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In this article, we will be talking about Plus size Clothing Toronto and also, plus size formal dresses for weddings, plus size dresses size 10, plus size evening gowns with sleeves, plus size formal dresses, and cheap plus size occasion dresses.

A workplace is one of the few spaces where one has to create and maintain a professional version of his/her identity all the time, and the formal outfits that you wear will help in establishing the same. While creative agencies may allow their employees to dress freely or casually, corporate sectors do not prefer this practice.

Corporate companies encourage a defined dress code to maintain a professional image of the company as employees routinely interact with potential leads or prospects, clients and business partners. The major reason why formal wear is important for every business employee is because it puts forward an appealing image and conveys the idea that the company has set professional style standards. 



It is often said, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. On the flip side, if the cover is fantastic, the book is likely to not only get desired attention but also appreciation it may deserve. Quite evidently, our appearance has a huge role to play in the impressions we leave on people and the way we are perceived in everyday life – professionally and personally. So if clothes make such an impact, then why must something keep you from nailing it!

Here are few more compelling reasons

  • It lets you focus on important stuff: When you are dressed in well-fitted comfortable clothes that are truly meant for you, you’re undistracted. This also means that it keeps you focussed on getting the important stuff done.
  • You feel the way you dress: Your clothes not only add to your presentation, but also contribute to your behaviour therefore defining your body language. When you look confident and approachable, you become more confident and approachable.
  • Finally, first impressions matter: Visual associations subconsciously go a long way and we have very little control over it. When you dress well, you are simply using this subliminal power of association to your advantage. In this fast-paced world, you’re given precious little seconds to make an impression.

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Wear formal dress in office, It represents your work spirit, overall image, quality… It is necessary to wear formal dress at work because it represents an image of an individual or even the entire company and can give people a good impression. (refer to the picture of FashionTIY)

1. Easy to work

In fact, this is the most basic requirement of professional attire. Recognizable, dignified and easy to work.

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Formal dress attire should be carefully matched when wearing, such as wearing suits and skirts with leather shoes, black lace-up shoes for men, and boat-shaped high-heeled shoes for women.

2. Pro… (more)57
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Basics for your office outfit

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You don’t need to work on a fashion show to show your style. Achieve a very chic office outfit

Do you remember when the tailor suit was the only thing accepted in the work dress code? Well that’s over! Since, now the office outfit is not fought with style and glamor, so the boring and dark gray suits have remained in the past.

So, if you want to strike a balance between formal and modern for working hours, we tell you what clothes can not be missing in your closet to create the best office outfit.

Office outfit


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It is not necessary to use only black or gray, you … (more)32
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I have been working in offices for more than 40 years and none of them required formal dress. Most of them at the beginning of my career required business attire – suites and ties for the men, skirts and blouses for women. It was considered to be more conducive to professional business conduct.

Now most businesses in my part of the world are “business casual” for office wear. I wear a dress shirt, black jeans, and my motorcycle boots.

Just so you know, this is formal wear – not for the office:

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Wear formal dress in office, It speaks to your work soul, by and large picture, quality… It is important to wear formal dress at work since it speaks to a picture of an individual or even the whole organization and can give individuals a decent impression. (allude to the image of Fashion TIY)

1. Simple to work

Truth be told, this is the most essential prerequisite of expert clothing. Unmistakable, stately and simple to work.

Formal dress

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clothing should be deliberately coordinated when wearing, for example, wearing suits and skirts with calfskin shoes, dark ribbon up shoes for men, and boat-mold… (more)
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In Nigeria and other african countries today, we cannot keep a blind eye to the plus size evening gowns with sleeves being displayed at traditional weddings, naming ceremonies, political gatherings, churches and mosques even in our offices. in fact plus size cocktail dress with sleeves in some parts of Nigeria especially Lagos State, Abuja and other northern states are worn  mostly on fridays by men and women. These plus size prom dress with long sleevesare classy, fashionable, comfortable among our men and women who wear them.

plus size evening gowns black are ‘luxury brands’ designed for royalty and women of high social status. Nairacloset is one of plus size evening wear pantsuitsonline review sites you can depend on if you wish to make the best decision during your purchase.

5 Hot Plus Size Prom Dresses Styles In 2020


Plus size women usually have a difficult time picking a stylish prom dress because most plus size prom dresses look baggy and unattractive. As a result, women with extra kilograms usually try to put on larger and shapeless dresses to hide the flaws of the figure which look more unattractive. So it must be pointed out that it’s important to choose the right way of highlighting plus size women’s natural curves.

For a modern plus size lady, all you need to do is to be able to find styles among the variety of plus size dresses that will really fit you. The good news is that plus size prom dresses trends in 2020 is all about fitting plus size women, making you look trendy and confident! Let’s check the latest plus size prom dresses ideas in 2020!

2020 The Hottest And The Latest Plus Size Dresses Styles

1. Bold Colors Plus Size Prom Dresses


No matter how much a woman weights, she is still beautiful in all the possible ways. When it comes to prom, women start their preparations and the first thing they begin with is the prom dress. Prom 2020 is all about fun, lightness and colors, which mean color option is extremely multiple next year.

The range of colors from bold red to rich burgundy is one of the most feminine shades, suitable for a fashionable outfit. Sky blue and emerald are also considered classic shades of trendy plus size prom dresses in 2020.

2. Interesting Prints Plus Size Prom Dresses


Interesting prints are also on trend for plus size prom dresses 2020. The floral pattern is stylish and traditional because it allows you to choose a suitable pattern on the dress. Beyond this, zebra pattern, circular and diagonal strips are also ideal solutions for plus size prom dresses 2020. For the length of those interesting dresses, we suggest not shorter than knee line.

3. Velvet Plus Size Prom Dresses


Did you ever consider make a statement at the prom? Here is the answer- velvet plus size prom dress! The fabric is luxurious and comfortable, we believe that you’ll love the look either way for its irresistible softness. We highly suggest you try mixed materials such as velvet and sequins!

4. Plus Size Shirt Dresses


Whatever your body type is, shirt dresses always look sexy and attractive. They are a perfect choice for plus size women due to their feature of sitting loose on the body. There are no limits to what color or length should these plus size shirt dresses be. However, you shouldn’t consider maxi length plus size prom dresses 2020 if you are typically under 5 feet 3 inches tall.

5. Plus Size Prom Dresses 2020 With Deep Neckline


It’s difficult to image plus size prom dresses without a neckline. Deep necklines (such as classic deep V neckline) go to women of all ages. Designers are all for opening and showing the appropriate body part in this fashion season, as a result, we have interesting plus size prom dresses 2020 at our disposal which are the sexiest solutions.

How To Choose The Best Plus Size Prom Dresses For Your Style


Many plus size women shay away from prom dresses because they think they are limited when it comes to dressing their body type, or dresses are only for the “skinny girls”, but it is not true. Remember that dress for your shape takes patience and a lot of trying on dresses. A perfect plus size prom dress can be your best friend.

Please check our previous post here to know your body type first and learn the dress tips below:

  • Look for a plus size prom dress that creates a waist for you at the smallest part of your upper body. Or the skirt should flow out from the waist or create a waist.
  • Flattering necklines for the plus size women are deep V neckline, sweetheart neckline and the scoop neckline which can emphasize your assets.
  • Long sleeves are a good way to hide the excessive fullness of the hands.

Are you looking for the best match ways for plus size prom dresses 2020? Here at Ever-Pretty, which has over 14 years of experience in the fashion industry, we stock hundreds of gorgeous prom dresses in sizes 16-28 at an average price of $50, so you can be sure to build your perfect prom look and distinctive style will captivate everyone’s attention. We have everything you need to make your prom night the one that you will never forget!

Each woman is born to be beautiful! You can also check out other articles about gorgeous prom dresses and dress tips by clicking here:

Joe Fresh is launching new extended sizes for its activewear. The retailer is one of Canada's best plus size stores
Joe Fresh launched extended sizes for their activewear line.

Canadian Plus Size Stores Across The Country

Addition Elle. Founded in Montreal in 1980, AE has become synonymous with Canadian plus fashion. They carry sizes X to 4X (12 to 26) and offer designer brands like Rachel Roy, Ashley Graham and Love & Legend.

H&M+. You’ll find affordable basics and fashion-forward separates at this retailer from sizes 14 to 26.

Joe Fresh.
Working out has never looked so chic thanks to Joe Fresh’s extended sizes for their activewear line, which debuted in July 2018. The launch follows their creation of a plus line for their women’s clothing collection back in fall 2017, featuring the same great styles and prices in a more inclusive range (up to size 22). The plus collection features trendy separates as well as plenty of chic basics.

Pennington’s. Owned by the same company as Addition Elle (Reitman’s), you’ll also find underwear, swimwear, office-friendly outfits and summery dresses in sizes X to 6X (14 to 34), plus trendy lines like Melissa McCarthy.

Reitmans. Offering an extensive range of jeans and trouser fits and silhouettes for sizes 14-22, this Canadian retailer has you covered from work to weekend.

Suzy Shier. This Canadian retailer carries a trendy and affordable plus-size collection, Curve Appeal, in stores and online in sizes 1X to 3X.

Toni Plus. Find trendy denim, smart blazers, chic jackets and more in sizes 14 to 22 at one of their locations in Alberta, B.C., Ontario and Quebec, or online.



Full Figure Fashions. This family-owned and operated business offers quality consignment items in sizes 14 and up, along with shoes, purses and jewellery.

Calgary And Edmonton (Also In Kelowna, Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster, And Langley, B.C.)

Fashion Addition 14+. Find sophisticated, work-friendly options from designers like Joseph Ribkoff and Eileen Fisher.

Grand Prairie

D.Luxe Style. Check out versatile pieces in XS to 3X at this shop. Many of their items are made in Canada.

British Columbia


Forever Yours Lingerie. Specializing in personalized bra fittings, this shop offers sizes in B to K cups, with 28 to 50-inch band sizes.

Lucy Clothing. Around 60 percent of this store is made in Canada. Find office-friendly looks and summery dresses in sizes 12 to 24.


Cherry Velvet Plus Studio. Shop online for a retro-inspired dress (think polka dots and A-lines), offered in sizes XS through 4X. You can also make an appointment for an in-store personalized shopping experience.


Bodacious. Cute dresses and colourful clothing in sizes 10 to 24, along with unique local accessories, give this shop its charm.

Something More. This shop offers high-quality clothing and accessories for business and special occasions in sizes 14 to 24.

A pink truck sits on a sandy road as the sunset. It says 'In Pursuit - A Mobile Boutique' on the side.
This mobile fashion shop in uptown St. John brings the goods to you, by chance or by appointment. (Photo, In Pursuit Mobile Fashion Truck)



The BraBar & Panterie. Find bras available in A to K-cup (and band sizes from 30 to 50 inches) here, along with a range of cup-sized swimwear from D to HH cups.

Second Sensation. This second-hand shop offers all sizes of suits, jeans and tops from XS to 14+, in “like new” condition (they generally don’t accept items over two years old).

New Brunswick

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Boutique 2ième Look. This women’s consignment store carries mid to high-end brand name clothing in “excellent condition” in sizes sizes 8 to 18.

Saint John

In Pursuit Mobile Boutique. Catch this pink truck (which offers stylish floral dresses and more in sizes XS to 3X) streetside in Uptown Saint John, or make a personal shopping appointment.

Newfoundland And Labrador

St. John’s

Le Boudoir. With two locations, this lingerie shop (which also carries swimwear) offers regular and plus sizes, as well as expert fittings.

Nova Scotia


Kreative Design. The inventory at this shop is ever-changing, so it’s best to head to the store to see what plus-sized items are on offer (like sleek suits for work).

A woman with short, brown, curly hair wears a full-length black-and-red floral wrap dress with three-quarter-length sleeves from Sexy Plus Clothing.
Sexyplus Clothing in Missisauga offers a variety of outfits, like this elegant faux-wrap full-length floral piece. (Photo: Sexyplus Clothing)



Sexy Plus. This trendy shop specializes in sexy club wear, plus dresses, classic styles and select intimates, in sizes XL to 5X.

How To Find The Best Bras For A Large Bust — And Avoid The Dreaded UniboobVoluptuous. Find fashion-forward jumpsuits, bodycon dresses, and more in sizes 12 to 24.

Ottawa (Also In Toronto And Quebec City)

Kaliyana. Canadian designer Jana Kalous offers creative, original pieces (like her three-piece cotton and jersey Anti-Suit) for sizes six to 22.


Gussied Up. From cocktail dresses to blazers to swimwear, more than half of the product in the store comes from Canada (including designers Joseph Ribkoff and Cartise) and is available in 1X to 3X.

Your Big Sister’s Closet. Make over your wardrobe here, with 12+ clothing that’s on-trend and suitable for work and play.

Prince Edward Island


Dow’s. Find a selection of formal, business and casual wear for men and women in this P.E.I. department store. Sizes go up to XL, with the odd piece up to 1XL.

plus size clothing toronto

The top 10 plus size clothing stores in Toronto

Stores selling plus size clothing in Toronto aren’t the ones that cater to style terminology like “forgiving” and “camouflaging”. Friendly environments and real fashion is the expectation here, and while there are still improvements to be made in the industry serving plus-sized shoppers, prices and fits are now as diverse as ever.

Here are my picks for the top stores for plus size clothing in Toronto.

Your Big Sister’s Closet

There’s something for everyone at this cheerful Junction boutique with a collection of dresses and separates in sizes from X-3X. Don’t leave without perusing their accessories, including bright tights, costume statement rings, and sharp handbags with extended straps.

Gussied Up

This elegant boutique in the Annex is a top destination for classic pieces and Canadian designs in sizes X-3X. Helpful owner Victoria McGroarty has an eye for wearable, versatile pieces like day-to-evening dresses, casual blazers, leggings and cute but practical undergarments.

The Answer

The selection at this near Avenue Road and Lawrence relies heavily on drapey fabrics and modest shapes – think art-teacher chic – and boasts a welcoming environment. Classic businesswear, athletic gear and a great selection of sweaters sizes 14 to 24 are highlights here, just stay away from the obnoxious style tips on their website.

Curvaceous Consignments

While pieces at this store in Thornhill err on the side of conventional and business casual, it’s the only local store of its kind catering exclusively to sizes 14-5X. It also has a few vintage knockouts waiting to be discovered, including knockoffs of Marilyn’s famous halter and Joan Holloway-worthy curve-hugging sheaths.

Legs Plus and Bra Boutique

Hidden in a suburban strip mall in North York, this store is claustrophobically packed with both upscale and everyday lingerie. But unlike other bra specialists claiming to service plus sizes, only to stop at size 40, this welcome shop sells sizes 28D-58J. Bonus: they offer 15-day trial periods on their products.

Rosie the Rebel

This Queen West boutique sells 40s and 50s-inspired pieces – mostly glamorous and cheeky full-skirted dresses – in sizes that go up to 4X. Their selection is limited, but this is the only shop in town catering to lovers of pin-up style that gives substantial shelf space to plus sizes.


Most well-known for her flowing three-piece ‘anti-suit’, this Canadian designer’s Toronto store at Yonge and Eglinton carries sizes six to 22. Clothing here caters to the alternative fashionista who prefers edgey, loose cuts over tight fits.

Addition Elle

A store synonymous for plus size fashion, this Montreal-based company has a location at Yonge and Queen where you can shop designer brands like Ashley Graham and Cactus Swimwear. Styles run in sizes X to 4X.


If you’re looking for a store in the Eaton Centre, this store carries casual chic items sizes 10 to 30. They have a good selection of sweaters and jeans for shoppers who need to expand their basics.


Everything plus-size fashionistas need for daily life can be found at this store in Dufferin Mall. Servicing sizes 14 to 34, you can find essentials from jackets to fashionable workwear at modest prices, especially during sales.

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