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In this post, we will review the over the shoulder purse, over the shoulder purses, off the shoulder leather jacket, over the shoulder bags for school, and the over the shoulder bags women picks for you.

Interesting question, but like many interesting questions, this one also does not have a clear answer. Bags are such a craze for some that they are even willing to pay more than what it would cost for a car for owning some of those designer bags. And for the majority of us, a Bag is one accessory we cannot do without. 

One errant theory for this bag love is that it is the competitive spirit of the women that makes them buy the one better and more costlier than the one on the arms of another girl.  One theory says bags appeal to the aesthetic element in a women and boy, they are aesthetic! Read this article for more on this. 

Whatever is your reason for buying a bag, its beauty combined with its functionality makes it a must-have accessory. Which is why there are so many kinds of bags- for each and every occasion you can have a different kind of bag. So even if I am not a competitive woman or a particularly aesthetic one, I would like to have the best of all of these and then some.

Please note that some of the bags overlap in their features and functionalities.

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Over The Shoulder Purse

1.Hand bag

types of bags

This is the quintessential medium sized ladies bag every girl must own. This is a bag which can carry the essentials and still maintain the style quotient.

2 Hobo bag

types of bags

This is a large bag made of soft materials with a slouchy shape. It is characterized by a crescent shape under the handle because of the way it slumps down when put down or carried. This bag has a distinct silhouette which marks it as a casual carry all.

3 Tote bag

different types of bags

This is a rectangular shaped bags made of stronger materials like canvas or leather ; It is ‘the-shopping-must-have’ for most girls. This bag has somewhat short-medium handles and is roomy enough for most all shopping that women does.

4 Duffle bag

This is a bag with flat sides and rounded sides and a top zip closure. It is a large roomy bag

5  Messenger bag

different types of bags purses

These are medium sized bags which have a flap on the front. It usually has a long strap and is worn cross body. Another name for this bags is courier bag. Check out this tutorial to make a simple and easy messenger bag 

messenger bag sewing pattern

6 Backpack

types of handbag styles

Wikipedia lists bookbag, kitbag, knapsack,  pack, sackpack or backsack  as alternate names for this bag ; it is a sturdy bag carried on the back of the body with two straps. There are large backpacks used for traveling and they are called rucksacks.

7  Satchel

different types of bags

This is a rectangular bag with a flap that fastens in the front with a single or double buckle. Usually, they have a long strap and are hung  low on the body

8 Doctor’s bag

different types of handbags

This large bag was originally used by doctors to carry their supplies when they made house calls. They have a frame at the top and a flat bottom and are really roomy

9 Laptop Bag

many types of bags

 As the name suggests it has compartments to carry a laptop and its accessories. It has a rectangular shape with small as well as longer handles for carrying the bag by the shoulders

10 Bucket bag

different types of bags

This is a bag which has a flat bottom, a drawstring closure and long handles, This medium-sized bag is casual in its appearance and is a fashion trend which has a carry-all cool appeal.

11 Bowler bag

different kinds of bags

This is a medium-sized bag with short handles; the bag has a distinct shape of a dome on the top; The name of the bag is inspired from the bowling ball bags

12 Wristlet

different types of bags

Wristlet is a small handbag with a short carrying strap resembling a bracelet. (Wikipedia).

13 Pouch

different types of bags

A pouch is a small drawstring bag meant to carry small knickknacks. Check out the tutorial to make such a small gift pouch here.

You can also call  a small flat purse with a zippered opening a zipper pouch as the one below- Check out the tutorial to make a simple zipper pouch here.

diy zipper pouch

14 Clutch

many types of bags

Clutch is a slim, flat handbag meant to be held in the hand, without handles or a strap

Check out this tutorial to make an easy-peasy purse like this.

how to make a purse

15 Saddle bag

all types of bags

These are bags with a flap and long cross body straps; They  look like the bags which used to be hung on the saddle of a horse, hence the name. Some saddle bags can be seen attached to bicycles/bikes

16 Beach Bag

all types of bags

Big waterproof bags made of plastic meant to be used to carry things to the beach

17 Shoulder bag

purses and bags

Also called sling bags in its small avatar, this is a bag that you hang on your shoulder. The satchel, saddle bag are shoulder bags

18 Miniaudiere

different types of bags

It is not strictly a bag ; this is a jeweled case which acts as a bag. They have a hinged frame and top closure. Usually, they are encrusted with beads, crystals and sometimes has a shoulder strap

19 Shopping/Grocery bag

types of bags

The big shopping bag needs no introduction. They are usually made of cloth or plastic and can accommodate just about anything that you shop for

Check out the tutorial to sew an easy shopping bag.

sew shopping bag

20 Drawstring bag

These bags have a drawstring closure on the top; it could be a back pack or a pouch. Check out this tutorial to make a simple drawstring backpack

21. Make up bags

handbag styles

These are small bags with a zip closure; used to carry cosmetics.

22. Foldover Bags

purse styles

In this type of bag, the top of the bag folds over onto itself like a flap. The advantage of this bag is that it can be expanded at will with long straps. 

23.Phone bag

This bag can carry only a phone or some knick knacks

24 Camera case bags

different types of bags

These are bags with compartments inside to carry the accessories that come with camera

25 Baguette bags

This is a small compact bag with a short strap, made famous by the brand Fendi. Baguette is a type of long and narrow bread ; this bag is named after this bread because of its shape

26 Barrel Bag

types of bags

A large cylindrical bag ; also known as a gym bag. This bag comes in many sizes and can carry a lot

27 Basket Bag

purse styles

These bags have a flat bottom and look like a basket

28 Fanny Pack

fanny pack

This is a small bag or pouch attached to a belt which is strapped to the waist. It is also called a belt bag or a bum bag

29 Kelly Bag

different types of bags

Leather bag which looks like a satchel with a special type of metal clasp in the front; it is usually used for business purposes. Hermes Kelly bag is very famous and one of the most coveted bags in the world

30 Lunch Bags

how to make lunch bag

When you carry all these other bags, there is a practicality you should not forget – food. You need to carry around lunch to offices, colleges, picnics etc without messing up the insides of your other bags – in your very own lunch bag. You may prefer a fancy insulated cooler lunch bag with interior vinyl lining or simple ones made with fabric and nothing else.

Learn to make an easy lunch bag with pattern and tutorial – one which you can whip up in an hour or less

Handbags and purses hold all of our day-to-day items, shielding our valuables and not-so valuables from inclement weather, damage and theft — and, in most cases, they help complete our polished looks.

But, now more than ever we are overwhelmed with so many choices — between styles and prices — there seems like an endless amount of options. But we’re here to help. Here’s our guide to the only handbags you’ll ever need, with low- and high-priced options.

And one editor’s note before we begin, the prices listed were accurate as of the date of publication, so please check with the seller for the most up to date cost when budgeting.

over the shoulder bags for school


The Leather Day Satchel

This is the essential workhorse handbag. A medium to large top handle bag that can hold almost everything like your paperback book or tablet (and your pouch for makeup touch-ups). Try to choose one in a neutral-color leather like black or medium to dark brown so that scuffs and stains won’t be noticeable, because who else has spilled their morning coffee on their bag? Also try to steer clear from bags with lots of hardware or logos — those can date your bag.

Skimp: Kenneth Cole Reaction Triple Entry Harriet Satchel, $49.99

Splurge: Kate Spade Cameron Satchel in Black, $132.99



The Day Clutch

A neat, tailored daytime clutch is a fantastic option if you can deal with editing what goes in and what stays out. Smaller pouches are cute and light, but you usually can’t get more than a lipstick and a smartphone in there. Try to pick one that has multiple pockets and a bit of dimension so you can carry your essentials. This is one of those bags you can have fun with — you don’t have to spend a lot on this style, so try playing with different materials and colors.

Skimp: Brahmin Melbourne Croc Embossed Leather Envelope Clutch in Pecan, $75

Splurge: Mulberry Amberley Calfskin Leather Clutch in Black, $540



The Crossbody Purse

As we all know, this bag gives you great freedom of movement while keeping your things close — and it looks much chicer than a backpack. A good crossbody bag will have a sturdy strap that’s adjustable with a front flap that’s easy to maneuver. It shouldn’t be too heavy and should be a medium size — go too small and it’s not going to be very functional, too big and it can overwhelm you.

Skimp: Brentano Crossbody, $13.95

Splurge: Furla Metropolis Crossbody in Petalo, $264.60



The Evening Clutch

Most of us will need an evening clutch at some point, so why wait until the night before a big, fancy event to run out and buy one? The most timeless (and versatile) style you can own is a simple black satin or metallic clutch in gold or silver. This is one bag that should be as seasonless as possible, because you want to be able to hold onto it for years and use it for any event. If you want a little bit of sparkle, try to pick one with a jewel on the clasp. This has a more classic, lasting appeal and goes effortlessly with everything.

Skimp: Kate Spade New York Patterson Drive Braylon Wallet Clutch, $54.78

Splurge: Prada Busta Morbida Black Velvet Floral Print Pouch Clutch, $225



The Straw Basket

The straw basket can be your go-to bag in the warmer months. It’s an ideal summer carry-all and can and should be a little more playful than your other handbags (cue colorful pom-poms). Pack it up with snacks and a towel for a beach day with your friends or with your everyday items as you commute to work.

Style icon Jane Birkin made the straw basket famous in the ‘70s when she made it her signature handbag, long before Hermes made a bag in her honor, The Birkin.

Skimp: Kadell Straw Clutch Women Handmade Straw Crossbody Bag, $19.99

Splurge: Mar Y Sol Ibiza Tote in Navy, $139



The Medium-sized Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags have a sleek and sophisticated yet sporty appeal — and are another perfect daily go-to. Rich leather or textured suede are ideal, but even a neat canvas fabric in the summer can be perfect for a lightweight, weather-appropriate look. The options for this type range drastically, so a lot of what’s worth it is also determined by your own personal style, taste level and budget.

Skimp: H&M Large Bucket Bag in Beige, $34.99

Splurge: Coach Edie Shoulder Bag, $248



The Chic Tote

Every woman needs a tote, and not just a big bag to haul stuff around in but one that can also look polished and professional. If you carry a laptop back and forth from the office then this is definitely the bag for you. But if you’re not carrying much beyond your wallet, a phone and a small makeup bag, you can still use a tote, just opt for a lightweight one — like in a canvas material.

Skimp: YALUXE Women’s Oxford Nylon Large Capacity Work Tote, $39.99

Splurge: MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote in Black, $225



The Casual Day Bag

This is your wildcard, and it allows you to show off your personal style. There are plenty of options that won’t break the bank, from a striped hobo to a sporty messenger to a croc patent clutch. On those days when you can have a little more fun with your look, switch things up and work this bag into your 9-to-5 routine. It’s a great way to kick up — and show off — your style.

Skimp: Kate + Alex Cuffaro Stripe Hobo Bag in Black and White Stripe, $39.99

Splurge: Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Leather Crossbody in Tawny Port, $172.33



The Iconic Bag

OK, no one really needs a designer bag — but if you’re looking to invest in something truly luxurious, you’ll want to make sure it can last you for years to come. Enter the classic iconic bag, à la a Birkin bag or the highly coveted classic Chanel bag.

These bags can stand on their own — perpetually making a statement and outlasting any trend. For example, the Chanel Classic Handbag is one of the most iconic handbags ever designed. It is the LBD of handbags (albeit an expensive one). Luckily, alternate options exist for those who don’t have $5,000 to drop on this beauty.

Skimp: Black Quilted Crossbody with Chain Strap, $27.98

Splurge: Chanel Classic Handbag in Black, $5,800



The Color Bag

Yes, black is always the new black (unless orange is), but sometimes you’ve just got to give in to the joy of color (especially when it can so greatly affect your mood). A great way to use a color handbag is not to match it to your clothes, but to pick a shade that’s on the opposite spectrum of colors you wear to create a contrast.

If you wear a lot of camels and taupes, try a yellow or red handbag. If you wear red often, then try a bag in a light shade of blue. It sounds counterintuitive but it works. And, of course, you can always use color to break up solid black, navy and white.


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