party wear blazers design for mens

Clients can avail from us a wide array of Desi Boys Party Wear Blazers, which are fabricated using the superior quality fabrics. These blazers are especially designed for the casual parties. Our blazers can be availed at in various designs and patterns as per the specific demands of the patrons. These products are manufactured by our diligent and talented team of professionals who are experts in their field. In this post, we will discuss the best party wear blazers design for mens, party wear blazers design for mens india, party wear blazers design for mens in india, party wear blazers design for mens price, and party wear blazers design for mens with jeans options for you. 

Party Wear Blazers Design For Mens

Party Wear Blazers

These blazers are renowned for their varied features such as:

  • Perfect fitting
  • Vivid Colours
  • Exclusive designs


Structured Blazers

The structured blazer is all about the fit: cut super close to the body while maximising shape, helped out with some padding, linings and the inner jacket mechanics. Richer looking, the structured blazer requires quality fabric and engineering best seen to by a tailor or a reputable suit store.

It will normally carry more defined shoulders than an unstructured blazer, feel luxurious to touch and hug the body to enhance the slim fit. At first glance too, the jacket will appear simpler, elegant, with minimal details and doesn’t discriminate against the lapel: peak, shawl and/or notch. Needless to say, it’s a seamless pairing with ties.

Unstructured Blazers

The unstructured blazer is for those gents who are maybe more blue-collar or artsy in profession and don’t have the workplace ‘need’ to be traditional. Or, they prefer a relaxed approach to incredible style. These blazers are designed to mould to the body, are relaxed and boast a less rigid shape.

More commonly known as a ‘sports coat’, they still cut sharp on the shoulder and can hug close to the body of the wearer. But, unstructured blazers give a softer, relaxed fit – falling from the shoulder peak fluidly. Stripped bare, the unstructured jacket is just that – unstructured, so the typical inner folds and shapes given to retaining a jacket’s shape, are gone.

Casual details may be added though: front pockets, exposed seams, lack of lining, multiple buttons and sometimes buttons in contrast colour to the jacket fabric itself. Plus, they are more likely to be made from one piece of cloth, so they are thinner, making them great for winter layering or going solo as a light add-on for summer.


For a professional look, drape your blazer over a chambray shirt and chinos. Earthy tones like olive add warmth to a stoic color like navy. And, the light blue denim adds the right amount of contrast. Your blazer plays a leading role in this trio, compared to its muted partners, and that’s a good thing. Wear this look at the workplace, at workplace functions, or at post-workplace-function functions. In other words: it’s versatile.

How to Wear a Blazer


There’s more to blazers than just the Ivy League look, but lest we forget: there’s also the Ivy League look. If you’re going to town, you might as well take a Lincoln. For example, this sun-friendly ensemble. Light-colored chinos plus polo shirt equals summer style. That’s just math. It’s casual and comfortable and can follow you to any semi-formal shindig. Add the blazer to kick it up a notch. Now you’re ready for an evening event or post-prandial drinks on the patio.

How to Wear a Blazer


The uniform of both jocks and geeks alike, the hooded sweatshirt is a bit of a chimera. It’s also a nifty way into a highbrow/lowbrow style situation. Don’t reach for any hoodie with a sports logo on it. Aim for something darker, fitted, or even fashion-forward to sneak underneath your navy. The blazer dresses up an otherwise collegiate look; the hoodie adds some edge. Anchor the outfit with a dark jean, and you’ve got a layered outfit that’s perfect for fall.

How to Wear a Blazer


In the American northeast sailing isn’t just a pastime: it’s a way of life. So a few well-placed nautical stripes are a hat tip to the blazer’s watery origins. They look great too. The simple combo is complete with a pair of jet black jeans. It’s casual and sophisticated at the same time. Stripes can be summery, but we’re certain you can wear this style year round and still make a splash.

How to Wear a Blazer

ways to wear: A blazer

Four ways to wear: A blazer

If there’s one thing our stylists recommend again and again, it’s the textured blazer. There are two reasons why: 1. The texture keeps the jacket from looking like half a suit, and 2. The textured fabric also makes the blazer somewhere between casual and smart, which means you can wear one with almost any trousers and a variety of shirts—and to a wide range of occasions. 

Need proof? Here, Thread stylist Alice Watt shows you how to wear one blazer to four different occasions. 

1. For a last-minute client meeting

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, jeans and brogues or brogue boots

Why it works: “If you usually dress quite casually—but are occasionally called into last-minute meetings—the textured blazer is your best friend. Keep it at your desk and throw it on before you go into a meeting; it makes a shirt and jeans immediately smart casual.” 

Photographed: Gant white shirt (£80), Nudie jeans (£99)

2. For when you can’t tell if an event is formal or not

Outfit: Blazer, t-shirt, formal trousers and Derby shoes

Why it works: “Dress codes are so fluid these days, it can be really hard to figure out what to wear to certain events. An engagement party, for instance, sounds like something you’d wear a jacket to … but maybe not if it’s at a pub. When you’re stumped on whether an occasion is formal or casual, this is the perfect combination because the formal trousers and blazer are smart, but the t-shirt keeps them from looking too stiff.”

Photographed: Research Garments white t-shirt (£15), Peter Werth navy formal trousers (£69), Grenson oxblood Derby shoes (£200)

3. For a “grown-up” party or a nice dinner out

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, chinos and brogues

Why it works: “First, here’s what I mean by ‘grown-up’ party: your parents’ anniversary do, a dinner for your sister’s engagement, a garden party with a dress code (explicit or implied). You could also wear this to dinner at a fancy restaurant … and I’m not talking Nandos. This outfit is at the smart end of smart-casual dressing, so you won’t risk being underdressed.” 

Photographed: Gant chinos (£100), Gant white shirt (£80)

4. For a wedding or special occasion

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, formal trousers and Derbies

Why it works: “A blazer with formal trousers is more interesting than the usual suit—but just as formal. This combination is particularly appealing when you’re on the mid-20s wedding circuit and are tired of wearing the same suit to every nuptial.” 

Photographed: Gant white shirt (£85), Peter Werth navy formal trousers (£69)

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