oris vs longines :which is better

Oris Vs Longines :Which Is Better? We have researched theoris vs longines forum. Hence, this article on oris vs omega and oris vs tissot. Below, in this article, you will find oris aquis vs longines hydroconquest. Read on to discover them.

Longines and Oris are often compared when considering the purchase of a new Swiss luxury watch. Let’s benchmark them one against the other to see if Oris or Longines is better for you and your unique needs.

theoris vs longines forum

Oris Vs Longines :Which Is Better

Both of these brands manufacture excellent watches and we are often asked questions like: “What’s better, Oris or Longines?”. T answer these questions properly one needs to consider the context of the question because it can mean many different things. For example:

“What’s better?” can mean any of the following:
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  1. Which brand makes more accurate watches?
  2. Which is more prestigious?
  3. Which is more famous?
  4. Which offers finer craftsmanship?
  5. Which is more durable?
  6. Which has better divers watches?
  7. Which has a better average resale value?
  8. Which has better pricing & value?

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That said, let’s address each of these questions to give you a better picture of how you can compare Oris VS Longines watches to see which is better for you and your unique needs. Shall we?

 Accuracy & Precision

In the watchmaking industry, this is called ‘chronometry’ which is defined as the science of accurate time measurement. The Swiss Institute of Chronometry (known by its original French name ‘Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres’) or COSC for short is the industry standard for testing movements to ensure high precision.

Once they pass a series of tests, the mechanical movement (also known as a caliber) is then awarded the designation of ‘Chronometer’ and receives a COSC certificate attesting to its accuracy. The mechanical caliber must achieve an accuracy of no less than -4/+6 seconds of acceptable daily deviation.

For a mechanical watch, this is an excellent score. However, a COSC certificate comes with the added expense of obtaining the certificate from COSC. There are some brands that opt-out of the COSC testing and do their testing in-house to keep prices down and profits up.

oris and longines chronometers

Both Oris and Longines have watches that come with a COSC certificate and will have the designation of Chronometer proudly displayed on the dial as shown in the above image. Oris Artelier Chronometer Date is a great example or a highly accurate Oris watch. Longines also has some great Chronometers such as the watches found in the Longines Record collection.

 Brand Popularity & Brand Value

Longines is a historically rich brand that has been creating Swiss watches for what seems like forever. In fact, their famous winged logo is the very first trademarked watch logo ever recorded. There are only a few Swiss watch brands that have more brand recall and brand value than Longines.

According to a recent report by Interbrand, an agency that evaluates Swiss companies and brands and ranks the top 50 Swiss brands, Longines is the 5 th most popular Swiss watch brand in the world. The only Swiss watch brands that outrank them on this list are, Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe and Chopard watches; in that order. Of course, there are also Swiss chocolatiers and Swiss banks in the mix too but in terms of watchmakers, they are #5.

Oris is not in the Top-50 list of Swiss brands like Longines. However, Oris is a very popular, albeit less world-renowned brand compared to Longines. You need to also consider the fact that Longines is a subsidiary of Swatch Group, a much larger parent company who owns many of the larger, more-popular Swiss luxury watch brands. There are only a handful of privately-held Swiss watch companies left in the world that have the brand recall of Oris (which is considered very impressive).


In terms of watchmaking know-how, both brands are pretty much equal. Oris, on one hand, only manufactures mechanical watches whereas Longines produces both mechanical and quartz watches. Mechanical watches, in general, are more difficult to produce.

Top-shelf Oris watches tend to be more heavy-duty sporty models made for diving professionals whereas the top-of-the-line Longines watches tend to be more refined classic watches with more mechanical complications.

Longines has many sports models as well such as the Longines Conquest collection and the Hydroconquest series. In general, theirs is more of a refined watch. They also have about 400% more different watches for ladies when compared to Oris with some exquisite solid gold models on the higher end of the price range.BACK TO QUESTIONS

Oris and Longines Womens Watches


In terms of durability, both brands do a great job, but I would venture to say that Oris watches are more rugged and therefore require less service and repairs. An Oris watch, (especially a high-end sports model) is built bit tougher and are more equipped to handle day-to-day wear.

 Water Resistance

Longines has the Hydroconquest series which offers water resistance up to 300m/1000ft which is good for enough swimming, light snorkeling and showering ( not in hot water though), but nothing too adventurous.

Oris watches make some excellent diving watches such as the Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon which offers 1000m/3280ft of water resistance. This doesn’t mean you can dive that deep.

It’s important to get a realistic idea of what the water resistance on a watch means and how to take proper care of a diving watch to ensure longevity and ensure you will keep the warranty intact. Below is a great example of an Oris Diving watch

Oris ProDiver Tidal Range

 Resale Value

Longines and Oris are neck-and-neck when it comes to average resale value and neither one would fetch a higher average percentage of your original cost than the other when sold as a pre-owned. However, decades of experience in the watch business shows that previously owned Oris watches will tend to sell faster compared to pre-owned watches from Longines.


These brands are both considered value luxury watches. This means you can pick an entry-level model for around or under $1,000 or less.

Longines has a lower price point for an entry-level watch which you can find for around $600-$700. However, it’s important to compare apples to apples. The entry-level Longines watches that I’m speaking of are using low-cost quartz movements whereas the cheapest Oris still uses a self-winding mechanical automatic movement. So in terms of the price of Oris watches there is added value there compared to the least expensive Longines watches.

Oris Aquis VS Longines Hydroconquest

Oris Aquis VS Longines Hydroconquest | Which is Best?

Two very popular and affordably priced luxury diver watches go head to head in this spare-nothing comparison.

Two very popular diver’s watches from two respected Swiss watchmakers on the more affordable side of luxury. The Longines Hydroconquest and the Oris Aquis watches have been gracing the wrists of diving enthusiasts and dive professionals for quite some time now. Today we will do an in-depth comparison of these two collections to see how they measure up to one another.

oris aquis vs longines hydroconquest


In terms of size, both Longines and Oris have a wide range of case sizes in each of these collections. I would venture to say that Oris caters from mid-sized 36.5mm case sizes up to large 48mm cases. Longines has Hydroconquest ladies’ watches starting at a tiny 29mm case size, to mid-size and going all the way up to a large 44mm men’s size.


There is a very different look between these two dive watch collections. The Aquis will either have index hour markers or diamond hour markers. The Oris Aquis has a very round case with shorter lugs giving it an appearance of a more classic dive watch like the Fifty Fathoms from Blancpain.

The Longines Hydroconquest used longer tapered lugs which integrates the look of the case seamlessly with the bracelet. The Hydroconquest will use a combination of luminous numerals with index and dot hour markers. It has a very distinct look. Let’s discuss the thing that gets most people to opt for a diving watch aside from the sporty look which is water-resistant.

Longines Hydroconquest VS Oris Aquis


Oris and Longines dive watches both have screw-down winding crowns and offer a bare minimum 300m/1000ft water resistance rating. This is the minimum amount needed to do some board diving and scuba diving. It’s important to note that this does NOT mean you can dive to 1000 feet without compromising the watch movement inside the case. For serious diving, you should always go with a higher water resistance rating such as 500m/1650ft and up such as the Oris ProDiver.

Some watches in the various collections will have this higher rating so it is good practice to check the specs for each watch carefully to fully understand what type of water resistance you can expect from your dive watch regardless if it is an Oris or a Longines diving watch. Learn more about water resistance by clicking here.


One thing that you won’t find on either of these dive watches yet is a helium escape valve which can be found on some diver watches from higher-end luxury watch brands. Not that it is necessary to have a helium escape valve if you are just doing some regular diving. These valves are needed when using a diving bell to go to some great depths.

However, in the past, Oris has introduced some special features for divers, including a patented depth gauge found in a series called the Aquis Depth Gauge Chronograph which had since been discontinued.


Longines is a very popular Swiss watch brand and can pull rank over Oris in this department. There is a good chance that more people will recognize the watch on your wrist when wearing a Longines. However, Oris is still a major watch brand, just not as internationally recognized as Longines.


In terms of the overall selection. You will find a significantly larger number of different Oris Aquis watches compared to Longines Hydroconquest watches. However, one thing that Oris doesn’t have in their collection is Quartz watches. They strictly manufacture mechanically powered watches with spring-wound movement. Longines, on the other hand, offers both Automatic (self-winding) watches as well as Quartz (battery-powered) watches in their collection. See the links below for different sizes and options.

Oris Aquis Collections

Longines Hydroconquest Automatic Collections

Longines Hydroconquest Quartz Collections

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