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If all you know of fanny packs is the neon pink one your mom wore in the ’80s, it’s time to re-think your opinion of them! Fanny packs, also known as belt bags or bum bags, come in all styles and colors now, and you can even find some high-end options. If you want to start wearing a fanny pack, try out a few different styles and looks to make outfits with pieces from your own closet.

This is an easy way to keep your essentials within reach. Try wearing your fanny pack around your natural waist just above your belly button.

  • Wearing a fanny pack here will also help you highlight your figure and give your waist more definition.
  • If you have a small fanny pack, try looping it through your belt loops for a more subtle approach.
  • If you don’t want your fanny pack to be front and center, try turning the pack around to your back.

Your fanny pack will look more like a purse or a small handbag. Buckle your fanny pack together and throw it over one shoulder, then position the pack itself in front of your chest.

  • This looks really cool if done over a blazer or a fitted denim jacket.
  • If you don’t want your fanny pack front and center, slide the pack itself around to your back. When you need to reach your stuff, just position the pack in front of your chest again.

A fanny pack on top of your outerwear is easy to style. Sling your fanny pack over your jacket, use your fanny pack as a belt, or tuck in your shirt to draw attention to your fanny pack.

  • This will also make it easier to grab anything you need out of the pack throughout the day.
  • Or, try a two-piece suit with matching pants and a jacket. Underneath, wear a simple white T-shirt or a bodysuit; then, put your fanny pack high on your waist to close the jacket.

Your outfit doesn’t have to revolve around your fanny pack. Wrap your fanny pack around your waist and put on a simple fitted tee. Then, throw on a jacket to complete the look.

  • This look is great for a rock concert or date night, depending on what jacket you choose!
  • You can also try this look with a statement top and no jacket, such as a plunging silk top with billowy arms that falls just over the top of the fanny pack.

If the rest of your look is a little plain, use your fanny pack as an accent piece. Pick one out that has a bold pattern and bright colors to tie your whole outfit together.

  • Stripes, polka dots, camouflage, and triangles all look super cool with a monochromatic outfit.
  • Be bold by wearing a patterned fanny pack with an oversized pantsuit or skirt and top set.
  • Or, add a camouflage fanny pack to cargo pants and a tank top for a masculine look.

You can wear a fanny pack to a semi-formal event. Opt for a small clutch-sized fanny pack to pair with dresses or suits for a night out. A “little black bag” is a good option, as it can go with many outfits. Try one with a slender leather strap or even a delicate chain. Small envelope-style fanny packs look great on top of a structured pantsuit.

Traditional fanny packs are great for everyday wear. Grab a large, slouchy fanny pack to throw on when you go to school, out with friends, or on a hike.

  • A black bag pairs with almost anything, while bright or patterned ones can make a statement in any look.
  • These slouchy fanny packs are usually bigger, too, so you can fit more things inside of them.

This is a classic look you can wear almost anywhere. Pair a fanny pack with your favorite t-shirt and jeans, then sling it over your hips for a walk in the park or a fun day at a festival.

  • If you’re going for a more streetwear look, try an oversized shirt instead of a fitted one.
  • To tie in the edgy coolness of the fanny pack, wear a cool graphic T-shirt that’s more trendy. Finish off the look with a good solid white sneaker.
  • Or, spice up your look with mules or a pair of strappy sandals.

You can wear this look for a night out on the town. Put on your favorite mini dress, then add your fanny pack on top to define your waist and emphasize your figure.

  • Try to pick a fanny pack with good quality material, like leather, silk, or wool.
  • This look works best for casual looks, date night, and semi-formal events, depending on the bag you choose. Skip it for formal events.

Enamel or acrylic pins can make your fanny pack stand out. Pick out pins or buttons with fun sayings or cute characters, then arrange them on your bag for a fun look that’s all yours!

  • You could even add floral brooches for a vintage touch.
  • Thrift stores usually have a wide variety of pins to choose from, or you can look online.
  • If you’re looking for a more feminine touch, try adding a hair bow.

You can pick out patches that perfectly match your style. Try adding stars, flowers, fun sayings, kittens, or even your own name.

  • You can find patches online or at most craft stores.
  • Patches usually work best on cotton or synthetic materials, but they probably won’t stick to leather fanny packs.


  • Black fanny packs go with anything, while bold colors will stand out a little more. If you’re putting together an everyday, casual look, pick out a solid-colored fanny pack. White, blue, green, red, and yellow fanny packs all make a fun statement piece in any outfit.
  • You can create sporty or athletic looks with a plain black fanny pack. Match it with a pair of joggers and a hoodie for a casual day out.
  • Or, add a bit of femininity to a more masculine outfit with a bold color. Pair a pink, red, or yellow fanny pack with an oversized button-down and fitted trousers.

Love them or hate them, fanny packs are one of the best bags. These practical carryalls are not only big enough to hold travel essentials like your phone, passport, and wallet, but they allow you to do so hands-free — which means you can do more important things like snap the travel photo or enjoy a gelato while sightseeing.

And did we mention how versatile they are? You can wear a fanny pack the classic way around your waist, sling it over your shoulder as a shoulder bag, or take the more modern, fashion-forward approach and wear it a crossly bag

To help you find your ideal match, we rounded up nine options that shoppers can’t stop raving about. Whether you prefer a luxe designer bag that will instantly upgrade your travel outfits or a sporty style that you can wear while hiking or running, there is a fanny pack for just about everyone on this list.

These Are the Best Fanny Packs to Shop in 2021:

  • Some are even designed with smart features like hidden compartments that help thwart off pickpockets, while others are made from waterproof materials or include pockets that are specially designed to hold water bottles. Plus, each item on this list is so wearable that it’ll actually look good with everything else you have packed in your suitcase.

From a waterproof fanny pack to a clear option to an ultra-lightweight belt bag, keep reading to shop nine fanny packs that customers always travel with.

Thanks to the dadcore trend that flourished after several Prada and Off-White shows—think chunky trainers, college sweatshirts, and slouchy trousers—easy street-inspired pieces have become a mainstay in our sartorial rotations. Somewhere along the lines, we graduated from thick soles to fanny packs, taking the trend to another level.

The resurgence of every dad/tourist’s favorite accessory has been spotted everywhere, and we can’t get enough. Whether you call it the waist bag, fanny pack, bum bag or belt bag, this is how to style it for Fall 2019.

The trench coats of now aren’t just cotton or wool; they exist in sleek, modern fabrics like PVC and vinyl. Add some texture and detail to your look by pairing a futuristic trench with a croc-embossed fanny pack.



Fanny pack, hip pack, shoulder bag, sling bag, waist bag or the Czech “ledvinka” – this accessory has so many names. Here since the late 80’s, they reached their peak of popularity in the 90’s, after which they were replaced by other trends – until 2018, when fanny packs saw a huge resurgence in popularity. I distinctly remember people that ridiculed fanny packs and, later down the road, seemed to be inseparable with it. These days, it might seem that fanny packs were replaced by crossbody bags or utility vests, but that’s not the case – hip bags are still, well, hip, and I’m here to show you how to wear them correctly – as well as why.

Because they stick to you through thick and thin. I’ve written down 5 reasons that are bound to convince you why fanny packs are the way to go, and hopefully, convince you to order one straight from our website. Are you ready?

Everything important’s all in one place

You know how you carry your phone, keys, headphones and all kinds of other things in your pockets every day? Instead of bulging pockets, just chuck them in your fanny pack. It’s small, light and spacious enough to carry all your daily essentials, wherever you are.

Stylish accessory

You’re also bound to know the feeling of having a great outfit, but it’s not quite enough. A waist bag is the perfect accessory. It’s a perfect match for an everyday outfit that also has the ability to elevate your fit even higher.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a victim of pickpockets in the past. Want to know why? I didn’t have a fanny pack. Because you wear it on your chest, it stays on your eyes all the time. For me personally, this is one of the best reasons why fanny packs are still cool.


If there’s something I hate, it’s having to hold things in my hands, be it a phone, keys or a water bottle. Especially at festivals, where you just want to vibe to your favorite song instead of making sure you don’t drop what you’re holding – or worse, get it stolen.

Your best friend for travelling and festivals

I think this one sums all the other points up perfectly. When travelling or at a festival, you need to have your phone, powerbank, tissues, wallet and raincoat with you at all times. Constantly checking if you have all of the above gets pretty annoying – and a waist bag instantly solves all these problems. And the freedom it gives you is priceless. For travelling, I’d recommend a fanny pack made from lighter materials – after all, after a whole day of wearing one, every gram counts.




Since the beginning of the civilization, man has invented uncountable things to make his life easier. Bags are one of the most simple yet most useful inventions by human kind. The most significant benefit of a bag is that you can carry all the things that you need in one place without having to hassle to look for them when you need them the most.

In modern times, the uses and types of bags have changed. People can choose from a huge variety of bags according to their needs. Especially women. There is an increasing demand to make shoulder bags for women. Bags nowadays have become a lifestyle product instead of a necessity. And it’s a trending fashion accessory. Shoulder bags for men carries obvious design changes compared to that made for women. They have become an essential part of accessory for both men and women. Now it has been easier than ever before to buy shoulder bags online.

Whether it’s a casual outing with friends or an office meeting with your boss, shoulder bags never let you down. There are various types of shoulder bags like Tote, Sling bags, etc. Now we will discuss the many advantages of bags with a shoulder strap in detail.

 Less hard on the shoulders 

Unlike conventional backpacks, they do not strain your shoulder and back muscles. They are really comfortable and easy to carry.

2. Shoulder bags are more convenient than any other type 

Just pick up the bag, put it on your shoulder and you are good to go. A black leather bag would be the perfect accessory for your office meeting while a blue bag would be great for college goers.

3. Best for lightweight use 

 If you are not planning to carry heavy stuff with you then shoulder bags are your best pick. It is perfect for busy fast paced everyday life.

4. Better ergonomics   

When you choose a bag with shoulder strap, the first thing you are going to notice is that it isn’t as bulky as backpacks or messenger bags. It can be easily stored and worn with  relative ease.

5. Easy to maneuver  

One among the advantage of bags with shoulder straps is that it doesn’t resist the movement of the user as much as backpacks do. You know how hard it is to reach for things when you are wearing a backpack and on public transport or in a tight place.

6. Doesn’t compromise on storage 

If you are a tech professional, fashion blogger, professional photographer, instagram  influencer or a youtuber even if you want to just carry your laptop and other gizmos around, shoulder bags are the best alternatives. Now many shoulder bags come with  dedicated padding to keep your laptop safe plus there will be room for books and all utilities.

7. They are very stylish   

Shoulder bags have always been in fashion and will continue to be. They carry a charm with themselves that other bags just don’t. If you are going for a meeting where your first impression matters, always carry a shoulder bag. It will never let you down.

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