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Finding the best Par light stand price options can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top lights in the category.

Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision.

Par light stand price Our Top Pick:

On-Stage LS7730 Lighting Stand with Truss

As a leading supplier of support stands to the world, the company mission—-affordability, durability and innovation—-is built into every product.

When it comes to testing every rig before it enters the marketplace, these stage lighting stands must survive the rigors of performance testing under a variety of production environments to make certain that everything—down to critical locking pins—meets corporate standards.

The On-Stage LS7730 has the capability of being all things to all people: There are two tripod-base stands fitted with three telescoping vertical shafts for quick set-up and tear down.

Tension-locking knobs and pins adjust to keep the unit secure. Even when it’s in full expansion mode (11.5-feet), the T-bars accommodate four-part cans each, and there are two 5-foot truss sections ready to secure and hold another four cans (not included) that can total 16 lighting par cans.

With a weight capacity of 200 pounds, this low-cost unit can be set up in a New York minute using screw-on plastic brackets and thumb screws to properly adjust the height of the stand to suit the needs of the production.

With a base spread of 48-inches, there’s enough stability to stand up to a 16-light mount. The LS7730 is in it for the long haul thanks to high-grade aluminum materials beneath black powder coating.

Professional and amateur stage crafters are not shy about their experiences, and it’s to them we turn for the skinny on how this rig performs in action.

While we encountered a couple of whines about package damage attributed to the shipper rather than the manufacturer, even techs who tried substituting a competitor say they’ve lived to regret their decision. “Buy On-Stage” one insisted, “that’s what all the professional sound studios use.”

In addition to product quality, the number of brand fans purchasing the LS7730 who rave about fast assembly is so diverse; we found ourselves searching for one buyer who disagreed and came up empty.

The price ranges from $169 to $368 so shop around for the best deal.

If you’re expecting to light a stage that’s filled with performing bodies, things could get crowded given this stand’s vertical expanse. That stated, this consensus of feedback is worth noting:

-Crews have no problem lining things up efficiently and quickly.
-Learning the art of setting the pins takes time, but it would take a bulldozer to collapse the rig once mastered.
-So solid and thick it makes “thin umbrella shaft” competitors look wimpy.
-Stage crew members didn’t expect double vertical extension tenacity and heavy-duty connectors.
-“So large and impressive, size alone makes people think ‘Wow, these guys have their stuff together!’”
-Sturdy carry cases protect LS7730 components from damage during transport.
-Extra touches count: On-Stage replacement parts don’t cost a fortune in the off chance something breaks.
-Cleverly designed to hold a banner in case the stand must do double-duty as an advertising vehicle.

Runner Up:

Odyssey LTMTS1-PRO Lighting Truss System

Odyssey Lighting sticks to stage production lighting and doesn’t veer off into the land of audio-visual or musical equipment. Because the company has a refined focus, the brand name is known throughout domestic and foreign stage lighting and production communities.

Billed as “the truss system safer to use than cable-based systems,” the LTMTS1-PRO has full cranking capability to lift the rig to a top height of 8.5-feet.

Like our top pick, it handles 200 pounds nicely along a 10-foot horizontal span, but you can only rig up eight lights, less than half the capacity of the aforementioned On-Stage system. Crew can easily schlep this around at 50-pounds total and the price tag works for production companies still operating on a shoestring.

Crew can easily schlep this around at 50-pounds total and the price tag works for production companies still operating on a shoestring.

Complaints from shoppers seem to be centered (literally) on their experiences with middle sway on the crossbeam, but other purchasers are delighted by the bang they get for the buck and recommend treating this stage lighting product with some TLC by not pushing the cranking mechanism to extremes so the system enjoys a long life.

For those who have been forced to work with a four-light truss until now, eight-light capability is like arriving in Nirvana (the Viking heaven, not Curt Cobain’s digs).

For lighting directors and techs given responsibility for maintaining, moving and setting up the LTMTS1-PRO, their admonition is to treat materials that go into the manufacture of this system with caution: all-plastic connectors will hold up nicely if they’re treated with respect.

Snag some O-clamps to avoid denting the truss once those lights are hung. “Easy to load, setup and store; for the price, how could you not buy two more?” one satisfied customer asked.

Honorable Mentions:

Odyssey Lighting Tripod and Truss Package

Why put another Odyssey system atop our Honorable Mentions list? Because plenty of stage directors are seeking a more expansive system that comes with a pedigree and this tripod and truss package are the whole enchilada.

The system includes two Odyssey LT-P2 Tripod Lighting Stands fabricated of sturdy black aluminum that cover 12-feet and one Odyssey LTMTS1-PRO Lighting Truss System with 8.5-foot elevation capacity when cranked to the summit.

With a comparable weight load capacity of 200 pounds and 8-light capacity, this system comes with rubber bottom covers to reinforce stability.

Plenty of outspoken stand-buying professionals extol the virtues of this system’s fast, easy set-up and we’ve yet to find one who states they would be hesitant to recommend this rig to a colleague.

In concert, this product is well-built, stable and eminently affordable in light of the number of elements that are included in one price.

For music types turning to Musician’s Friend for the whole truth and nothing but the truth, comments like, “I’ve no clue how they make money” on this system because “this truss system is enormous” resonate.

Of course, nothing’s perfect. Even handy techs find it difficult to follow assembly instructions and, according to one, you can’t even count on the free Allen wrench to do its job. On a lighthearted note, one buyer warns readers not to use the Odyssey Lighting Tripod and Truss Package for gymnastics!

Is this too far fetched a suggestion? Not if you’re buying this lighting stand to showcase performers who tend to abuse stage equipment while performing (intentionally or not so much). But what sealed the deal for shoppers is-—well, the deal.

If you price individual items needed to put together this system and then compare that total to this complete package, it’s hard to imagine not seeing the value in acquiring the entire system.

On-Stage Stands LS7720BLT Lighting Stand with Side Bars

Need an easy way to remember this model if you’re still lusting after our top pick but you’re just starting out or you’re still living in your parent’s basement? We call this honorable mention “LS7730 Lighting Stand with Truss Light”; the downsized version of our top pick, yet it costs less than $100.

Finding reviews lower than 4.5- on a 5-point scale has proven impossible, so let’s just say that the BLT with Side Bars is a classic that responds to knob adjustments nimbly and the locking pins double up on security so your walls won’t come tumbling down when you can least afford to have them do so.

Despite being the Light version of the big boy, this unit supports four cans on the T-bar and four on the side mount bars. The telescoping vertical shaft is engineered with three sections for smooth expansion, and the stand has a respectable base spread of 48-inches.

Made of the same high-grade aluminum used for the On-Stage LS7730, you can extend the height to 10-feet employing the friction-locking knobs/locking pins hardware.

“I’d recommend this stage lighting equipment to a friend” say untold numbers of website shoppers but if you’re orchestrating an extravaganza, don’t even think about purchasing this affordable rig because it has limitations.

You’re not going to be able to affix enough light cans to illuminate a Broadway stage because this rig only supports 110-pounds.

It’s hard to beat the features and the price for the solid construction, stability, transport and set-up benefits. Any attempt to overload this rig with extra cans can put your production at risk, so appreciate safety features (e. g., pegging to secure the center stand) and don’t overload your system.

This likely doesn’t describe you because you’re methodical and craft plans in plenty of time to troubleshoot, but we feel the need to share the story of a shopper who decided to buy the 7720BLT on the day he intended to use it for a performance.

To his delight, he removed it from the package to find the unit much taller than he imagined yet there was nothing fragile about the stand. “Go buy this truss; it’s awesome!” he enthused, but don’t take the chance he took by buying it on the first day you intend to use it or you may not share his luck.

Chauvet DJ GigBAR 2 4-in-1 Lighting System with Stand

You knew we couldn’t leave out a lighting system that’s got more bells and whistles than a Pink Floyd tribute band’s rig, right? The Chauvet 4-in-1 System comes with everything but a trained tech to help you get it up and running.

Don’t let the “DJ” designation fool you; plenty of stage directors pick this rig because they love the special effects that turn an ordinary stage into a wonderland, though you may have to arrange for installment payments if your plastic won’t cut it.

Spring for the Chauvet 4-in-1 and you’re ready to rock:
-Stage size is unimportant because the LED lighting system floods even expansive areas.
-Control the action from your choice of electronics: display, wireless foot switch, DMX or your cousin Greg.
-Adjustable laser-cast beams and dots can flood the stage with movement and excitement.
-Pars and strobes promote whatever color mixing effects you can dream up.
-This package includes carry bags, tripod, a remote, mounting brackets and wireless foot switch.

Is this pricey system for everyone? Hardly. But fans are a so wild about it we would be hard-pressed to leave it off our list simply because it’s so unique. While the majority of buyers use this unit for DJ gigs, plenty of stage techs wouldn’t take a substitute if offered to them because they love the way this unit bathes a stage in exciting color during live musical performances.

But what wins the hearts and minds of stage lighting pros is the fact that this Chauvet rig weighs less than a healthy Thanksgiving turkey.

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