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Chic crossbody with refined quilting and chain strap
Chain and leather crossbody strap, 18” drop
Magnetic snap flap closure
Silvertone hardware
One interior zip pocket
9.5”W X 5.5”H X 2.5”D
Made in Italy
Style code: 0400096476844


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There are varying factors that will determine how much your Prada bag is worth. It does greatly depend on the popularity of the model and the condition of the bag. This is why it is so important to look after your bags properly and make sure that they are stored well. It is also helpful to keep the dust bag and box that the bag originally came in as well as the receipt of purchase.

If your bag was a limited edition model that has been kept in great condition, with little to no signs of wear, your bag could be extremely popular with a particular niche of buyers and could sell up to—or even over—the original price. The rarity of your bag does not always mean that it will sell for a high price however. It still depends on the quality of the bag and whether or not the style is still considered wearable and desirable by today’s fashion standards.

Certain characteristics will make for a better sale when it comes to selling designer bags. For example, black and neutral bags will often be more popular than brighter or unusual colors. This being said, more unique bags that were only sold in small numbers are also highly valuable and there is a market for more niche designs.

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Not sure if your Prada bag is in shape to sell? Use this chart as a guide:

Structure Minor creasing or indentationsHeavy loss of shape 
ExteriorMinor scratches, discoloration, or marksHeavy scratches, discoloration, or staining
InteriorLight scratches, wear, or marksHeavy scratches, stains, or tears
OdorLight (perfume)Heavy (cigarettes, storage)
CornersMinor wear Heavy wear, exposed piping
HardwareMinimal scuffs, discoloration Heavy scratches, discoloration, tarnish 



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Prada was founded in 1913 in Milan, Italy by Mario Prada and his brother Martino. The original shop was called Fratelli Prada and sold a range of leather goods such as handbags. After Mario Prada died, his daughter Luisa took over the business, which was ironic considering Mario did not believe that business was the right working environment for women. Prada is now run by Luisa’s daughter, Miuccia Prada, who took over in 1978 after eight years at the company.

Prada creates some of the most coveted handbags available, from the classic, structured Bibliotheque bag to the more casual designs, such as the Denim Tote. Although some of Prada’s designs may have more trend elements, they are created with longevity in mind.


We buy a wide range of Prada bags, including:


One of the most recognizably Prada bags is the Galleria model, formerly called the Saffiano Lux, made from Prada’s signature Saffiano leather. The Galleria comes in an array of different colors as well as sizes.


The Prada backpack was named in Vogue’s It Bag Hall of Fame. Using the same material used for army tents, the Prada backpacks are durable, practical as well as effortlessly stylish. They have been around for over 30 years and are still in-demand today. Available in leather or Tessuto nylon.


The Prada Promenade has a similar feel to the Galleria model, apart from the edges are a lot softer and rounded. The rounded edges give the bag a slightly more casual feel, while still being structured and sophisticated.


While many of the more classic styles by Prada are extremely popular, the more unique styles such as the Cahier bag are also well loved. Some of the Cahier designs are more simple, whereas other seasonal models include embellishments and interesting textures.

The Handbags You Won’t Regret Investing In

Classics that are worth the waiting listBY BIBBY SOWRAY AND DAISY MURRAY21/03/2019GETTY IMAGES

We often talk about ‘investment pieces’, the things that will supposedly see you through a lifetime of wardrobe crises.

Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to a handbag. A well-chosen designer bag really can last you forever, and even become a valuable heirloom after you’re gone (sorry, bit morbid). Conversely, if you’re interested in actually making money, as well as spending it, then a well-timed purchase and sale could help you bring in the big bucks.

Here, we dish the inside info on which bags people are searching for, buying selling second-hand and what is really worth pumping your hard-earned, hard-saved money into…


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The 2019 Big Hitters

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lyst reports that the Dior Saddle Bag and the Fendi Baguette are the handbags of the moment.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

The Fendi Baguette, invented by Silvia Fendi and immortalised by the fictional Carrie Bradshaw of Sex And The City and currently enjoying something of a second wave, generated a massive spike in searches globally – 174 per cent since the beginning of 2019.

According to Vestiaire, since January 2018, sales of the Fendi Baguette have increased by 558 per cent, with the average selling price increasing by 15 per cent.

The Dior Saddle Bag became Lyst’s ‘Hottest Women’s Product’ last summer, when searches online spiked 957 per cent in 48 hours, aided in no small part by the fact that 100 Instagram influencers announced its relaunch.

dior saddle bag -  investment handbag


Though these bags are some of the most ‘trendy’ in the market right now, hanging on the arm of every fashion influencer worth her salt, surprisingly they do not sit on the list of the most popular pre-owned bag styles being bought as we speak.

Lyst have revealed the 13 bags that are currently the most popular at re-sale. So, if you’re currently in possession of one of these and in need of a cash injection, you might want to consider selling.

2019’s 13 Most Popular Pre-Owned Bags

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
Stella McCartney


Classic Flap Bag, £2,233.53



The Style Staples

Celine’s ‘Classic Box’ Bag

Celine Box Bag

Celine Classic Box BagGETTY IMAGES

During Phoebe Philo’s decade at the French fashion house Celine (R.I.P the accent) the brand became synonymous with understated, feminine dressing.

Philo and Celine’s former head of accessories Johnny Coca – now creative director at Mulberry – created a plethora of instant ‘it bags’, but none more so than the beautifully minimalist Classic Box Bag.

It debuted in 2011 and is an update on a much-loved bag from the Celine archives. The most notable changes from the original are the clasp, a simple rectangular gold clasp replaces the horse-and-carriage metal clasp that represented the brand’s former logo, and the flap has been lengthened.

The perfect size for an everyday bag, it fits all your essentials and can be worn cross-body, as a clutch or as a shoulder bag.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

Available every season in a variety of colours and leathers, it comes in two sizes, small and medium.NEW

Cèline, Classic Box Bag, £2,850


Cèline, Classic Box Bag, £2,050


Lyst reports a sharp increase in search for Philo-era Céline in the last few months of 2018, and interest in design house during this period is only set to rise.

Chanel’s ‘Classic Flap’ Bag

Chanel Classic Flap Bag horizontal

Chanel Classic Flap BagGETTY IMAGES

Meet the ultimate investment bag.

Not to be confused with the brand’s 2.55 bag, the iconic bag designed by Coco Chanel in February 1955 (the numerical name denotes the month and year of its creation). In fact, the Classic Flap is Chanel’s former Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld’s contemporary take on Coco’s original 2.55, but has become just as, if not more, iconic as its predecessor.

What are the differences? The Classic Flap has the iconic interlocking CCs clasp and chain strap interwoven with leather, while the 2.55 has a rectangular ‘Mademoiselle’ clasp and all metal strap.

Available in four sizes – small, medium/large, jumbo and maxi – buying the Classic Flap is one of the most reliable investments you could make. Proof? Baghunter reports that since 2010, the value of the bag has increased by an incredible 70 per cent.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag, £4,300


Chanel Classic Flap Bag, £2,233.53


Christian Dior’s ‘Lady Dior’ Bag

Christian Dior's Lady Dior Bag

Christian Dior Lady Dior BagGETTY IMAGES

The Lady Dior was created in 1994 with the sole purpose of becoming a classic – and it succeeded, helped along by Princess Diana.

Originally named ‘chouchou’ (French for ‘favourite’), it was given its current moniker as a tribute to the princess, who was known as Lady Diana Spencer before her marriage, in 1996 after she fell in love with it. She faithfully carried it for years.

Its key attributes are its ‘cannage’ topstitching, described by Dior as ‘a network of lines stitched vertically and diagonally create a precise harmony from which cushions of quilted leather emerge like a scattering of shimmering, faceted diamonds’, and it’s D,I,O,R charms, which hang from the top handle.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW


Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag, £3,200


Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag, £1,148.26


Hermès’ ‘Kelly’ Bag

Hermes Kelly bag

Hermes Kelly bagGETTY IMAGES

Yes, you may be expecting to see the iconic Hermes Birkin in this list and that would indeed be justified. But we think the French fashion house’s Kelly style is in fact the true investment bag.

The Kelly hasn’t enjoyed quite the level of overexposure as its label-mate, meaning its altogether more understated look and cleaner lines seems as fresh today as they did in the 1930s, when it was first created.

Known initially as the Sac à dépêches, it was renamed the Kelly in homage to Grace Kelly, a life-long fan of the style who famously used it to shield her first pregnancy from the ever-present paparazzi.

Each bag takes artisans up to 25 hours to make and it’s unfortunately as hard to get hold of as a Birkin. Prices start around £7,000, but a Kelly (or Birkin) is a proven investment, it will only increase in value thanks to its exclusivity and rareness.

Hermès Kelly Bag, £8,160.98


This is also a great bag to invest in from a financial perspective, again according to Vestiaire Collective. Resale prices have increased significantly for this bag, meaning that if you bought the bag in 2016 or earlier this year, you could still recoup up to 96 per cent of the retail value if you chose to sell it now.

Prada ‘Galleria’ Bag

Prada Saffiano bag grey

Prada Galleria BagGETTY IMAGES

Though officially called the Galleria by Prada, it is better know as the Saffiano Lux bag, after the leather it is made of, which was first created and patented by Mario Prada, founder of the brand and grandfather of its current Creative Director Miuccia Prada.

The heat-treated leather is embossed with a cross-hatch pattern that increases durability, scratch-resistance, and water-resistance.

Loved for its roomy interior and simple, suitable-for-work design, it has become a true classic over the last decade.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW


Prada Galleria Bag, £1,770


Prada Galleria Bag, £1,144.25


Fendi’s ‘Peekaboo’ Bag

Fendi Peekaboo Bag

Fendi Peekaboo BagGETTY IMAGES

Though the Peekaboo debuted in 2009, it was about five years later that its popularity really peaked.

Named after the childhood game and designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the Peekaboo’s defining feature is its easy-to-open and close side ‘pouch’, secured by a central clasp at the top of the bag, allowing you to quickly access all your essentials without having to delve around in its roomy inner compartment.

Said pouch often has a statement lining that ‘peeks’ through when the clasp is left undone.NEW

Fendi Peekaboo, £5,900


Fendi Peekaboo, £2,481.20


The Newcomers

J W Anderson’s ‘Pierce’ Bag

J W Anderson Pierce bag


Launched in pre-Fall 2016 the J W Anderson Pierce bag, that comes in an array of colours and five sizes, has swiftly become a must-have on the street style circuit.

It’s eponymous pierce hardwear keeps the ladylike structure looking fierce and it’s the perfect choice for the fashion maverick.

Since its release Vestiaire Collective has seen a 300 per cent increase in searches for J W Anderson bags. Currently, sellers are recouping almost 100 per cent of the retail price. The brand has also stopped selling the design online, so keep hold of yours, we predict big bucks in the future, prices start at £625.NEWJW AndersonUS$1,690.00SHOP NOWUSED

J W Anderson Pierce Bag, £947.78


Loewe’s ‘Puzzle’ bag

Loewe puzzle bag


Jonathan Anderson’s first completely new bag design quickly became a staple after it was shown in the men’s spring/summer 2015 show.

Composed of 41 different leather pieces, nine textile pieces, 45 pieces of cloth, along with the addition of metalwares and zips, this bag is deceptively complex.

The demand for Loewe bags has increased 111 per cent since 2016 on Vestiaire Collective and Puzzle bags in particular have a strong resale value, prices start at £1,625.NEWLOEWE£1,895.00SHOP NOWNEW (MINI)LOEWE£1,125.00SHOP NOWUSED

Loewe Puzzle bag, £1,379.84


The Cold Hard Cash

Louis Vuitton’s ‘Neverfull’ bag

Louis Vuitton neverfull handbag


The Louis Vuitton ‘Neverfull’ isn’t just one of the hardiest bags out there – LV test the bags by filling them with 3.5KG weight and dropping them from half a metre – they’re also durable in terms of cost.

The resale price has increased by 65 per cent between 2012 and 2017, according to Vestiaire Collective. In 2017 you can recoup over 80 per cent of the retail price.NEW

Luis Vuitton Neverfull, £965


Louis Vuitton Neverfull, £646.80


Mulberry’s ‘Alexa’ Bag

Mulberry alexa handbag


As much as we’re all keen to emulate Alexa Chung, there are more reasons than just her effortless style to invest in Mulberry’s ‘Alexa’ satchel.

Such as the fact you can recoup up to 48 per cent of the price back at resale, a stat that is only set to rise now that Muberry do not have the bag in their collection anymore.

31 Best Prada Bags of All Time That Are Worth the Investment

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This post may contain affiliate links.

Prada bags are having their comeback, after a brief lull a couple of years ago. A ‘90s resurgence coupled with some brilliant new collections means that there are good reasons to plop a Prada handbag over your arm. Miuccia Prada is a designer known for her refusal to ever be stagnant. Every collection is different from the previous ones, with the same principle applying to Prada purses.Advertisements

Best Prada Bags of All Time

Whether your style is classy and upscale or alternative and casual, you will surely find multiple Prada bags that will appeal to your personal style. The signature materials for Prada handbags are luxurious Saffiano leather and durable nylon, proving the amazing duality of the brand.

We’ve selected the best Prada bags of all time, with the implicit understanding that a bag doesn’t have to be an old classic to be iconic. That’s why this list includes Prada bags with a long history as well as newer designs that had an instant impact.

We tell a bit about the history of Prada as a fashion label and of its bags in particular. Lastly, to make sure you don’t end up with a dud, we’ve included a guide to recognizing authentic Prada purses.Advertisements

Most Iconic Prada Bags of All Time: Contents

31 Best Prada Bags to Add to Your Designer Bag Collection

From the old-time classics to modern additions, here you have 31 of the most iconic Prada bags that will never lose their charm.

1. Prada Galleria Saffiano Leather Bag

The Galleria tote is the first bag that comes to mind when one thinks of Prada. This bag, often referred to as the Saffiano lux after the leather it is made of, is a tote that stands out for its clean design, minimal branding, and roomy interior.

It is fitted with a triangular appliqué of the Prada logo, a zipper closure, double handles, and a detachable shoulder strap. The Saffiano leather is extremely durable because it undergoes a coating process with a wax that is then stamped with the recognizable cross-hatch pattern.Advertisements

Many designer bags tend to run small, but not this one. Even the medium and small sizes offer more internal space than other fashion houses’ iconic bags. You can expect to see this bag in every Prada show, as it is a true staple. For an easy go-to bag and a safe investment, get a medium-sized Galleria Prada purse in black directly from Prada, Nordstrom or Net-a-Porter!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Galleria Saffiano Leather Bag


2. Prada Re-Nylon Backpack

It’s not obvious to associate a durable nylon backpack with luxury, but that’s exactly what Miuccia Prada did. The first Prada nylon backpacks were released in the ’70s, with this particular design becoming a mark of luxury in 1984, as Prada stores were opening in all the fashion capitals of the world.

Miuccia herself loved the way these Prada bags combined industrial designs with high fashion. Prada backpacks endured well into the ‘90s, so it’s not surprising to see celebs like Khloe Kardashian carry them over their shoulder with this recent resurgence.Advertisements

Whether you have a casual style or would like a backpack for weekends, a Prada nylon backpack is a good investment, because it’ll last you a while and it has serious resale value. The house is slowly transitioning to re-nylon, a version of the fabric made from recycled plastics taken from the ocean.

This comfy bag has two outer pockets, lots of space inside, and an attached coin purse. This is one of the first of what will surely be a big selection of eco-friendly bags. Be the first to rock them by picking up one of the originals directly from Prada or Farfetch!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Re-Nylon Backpack


3. Prada Small Sidonie Shoulder Bag

The Sidonie is a newer Prada purse design that was launched for the resort 2019 collection. However, the inspiration is taken straight from Prada’s spring/ summer 2000 collection, which included similar bags. The main design element of the Sidonie bag is a curved bottom that has a difficult-to-ignore resemblance to a particularly seductive human asset.

Everyone will notice should you choose to carry one of these, so you might as well choose one of the more daring variations on it. We’re loving this zip-top shoulder bag Sidonie in bright red, with silver accents on the sides, PRADA logo in silver letters, and a contrasting black shoulder strap. The best place to buy it is Prada, My Theresa or Farfetch.Advertisements

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Small Sidonie Shoulder Bag


4. Prada Odette Saffiano Leather Bag

The simple, rounded Odette is one of the more feminine Prada handbags released recently. Like the Galleria, it is also made of Saffiano leather. The bag has a zipper that goes all the way around, in a design inspired by vintage camera bags.

It’s on the smaller side of things, consisting of just one compartment with two small inner pockets. We think it’d make for an exceptional option for parties or evening events, especially when carried by hand rather than over the shoulder with the detachable strap. It comes in 6 colors, but this vivid blue is our favorite. Buy it directly from Prada, My Theresa or Farfetch!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Odette Saffiano Leather Bag


5. Prada Nylon Tote

One of Miuccia Prada’s first bag design contributions to the label were totes (as well as backpacks) made of waterproof tent nylon. Despite the use of the unconventional material, the bags themselves have a very classy look. This is mostly due to the leather detailing as well as the luxurious silver lettering on the triangle logo appliqué.

We’re especially fond of this recent iteration on the Nylon Tote, with its studded leather handles adding a punk edge to the bag. This Prada bag is large, so you’ll find it especially convenient for vacations and shopping trips. It also comes with a detachable fabric shoulder strap. Find it at Prada or Farfetch!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Nylon Tote


6. Prada Cahier Shoulder Bag

If your style is mostly classy but with a touch of whimsy, then you will love this Prada bag. The design is based on antique books, with a rectangular shape, a buckled strap closure, and a mixture of gold and leather detailing. Even the name, Cahier, means ‘notebook’ in French.

The style was first debuted on the fall 2016 runway and has shown up in nearly every collection since. Both because of the conceptual design and the small size of it, we gotta say this is a true statement Prada bag. We recommend choosing the white version of this shoulder bag because on the one hand it’ll stand out, and on the other hand the neutral color will go with everything. It is available directly through Prada, Net-a-PorterNordstromMy Theresa or Farfetch.

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Cahier Shoulder Bag


7. Prada Panier Straw Bag

The Panier is an elongated tote with a youthful spirit. The sides of the bag are near equal, giving it a very square shape, and it has leather lining rather than the traditional fabric. This Prada bag has a single handle and a detachable shoulder strap, and it is fit with the triangular Prada appliqué and a leather name tag.

While the safe choice would be an all-Saffiano version of this bag, we’re really loving this straw and leather combination for summer. It’s one of very few Prada handbags that we think will go well with a lighter, more bohemian fashion sense. You’ll know it’s authentic if you buy it from Prada, My Theresa or Farfetch.

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Panier Straw Bag


8. Prada Etiquette Bag

Did you know that in French the word ‘etiquette’ actually means label? This Prada bag has nothing to do with old-fashioned notions of decorum, and everything to do with that little blue tag that replaced the traditional triangle appliqué. This bag is different from other Prada purses in a few other ways, with a big one being that it is made of very soft leather rather than the more rigid Saffiano of other bags.

The soft, flap bag design is comfy and particularly ideal for short, casual excursions, since it is on the smaller side of things. Recently, we love the tie-dye versions that are available because they are playful and very on-trend. This pink one is our choice, but you can find lots of other options. Pick it up at Farfetch!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Etiquette Bag


9. Prada Margit Bag

The Margit has been described as a quintessential Prada bag. It has all of the elegance and practicality that a classic Prada purse has, despite being a newer design. Like the Sidonie, it also has metal detailing on the side and a black handle that gives a nice contrast to the colorful bag. This Prada bag is technically a hobo, with a rounded bottom and an inner magnetic closure.

The bag has two compartments and one inner pocket, but the bottom is constructed with an accordion style to get wider should the bag be filled up with items, without taking away from the streamlined design. It is worth noting that the Prada logo shows up in monochrome lettering that blends into the leather of the bag. For summer we adore the small, yellow version of it, but it also comes in large sizes and a variety of colors at NordstromNet-a-Porter and Farfetch.

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Margit Bag


10. Prada Re-Nylon Belt Bag

A Prada belt bag is a must-have if you’re embracing the ‘90s resurgence. The last time fanny packs were fashionable you can be certain that the most fashionable ones of all were created by Prada. This little belt bag is perfect for carrying cash and cards when you go out to run an errand. Rock it around your waist or carry it in your hand like Bella Hadid.

There are plenty of larger nylon Prada belt bags, but we decided to feature this tiny one because it is made of recycled nylon, and even has a little round continent map logo with the recycling symbol over it. Other than that, the bag also has the classic triangle appliqué, some Saffiano leather detailing, and an adjustable fabric waist-belt. For maximum eco-friendly cohesion, choose the one with the green recycling logo. Find it at Saks Fifth Avenue!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Re-Nylon Belt Bag


11. Prada Double Bag

The Prada Double bag is named as such because it’s a tote with two compartments, separated by a sizable central pocket with flap closure. The bag itself stays shut with the help of a magnetic closure on the inside of the bag. There are no belts or flaps to disrupt the elegance of the outer part of the bag.

The Double bag design, which was released in 2014, was envisioned as a classic that would be very true to the Prada brand. We gotta admit that it’s extremely similar to the Galleria, with the main difference being the closure, which makes for easier access throughout the day.

This large iteration of the Double tote will hold everything you could possibly need for a long day out and about, and its creamy blush color is a particularly nice fit for a light-colored outfit. Get it from Farfetch or Nordstrom!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Double Bag


12. Prada Belle Bag

Though generally not known for ostentatious creations, Prada nevertheless sometimes releases items that are just a little over-the-top to please their more dramatic clientele. The Belle is exactly such a bag, with a design that is slightly similar to the Cahier but with a curvy flap.

While this Prada bag comes in a variety of colors and materials, we decided to stay true to the conspicuous spirit by showcasing this pink leather and snakeskin creation that is covered with gold studs. This is more of a party bag because it’s quite small and definitely too eccentric to take to work or formal occasions. As always, it’s best to buy it straight from Prada or Farfetch.

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Belle Bag


13. Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag

This lovely little flap bag can hold a surprising amount of stuff. It is a unique nylon creation that stays away from the more industrial origin of the material. The chain handles add an old-timey element we would normally expect from Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent, but here they are an unexpected touch that adds even more class to the nylon Prada bag. While a sober and timeless black option does exist at My Theresa, we’re really into this neon pink version from Farfetch because it is oh-so-current.

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag


14. Prada Quilted Leather Mini Bag

If you’re historically more likely to carry a Chanel, this quilted mini Prada purse might be the way to ease in. This super small bag is just a touch bigger than an average designer wallet, with space for cards, cash, and maybe a smaller smartphone. It’s a great way of embracing the mini bag trend when worn over the shoulder with the chain strap, or you can detach the chain and carry it as a clutch. Naturally, Prada carries it in black, but you can find more colors at Farfetch.

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Quilted Leather Mini Bag


15. Prada Sidonie Belt-Bag

As much as we enjoy the down-to-earth, ‘90s-inspired fanny packs that Prada is known for, we gotta admit the Sidonie belt bag also holds serious appeal. Made of leather with a flap and big buckle closure, it’s a truly elegant design that will work with a classier casual wardrobe. It comes in a really fantastic color range, but we like this brown and black option, especially for those who favor earth tones. Should you want to wear it in the evening, simply pull it off the belt and attach the included chain handle to it. It is best to purchase it from Prada, Farfetch or Net-a-Porter.

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Sidonie Belt-Bag


16. Prada Fabric Baby Bag

It might seem strange to opt for a designer baby bag, but we gotta hand it to Prada – this baby bag is classy, durable, and versatile. The hardcore fans of Prada bags are definitely at the age where they are starting to have children, so the baby bag offering is critical.

What true Prada fans will really appreciate is that unlike other baby bags, it’s not childish but very mature and streamlined. It can be hung on a stroller, or carried by the handle or with a detachable strap. It has multiple inner and outer pockets, as well as room for a changing pad. Get it directly from Prada, Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Fabric Baby Bag


17. Prada Manuelle Shoulder Bag

A little Manuelle is practically irresistible. It’s a great tiny Prada handbag for those who gravitate towards architectural minimalism. The bag is constructed with clean lines in a long, triangular shape that will hold only the bare essentials. The triangle appliqué is only hinted at in the form of a triangular cut-out, and instead, the logo shows up on a silk-screened leather tag. Like quite a few other recent Prada bags, this purse has straps that dangle from the end of the handle. Keep things clean with this black one from Farfetch!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Manuelle Shoulder Bag


18. Prada Ouverture Bag

There is something distinctly masculine about these Prada bags. The Ouverture totes are spacious, with a minimalist design that eschews conspicuous hardware. We think they’d be a great fit for anyone with a clean, androgynous wardrobe that leans a little towards more modern and urban.

This single-compartment tote is made primarily of durable nylon, but leather detailing and handles give it an elegant touch. The logo shows up on a silk-printed leather tag, with the triangle appliqué beneath it totally bare. The double handles add the most unique touch, as they have straps hanging down the body of the bag, providing a bit of texture and sway.

The Ouverture comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and in addition to nylon and leather, there are also all-leather variations and suede and leather options. However, we want to keep it classy with this small, all-black leather and nylon variation. Get it from Farfetch or My Theresa!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Ouverture Bag


19. Prada Leather Bucket Bag

We think the best way to describe this gorgeous Prada purse is funky – in particular, because of the lovely fabric strap that gives wonderful contrast to the stark whiteness of the bag. This bucket bag is perfectly slouchy in a way that is ideal for casual wear, although if you were to remove the strap it’d immediately become office appropriate. The bag is decorated with gold hardware, including beautiful Prada lettering. Prada also offers a version of this bag in black at Farfetch, but we definitely prefer this lighter option.

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Leather Bucket Bag


20. Prada Matinee Handbag

If you find most iconic Prada bags are a little too sleek and would prefer something classy in a more traditional way, then the Matinee is your bag. It is made of Saffiano like every iconic offering from the label, and it is a serious bag that can accompany you from the office to after-work drinks. It has a leather strap closure, so it is definitely more of a tote, with one inner pocket and a detachable shoulder strap that will allow for crossbody carrying. Get it in tan to go with your autumn outfits! Find it at Neiman Marcus or Barneys!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Matinee Handbag


21. Prada Printed Fabric and Mesh Pouch

Prada is absolutely capable of working outside of her go-to nylon and leather, as proven by this cheeky mesh and fabric bag. The fabric is printed with an abstract lip pattern that is then layered with mesh, which gives an edgy, seductive feel. The pouch closes with a drawstring over the fabric, while the mesh part comes together into two woven handles at the top. This bag is on the smaller side of medium and is decorated with a triangular Prada appliqué. Make sure to get it from Farfetch!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Printed Fabric and Mesh Pouch


22. Prada Pionnière Bag

This Prada bag harkens back to the label’s high society beginnings as a supplier of leather goods to the Royal House. It is a saddle bag inspired by the rural hunting that the old and affluent European families were once so fond of. It is an elegant and sophisticated bag made of smooth, baby blue calf leather with textured navy Saffiano accents.

This is a small-sized Prada bag that will work beautifully for daily essentials. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap, and has gold Prada hardware that cements the luxurious feel of it. We don’t know when Prada will release a saddle bag again, so snatch it up! The best place to find it right now is My TheresaNet-a-Porter or Farfetch.

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Pionnière Bag


23. Prada Elektra Bag

This flap bag has quite a bit of attitude, thanks to the shiny calf leather it’s made of and the pyramid-shaped metal studs that decorate the front buckle and detachable strap. The design is almost like a punk version of the Cahier. If you tend to shy away from conspicuous branding, then this is the best Prada bag to try. There is no visible hardware in sight, and instead you’ll have to rely on inner labeling to know that it’s a real Prada. It comes in a variety of colors, but we think this black one is the most striking. Get it from Farfetch or My Theresa!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Elektra Bag


24. Prada Promenade Bag

This austere bag will interject a bit of seriousness into your life. It’s a great bag-choice for sober, professional settings, but it can also create a nice counterpoint to a very lively outfit. It has a rounded top that lends it a retro charm, with rounded handles and a detachable longer strap. It’s medium-sized with two secure inner pockets, as well as a two-way zipper closure. Buy it directly from Prada or Farfetch!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Promenade Bag


25. Prada Diagramme Bag

This Prada bag is a unique take on quilted leather designs. The quilted pattern on the flap is a stripey one, while for the best of the bag it is rounded. This leads to a lovely symmetrical, geometric design that is anything but mundane. This small Prada bag comes with an even smaller coin pocket that you can slide over the gold chain shoulder strap. Keep things cheerful by choosing this bag in white from Net-a-Porter! Find it in more colors at Farfetch and My Theresa!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Diagramme Bag


26. Prada Sybille Bag

The little Sybille handbag is a great Prada bag for anyone who’s embracing the youthful school girl or boy look that has been so ubiquitous in the last few seasons. This bag, thanks to the light brown shade of the calf leather from which it is made, the rounded handle, and a golden top clasp, really looks like a retro student handbag, albeit much smaller. There is an androgynous sensibility about it that will surely please many millennials. It comes with a chain strap for crossbody carrying, which helps to reinforce that it is a high-end choice. Get it directly from Prada or Farfetch!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Sybille Bag


27. Prada Wicker and Canvas Handbag

This is the bag to choose if your aesthetic is (or if you’d like it to be) “girl who is always ready for a cute picnic.” The wicker bag looks like a small picnic basket, though in reality its fabric lining is ideal for typical daily items like your wallet and phone. It comes with a name tag embellishment that is fit with a small mirror, and it has a shoulder strap that can be removed. The red leather handles and detailing cement its romantic charm perfectly. Buy it from Prada, Farfetch or My Theresa!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Wicker and Canvas Handbag


28. Prada Padded Nylon Tote

This padded nylon tote is actually a staple Prada bag, with the original design released as a resort bag more than a decade ago. The comforting bag is made of thick, soft padded nylon that really looks like a cushion. This bag is perfect for Prada’s older clientele, who may find themselves wanting a chic vacation bag that can truly protect what’s inside it from damage, and can also be resistant to water or child-induced spills.

Black leather handles keep this sunny Prada purse from looking too pedestrian. It comes in a variety of colors, but for the summer vacation, we think yellow is ideal. Pick it up at Farfetch!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Padded Nylon Tote


29. Prada Monochrome Saffiano Leather Bag

This minimalistically elegant bag is a great choice for anyone who likes to keep things striking yet understated. It is made of Saffiano leather and is quite similar in design to both the Galleria and the Panier, with the main difference being that it has monochromatic metal lettering that blends subtly into the leather of the bag. It has two leather handles that also match the bag in shade, as well as a detachable matching shoulder strap. Get it directly from Prada, Nordstrom or Farfetch, preferably in red!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Monochrome Saffiano Leather Bag


30. Prada Fabric Handbag

Prada tote bags have a distinctly European feel that we absolutely adore. This gorgeous bag has a romantic basket-like silhouette that begs for a cobblestone backdrop. It is large enough to carry quite a bit of stuff, although since it is a tote it doesn’t have compartments – just a removable fabric pouch. It comes in a variety of colors, but the white is the most elegant in our opinion. Find it at Net-a-PorterMy Theresa or Farfetch!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Fabric Handbag


31. Prada Fabric and Plexiglas Handbag

This see-through Prada bag is the perfect beach tote. It has a round shape with a wide opening that creates a vase-like silhouette. It can be carried by the handles, or over the shoulder with a detachable strap. The hemp detailing is in an upbeat yellow color that will add cheer to any outfit. The bag also comes with an inner fabric pouch in which you can place smaller items and ensure separation. Get it straight from Prada, Farfetch or My Theresa!

Best Prada Bags of All Time: Prada Fabric and Plexiglas Handbag


A Brief History of Prada Bags

Like many iconic Italian fashion houses, the house of Prada was just a leather goods shop in Milan once upon a time. The leather goods origin of the house, however, means that we’re talking about decades of bag-making tradition.

The first shop, Fratelli Prada (‘Brothers Prada’) was opened by siblings Mario and Martino Prada, who kept things modest selling trunks, luggage, the bulk of which were imported from England. Okay, maybe not too modest, as in 1919 their store was recognized as an Official Supplier of the Italian Royal House.

Miuccia Prada’s mother, Luisa, inherited the shop from her father Mario, and in 1970 she brought her daughter into the company. Miuccia started out by taking responsibility on the designer side of things and working on accessories.

In 1978, Miuccia Prada became the head of the company, and she turned things around significantly. She stopped imports altogether and switched the store’s focus towards in-house bag designs. She released the first series of nylon Prada backpacks and totes, which would go on to become a major hit in the mid-’80s and well into the ‘90s.

A Brief History of Prada Bags

In 1983, Prada would open their first international stores in London, New York, Paris, Madrid, and Tokyo, making those first nylon bags as well as signature leather bags available to customers in all of the world’s fashion capitals.

Another part of the reason for the rise of Prada bags in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s is that finally consumers could pair their bags with outfits, since Miuccia Prada presented her first runway collection in 1988. In other words, she turned Prada from a brand making bags to a brand that sells a whole image. From then on Miuccia would become known for her eclectic and constantly changing style, since no two runway shows have every been the same.

How to Spot a Fake Prada Bag and Buy an Authentic One

An authentic Prada bag can be a lifetime fashion investment, and you always want to stay away from those luxury dupes. Make sure you take all of these aspects into account when shopping for an authentic Prada handbag:

How to Spot a Fake Prada Bag

• Buying from a reputable source is the surest way to ensure that your Prada purse is authentic. Going straight to, a Prada shop or any other authorized Prada retailer for your purchase will guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt that your Prada bag is authentic. You can check out Net-a-PorterMy TheresaFarfetch or Nordstrom for authentic Prada bags.

• A first-hand Prada should come with a dust bag printed with the logo, but it is possible for resellers to lose the dust bag should you be buying a gently used one. Your authentic Prada bag’s dust bag should be authentic too – with a drawstring, with the Prada logo printed on it in the same font as the one on the bag itself, and with a label stitched on it that reads ‘100% Cotton Made in Italy’.

• All authentic Prada bags come with a sealed authenticity card, which will feature a unique serial number and details about the purse you have purchased. The card will come in a black envelope with the Prada logo embossed (not printed) on it. Any letters and numbers on your authenticity card should come with even spacing and with no slanted lines or poor-quality printing. You can easily check your bag’s serial number on Prada’s website or in-store.

• In addition to the dust bag and the authenticity card, your genuine Prada bag should also feature a small white tag in the interior with the purse factory number.

Tips for Buying Prada Bags

• Once you have the bag in your hands or photos from the seller, have a look anywhere where the Prada logo shows up. The R in the modern Prada logo is very distinct, with a little curve in the right leg of the letter that creates a unique negative space between the leg and the circle that makes up the top half of it. If there is no gap, or if the gap is too sharp, then you’re dealing with a fake Prada bag.

• Note that if you have a vintage Prada bag, then the leg of the R will be smooth.

• Make sure that the bag has an inner logo plaque that says ‘Prada’ on the first line and ‘Made in Italy’ on the second line. Older Prada bags will have three lines: ‘Prada’, ‘Milano’, and ‘Made in Italy’.

• If anywhere on the bag, it is spelled Milan or it says the bag was made somewhere other than Italy, then the bag is a sure fake.

How to Buy an Authentic Prada Bag

• Look for markers of high-quality construction, like consistent stitches, no loose threads, appliqués that are attached straight and centered. Faded metal signals a likely counterfeit, as Prada purses are always made with solid metals that won’t chip or fade.

• Prada bags always have metal zippers from one of the following brands: Lampo, Ykk, Riri, Opti, or Ipi. You’ll have to open the bag to look for the brand name on the bottom of the zipper, while the top part of it will say Prada. Plastic zippers or zippers from other brands are a sign of a fake.

• Speaking of, the Prada logo should show up on every piece of the metal hardware on the bag, and in the correct font. Get familiar with the Prada font before examining a bag.

• If you’re examining a leather bag that has a triangular logo appliqué, the color of the leather should be the same color as the background of the appliqué.

• Have a professional authenticator authenticate your bag, or reach out to authenticators on the PurseBlog forum.

Tips for Spotting Fake Prada Bags

• If you can turn out the lining of the bag, you will usually find a small quality assurance tag with a number on it.

• Also, examine the lining itself. For Prada bags that are lined with fabric, the lining has a stripey pattern with a rope row followed by a Prada row. The word ‘Prada’ in the lining has a slightly different font than elsewhere on the bag.

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