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Orthopedic Shoes

How to Choose “Orthotic Shoes” That Work For You

How to Choose Orthopedic Shoes | Walking Mobility Clinics Ontario

When you search for an orthotic shoe, what you’re probably looking for is a comfortable shoe that addresses your specific issue and works well with your orthotics. This type of shoe is better described as an ‘orthopedic shoe.’

When it comes to shoes, there’s no one-size-fits-all. This is especially true when it comes to orthopedic shoes. Orthotics and orthopedic shoes are made to treat specific problems with your feet, so you need to choose the right combination to address your needs. An orthopedic shoe, by definition, is a shoe with extra width and extra depth capabilities, which is used to fit specific foot conditions and abnormalities.  Many major brand names will supply these types of shoes.

The goal, however, should be to create a “total footwear solution”, one that combines the best features of both the shoe and the insole (custom or not) to properly meet your specific needs.  When it comes to picking the right shoe, the trick is knowing which model is right for you.  Our team of professionally trained footwear and bracing specialists at Walking Mobility Clinics have put together some recommendations, which you can see below.

Getting Fitted

If you’re having foot, leg, hip or back problems, it is extremely important to get your shoes fitted by a professional. Pedorthists are the principal foot specialists that are trained and certified in the fitting and manufacture of footwear — they’re the ones you want to go see.

Here at Walking Mobility Clinics, it concerns us greatly when we see someone who has been fitted with a custom foot orthotic elsewhere, and has not been given any footwear advice. Often they complain of the same problems they had in the first place. The marriage between the orthotic and the shoe is vitally important, and often overlooked.  This is best performed by a professional Pedorthist (C Ped (C)).

It’s best to have a fitting at the end of the day, when your feet are at their most swollen and while wearing the socks you would usually wear. Always take your orthotics with you when buying new shoes. Your feet should be properly measured using a “brannock device”, which provides 4 measurements of the foot, including: the overall length of the foot,  foot width, the length of the arch, and the length of the toes.  Both feet should be measured separately as they are often slightly different and this needs to be taken into consideration when fitting the shoes.

Stability for Flat Feet vs. Cushioning for High Arches

Guess what? People with flat feet require different kinds of shoes than people with high arches — shocking, right? Make sure you know your foot type before you get fitted. See our previous blog to find out your foot type with this simple test!

Overpronated feet require lots of stability and support. By comparison, stability isn’t the issue for people with supinated feet — they need proper cushioning! We won’t get into it here, but there’s even more to selecting the right shoe than choosing between stability and cushioning. Deciding the right “toe box shape”, “last”, “heel counter”, and “shank” are all important factors that a pedorthist can help you with since “fit” is really a 3-dimensional issue.

What’s Your Lifestyle?

When it comes to choosing the right shoe and orthotic combination for your feet, it’s important to take an approach that addresses every area of your lifestyle. Simply evaluating your feet won’t result in a combination that will truly impact your feet and resolve your foot problems.  Your pedorthist must evaluate any other medical issues you may have, how active you are, your profession, and anything else that might impact your feet and your daily needs.  They will consider the critical core wardrobe of footwear that your work, lifestyle and the season requires.

The Best Shoes

At Walking Mobility Clinics, we can recommend the best orthotic and shoe combination for your situation. Here are some examples of a few of the top recommendations from our team:

  • Men’s & Women’s Casual: Men’s Dunham “8000”, Women’s Drew “Rose”
  • Men’s & Women’s Walking Shoes: Men’s and Women’s New Balance “928”
  • Men’s & Women’s Sandals: Men’s Cambrian “Navigator”, Women’s Vionic “Samoa”
  • Men’s & Women’s Running Shoes: Men’s and Women’s Saucony Grid “Guide”

If your previous orthotics are not having the effect you had hoped, come into Walking Mobility Clinics and let us assess your specific needs and recommend the best orthotic and shoe combination for you and your lifestyle.

What Is The Best Orthopedic Shoe?

For women dealing with conditions of the foot, leg, or back, orthopedic shoes are a must-have design. They improve the overall health of these areas by supporting and accommodating the mechanics of the foot. The style of orthopedic shoes you need depends on which condition you hope to treat, though most are beneficial for all kinds of foot problems.

Orthopedic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis – Plantar fasciitis is the leading cause of heel pain in North America. This condition is most common in middle-aged people, though it affects younger people who spend long hours on their feet. The plantar fascia is a band of tissue that connects the heel bone with the toes, and it supports the delicate arch area. If you strain the plantar fascia ligament, it weakens over time, eventually swelling and becoming irritated.

Orthopedic shoes give you the extra support needed to alleviate the painful symptoms associated with this condition. It’s imperative that the foot is aligned correctly to prevent any further damage to the ligaments and that the arch is supported. Everyday footwear doesn’t meet these requirements, which is why it’s so important to invest in a quality pair of orthopedic shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Orthopedic Shoes for Back Pain – Anyone who suffers from back pain knows how essential it is to wear a good pair of shoes. The right footwear keeps your feet properly aligned and lessens the strain on your back. When your alignment is off-center, it affects the way you stride and can give you a backache from the unnatural positioning.

Orthopedic Shoes for Flat Feet – Women with flat or low arches need extra support to avoid pain and discomfort in the underside of the foot. When the arch isn’t high enough, every step puts excess pressure on the area and makes it easier to tear or strain your ligaments. Orthopedic shoes give you that extra support and protect your foot from injury.

Finding The Right Pair Of Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic shoes have developed a rep for being ‘ugly,’ but over the decade’s things have changed. Nowadays, they look more trendy, and most people can’t even tell the difference between these and everyday footwear. Women often experience back pain and discomfort in their feet and legs, which worsens with age.

Unfortunately, most women think of orthopedic shoes as being unsightly and often choose to suffer rather than wear a pair of medical-grade footwear. Today, orthopedic shoes are more stylish than ever, and the many benefits to these pairs make them a worthwhile consideration.

Depending on your needs, there are a ton of orthopedic options available, including shoes for walking, running, working, and for casual occasions too. Firstly, you need to find a pair that offers the design features you need. Most orthopedic shoes provide at least two of the following aspects;

  • A removable footbed to accommodate medical orthotics for women who require prescription inserts.
  • A deep toe box that gives you plenty of wiggle room in case of bunions or other deformations.
  • A firm heel counter to stabilize the area and improve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis or heel spurs.
  • Available in a minimum of three widths, to suit every size foot.

The Benefits Of Wearing Orthopedic Shoes For Women

Suffering from foot pain affects all aspects of your life, from walking to working and makes it difficult to complete even the most basic of tasks. Orthopedic shoes can help to improve your quality of life by reducing the unpleasant symptoms of numerous medical conditions.

Choosing to wear orthopedic shoes is taking a step in the right direction towards improving the health of your feet.

  • Orthopedic shoes often have a removable insole that accommodates custom orthotic inserts.
  • These shoes provide better support to the delicate arch area, reducing the chance of further injury.
  • For women suffering from flat feet, orthopedic shoes support the arch and prevent pain or irritation.
  • These shoes are suitable for women with wide feet and are often available in more than one width to suit your structure.
  • If you have bunions, orthopedic shoes have extra room in the toe so that the material won’t put pressure on the sensitive areas.

View the Best Orthopedic Shoes, Below.

  1. best overall rating1.ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7VIEW ON AMAZONCHECK PRICE ON ZAPPOSThese cushioned shoes are built with plenty of padding around the sole, softening your footsteps and providing a softer surface for your feet to rest on. The insole is intentionally removable, allowing you to add an orthotic brace or orthopedic insole of your own if you’re dealing with a serious injury, but the standard one is designed to help cushion impacts and protect your feet as much as possible.The gum rubber sole provides a decent amount of gripping power without being difficult to move around in, giving you more control on slippery or smooth floors, and the lace-up design helps keep it safe and secure on your feet instead of slipping off or feeling loose. The gripping lugs on the bottom of the sole help you move up and down sloped surfaces, making these shoes great for avid walkers that need extra support for their feet.Why We Like It
    • Cushioned
    • Removable insole
    • Lace-based tightening
    • Strong rubber sole lugs
    • Durable
    MaterialSyntheticStyleRunning ShoeGenderMen’sOur VerdictThese shoes are perfectly suited to long periods of use outdoors, especially if you enjoy tougher walks with lots of slopes.Editor Rating
  2. premium choice rating2.Birkenstock Unisex Adults’ Boston ClogsVIEW ON AMAZONCHECK PRICE ON ZAPPOSThese clogs mix the covering protection of a full shoe with the breathability and flexibility of a sandal, keeping your feet dry in bad weather while still leaving you plenty of room to stretch your feet and move about normally. The insole conforms to a normal foot’s anatomy, helping to support and correct your movements without putting too much pressure on your feet or making you have to walk a certain way to avoid pain.The raised toe-bar helps to correct the way your toes sit while you’re walking so you won’t need to worry about them feeling compressed together if you need to wear these shoes for long periods of time. The EVA materials used in the sole help to absorb shocks and other impacts from long walks, making it comfortable on all kinds of materials and surfaces. The breathable soft leather used in the rest of its construction reduces how rough they feel on bare skin, meaning that you don’t have to wear socks to get the most out of these clogs.Why We Like It
    • Breathable
    • Flexible
    • Supportive
    • Avoids applying pressure
    • Doesn’t irritate your skin
    MaterialLeatherStyleClogsGenderUnisexOur VerdictThese clogs are great for casual use around the house or out on a walk during a hot day, protecting your feet but still keeping them exposed to fresh air.Editor Rating
  3. great value rating3.Propét Men’s Stability WalkerVIEW ON AMAZONCHECK PRICE ON ZAPPOSThese sneakers are designed with a wide forefoot area and reliable heel to make them as stable as possible, giving you much more control over how you move regardless of the terrain you’re walking on. They also have a decent amount of padding, adding a softer feeling to your footsteps and relieving pain from long walks. Most of its body is made of leather, adding an extra level of durability and weather resistance that keeps your feet safe and dry in poor conditions.The rubber sole and molded midsole used in these sneakers hold them together really well, even if you’re walking over rough ground. The insole supports your feet and keeps them comfortable, helping to correct your posture and foot shape slightly without leaving you in pain or discomfort.Why We Like It
    • Stable
    • Durable
    • Padded
    • Help with foot shape and position
    • Molded midsole
    MaterialLeatherStyleSneakerGenderMen’sOur VerdictLike most sneakers, these shoes offer a lot of comfort, but they’re also surprisingly well-padded and help you walk in a comfortable, painless way.Editor Rating
  4. 4.Alegria Women’s Paloma FlatVIEW ON AMAZONCHECK PRICE ON ZAPPOSThese Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat shoes have a built-in platform that supports your feet without looking out-of-place in your regular outfits. The hook-and-loop based strap that fits over your instep makes it easy to adjust how they fit on your feet, helping to keep you comfortable without making them unnecessarily loose or slippery. The insole is fully removable, so you can always insert your own, making them useful if you have medically-approved or prescribed orthopedic insoles you need to use.The leather interior used in these shoes promotes better foot health and walking styles by keeping your feet dry and comfortable, as well as wicking away moisture that builds up from sweat or humid environments. This is backed up by the outsole, which gives you a decent level of grip without making your steps feel too sticky or heavy, helping you avoid tired and sore feet without sacrificing or altering the design and feel of your shoes.Why We Like It
    • Adjustable
    • Removable insole
    • Keeps your feet dry
    • Moisture-wicking
    • Good grip
    MaterialLeatherStyleFlatGenderWomen’sOur VerdictThe design of these shoes makes them appropriate for plenty of different situations and outfits, supporting your feet throughout the entire day.Editor Rating
  5. 5.ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7VIEW ON AMAZONCHECK PRICE ON ZAPPOSThese running shoes are designed to deal with hard outdoor terrain, protecting you and keeping you stable on even the most difficult walks and runs. The gel cushioning at the back of the shoe helps absorb impacts and shocks, providing some extra protection and comfort while you’re on the move, and the removable insole can be easily taken out to help you tailor it to your needs. However, the built-in insole is also fairly useful, giving you a soft layer of padding to help support your feet.The sole of the shoe uses reversed lugs that make it easy to climb slopes in both directions, especially if they’re rougher stone surfaces or natural ground. The extra layers of high-abrasion rubber provide extra durability and protection in key places, holding your shoes together for longer and keeping your feet safe from damage or sudden bumps.Why We Like It
    • Durable
    • Built for outdoor use
    • Protective
    • Handles slopes well
    • Gel cushioning
    MaterialSyntheticStyleRunning ShoeGenderWomen’sOur VerdictThese shoes are ideal for people who love to get exercise in the outside world, especially if you need the extra support to help keep your feet stable and pain-free.Editor Rating
  6. 6.Vionic Unisex Wave Toe-Post SandalVIEW ON AMAZONCHECK PRICE ON ZAPPOSThese thong sandals mix the best parts of an open sandal and a walking shoe, keeping your feet protected from the rough ground while still providing both breathability and flexibility in all situations. The anatomically-correct insole design means that it naturally supports the way your feet move and rest without forcing you to stand in an uncomfortable or awkward way.The upper section of the shoe is made of a soft fabric that keeps the sandals secure on your feet without harming your skin or irritating any injured spots on your feet. The built-in midsole helps absorb shocks and foot stress, making it much easier to walk around without letting your feet get tired or sore. Being a thong sandal, it’s incredibly easy to take off and store in a bag so you can carry them around with you if you’re on holiday or taking a stroll far away from home.Why We Like It
    • Breathable
    • Flexible
    • Supports foot muscles
    • Soft materials
    • Easy to use
    MaterialFabricStyleSandalGenderMen’sOur VerdictThese sandals are a great way to stay comfortable while letting your feet get some sunlight and fresh air, putting most of its materials into making your walks easy on your feet.Editor Rating
  7. 7.Propet Women’s W3851 Wash & WearVIEW ON AMAZONCHECK PRICE ON ZAPPOSThese slip-on shoes have a stretchable collar that makes them easy to wear, regardless of your foot shape or size. The flexible materials used in it its design and construction give you a greater range of movement, as well as giving your feet more room to move and breathe while you’re wearing them, while the internal padding gives you more protection from hard impacts and stumbles during your walks.The outsole is made of rubber and EVA, adding extra durability without adding more bulk and weight to your shoes – it also provides much more traction and friction on most types of ground so you won’t need to worry about them slipping off while you’re trying to focus on other tasks and hobbies. A set of multi-directional treads and lugs on the very bottom of the sole support this even further.Why We Like It
    • Flexible
    • Strong outsole
    • Comfortable insole
    • Versatile sole lugs
    • Plenty of traction
    MaterialLeatherStyleSlip-onGenderWomen’sOur VerdictAs a slip-on, these shoes are really easy to put on and take off, making them really useful as casual shoes for a variety of different hobbies and work situations.Editor Rating
  8. 8.OLUKAI Mens Nohea Mesh Slip-OnVIEW ON AMAZONCHECK PRICE ON ZAPPOSThese lightweight slip-on shoes offer a strong insole with plenty of extra comfort and breathability, making them ideal for use while you’re relaxing or taking a stroll outdoors. The entire insole can be easily removed and replaced with your own specialized medical ones, although the original one uses a microfiber cover and gel insert to help support your feet evenly regardless.The upper sections of this shoe are made with a microfiber lining that improves breathability and reduces weight, making long walks much easier and providing a soft, comfortable inside that keeps your feet safe and secure without causing any skin irritation or scratching. The regular sole at the very base of the shoe is extremely durable, handling all kinds of poor weather and difficult ground without showing signs of damage or having any risk of falling apart.Why We Like It
    • Lightweight
    • Removable insole
    • Adds breathability
    • Durable sole
    • Comfortable lining
    MaterialLeatherStyleMesh ShoeGenderMen’sOur VerdictThese shoes are really easy to use, giving you an easy way to protect your feet without slowing you down or making you feel uncomfortable after long periods of use.Editor Rating
  9. 9.Orthofeet Orthopedic Athletic Men’s ShoesVIEW ON AMAZONRead Customer Reviews Here »These shoes offer built-in orthotic support, using a cushioned heel section and a reinforced arch section to help you walk in a safe, foot-friendly way. The interior of the shoe is solid enough to bolster your feet’s anatomy while still being stretchy enough to accommodate high arches and insteps. The lightweight sole adds extra cushioning without weighing you down, making it easy to travel long distances if you’re out for a walk or wearing these shoes during a long workday.The soft materials used in the design of the shoe’s upper half relieves most of the pressure that you’ll feel from regular shoes, which makes it much easier to use if you have foot pain or injuries that need to be left alone while they heal. The comfortable soles make this much easier, reducing the amount of force you’ll feel while you’re on the move and getting rid of the problems that most tight-fitting shoes can cause, including skin irritation and damage from letting the shoe come into direct contact with bare skin.Why We Like It
    • Cushioned
    • Orthotic support
    • Anatomy-friendly interior
    • Lightweight
    • Relieves pain
    MaterialSyntheticStyleAthletic ShoeGenderMen’sOur VerdictThese shoes look like conventional trainers or sneakers on the outside, making them blend in with nearly any outfit while still supporting your feet as best they can.Editor Rating
  10. 10.BeautiFeel Women’s Camille Flat SandalVIEW ON AMAZONRead Customer Reviews Here »These sandals mix fashion and comfort together perfectly, keeping your feet safe and secure without breaking up any stylish or formal outfits you’ve put together. The latex sole is soft enough to make hard surfaces a little more comfortable without looking too padded, and the insole is a simple, smooth shape that helps your feet rest in a normal, comfortable position. Not only that, but the open design lets your feet breath, making it easier to heal any injuries or sore spots you might have there.The majority of the sandals’ construction and frame are made from leather, making them pleasant to wear while still keeping them tight against your feet for maximum stability and slip prevention. The strap at the back allows you to tighten the shoe if it seems to be too loose at the back, while the two Velcro straps at the top can be adjusted in mere seconds, giving you complete control over how your sandals feel and how tight they’re pressed against your skin.Why We Like It
    • Open and breathable
    • Fashionable
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to adjust
    • Reliable leather
    MaterialSuede, SyntheticStyleSandalGenderWomen’sOur VerdictThese sandals are ideal for formal events as well as relaxing at home, and can be adjusted to accommodate your feet no matter what shape or size they are.Editor Rating

Orthopedic Shoes Buyer’s Guide

Buying orthopedic shoes to support your feet can seem difficult at first, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what you need to look for, but there are certain design elements and useful features that you should focus your search on, rather than trying to balance everything together in a single show.

The Shoe Type

There is an orthopedic version of almost every kind of shoe on the market, so you should always make sure you’re buying one you’ll actually find useful. Simply purchasing the first pair you find can backfire horribly if they’re inappropriate for your hobby, work or casual needs. If you need to spend a lot of time outside in bad weather, boots and weather-resistant walking shoes are more appropriate than sandal and exercise trainers, so make sure you plan around your needs rather than diving in and buying something that might not be very helpful.

Remember that you need to wear the orthopaedic shoes to get any benefits from them, too – if you don’t have much of an excuse to wear a certain type of shoe, you won’t use them as often as you might want to, which could make the entire purpose of owning them redundant in the long-term. The best orthopedic shoes are the ones that you’ll use time and time again to get the maximum benefit from them.wo

Orthopedic Features

Some shoes don’t include any orthopedic features directly, instead letting you remove the insoles or other key parts and replacing them with your own. This is great if you have medically-prescribed supports or braces that you’ll need to use since using them on top of an existing insole can actually make them less comfortable. Some others will be molded and designed to better suit the shape of an average foot, letting them correct the way you walk or stand if your feet have a slight deformity or another physical issue.

Perhaps the most important orthopedic feature, however, is comfort – a huge part of letting your feet heal and correct themselves is having a comfortable layer between them and the floor. The more protection and softness there is on the sole, insole and midsole, the less likely you are to get tired feet after using your shoes for long periods of time.

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