Prada Nylon Bag

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There’s only on sector of the fashion industry that’s been largely untouched by the megatrends of streetwear and at leisure: handbags. Everything from sneakers to bomber jackets have come into favor over the past few seasons because of the super-duper casual direction of the industry, but when it comes to bags, it’s so hard to convince shoppers to go with anything other than leather that the sporty trend has been largely stymied. There’s one existing brand with a big opportunity to change that, though: Prada.

In order for luxury bag shoppers to look at anything other than leather, a brand needs a strong narrative on why they should, and that story usually centers around either quality or a material’s specific history with a brand. That’s why so many people are willing to pay top dollar for Louis Vuitton’s coated canvases: not only are they super durable and functional, but they’re part of the brand’s long-term history and public perception in such a way that they don’t feel alien to the concept of luxury.

Prada Nylon Bag

Prada’s nylon value proposition is similar. Not only is its Tessuto nylon lightweight, durable and super functional, but the image of a sporty, utilitarian black nylon bag with a Prada logo triangle is about as iconic as anything else in the pantheon of great accessories. I’ve been expecting these bags, which hit their previous popularity peak in the 90s and early 2000s, to have a resurgence for a while now, and some super-stylish celeb support (including names as disparate as Dakota Fanning and Kourtney Kardashian) mean that it indeed seems to be happening.

If you haven’t checked out Prada’s nylon offerings recently, they’ve expanded a bit. Not only are there plenty of simple, foundational bags like those you remember (with many of the same designs having been produced continuously since then), but the brand has also expanded nylon to some of its more fashion-focused bags, like the Prada Corsaire Saddle Bag. Check out a bunch of our nylon favorites, both traditional and new, below.

Classic Prada Bags That Will Never Go Out of Style

Say it with us: “It’s not just a bag… It’s Prada.”8 Classic Prada Bags That Will Never Go Out of StyleIMAGE PRADA.COM6.1K Shares Share Tweet Comments

Among the mammoth designer brands, one Italian fashion house is top-of-mind, and that’s none other than Prada. Established by brothers Mario and Martino Prada in 1913, the brand first created leather goods like trunks and handbags before achieving huge commercial success with Miuccia Prada’s nylon backpacks in 1979.

What sets it apart from its competitors are the wearability, functionality, and durability of its bag designs. Making use of both Saffiano leather and nylon, Prada bags often feature simple, clean-cut shapes that are built to last a lifetime—just ask your mom who probably still owns hers from the early noughties. If you want to invest in your own Prada piece, here are classic designs—both old and new—that you can never go wrong with:

1. Galleria

Aside from nylon, Prada is famous for its Saffiano leather, a type of leather that undergoes a wax coating process wherein the crosshatch print is pressed. It is known to be water-resistant and extremely durable, making it a good leather bag to invest in. The Galleria is the first to come to mind when it comes to Saffiano bags. It’s incredibly roomy, features double top handles and a detachable shoulder strap—perfect for work! 


Medium Saffiano Leather Galleria Bag, $2690,

2. Re-edition Nylon Mini Bag

A style that was first made popular by celebrities in the early noughties, Prada’s iconic Nylon Mini Bag made a comeback in 2019, and it’s not hard to see why. The cute size, shoulder strap, and durable nylon makes it a perfect everyday handbag to store just the essentials and all your other other secrets. Other variants include a detachable chain strap and pouch, as well as shoulder straps.


Re-Edition 2000 Nylon Mini Bag, $775,

3. Nylon Tote Bag

Another popular nylon design is the tote bag. There are so many options to choose from, so it’s only a matter of choosing which size and handles are best for you. If you want a medium-sized bag though, we suggest this variant because it comes with long shoulder straps that make it easy for you to fish out belongings without having to remove your bag.


Nylon Tote Bag, $1290,

4. Prada Double Bag

Much like the Galleria, the Double Bag features two top handles and a detachable shoulder strap. The difference is that the Double Bag has an interior flap compartment (hence the name) revealed via the magnetic snap closure. The Galleria has two outer zip closures. Released in 2014, the Double Bag is perfect for those who want the ease of an open tote but the structure of a handbag. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW


Double Bag, $3250,

5. Nylon and Saffiano Leather Backpack

This wouldn’t be a Prada must-haves list without the nylon backpack. Although it comes in a bevy of designs, perhaps the most recognizable is this chic rucksack featuring a drawstring closure and two front pockets. Again, nylon backpacks were pioneered by Miuccia Prada, making this a truly iconic piece of history to own.


Nylon and Saffiano Leather Backpack, $1490,

6. Matinee Handbag

If you’re looking for an easygoing bag that’s casual enough for brunches on weekends yet classy enough for nights out, consider the Matinee Handbag. It features a classic trapezoid shape with a relaxed silhouette that’s made luxurious with the Saffiano leather. Plus, you can wear it as a handbag or as a shoulder bag with the detachable strap!


Matinee Handbag, $3000,

7. Diagramme Bag

If you’re looking for evening bags instead of spacious, everyday bags, consider the Diagramme Bag. It features classic elements like quilted leather and a classy chain that will elevate any outfit from ordinary to full-on glam. The stitching is also a signature of Prada’s so you can’t go wrong with this!


Medium Leather Diagramme Bag, $2450,

8. Monochrome Saffiano Leather Bag

If your bag collection is already stocked with leather bags with the typical metal hardware, then you’re probably in the mood for something fresh but still elegant. A piece that deserves your attention is the Monochrome Saffiano Leather Bag, which was just released in 2018. It combines all the classic elements of Prada’s iconic handbags—Saffiano leather and a comfy, detachable shoulder strap—only the metal logo is painted over for a monochromatic finish. Very modern yet wearable even years down the line!


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