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Boasting with the elegance staple to Prada, the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote is unmistakably the most iconic bag of the fashion line. Although made in Italy, this exemplary bag is easy to spot and is undoubtedly one of the most wanted bags across the country- and for good reason. It is, of course, the example of pure sophistication and is one of the highest rated bags in the handbag industry.

Women love the beautiful Saggiano Leather and double handles, making it perfect for easy carrying on-the-go. Showcasing utter refinement and a unique design, the bag also includes a removable shoulder strap when you just want to throw your bag over the shoulder and head to the trendy downtown shops.

Besides an extremely chic exterior, the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote is also popular thanks to its easy open top, welcoming women to a roomy interior with plenty of space for all your on-the-go items. Plenty of space with a logo jacquard lined interior and a gorgeous outer appearance? Let’s face it: this is the bag you need in your collection.

Prada Saffiano Lux Totes Prices


bluel white lace skirt work outfit prada bag


I’m a bit clueless about the video function on our camera, and Nick’s heavy sighs when I ask him to be “cameraman” (esp. when Sunday sports are on) sums up his thoughts on that topic! He “gifted” me a point-and-shoot camcorder which I took as a blatant hint. I’ve gotten several requests for a Prada Saffiano Cuir bag review, so figured why not test my new gadget out. Turns out I didn’t record half the footage I thought I did, instead filming several close-up nostril shots of me adjusting the camera…sigh! If you want to see the various ways you can wear these bags with the adjustable shoulder strap, you can check out my older video review of the Saffiano Lux (also known as the “Galleria” line).

^ Press Play

Prada’s Cuir double bag is a gorgeous & sturdy-feeling one, and has quickly become one of my most-worn handbags (see on me herehere, and here just to name a few). The Cuir line came out about two years ago, and the lack of information about it online can frustrating for researchers. For this video, I called a bunch of Prada boutiques around the country asking the same questions … what is “saffiano” leather, what’s the difference between the Saffiano Lux and Saffiano Cuir collections, and how to care for the material. The responses I got from sales associates ranged from completely clueless, to finally enthusiastic and knowledgeable-sounding (thanks Joel from the boutique at the Bellagio in Vegas : )

prada saffiano cuir lux purse review how to care clean

Biggest edit from video: while in a Prada boutique I was told my bag is called the “medium” size, and the bigger one is “large.” Please see below for a comparison of my gray bag versus the bigger pink one. However, I just checked the exact webpage where I ordered my bag from at Neimans and it’s listed as as “small” there. Saks also refers to this size as the “small,” and both retailers refer to the bigger size as “medium.”

prada saffiano cuir small medium large sizes

I also want to clarify from the video that when I said soap, I meant I was told to use soap with a little water on a cloth or paper towel to clean stains, making sure to wipe the area dry afterwards. I’ve never had to use soap, though, as usually just a little water on a napkin removes whatever surface stain or mark I’ve made on these bags.

what is prada saffiano treatment leather material

Closeup of the two different saffiano textures

Prada saffiano cuir lux handbag review

Side views of the two medium sizes < Lux vs. Cuir>

prada saffiano lux cuir interior lining

As mentioned in my review, I’d love to hear any other requests for future videos!


Today’s post is a belated review of the Prada Saffiano Double Zip tote bag. I recorded this video a while back in a rush, and scrapped it due to fluctuating lighting and choppy content. Since several readers have been asking questions about this bag, I figured I’d post anyways in hopes of answering some of those questions.Open Gardner tote in “cammeo” (left) vs. Double Zip tote in “caramel” (right)

As a preface, this bag was probably my most mulled-over purchase to date. I’d like to think that every one of my larger purchases are carefully-considered, but unfortunately, some of them could’ve used more thought and research on alternatives. I’ve been trying to shop more deliberately, which starts with discovering what the biggest “voids” are in my closet. I realized early this year that many of my work and casual outfits could use a simple brown, medium-sized bag. I needed one that was durable, lightweight, and preferably weather-resistant. I fell in love with Prada’s Saffiano tote, and spent half a year trying on all the options, scouring the pre-owned market, and looking for any small ways to save. There was no rush to buy, and ultimately I ended up with something that I am in love with and do not regret (so far, anyways).Change to “HD” (4th button in from bottom right) for better quality:
What exactly is “Saffiano” leather? I couldn’t find any authorized information directly from Prada, but this thread on The Purse Forum contains some member opinions that sound right. Based on that thread and a few other articles, Saffiano leather is treated for increased durability, scratch-resistance, and water-resistance. Several other handbag designers use it as well.
There are so many sizes and variations of this bag that I often get confused, but the sizes that I have tried on include..

**Prices are as of 9/2012 and will probably change**

Mini Double Zip w/ strap – 7″ x 10″ x 4.15″ – $1520
Small Double Zip w/ strap – 8.25″ x 11.5″ x 5″ – 1730
Medium Double Zip w/ strap – 9″x 15″ x 5.5″ – $1810
Medium Double Zip no strap – 10″ x 14.5″ x 6″ – $1960
Large Double Zip no strap – 12″ x 15.75″ x 6.75″ – $2100

Open Tote no strap– I’ve seen a range of online measurements and don’t know exactly which one is right…approximate size is 10″ x 14″ x 7″ – $1730

Trying on various sizes to find the most proportionate one (for reference, I am about 5 feet tall):

Prada Saffiano Tote Review

Top left: Medium #2 double zip tote in caramelmedium #1 double zip tote in cammeoTop right:Open tote in caramel
Below: Open tote in cammeo (for some reason, this one definitely looks wider than the caramel one above)

Prada Saffiano Tote Review2

Issues:As mentioned in my video, I am not a fan of the nylon logo lining nor the less structured base. The base, however, should be an easy fix with a base shaper. A bigger issue that I did not mention in my video is the inconsistency of quality I’ve personally experienced. In the photo directly above, the front panel leather looks almost wrinkled – I thought it was a bag that had been used and returned.And out of the two double zip totes I ordered, one was perfect but one also had a slightly wrinkled front panel. I am disappointed that a product at this price point does not have better quality control, so be sure to carefully inspect your purchase before using it.

The open tote easily fits a 15″ laptop, small makeup bag, wallet, plus baggie for shoes:

Where to Buy
After I decided on the size/style/color combo, I combed eBay for a pre-owned bag that fit the bill. There are so many options available with this tote that it was hard to find the exact one on the secondhand market. I am also not an expert in gauging Prada authenticity via photos, and was worried about purchasing a counterfeit. The similar ones I watched on eBay went for about $1,200-$1,400, so it was a lot to pay for the risk of unauthentic merchandise, plus not getting the exact bag sought. I ended up buying mine from Neiman Marcus at full price, choosing them over the Prada boutique because I trust their customer service and return policy more.

Relatively Lower-Priced Alternative
Ever since I started looking at Prada’s Double Zip Tote, a few readers have suggested Tory Burch’s rendition. This bag is also made of Saffiano leather and comes in a variety of colors, including “luggage” brown. At 10″ x 16″ x 5.5,” it is approximately comparable to Prada’s larger medium size but has a detachable strap, and has the same inside compartments.
Tory Burch saffiano leather tote, $575Readers – Do you own a Prada Saffiano tote? If so, please share your thoughts on it and whether you’ve encountered any issues over time.

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