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The Best Long Socks For Women

WRITTEN BY: ANAM AHMED Updated August 25, 2021

Long socks for women may seem like a plain clothing item, but they can be used to accentuate your style or improve your health. There are a number of different kinds of long socks for women available, so it’s important to figure out which ones will work best for you.

Cotton Thigh-High Long Socks For Women, 7-Pack

Our Score: 9.4Best Overall

Womens Thigh High Socks Over the Knee High Striped Stocking Boot Leg Warmer Long Socks for Daily Wear Cosplay

Womens Thigh High Socks Over the Knee High Striped Stocking Boot Leg Warmer Long Socks for Daily Wear Cosplayby Dimore 1,480$23.99 + $25.46 shipping

Variety Pack

These fashionable long socks for women are knee-high and perfect for pairing with tall boots.

What We Liked: These long socks for women are great for both daily wear and cosplay. The set includes five pairs of socks, some in plain colors and others with white or black stripes across the top. Since the socks are constructed from a cotton and stretchy yard blend, they are breathable, soft and comfortable.

Cotton Thigh-High Long Socks For Women

Our Score: 9.2Cozy Pick

Womens Thigh High Socks Over the Knee High Long Socks Cotton Leg Warmers

Womens Thigh High Socks Over the Knee High Long Socks Cotton Leg Warmersby Ordenado 3,337$12.98 + $19.47 shipping

Soft and Warm

You’ll find these long socks for women come in a choice of five colors, including wine red, black, gray, white and turquoise.

What We Liked: The thickness of these long socks for women has been increased by 15%, making them a toasty choice for cold winter months. They are made from a cotton/spandex blend that keeps them soft, yet stretchy. The crochet design is adds a touch of style to the knee-high socks.

Long Compression Socks For Women

Our Score: 9.0Improves Circulation

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks for Men & Women 20-30 mmhg - Athletic Fit (1 Pair)

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks for Men & Women 20-30 mmhg – Athletic Fit (1 Pair)by Physix Gear Sport 65,948$14.50 – $24.94

Compression For Feet and Legs

These compression socks offer the right support to improve circulation.

What We Liked: Improve circulation and find relief with these long socks for women. They have moisture-wicking properties and dry quickly. These socks are great for day or night wear.

Knee-High Long Socks For Women, 3-Pack

Our Score: 8.9Best Basic

KONY Women's Cotton Knee High Socks - Casual Solid & Striped Colors Fashion Socks 3 Pairs (Women’s Shoe Size 5-9)

KONY Women’s Cotton Knee High Socks – Casual Solid & Striped Colors Fashion Socks 3 Pairs (Women’s Shoe Size 5-9)by KONY 4,035$15.99 + $19.41 shipping

Classic Casual Look

These simple long socks for women are perfect for everyday wear or sports.

What We Liked: You can wear these long socks while playing soccer, riding a bike or just walking around town. They come right below the knee and are comfortable for all-day wear. The material is a blend of cotton, polyester and polyurethane.

Cotton Long Socks For Women

Our Score: 8.8Stylish Pick

Lovely Annie Women's 5 Pairs Pack Knee High Cotton Socks

Lovely Annie Women’s 5 Pairs Pack Knee High Cotton Socksby Henny Rue 2,866$29.99 + $21.86 shipping

High Performance Fabric

These long socks for women have a vintage design that looks great with everything from jeans to school uniforms.

What We Liked: With this long socks for women pack, you’re covered from Monday through Friday. Each set includes five different colors, including wine red, navy, gray, black and brown. The socks have a soft velvety-feel and are nice and thick for those cold autumn nights.

Our Long Sock For Women Buying Guide

A common type of long sock for women is the compression sock. These are tight-fitting socks that are designed to gently squeeze your leg around your ankle and become looser the higher up they go. They are best for those who have circulation or mobility issues. For example, if you’re pregnant, compression socks can help your legs feel more comfortable. They are also a good option to wear when you’re going on a long flight and won’t be able to walk around for several hours to improve your circulation.

In addition to their health benefits, long socks for women can also be work for the sake of utility. For example, if you’re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors in the cold, long socks keep your feet, ankles and legs warm. They are ideal when you’re hiking, backpacking or going for long walks outside as well.

Fun Facts About Long Socks For Women

While they can be functional, long socks for women are also fashionable. If you want to go for a casual-chic look, pair long socks with a short skirt, button-down shirt and sneakers. You can also wear long socks with a business casual dress or skirt, and add on a small ankle boot. If you want to opt for a funky formal look, add on a pair of closed-toed stilettos with a short form-fitting dress to your long socks. Be sure to pick the colors of your socks carefully – you can use them to blend in with your outfit or stand out with a bold color.

Tip and Advice

  • The size and fit of the socks is key to achieving the benefits. If the socks are too loose, you will not be able to get the benefits of a compression sock. If they are too tight, they may be uncomfortable to wear. Plus, socks that don’t fit right also don’t look good with your outfit. Be sure to read the sizing chart and measure your foot and leg to get the best fit. Keep in mind that most manufacturers use their own measurements and can differ from brand to brand.
  • A quick-drying fabric is key, especially if you do a lot of physical activity in your socks. Whether you’re running track, riding your bike or going for a hike, your feet are likely to sweat. You could also end up stepping in a puddle, which can soak through your shoe to your sock. It’s best to go with a lightweight material that will wick moisture away from your foot and will dry quickly.
  • Not all socks are the same length. Most compression socks fall just below the knee, while long socks for fashion often sit a few inches above the knee or mid-thigh. Consider which style is best for your needs.

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 Zando Women Plus Size Over The Knee Tube Socks


These plus-size knee-high socks are highly elastic and durable. They fit just over the knee and are flexible and comfortable. The socks are made of a polyester blend and are breathable. The fabric is skin-friendly and soft. They can be worn under skirts even during winter to keep your legs warm. You can style them with your shoes, boots, booties, and pumps. They come in five color variants and multiple packs with sizes from 8 to 12.

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2) Plain Jane Wide Calf Compression Socks – Graduated 15-25 mmHg Knee High Plus Size Support Stockings By Lish


These socks are specially designed for larger calves and plus-size women. They have a graduated compression, which makes them suitable for everyday use and comfort. If your work involves standing for long hours or walking too much, these plus-size knee-high socks can help minimize swelling and soreness. They ensure that your legs aren’t tired, aching, or swelling from standing for long hours. They compress your legs from the ankles upward, promoting better blood flow to reduce swollen feet, leg cramps, and the risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis). They provide stability to your ankles and calves, ensuring comfort and support. They come in four color variants and sizes from 5 to 11.

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3) BAMS Compression Socks Wide Calf


If you have to stand for long hours working, BAMS Compression socks are an ideal pick for you. They are specially designed to improve blood circulation, relieve leg pain, and reduce swelling. The graduated compression from the ankles upward provides comfort to your tired and aching legs. These socks are made of breathable bamboo fibers with 3X more absorbency. Ideally, you can use these socks for edema, swollen ankles, diabetes, DVT, and pregnancy swelling. Moreover, they are available till 4XL and can fit 32-inch calves comfortably.

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4) Zando Women Over Knee Thigh High Socks Plus Size


These socks are made of high-quality fabric that feels soft on the skin. The fabric is skin-friendly, durable, absorbent, and breathable for long hours. These plus-size thigh highs are comfortable and stretchable with a relaxed fit. The smooth finish makes your legs look slender and sexy. You can wear these lightweight and soft socks throughout the day without getting uncomfortable. They are perfect for wearing with heels, pumps, shoes, and flats.

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5) No Nonsense Women’s Knee High Socks 


The No Nonsense knee-high plus-size women’s socks are a great addition to your look. You can pair them with any outfit for casual or office attire. They are smooth, made of nylon material, offer a snug fit and feature a sheer toe and a wideband. They are super stretchy and hug your calves for comfortable wear. Each pack includes 8 pairs of socks. They are available in three different colors to match your outfit. In addition, you can use the socks in contrast with your outfit color.

Buy Now From Amazon

6) HDE Women’s Plus Size Striped Thigh High Over The Knee Sheer Nylons


These stunning plus-size thigh-highs aren’t just something cute to keep your legs warm in winter – they are a fashion statement. They are made from a soft and comfortable blend of nylon and spandex. They are the perfect accessory to complement a short skirt or a pair of shorts and keep you comfortable beneath your clothing. They are slender and tight enough to stay on the thighs without slipping down during movement. These gorgeous, striped plus-size thigh highs are breathable, stretchy, and warm and can be used as pantyhose or stockings. They are available in nine vibrant colors and come in one size that fits most women from M to XL.

Buy Now From Amazon

7) Gold Toe Women’S Plus Size Stella Knee High Socks


These plus-size knee-high socks are a great addition to your wardrobe. You can pair them with any outfit – formal or casual. The fabric is a polyester, nylon, and spandex blend that gives a soft and cozy feel. The socks feel silky, are soft and lightweight, and make your legs look slender and sexy. The brand claims that the fabric has an odor control finish that makes your feet feel fresh. It prohibits bacterial growth that can lead to odor when worn for long hours. They come in a pack of two and have three variants.

Buy Now From Amazon

8) Absolute Support Sheer Plus Size Knee High Socks


These sheer plus-size knee-high socks provide long-lasting support. They are suitable for business as well as casual wear. The socks have reinforced heel pockets that make them durable. These knee-highs have compression that helps in treating minor swellings, aches, discomfort in the ankles, pain in the feet and calves, varicose veins, and spider veins. They provide great support and are ideal even during pregnancy or maternity to cure tired or sore leg muscles.

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9) TeeHee Women’s Fashion Over the Knee High Socks


These socks are made of acrylic, polyester, and spandex. They are formulated to be absorbent, breathable, and deodorizing. The over-the-knee socks are knitted such that they provide a stable and stretchy finish. You can wear them with a dress, jeans, boots, or sneakers. They come in one size that fits all and a three-pair combo.

Buy Now From Amazon

We hope this list of the 9 best plus-size knee-high socks helps you narrow down the best one(s) for you. Make sure you pick a pair that fits well and is not too tight around the knees.

Knee-high socks can help jazz up any outfit and help you create incredibly stylish looks. Whether you layer them with skirts, dresses, or shorts, or pair them with boots or flats, these wardrobe staples are suitable for any occasion and season.

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