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Finding the best Park light price options can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top led park light price in the category.

Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision.

5 top tips for great park lighting

1. Choose the appropriate lighting level

Choosing the appropriate lighting level can be surprisingly complicated. Always base your decision on how busy the car park is (or will be).

Does it have light, medium or (like Bluewater, pictured above) heavy traffic?

Quantifying the right level can be difficult, but here’s our take on British Standard requirements:

DW take on British Standard requirements Alt4

2. Consider dimming or controls

The lighting level you need at peak times (i.e. straight after work, around 5pm), compared to quieter periods, will be totally different; not many of us go shopping at 2am. Naturally usage levels will fluctuate, so it’s worth considering lowering the lighting levels to suit the traffic.

This will provide all-important energy savings and also ensures that the scheme is not over-lit. Helping to avoid potentially obtrusive light during hours of darkness.

The use of LED light sources and intelligent lighting controls (from PIR to video detection systems) can be used to trigger lighting level changes, when combined with a Smart City System. This not only reduces energy but also guides pedestrian and vehicles to free spaces or preferable parking areas.

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3. Location, location, location

Avoid creating hazards by using landscaped areas or walkways for column locations where possible.

Consider how the traffic will use the space, as well as all of the parking options available.

Ensure lighting is concentrated in areas such as entrances and exits, parking meters or signage. Ever been in a car park where you struggle to read the tariff signage because there was minimal light?

4. Use white light

White light will always create the best atmosphere for parking. It provides a clear image of the car park and assists CCTV. It also provides a sense of well-being and accentuates landscaping or architectural features.

Make sure pedestrians can see and be seen

The light source should have a minimum colour rendering of 70Ra, with neutral white light of 4000K or warmer being preferred.

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5. Minimise glare

Modern lighting, and in particular LED products, should have optics, accessories and glazing that control light far better than ever before, When we say minimise, really, we mean don’t generate any at all. Using the right amount of light at the right time and in the right place is better for the environment and your energy bill.

Lighting should be concentrated onto the main car parking area with careful consideration given to adjacent buildings. If the car park is in a residential area, consider light spill into back gardens or windows – as this could constitute a statutory nuisance if the resident complains to their local authority.

Keep column numbers to a minimum. Bracket arms and luminaires with zero degree inclinations and choose light sources with minimal upward light. The use of fewer columns, but higher mounting heights, may help minimise clutter and maintenance points.

For larger car parks using a higher-powered light source with taller mounting height, can often be the most economical way to light a large area and far less obtrusive than a “forest of columns” but all the points above still remain a consideration.


Solar powered lights are a natural fit for public park lighting, outdoor playground lighting, resorts, and any place where the environment needs to be preserved. Greenshine modern solar LED park lights provide simple yet charming designs for areas where the aesthetic of the lights has to be taken into account.


At Greenshine New Energy, we offer state-of-the-art systems perfect for solar powered park lighting. In our Lita, Brighta, and Lumina series, you’ll find Cree LED fixtures that couple with solar panels for maximum efficiency and savings. Made of hot-dipped, powder-coated, galvanized steel for the poles and Cree LEDs, these solar LED park light systems offer reliable lighting for narrow to wide areas and can withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions.


  • High quality LED lamping
  • IES files available
  • Dark Sky Certified fixtures available
  • Diverse line of fixtures
  • FWC Certified Turtle Friendly fixtures available
BrightaSolar street lighting pole featuring a 20-40 watt cobra head style LED fixture with one solar panel.​​LitaSolar pathway lighting pole featuring a 9 to 14 foot pole with a LED fixture.​Solar BollardOutdoor solar pathway light featuring an integrated solar panel on top and 360 degree downward light disbursement. Light up pathways, landscapes, & lawns.​

Please visit our  Solar Lighting Systems page for additional details and specifications.


Our solar park light fixtures use CREE LEDs to provide a wide range of lighting intensity and distribution pattern to fit a myriad of pathway sizes and shapes. We provide various fixture styles for your solar powered park lighting.

260 ProAn architecturally pleasing LED light fixture with a round form and dome-shaped top.L30The L30 is pendant mounted, decorative LED site light.LitaA pendant mounted, decorative LED site light with high-efficiency DC LED driver that powers 24 CREE LEDs.

Please visit our  Solar LED Lighting Fixtures page for additional details and specifications.


Greenshine’s solar LED park lighting systems are easy to install and require virtually no maintenance. Simply replace the battery every 5-7 years. Greenshine has developed smart power technology which provides up to 6 days autonomy. This means your solar powered park lights will continue to function at 100% for 6 straight days of cloudy/inclement weather.

Solar lighting for parks is an efficient way to drastically decrease electricity bills. Our 100% off-grid system helps you save big as it does not require trenching and has low maintenance costs over time.

Greenshine has more than 30 years of experience in developing solar LED park lighting systems. Our engineers will provide you with lighting photometric simulations, layouts specific to your application and appropriate system configurations for your local solar conditions.

Park light price

7. NGTlight LED Parking Lot Lights


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NGTlight provides you with a really affordable, yet powerful LED light that will brighten up your parking lot. With just 300 watts of power, it can give you an output of over 40000 lumens. As a matter of fact, it is better than anything that others are offering at this price range.

It certainly uses SMD3030 chips which have a high luminous efficiency of 130 Lm/w. Above all; this means that it gives more brightness with less power saving.Key Features:

  • It is recognized and received certification from Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Good customer service that is rather quick to respond.
  • It has heavy-duty die-cast aluminum built and the polyester powder coating adds to the beauty.

6. RuggedGrade LED Lights

RuggedGrade LED Parking Lot Lights

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ReggedGrade has produced an amazing LED light for your parking lot. It essentially pays for itself through saving you on your energy bill. The chips are highly efficient and have a diffuser. Therefore, reduces glare and indeed protects the LED chips from damage.

It is, however, very environment-friendly since it doesn’t have mercury, brother does it emit UV rays.Key Features:

  • The mounting head is certainly moved till 180-degrees to suit your needs.
  • Works in most areas since it accepts a voltage range of 110-277 volts.
  • The aluminum housing has high-quality paint that won’t fade or chip away easily.

5. Kadision 150W


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Kadision has made a really superior quality LED light that has certification from both UL and ETL. Having the photocell sensor, you can rather use your labor elsewhere. With changing luminous intensity from the Sun it can switch on or off to bring you huge power savings.

On the other hand, if you want to control the lights manually, the shorting cap comes in handy.Key Features:

  • Aluminum housing with a powder-coated finish for rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Features type III light distribution that’s indeed more than enough for three adjacent parking spots.

4. dephen LED Parking Lot Light

dephen LED Parking Lot Lights

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Dephen presents to you an LED light that works within the range of 100 watts and 300 watts. Therefore, gives you much better and efficient performance than the HID metal halide that you already have. You can use this not just as a parking lot light but for driveways, residential areas and more.

Moreover, it is mounted on poles, posts, walls and more easily. Perfect for both industrial as well as commercial use, you will certainly provide you with better design.Key Features:

  • It rather has surge protection that even works with 10kV of voltage passing through.
  • IP65 rating shows its high resistance to dust and water damage.
  • Has around 280 pieces of 3030 LED chips from Philips.

3. Hykolity LED Parking Lot Light


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With a color temperature of 5000K, this LED light illuminates your driveway, parking lot or roadway. And that indeed with a bright white light that brings everything into a clear vision. It, as a matter of fact, has type-III distribution.

That’s why a wider area of illumination and makes one of these lights enough for covering three cars. You indeed get an industry-leading 5 year warranty period with this light that lets you buy the product without worries.Key Features:

  • You can adjust the angle of lighting within 60-degrees.
  • It is certainly mounted on the square as well as round poles.

2. EverWatt 600W Metal-Halide Equivalent Replacement

EverWatt LED Parking Lot Lights

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Now you can have tremendous savings with just one-fourth of your current power use without any compromise on brightness. This 5000K bright white LED light furthermore gives you the brightness. It is rather equal to your existing 600W metal halide lamp by just using 150 watts of power.

Above all, this is possible due to the highly efficient LED chips. It together can provide over 20000 lumens.Key Features:

  • Certified. Y both UL and DLC and is compliant with RoHS standards.
  • Can last you for over 370000 working hours.
  • Extremely affordable and can indeed save around 358 dollars in utility bills.

1. LEONLITE LED Parking Lot Light


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Unlike other manufacturers, Leonlite has equipped its LED light with slip fitter mount that is compatible with various installations. However, it can slide over or by the pole, be it square or round and can easily go up on walls.

It also has high-quality housing that protects it from shocks and doesn’t allow water or dust to enter the light. With an IP65 rating, even heavy downpours aren’t going to affect the performance of this lightKey Features:

  • Has a special transparent water drop lens.
  • The short cap can rather protect your light from electrical leakage.

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