of the mouth.

Making up the brush head are clusters of bristles, 26 to be precise.

In the center, you have 2 clusters of short white bristles

Around this is a ring of 8 bristle clusters that are a dark blue and green in color.

The green bristles are the same height as the inner white bristles and the dark blue sit slightly taller. All of these bristles are angled at 16 degrees.

There is then the final outer ring of bristles. 16 clusters all of which are angled at 16 degrees. There are shorter white bristles and then taller light blue bristles.

In most cases, the CrossAction head is the ‘default’ brush head supplied with most Oral-B electric toothbrushes and I understand why.

Many replicas exist, but there are many reasons to stick with this manufacturer original head.

I have used a CrossAction head since Oral-B first offered them. Whilst I change the head every 3 months, never have I had a head break, bristles fray, become loose, wear unevenly or give me any cause for concern.

They even have the indicator bristles that fade over time as the brush head is used. A great reminder to you that your brush head will need changing, it is the light blue bristles on this head that fade.

Deep Sweep heads

Best Oral-B Brush Head: Different Types Compared & Explained 11

The head that is most like that found on a manual toothbrush.

It is physically larger covering more teeth at once and the motion of the bristles are different to the Pro head.

The Deep Swee head has 3 different bristle zones.

A power tip reaches the back teeth whilst shorter bristles clean the tooth surface and longer sweeping bristles that reach up to 2X deeper between teeth compared to a manual brush to deliver a more superior clean.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes, all available here from Amazon:

  • 3 brush heads
  • 5 brush heads

The Deep Sweep brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B Brush handles

Oral-B Deep Sweep Toothbrush Head

Oral-B Deep Sweep brush head review

You might consider this somewhat of an odd brush head amongst the Oral-B range, given that the shape of it is not round, like all the others.

It is however still a popular style and is Oral-B’s answer to a brush head a little more like that you might get on a regular manual toothbrush.

A few years ago, the Deep Sweep head was more widely promoted and offered in the box with the brushes Oral-B made. However, as the efficiency of the round heads have been proven this larger style head does not get as much attention.

Unlike a manual brush head though, the bristles move slightly differently.

The head is made up of 7/8 rows of bristles (depending on how you look at it), made up of differing numbers of bristle clusters that run horizontally across the brush head.

At the very top of the brush head is what is known as the ‘Power Tip’, 3 clusters of light blue bristles, shaped almost in a triangle. You have 1 cluster at the with 2 clusters below, 1 to the left and 1 to the right.

Noticeable when you look side on at the brush head, you will see that these bristles in the tip are angled back slightly to help clean deeper between teeth.

This ‘Power Tip’ moves left to right when connected to the brush handle and does so in perfect harmony with the 3 rows of white bristles on the head.

Longer than the rows of stationary blue bristles, the moving white bristles do too clean deep between the teeth.

The rows of white bristles each have 2 bristle clusters within them. They are not particularly thick but are wide.

In comparison, the dark blue bristles are made up of 3 clusters. The same depth and width as the white bristles, 3 clusters means they cover a wider surface area.

Cleaning the teeth via the sonic vibrations that pass into the bristles from the brush motor. The cleaning action feels different to a round head. It is not as intense and you certainly feel the sweeping motion that takes place.

I found the head still cleans relatively well, but it does not personally give me the same level of confidence the CrossAction head would.

Its larger size is too slightly more awkward for cleaning the rear teeth and harder to reach areas of the mouth.

Deep Sweep is an option for those transitioning or who like the bigger head style.

Floss Action heads


Designed to get deep between the teeth this brush head has unique MicroPulse bristles (the yellow one) that give a floss like clean.

The remaining bristles focus on effectively cleaning the tooth surface and along the gumline to remove bacteria and surface stains.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes, available here from Amazon:

  • 2 brush heads
  • 3 brush heads
  • 4 brush heads

The Floss Action brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles

Oral-B Floss Action replacement toothbrush headsOral B Floss Action brush head high speed demo

Oral-B FlossAction brush head review

As the name of this head implies, the idea is that it can get deeper in between teeth to give an effective clean and help remove additional plaque and bacteria.

Keeping with the traditional round brush head, it is the 4 yellow paddle like bristles that help with the flossing action.

There are 4 tall rubber pieces, 2 either side of the brush head. A tapered shape, they get thinner towards the tip and move around a lot more than a normal bristle would.

The technical name for this yellow bristle is a ‘MicroPulse’ bristle.

Right in the center of the brush head are 7 clusters of shorter mint green bristles.

Above and below this are 2 clusters of light blue bristles with a further 2 clusters above them.

The outer bristle formation is slightly thinner, but wider in formation and are positioned to form a slight arc or curvature to the edge of the brush head. The very outer bristles are the tallest on the head.

To the right and left of the brush head is a single cluster of white bristles in a circle, with then a single taller but not so thick formation on the very edge. These are the same height as the inner mint green bristles.

You will see from the images how the MicroPulse bristles are positioned at 8, 10, 2 and 4 o’clock.

A third of the way down the MicroPulse bristle is a blue colored band that wraps around the whole bristle. It is actually thicker and gives extra strength.

These bristles wiggle a lot more. Firmly fastened, they are not going anywhere, but the extra movement allows them to disrupt bacteria and debris they come into contact with.

Watching the movement of the brush head in slow motion shows how these bristles flop side to side.

When actually using the brush head, I can’t say I can feel the MicroPulse bristles working all the time. Of course, they are, at a very rapid rate, but every so often there is a slight sensation which can only be these bristles.

3D White heads


Ideally suited for those wanting brighter and whiter teeth, the specially designed brush head has a dentist inspired polishing cup in the middle with traditional bristles around the edge.

Offering a tooth by tooth clean, it buffs away surface stains to achieve whiter teeth within 2 weeks.

The bristles move across the tooth surface and along the gumline to clean away bacteria and plaque buildup.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes, available here from Amazon:

  • 1 brush head
  • 3 brush heads

The 3D White brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles

Oral-B 3D White replacement toothbrush head

Oral-B 3D White brush head review

As the name implies, this is a brush head best used by those looking to achieve fantastic white teeth.

Usable on any cleaning mode, it is most effective on a brush that has a ‘whitening’ mode.

Round in shape the head is, but in the center is a round rubber polishing cup.

Sitting lower than the rest of the bristles on the head, the pinky/purple cup has 4 thin bristles/upright rubber pieces inside that help give the cup strength. These are positioned at 9, 12, 3 and 6 o’clock if you imagined the circle being that of a clock face. In between each of these are even smaller ridges inside the polishing cup, there are 3 between each larger support/bristles.

3 clusters of white bristles are positioned above and below this dentist inspired polishing cup.

Moving out towards the edge of the brush head, on the left and right side are 3 deep blue colored bristles in 3 small clusters that essentially form the outer edge of the brush head. These are the shortest bristles on the head.

At the top and bottom of the head are the tallest bristles, formed in 2 clusters they are a very dark blue color. The clusters are not as deep, but wider with a gentle curvature them.

As the head moves in use, the bristles sweep away the food debris and plaque, whilst the polishing cup buffs the tooth surface removing extrinsic staining to leave a bright and white look to the teeth.

How effective this brush head is at whitening your teeth is dependant upon your teeth and level of staining. When used with a good toothpaste it can remove extrinsic staining, i.e the staining that builds up due to use of tobacco, drinking coffee or red wine. But, the effects and change in tooth color may be little if you already have good oral hygiene and little tooth staining and the overall color of the tooth will not be whitened.

It is perfectly fine to use this brush head everyday, but for me, I tend to avoid it as I do not feel the clean is as invigorating as the CrossAction.

Please note. You may have seen or still see the 3D White brush head referred to as Pro White, with a yellow polishing cup and different colored bristles. It does the same job, but 3D White is the updated version.

Pro GumCare heads

Also known as Sensi UltraThin brush heads, there are engineered to be softer on the teeth and gums, the bristles are softer and formed into a petal shapes for a more gentle movement along the gumline, tooth surface, in and around sensitive and inflamed areas.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes, available here from Amazon.

  • 2 brush heads
  • 3 brush heads

The Pro GumCare brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles

NEW Oral B SENSI ULTRATHIN for sensitive teeth whitening and cleaning

Braun Oral-B Pro GumCare review

Pro GumCare is the new and improved brush head that is designed to replace the Sensitive brush head that has been available for many years.

The brush head is round in shape made up of a number of bristle clusters.

These clusters are called ‘petals’ by Oral-B. They are made and positioned in such a way that there is a slight sweep and curve to the bristle clusters on the outer ring.

There are 8 clusters on the outer ring that are white in color and have fading blue tips.

There is the inner ring with a further 8 bristle clusters. These are all white in color

Right in the center is a tight cluster of blue bristles.

Shortest are the inner blue bristles, with the inner ring of white bristles slightly taller. The height of the bristles on the very outer ring vary in height. For the most part, they are the same height as the inner ring of bristles, but quite a few of the outer bristles are fractionally taller.

Oral-B have designed the bristles to be much softer on the teeth and gums and whilst there is a certain firmness to the bristles they do feel soft.

During cleaning, the head seems to do a good job and I enjoy the clean it offers.

It does feel softer and many dental professionals will advise opting for a soft bristles head on your toothbrush.

In comparison to the older style Sensitive brush head style, which is still sold in places the new head has fewer bristles. The older style has bristles of all of the same height. On the outer edge are a number of tightly clustered bristles that essentially form a ring around a much denser array of center bristles.

Sensitive heads

Oral-B Sensitive Brush Head

Softer on the teeth and gums, the Sensitive brush head works well for those who have inflamed gums, sensitive teeth or for those who want a softer brushing experience.

Not as stiff, the bristles on the brush head move more gently over the teeth and gums to remove plaque, bacteria and food debris that builds up on the inflamed and sensitive areas of the mouth.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes, available here from Amazon.

  • 2 brush heads
  • 3 brush heads

The sensitive brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles

Replacement toothbrush heads Oral-B Sensitive

Oral-B Sensitive brush head review

Super soft bristles make this the most gentle of all the brush heads and the one that most dentists would say you should use.

The softer bristles are very gentle on the teeth and gums and are particularly pleasing if you are suffering with sensitivity, inflammation or bleeding.

This style is certainly a must for any older children moving to an adult brush for the first time.

All the bristles on this head are cut to the same length. There is no cupping of the tooth in the way the 3D White or Precision Clean head might.

Round in its shape, the outer edge has 14 clusters that form a circle. Each cluster is equally spaced and have a palish blue color to them.

Inside this ring of bristles is another ring of very pale blue bristles. The formation is not quite as tight as the tips of the bristles appear to splay out a little more. I believe there are 12-14 clusters in total.

You now essentially have 2 rings of bristles. Running across the middle of the inner ring are 2 clusters that in turn leave a small but noticeable D shape above and below.

The clean is good and I have no real complaints. Of course, the experience is softer, more gentle and less invigorating than the CrossAction head, but this is my 2nd choice and it is such a pleasure to use.

Precision Clean heads

Oral-B Precision clean brush heads

Capable of removing up to 5x more plaque than a manual toothbrush the precision clean head leaves your whole mouth feeling cleaner thanks to an arc trim that cups each tooth as you brush it.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes, all available here from Amazon:

  • 2 brush heads

The Precision Clean brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles

Replacement toothbrush heads Oral-B Precision Clean

Oral-B Precision Clean brush head review

Until Oral-B launched the criss cross bristle configuration that adorns the CrossAction brush head, it was the Precision Clean head that was the standard head supplied with new brushes.

Just like most of the other styles, this brush head is circular in shape with bristles of different lengths to help give a deep and thorough clean to the teeth and gums.

Hold the head side on and you really see the profile of the bristles and how they cup each tooth in the mouth.

Shorter bristles on the inside clean the center of the tooth surface, whilst the longer bristles clean the edges and the sides.

The bristles are certainly softer and more flexible than the CrossAction head and would be a good choice for those looking for something a little less firm and more gentle on the teeth and gums.

The bristles on the Sensitive head are softer still though.

In the middle of the head are white bristles in 4 cluster.

3 clusters of bristles can be found on the right and left side. These clusters arc slightly around the center bristles to give the head a little more shape.

On the outer edge of both the left and right side of the head are 4 clusters of dark blue bristles.2 clusters are closer together to provide a thicker and more oval shaped formation.

Looking above and below those white centrally located bristle clusters are 2 clusters of lighter blue bristles.

Stepping out further from these is a much wider arcing cluster that forms the upper and lower edge of the brush head. These are the tallest bristles.

Ortho heads


Designed specifically for those with fixed braces and undergoing orthodontic treatment, this brush head targets the areas around the fixings to effectively clean and remove bacteria.

Inner bristles target the fixings whilst outer bristles focus on reaching the all important gumline.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes, available here from Amazon:

  • 1 brush head

The Ortho brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles

Oral-B Ortho replacement toothbrush head

Interspace/Power Tip


Referred to as either Power Tip or Interspace this brush head is specifically designed to clean between teeth and around dental work such as bridges, crowns and tiny, hard to reach areas in between teeth and implants.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes, available here from Amazon:

  • 2 brush heads

The Interspace / Power Tip brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles

Replacement toothbrush heads Oral-B Power Tip

Dual Clean heads


Made up of two moving sections, the upper rounded bristle formation oscillates and pulsates whilst the lower section moves in a side to side motion.

It is a combination of the Pro and Deep Sweep cleaning approaches that aims to reach deep into hard to reach areas.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes, available here from Amazon:

  • 3 brush heads

The Dual Clean brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles

Nozzle/Oxy Jet


A specialized head, this is not strictly a brush but a nozzle for Oral-B’s Oxyjet.  It infuses water with micro bubbles and forces this through to attack plaque and bacteria below the gumline.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes, available here from Amazon:

  • 4 brush heads

The Oxyjet brush head is compatible with:

  • Oral-B’s Oxyjet only. It is not compatible with its electric toothbrushes.

Different cleaning modes

There are many different toothbrushes available form Oral-B. Some have more cleaning modes than others.

Quite often the more expensive the brush was to purchase in the first place the more modes they have.

Not essential, but often beneficial the cleaning modes available are:

  • Daily Clean
  • Gum Care (Also referred to as Massage)
  • Sensitive
  • Whitening
  • Pro Clean
  • Tongue Cleaner

Any of the brush heads mentioned above, with the exception of the Oxyjet nozzles can be used on any Oral-B electric toothbrush handle on any cleaning mode.

However, some heads are better suited to particular modes.

The sensitive brush head is best suited to the sensitive and gum care cleaning mode whilst the 3D White brush head is best partnered with the whitening cleaning mode.

Using the correct brush head with the most appropriate cleaning mode can result in a more thorough and suitable clean for your teeth and oral health conditions. If ever in doubt it is worth speaking to your dentist to find which is the best combination for you.

Oral-B Brush heads comparison chart

So that you can also see all the differences side by side, I have also created a brush heads comparison chart to act as a visual aid when choosing a new brush head.

Oral-B Brush Head Comparison Chart

Which brush heads are compatible with my Oral-B electric toothbrush?

All of the brush heads shown in this post, with the exception of the OxyJet/Nozzle, will work with an Oral-B electric toothbrush handle.

Therefore if you own the Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical, Vitality, Pro 500, 1000, 1500, 3000, 5000, 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500, Genius Pro 8000, 9600 or Genius X, any of the following brush heads can be used.

  • Deep Sweep
  • Precision Clean
  • CrossAction
  • 3D White
  • FlossAction
  • Sensitive
  • Pro GumCare
  • Dual Clean
  • Ortho
  • Interspace/Power Tip

Replacing your brush head


Whether you think the brush head is still ok to use or not, after 3 months of use (twice a day for 2 minutes) you need to replace the brush head.

If the bristles on the brush appear frayed, split or look damaged then you should replace the head sooner.

In most instances the brush head will still look in as new after 3 months, such is the quality.

However, the recommendation by dental professional and healthcare organizations is 3 months is the ideal time on average to replace the brush head.

Using a brush head for longer can actually cause harm to the teeth because bristles can become damaged and less effective at how they sweep across the tooth surfaces, in between teeth and along the gum line.

Indicator bristles

Every Oral-B brush head has indicator bristles.

The color of the bristles start off fuller and darker, but as time passes they become lighter and appear more worn. They start off blue and fade to a very pale blue, almost white/transparent color.

It is this fade in the color that acts as a guide to tell you to change brush heads.

It acts as a visual clue and reminder to yourself that you should replace your brush head. This is particularly useful if you can’t remember when you did last change the head.


Bristle condition

Take a look at the bristles, are they still fairly uniform in their direction and look. Does the bristle layout look similar to when the brush head was new?

If bristles are shorter, frayed or all over the place then it is time to change. Brushing with too much pressure is often a cause of wearing out brush heads quicker than normal.

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Best Oral B Toothbrush head – Tested and Reviewed 2020

Last updated on April 1, 2020 by Moo Review 15 Comments

Last Updated on April 1, 2020

Oral-B electric toothbrush handle surrounded by different brush heads

Oral-B offers more versatility when it comes to toothbrush heads than any other on the market. From sensitive options to brush heads that help whiten your teeth, there is a lot of choice..

Unfortunately, the sheer number of options can make things quite confusing.  While we were reviewing electric toothbrushes we could not find a guide that actually described the advantages and disadvantages of each type in any degree of detail.

So we decided to review them all ourselves!

After months of scrubbing and brushing, we are proud to present you with the most detailed and up-to-date guide comparing all current best oral b toothbrush head.

Table of Contents

Comparison Table – Oral-B Brush Heads

1. Oral-B CrossAction Brush HeadPrecisely angled bristlesSuperior plaque removalVarious bristle levelsCheck Price
2. Oral-B Sensitive Clean Brush HeadExtra soft bristlesRound brush headSuperior and gentle cleanCheck Price
3. Oral-B Precision Clean Toothbrush HeadRounded bristlesSmoother brushingConforms perfectlyCheck Price
4. Oral-B FlossAction Toothbrush HeadRubber wedgesInterdental cleaningGives a great cleanCheck Price
5. Oral-B Pro White Toothbrush HeadPolishing cupTakes bigger swipesOval-shaped headCheck Price
6. Oral-B Deep Sweep Toothbrush HeadTriple Zone CleaningSide-to-side bristlesMoving power tipCheck Price
7. Oral-B Dual Clean Toothbrush HeadTwo moving brush headsPenetrates hard-to-reach areasMicroPulse bristlesCheck Price

1. Oral-B CrossAction Brush Head

Oral-B CROSSACTION replacement Toothbrush head close up photo


The CrossAction brush head is currently what Oral-B includes in the box of all their brand new electric toothbrushes, and for good reason!

This toothbrush head is pretty much the jack of all trades and unless you want something a little more unique for your specific problematic tooth or gum issue, it will suit most people wonderfully.

The brush head gets its name from the crisscross layout of the brush bristles.

Oral-B CROSSACTION replacement Toothbrush head front and side photo

The longer outer clusters of bristles help scrape away plaque from between teeth and along the gum line. The shorter middle bristles focus right where you are aiming the toothbrush head.

If you are used to brushing with medium to firm bristles then you will love this brush head. However, if you prefer your bristles a little less coarse then you are better off choosing the sensitive option below:

2. Oral-B Sensitive Clean Brush Head

Oral-B Sensitive Clean replacement Toothbrush head close up photo


The gentlest brush head that Oral-B has to offer. If you have a love for soft bristles then this is the toothbrush head for you.

One of our testers with sensitive gums noted: brushing along the gum line was much more pleasant with the sensitive brush head. Using the other brush heads felt like sandpaper compared to it.

Oral-B Sensitive Clean replacement Toothbrush head front and side photo

The outer ring features 14 clusters of Oral-B’s Indicator bristles. The inner circle contains 12 clusters of light blue bristles. Despite the different colors, both sets of bristles appear to be made of the same soft material.

This is the only choice for those of you with sensitive teeth or inflamed gums.  The extra soft bristles are noticeably softer than any other brush head.

3. Oral-B Precision Clean Toothbrush Head

Oral-B Precision Clean replacement Toothbrush head close up photo


If you are put off by all the other weird and whacky bristle shapes then perhaps the Precision Clean is for you.

The precision clean bristle layout is closer to what you would expect to see on a manual toothbrush.

Each bristle has been rounded on the end (as opposed to being cut flat) resulting in a smoother brushing experience.

Oral-B Precision Clean replacement Toothbrush head front and side photo

The precision clean is best used when focusing on one single tooth at a time. The slight curve across the face of the bristles conforms perfectly to a single tooth. The longer bristles at the top and bottom help out along the gum line while the shorter bristles go to work on the tooth.

4. Oral-B FlossAction Toothbrush Head

Oral-B Floss Action replacement Toothbrush head close up photo


Definitely one of the more interesting concepts of Oral-B brush heads. The head of the brush contains 19 clusters of bristles of varying height and 4 tapered yellow rubber wedges.

The theory behind the yellow wedges is that they help with interdental (the area between your teeth) cleaning. They sit loosely, so when you turn your electric toothbrush on, they flail around much more than the bristles.

Oral-B FlossAction replacement oothbrush head front and side photo

Now, there is no doubt that the FlossAction gives a great clean, but during testing, we failed to notice that the area between our teeth was any cleaner than brushing with a different Oral-B head using a proper technique.

Oral-B even warns that this brush head is not to be used as a replacement for floss.

While the yellow wedges may not have succeeded between the teeth, they seemed to work wonders along the gum line.

It is also worth mentioning that because of the rubber wedges, the toothbrush head has an unusual feel, but this is something you’ll get used to quickly.

5. Oral-B Pro White Toothbrush Head

Oral-B Pro White replacement Toothbrush head close up photo


The promise of a naturally whiter smile just by purchasing a brush head is what we have from Oral-B on this one!  Really!?  That’s a bold statement!

Let’s get one thing straight: The only way a toothbrush can whiten teeth is by removing stains with the help of a toothpaste that was designed to do so.  Any whitening effect is brought on by the abrasive action rubbing your toothbrush and toothpaste over your teeth; resulting in the lifting of surface stains. A toothbrush cannot “magically whiten your teeth”.

So it is unsurprising that all the other toothbrush heads tested so far were equally capable of whitening teeth.

Oral-B Pro White Clean replacement Toothbrush head front and side photo

Up until now, the Oral-B brush heads we have covered are round. Because the “polishing cup” takes up so much real estate, Oral-B has made the brush head an oval shape to fit more bristles on.

Because of the oval shape, the brush takes bigger swipes than the small round heads. Coupled with the complete lack of bristles in the middle and you get a brush head that just doesn’t clean as deeply as the others.

At the end of the day, you are left with a brush head that doesn’t whiten your teeth any better than other heads and offers a worse overall clean. Unsurprisingly, we don’t recommend you use this one.

6. Oral-B Deep Sweep Toothbrush Head

Oral-B Deep Sweep replacement Toothbrush head close up photo


A big complaint about the smaller round brush heads is that they do not feel like a handheld toothbrush. That’s where the Deep Sweep comes in.

If you were to put the Deep Sweep side by side with your manual toothbrush you would notice that the brush head is nearly identical in size.

Oral-B Deep Sweep replacement Toothbrush head front and side photo

The Deep Sweep has the single most unique bristle movement out of the entire Oral-B brush head range. Instead of circular movements, every second set of bristles “sweeps” rapidly from side to side.

Oral-B Deep Sweep replacement Toothbrush head side to side action

Now the Deep Sweep is not a particularly popular brush head but this is largely due to the fact that Oral-B chooses to only include the smaller round heads in the boxes of their new electric toothbrushes.

After brushing with the smaller round head for three months, the head of the deep sweep feels almost oversized, despite being near identical to that of a manual toothbrush.

The Deep Sweep Does leave you with a lovely clean but those of you with smaller mouths will have trouble reaching around the back of your molars, even with the sweeping tip. If you have a smaller mouth then you are better off sticking with the round brush heads.

7. Oral-B Dual Clean Toothbrush Head

Oral-B Dual Clean replacement Toothbrush head close up photo


The Oral-B dual clean is one of those toothbrush heads that you will either love or hate. Out of all the brush heads, this was the one that divided our testers.

At first glance, the dual clean seems really impressive. The Dual Clean combines the smaller round Oral-B heads with a second head that moves side to side, similar to the Deep Sweep brush head above on a head that is a similar size to a traditional toothbrush.

Oral-B dual clean replacement Toothbrush head front and side photo

The testers who loved the Dual Clean commented on how they could work each individual tooth with the round head while the side action head below worked on the gum line and in between the teeth. One tester went so far as to say it was the best clean he had ever had.

Testers who didn’t like the head disliked the size (this is the largest oral-b brush head). Another gripe that the dead space between the top and bottom brush has no bristles, resulting in a missed surface area.

With no clear winner, it looks like this brush head is going to have to be one that you try for yourself. If you love the size of your traditional toothbrush head but don’t like the side to side action of the Deep Sweep then this is definitely worth checking out.

The Basics – Oral-B Brush Head 101

Three oral-b replacement brush heads on white background

Making the switch to an electric toothbrush is a very different experience to that of a manual one. Let’s take you through the process briefly.

Replacing the brush heads

Over time you will notice your once new toothbrush head begin to look old and frayed. Once perfectly straight bristles will now point in every direction like a hedgehog.

Just like your regular toothbrush, it is recommended that you replace your Oral-B electric toothbrush head once every three months.

Fortunately, Oral-B brushes heads are, on average, less expensive than replacement heads for other brands (namely the Philips Sonicare range).

Indicator Bristles

close up on Oral-B brush head indicator bristles

Despite the wide selection of bristle styles, lengths, and shapes across the Oral-B brush head range, they all have one thing in common.

You may have noticed in the picture above that each toothbrush has at least one cluster of light blue bristles. These bristles are called indicator bristles with use will fade over time.

In theory, the bristles should begin to fade with brushing after three months of use giving you a visual reminder that it is time to change your brush head.

During testing, we found that the indicator bristles worked remarkably well and with proper brushing technique (not pressing down too hard), lasted almost 3 months to the week.

You could reliably use these bristles to determine when it is time to replace your Oral-B brush head.

Identification rings

Oral-B brush head colored identification rings installed on base of brush heads

One of the great things about electric toothbrushes is that they can be shared. Well, the handle at least.

If your whole family is keen on the idea of electric brushing then you can allocate each person their own toothbrush head.

There is not much more disgusting than the thought of using someone else’s toothbrush. Fortunately, Oral-B Includes small colored identification rings with each toothbrush head.

These colored rings clip to the bottom of the toothbrush so that you can tell them apart.  It’s a great feature, but it’s common to other brands and styles of electric toothbrush as well.

Every packet of replacement brushes comes with an equal number of different colored rings to toothbrush heads. Each will be a random color.

There are four different colors:

  1. Blue
  2. Green
  3. Pink
  4. Yellow

Because the indicator rings come separately you can choose not to clip one onto the base to give you a fifth color, plain white.

Refill Pack size

Most Oral-B replacement heads are available in refill packs of 1,2,3,4,5 or 6, however, this does vary depending on the type of brush head.

As you may have guessed, it is cheaper to buy the larger packs at once. If you only use one at a time simply store the rest safely away in your medicine cabinet. If you are going to continue using an electric toothbrush then you will eventually need them.

Oral-B Heads are interchangeable

The best part about owning an Oral-B rechargeable electric toothbrush is that you have access to the entire range of brush heads. No matter which model you own, including:

  • Vitality
  • Pro 1000
  • Pro 3000
  • Pro 5000
  • Pro 7000

And that’s to name just a few. Whether a top of the line model or the most basic, any of the previously mentioned brush heads will fit your electric toothbrush.

Note: The now discontinued Oral-B sonic range and other older models may not be compatible with the modern range of toothbrush heads.

Where to buy Oral-B Brush Heads

We prefer to buy our Oral-B brush heads from Amazon. Not only do they often offer discount coupons but have a nifty subscription program where you can arrange to have your replacement brush heads delivered every 3 or 6 months (just when you are due to replace them). Talk about simple!

If you prefer to shop locally you can pick up replacement brush heads from your local pharmacy or bigger retailers like Walmart or Target.

What about generic replacements?

You may have seen those generic brands being sold much cheaper than the official Oral-B brush heads. If you are feeling frugal or just downright love a bargain then these can be hard to resist.

Unfortunately, when it comes to brush heads, Oral-B cannot be beaten at its own game. From heads failing to move after just a few weeks use to bristles falling out while brushing, generic heads simply do not have the same quality as the official Oral-B brush heads.

In other words, we found that generic brush heads were more trouble than they were worth.

But good news for those of you on a budget: Oral-B frequently discounts their range of brush heads. All you need to do is stock up when they go on sale. Remember, you only need to replace your brush head once every three months, so four brush heads will last a year.

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