Pregnancy is one of the most amazing things the human body can accomplish. From a simple cluster of cells, an entirely new human being is created. Unfortunately, the journey that is a pregnancy is not without its bumps along the way. Mothers-to-be often are plagued by back and foot problems due to their rapidly increasing size, as well as the change to their center of gravity. In addition, the same hormones that drive the development of the baby can cause the mother a bevy of side effects, such as swollen and aching feet. Fortunately, there are comfortable sandals for pregnancy to make these inconveniences a little easier to bear.

One of the biggest ways a woman can improve her comfort during pregnancy is by choosing the proper footwear. Because pregnancy weight gain occurs much faster than most other weight gains, the body does not have a lot of time to become accustomed to the extra mass it is responsible for.

  • First of all, shoes should fit well, meaning that there is a little bit of room in the toe, but not enough that your foot will slide around.
  • A woman who is carrying a child should also look for footwear that has extra arch support, as well as extra cushioning.
  • The slip-resistant sole is a must, as falling while pregnant is a very frightening prospect.
  • Also, shoes that are easy to put on and remove are also a good idea, as it is not easy to bend over to tie a pair of shoes late in pregnancy.
  • High heels should be avoided, and if a shoe is slightly elevated, look for a wedge rather than a pointed heel. Both of these steps will help ensure steady footing and can prevent a fall.

If you suffer from over-pronation and supination or have flat feet, consider seeing a podiatrist for their expert opinion on footwear.

Wearing wrong shoes during pregnancy can cause morning heel pain, a common condition called plantar fasciitis, and it is due to the changes in the body that a woman goes through during pregnancy. A hormone Relaxin secreted during pregnancy causes the joint ligaments including feet to relax. The rapidly increasing body weight during pregnancy can put pressure on the relaxed feet joints resulting in inflammation of plantar fascia, flat feet and elongation of the feet.  Any heel pain during pregnancy should not be neglected. It is not uncommon that you see your shoe size increase by .5 to 1. Pregnancy could worsen the flat feet, bunions, and plantar fasciitis.

Another common painful side effect of gestation is the swelling, usually in the feet and legs during the third trimester. Swelling can be worsened if you have to be on your feet all day long at work. You might also develop severe back pain if you cannot take regular breaks to sit down. If this sounds like your situation, you should look for best shoes for pregnant women to prevent flat feet and plantar fasciitis. A well fitted roomy shoe with good arch support with well padded rigid sole would be ideal. Wearing shoes that are too tight during pregnancy could lead to complications, including bunions, Achilles tendinitis and can worsen your backaches.

Don’t Let Swollen Feet from Pregnancy Cramp Your Style

Like many women, you are probably amazed at your swollen feet and dismayed that you can’t wear your more stylish footwear. This swelling has its good and bad points. The best shoes for pregnant women are certainly not the trendy 4-inch heels designed for women today. However, you don’t have to swap your style for a pair of clunky orthopedic shoes either. There are enough popular shoe options that offer the support and cushioning you need during such an important time in your life.

Best Shoes For Pregnant Women Reviews

Here is a short review of excellent choices for best shoes for pregnant women. Many women want casual shoes that are easy to slip on so that they do not have to bend over. They certainly do not wish to have to bother with laces or closures either. It is recommended that pregnant women should invest in well-fitted shoes with excellent arch support, comfortable and with grip to avoid slip-overs. The most important thing that a pregnant woman should look for in a shoe is the comfort, which should not be overlooked for the style. These shoes in our list provide excellent arch support, a lot of cushioning to absorb shock and some of them are stylish with slip resistant outsole.

Dansko Sonja

Dansko SonjaIf you’re looking for a quality shoe, the name Dansko should always be on your list. In fact, Dansko’s Stapled Clog Collection carries the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. The Dansko Sonja that we’re going to address here are some of the best shoes for pregnant women, or in general, for women working for 10+ hours on feet all day.

The Dansko Sonja clog features a leather upper with an open heel, available in several versions, such as oiled nubuck, Latigo leather, or heavily oiled, matte-finish leather. Due to this heavy oiling, the leather provides superior moisture resistance. The versions available are Black Cabrio, Antique Brown or Black, Antique Brown Natural, Black Box, Black Oiled, Black Patent, and Stone Distressed.

The Dansko Sonja has a roomy, thermoplastic toe box which provides durable reinforcement to the toes, also allowing them to move comfortably. The vegetable leather lining provides comfort and breathability. The shoe will easily mold to your foot, resulting in a custom fit.

The footbed is made of Antimicrobial Poliyou foam which delivers superior perspiration absorption, while the polyurethane outsole provides excellent traction, shock absorption, and flexibility, with a 2″ heel, and 1/2″ toe platform. Also, the PVC inner frame adds stability and diminishes the pronation effect.


  • Easy to put on and off during pregnancy due to backless
  • Wide heel gives you stability
  • Provides great support for all-day comfort
  • Wide Toe box for swollen feet, high instep
  • Fits and stiff like classic Dansko Clog


  • Run small. Order half size up
  • Bulky
  • Need to break in

If you need shoes that give you height because you can not stand in wedges and heels in pregnancy, then try Dansko Sonja.

Merrell Encore Slip-On Shoe

Merrell EncoreIf you are a pregnant woman and getting to tie the shoe laces is becoming hard, then these slip-on shoes are for you. These shoes are made of soft leather, and they provide excellent support and stability. The heel height is perfect and provides the stability that you need in pregnancy, but they run narrow. Try them in wide to accommodate swollen feet of pregnancy. The midsole feature Q from technology to align your hip joints in the correct position, M-Select GRIP outsole for excellent traction, and M Select FRESH to prevent odors. The inside is lined with breathable mesh to keep your feet dry. The midsole also provides air cushion in the heel for shock absorption and comfort on feet all day. The removable contoured insole offers an opportunity to insert orthotics for any problem feet such as flat feet. These shoes are very comfortable and run large. Order half size less.

These shoes are very comfortable and do not require any break in period. These shoes are good for all weathers, and they can be worn with any outfit. They are easy to slip on and off. The removable insoles can be replaced with orthotics if you need.

Vionic Spark Minna Ballet Flat

Vionic Spark Minna Ballet FlatSome of the best shoes for pregnant women are ballet flats. And when it comes to ballet flats, their selection that we’ve made for our list here is the Vionic Spark Minna.

The Spark Minnaa from Vionic is a flat that aims to make comfort a priority, but without sacrificing the sense of style. It features a calf leather upper with a cute, decorative bow at the vamp. It features a round toe, but the leather is soft and flexible allowing a custom, comfortable fit. So far, the upper for these flats is available in classic Black, Pewter and Tan Leopard.

Like many other ballet flats, the Spark Matira has a slip-on design; however, the top line is elasticized delivering a quick on-and-off, but also provides a cozy fit, without rubbing.

One of the most important aspects that made us select these flats for our list is the removable insole. This insole not only that can be replaced with your own custom orthotic, but it also provides excellent arch support, heel cushioning and flexibility, which considerably improve the comfort of this shoe. It’s made of EVA material, textile-lined as the interior of the upper, lining that absorbs moisture keeping your feet fresh.

The outsole delivers an excellent flex, being also light. The weight of the whole shoe is actually approx. 7 oz. The material used for the outsole is rubber, providing for superior traction. It’s reinforced at the heel, adding a bit of elevation, of approx. 1/4″.

Dansko Professional Box Leather Clog

Dansko Professional Box Leather ClogIf you need professional looking shoes for your job, Dansko Penny clogs or any other Dansko style will be the best pregnancy shoe for you. They are cute, super comfortable and provide superior arch support and cushioning. You will be able to stand for long hours wearing these clogs without hurting your feet. The Penny clogs are made of full grain leather upper for a beautiful look. You will be able to slip in and out easily without bending. The inside is lined with soft leather for comfort. The cushioned leather footbed will provide support and comfort all day long. The shank adds support and stability. The roomy toe box and overall spacious design will make you walk comfortably despite swollen feet. The rigid rocker sole will protect your feet from injury. You can prevent flat feet and plantar fasciitis by wearing Dansko shoes. At the bottom, there is hand finished PU outsole for good traction to prevent slip and trip accident.

Dansko also makes sneakers, flats, boots and summer shoes and you can choose the best Dansko shoes for pregnancy according to your need. They last long and are worth every penny.

Alegria Classic Clog

Alegria Classic ClogLooking for stylish, comfortable and supportive shoes for pregnancy to prevent flat feet and to accommodate swollen arches? Alegria offers many styles from summer shoes to winter boots for almost every women. The memory foam, cork, and latex footbed will contour to accommodate any foot type. The roomy toe box will help your swollen feet of pregnancy or have bunions. The Birkenstocks style footbed will assist in preventing flat feet and plantar fasciitis by providing good arch support and shock absorption. The removable insoles will let you insert your orthotics in your need. The slip-resistant outsole will help in preventing the fall injuries.

Alegria shoes offer mini rocker sole which means they have unbendable midsole. The rocker sole shoes help in relieving pain at the ball of the foot by preventing pressure at the metatarsal area. These shoes also cushion and support your feet if your work requires you to stand or walk all day long during pregnancy.

Skechers Go Walk 4

Skechers Go Walk 4The GOwalk 4 shoes from Skechers are extremely lightweight, well cushioned. They have a combination of GogaMat footbed with GO Pillars midsole to provide shock absorption for walking all day. They offer excellent arch support and are one of the most comfortable shoes for standing and walking all day in pregnancy.

It is made of suedes and meshes upper for breathability. The Memory Form Fit offers cushion around the heel. Resalyte Midsole helps in absorbing shock and The resalyte midsole cushioning offers total comfort. Go pillars provide flexibility and cushioning. The outsole is made of rubber and provides good traction. There is four-way stretch mesh for flexibility and comfort to accommodate your swollen large size feet due to pregnancy.

The wide toe box offers enough room to accommodate your large feet in pregnancy. They are great shoes if you have a hard time finding slip-on shoes that are wide enough across the toes and narrow enough at the heel to prevent slippage. These shoes were the most comfortable ones that you can find during your pregnancy. They can stretch and accommodate your wide swollen feet without pressure and never slip, and they feel like socks.

Birkenstocks Arizona Shoes

Birkenstocks ArizonaThere is a wide range of Birkenstock Arizona Shoes that you can choose from, and all of them have multi-point adjustable straps. These shoes have a well-cushioned footbed for increased comfort especially if you are standing.  Its sole is made of a combined memory foam and cork material which expands to accommodate your swollen feet comfortably. The idea behind cork sole is to make this sandal extremely light, making it very easy to walk on all day long. The sole is accurately structured to take your foot and its contours, thus providing a great arch support. Birkenstock Arizona is ranked among the best arch support sandals for women to date. The footbed is cushioned and will absorb shock for on feet all day. The outsole is durable and lightweight.  These shoes can be worn inside the house, work, shopping, etc. These shoes offer raised metatarsal support. The deep heel cup will help in providing the rear fit and stability and traction.

These shoes are made of premium upper leather that you can adjust for a perfect fit to your swollen pregnancy feet. The footbed is lined with soft leather lining for added comfort and breathability. The metatarsal pad on the sole of the feet will help in relieving the pressure from pressure points.These are one of the most comfortable and best shoes for pregnant women.

Crocs Isabella T-StrapThese shoes are colorful, breathable, beautiful and stylish to accommodate your large size feet due to pregnancy. They are super comfortable and lightweight as well as being flexible. They form to your feet and give you a custom fit for your problem feet. One could say that these shoes have been inspired by a day spent at a lovely beach because the ventilated design of the Adrina Flat II has a breezy design that provides fantastic breathability, a comfortable style and a flexible and cool fit for pregnant women.

  • A flat with a capped toe made with a transparent synthetic TPU material in the upper shoe
    • Nubs in the footbed offer a massage-like feel
    • Manmade outsole is a non-marking Croslite material
    • Heel measures about 0.25.”
    • The footbed is perforated for comfort
    • This ballet flat has slits and an embossed logo detail

One reviewer said that “Crocs are like chips in church, everyone looks at them in disgust, but down deep they want some too. Listen; these are comfortable, easy to get on and fit even the most Fred Flintstone of hooves. Don’t believe me? Find a nurse coming off a 12-hour shift and look at what’s on his or her feet. “

Another reviewer said that they were cute and comfy.

Still another reviewer said that she was nine months pregnant at the time of the purchase of her Crocs. She said she has always loved her Crocs and owns several pairs but that this style is probably her favorite. She said that these were the only shoes that she could wear for a long amount of time without her feet hurting her. She said that she wears them around the house all day long, and anytime she needs to go out. Cute enough for dress up and good enough to wear to church, but still able to be worn with shorts and a tee shirt, she said that she is very happy with these shoes. This reviewer stated that the shoes were true to size in that she ordered a size eight while she wears an 8.5 and they are a little snug, but she chalked that up to her feet being swollen. She said that she did not have any blisters or discomfort if she wore them all day long. She also said that crocs make her feet sweaty to the point where the shoes would slip off. She stated that this style did not seem to have that issue. Overall, she said she was very happy with her purchase and was able to take advantage of free shipping and received her order in 2 days which was great.

Another Amazon Reviewer said that she loves these shoes because she is pregnant and notice that being on her feet all day on a tile floor can be quite painful. She said she also owns classic Crocs that she wears around her house and when her feet start to hurt these are the only thing that makes walking bearable, but the shoes are not cute. She said she has mild swelling on her feet sometimes, so some of her other shoes can become tight, and she said it is summer in Texas at the moment. She decided to try “cute” Crocs, and she is glad that she did. She wears the shoes to work every day and around her house. She had just ordered them in another color and were even tempted to purchase another couple of pairs.

She also stated that she is a messy cook so she loves the fact that she can hop into the shower with her shoes on and wash herself and her shoes off.

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable shoe that is also affordable, these are both great choices when it comes to the best shoes for pregnant women. Either shoe is suitable for the pregnant woman because it has ample room for a wider foot or for when there is swelling in the foot.


VIONIC Tide IIAs its name suggests, the Tide II sandal from Vionic combines comfort and style elements for a sweet, charming result. It’s a chic, delicate sandal, with a thong-style upper. The upper is crafted from the man-made material, durable and flexible, finished with a nice, decorative bow detail with metallic, silver-tone caps featuring the V logo.

The Tide II sandal is equipped with a cushy midsole, lined with microfiber material which delivers a soft, comfortable touch. The midsole is non-removable, being directly attached to the outsole. It’s made of flexible EVA material, designed for moderate shock absorption, reducing stress on the feet, ankles, and knees. It has an anatomical curvature, providing excellent arch support which makes them great for conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Also, the rear section of the midsole has a deep heel cup, supplying great rear foot stability.

This Vionic sandal features a durable, tread pattern, rubber outsole, with motifs similar to the Vionic Amber sandal. The outsole offers an optimal flex and the required amount of traction. It’s lightweight; the whole shoe weighs approx. Six oz., thus reducing fatigue.

Finally, the Vionic Tide II sandal is available in several models. Among them, we can count Denim, Black, White, Pewter, Gold Cork, Tortoise and Rose Quartz.

Vionic with Orthaheel Amber Sandal

Vionic also offers several top-quality sandals. The one that we’ve selected for your category here is the Vionic Amber. This particular sandal has received the APMA Seal of Acceptance. The Orthaheel EVA midsole, designed by a podiatrist for shock absorption that also controls pronation; it has an anatomical contour and adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot, providing excellent arch support. It also eliminates an important amount of stress from the feet, ankles, and knees.

The insole is made of soft microfiber, with man-made interior lining. The footbed features multiple pressure points at the heel and at the forefoot which constantly massage your foot during walking. The sandal is equipped with rubber outsoles with delivering an excellent flex, being also lightweight. Their surface has floral or waves patterned treads for optimal traction.

The Vionic Amber sandal is equipped with a man-made or natural cork upper. There are actually several models available, including Gold Cork, Black Croco, Natural Snake PU, Navy Croco Patent, Teal Snake, and Tortoise. Not only the upper features beautiful patterns, but it is also garnished with stone adornments which fit the motifs and colors of the upper.

The upper boasts a hook-and-loop closure at the heel, instep, forefoot delivering a custom fit. This is a plus for any woman who has to deal with swelling feet, as the upper can always adapt to fit perfectly and eliminate rubbing.

Taos Footwear Trophy

What footwear can be more comfortable for pregnant women during the hot days of summer than light, laid-back sandal? The Taos Trophy fits perfectly to this criteria.

The upper of the Taos Trophy sandal is absolutely stunning, with a rich, all-over embossed design, which also includes studs and stitching decorative elements. Needless to say, the upper is made of full-grain, durable leather. It is dual adjustable, with two hook and loop straps with Velcro elements, one at the instep and one at the forefoot. These offer the possibility to adopt a perfect fit even if your feet swell.

The footbed integrates cushioning elements. It’s contoured, with a raised toe bar and a deep heel cup to deliver excellent stability. It’s lined with soft microfiber fabric which has moisture wicking properties, offering protection against odor, also being highly resistant to wear and tear.

The Taos Footwear Trophy sandal is equipped with a thin, lightweight rubber outsole which has an outstanding flex, while its floral lug design delivers excellent traction.

There are several models available for the Taos sandal. Among them, we can count Pewter, Black, White, Brick, Bronze Reptile, Light Gold Reptile, Stone, Vintage Blue, Vintage Green, and Vintage Silver.

Skechers Sport Breathe Easy Fortune Fashion Sneaker

This is the athletic shoe from the relaxed fit collection for roomier and comfortable fit for swollen feet in the later months of pregnancy. It features a combination of fabric, leather, and meshes upper. It features a soft fabric shoe lining with full-length memory cushioned footbed for shock absorption and comfort all day long. The full-length air cooled memory foam insole provides very good arch support. The midsole is good for shock absorption and provides flexibility due to the Flex Grooves. The rubber air cushioning outsole gives good traction and provides additional cushioning. These shoes are lightweight only 8 OZ but are very supportive if you need to walk and stand all day long in pregnancy.

If you have flat feet and need a supportive shoe with a roomier forefront, try Breath Easy Sports Shoes from Skechers. These shoes are being a part of Relaxed Fit Collection can fit up to size D wide feet, and they are only available in Medium size. They are not available in wide width sizes. They are not machine washable because the upper is made of leather.


  • Very Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Provides Pronation Control
  • Shock Absorbing Midsole
  • Roomy Fit Design can accommodate bunions and swollen feet
  • Cheaper than Dansko, Birkenstock and Alegria shoes


  • Not as durable as Dansko, Alegria, and Birkenstock
  • Does not offer Rocker Sole


The use of over the counter orthotics or insoles is another way to reduce foot pain. These insoles will provide arch support and added cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot area and will provide enough support if your arches are flattening. The Powerstep Protech Control Full-Length Orthotics are firm full-length insoles that provide adequate firm arch support for flat feet and plantar fasciitis during pregnancy. They also provide excellent cushioning at the metatarsal and heel areas, and they are made of EVA foam. Powerstep with Protech control offers more support than the original Powerstep insoles. The insoles are an inexpensive way to relieve your foot pain and support your feet if you are a pregnant woman and are on the budget.

Minnetonka Thunderbird Smooth Moccasin

This slip-on is comfortable, super soft with stitched moc toe design which can accommodate your swollen pregnancy feet. These stylish looking shoes are super soft to touch inside and lined with suede and outsole is made of rubber with pods to provide traction. The footbed is padded lightly and offers arch support. These are extremely lightweight shoes.

Dansko Brandi Slip Resistant Sneakers

These shoes have been carefully and beautifully designed to accommodate your feet without any strain during pregnancy. The Dansko Brandi come with a removable memory foam footbed for increased comfort. The EVA midsole is lightweight and absorbs shock. Its sole is ergonomically contoured to provide excellent arch support hence limiting any chances of getting tired while at work. The shoes have adjustable leather laces that make it easy to adjust swollen pregnancy foot accommodation at different times of the day.  The fine trends installed on these shoes offer firm grip while walking on wet or slippery floors.

Klogs Austin for Women

With over 5 different designs and colors, there is nothing more unique and versatile than the Klogs Austin shoes. They have the complete package for those who want something that is subtle, yet different to the average pair of shoes while still providing incredible comfort. The shoes have synthetic soles, high-quality leather for both the insole and outsole and gorgeous embroidered details for the finishing.

These sandals are lightweight, slip resistant and come in many sizes making them available for all. One great characteristic about the Munro American sandals is the fact that they are all made of pure leather with a latex rubber sole. This sole handles all body weight by arching to accommodate one’s weight without placing a lot of pressure on the feet.  The sandal has several parallel leather straps that help accommodate one’s shoe, and ease as one puts them on. The riveted steel shank used on this sandal helps keep feet at an ankle for even weight distribution on the shoe, which makes one feel relaxed for longer. The adjustable straps will help so that will contribute to accommodate your swollen feet.


According to a well-known online publication about parenting, the average women will witness her foot size increase roughly half a size during her pregnancy. You can blame this on your hormones that are going haywire during your pregnancy. Your body is going through a complete transformation, and it can get uncomfortable once the “pregnancy honeymoon” phase is over. The joints become looser and small bones can expand resulting in wider feet. Moreover, fluid retention can also cause swelling and make your shoe feet even tighter. Ouch!

Feet swelling during pregnancy comes down to several things such as gestational swelling, weight increase, and relaxing of hormones in secretions that slacken feet tendons and muscles; thereby, increasing the size of your feet. In fact, the closer you get to the last trimester of your pregnancy, the body gets bigger and things can get slippery. As a result, wearing shoes that are not only comfortable but also safe is the most important thing to do to deal with swelling and wet surfaces.


Saving money may be a priority for you since there’s a little one on the way. To make things easier, buy one to two pairs of shoes that are 10mm larger than your shoe size and purchase them once in the first six months of your pregnancy and during the last trimester of your pregnancy.

Choose shoe styles that are simple and practical. They should be round at the tip, roomy but secure on your feet. They should be made from soft materials to make it better for walking and travel. The substrate height should be roughly 15-30mm. It should be flat as well and have high-friction to prevent mishaps while walking.

High heels or spearhead shoes are out of the question as they can result in aching feet and make your body somewhat unstable including the risks of slips and falls. Shoes with straps are not a good idea either, and the reason is obvious. Trying to tie or find a strap on shoes when you can hardly see your feet will require quite a few tricks to accomplish! The following guide will help you pick the best shoes for pregnant women.

Most Comfortable Sandals for pregnancy

Sandals are a great choice, as not only are they easy to put on, they are comfortable and stylish too. They are also often made for use around water, which means that they will be water resistant, easy to clean, and have great non-slip traction. Sandals also often feature an adjustable strap and flexible sole. Comfortable sandals for pregnancy are essential as feet can swell and shrink dramatically from day to day.

Here are a few great choices when it comes to finding comfortable sandals for pregnancy:

Cobb Hill REVswoon

The REVswoon by Cobb Hill is a rustic looking sandal featuring dual adjustable hook and loop straps and a full grain leather upper. With a footbed that is made from anatomically molded EVA, this sandal provides supreme comfort. To help smooth out your gait, the REVswoon also has a stability shank of durable nylon embedded in the mid-sole to ensure your arch is perfectly supported. The sole has a textured rubber finish that provides traction that will keep your feet securely gripped to the ground. The footbed also has a micro-suede Dri-Lex lining to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry and comfortable. It is available in Black Multi, Grass, Pewter, and White.

Alegria Kleo

The Alegria Kleo by PG Lite is a gladiator style sandal. Three adjustable straps secured by Velcro ensure a fully customizable fit that is always comfortable. The footbed is constructed of cork, memory foam, and latex to create a comfortable structure that provides ample arch support. Also, unlike most other sandals, the Alegria Kleo footbed can even be removed completely so that you can insert custom orthotics if you have one that is recommended by your podiatrist. Available in Cognac Burnish, Dusty Black, Opal Snake, and Rice Grain colors, these sandals are hand sewn with a leather lining.

Dansko Iris Sandals

Part of Dansko’s Sienna collection, the Iris sandal is a Mary Jane styled shoe featuring a dual density sole with a layer of memory foam. This ensures that your feet are cushioned while still having their necessary support. There are multiple areas where the sandal can be adjusted, so you can always have the perfect fit. The soft leather upper is protected with Scotchgard, so cleanup will always be a breeze. It is available in sand, blue, pink, chocolate, or black.

Birki Curacao by Birkenstock

The Curacao sandal by Birkenstock is a cute and stylish sandal with bright and cheerful rainbow striped elastic straps. The elastic ensures that these sandals have the perfect balance of a secure fit while still being comfortable and easy to put on or remove. Birkenstock’s trademark cork footbed will gradually mold to the unique shape of your sole, creating a shape that will cradle your foot with every step. The deep heel bed will also ensure that your weight is distributed properly, which is especially important for women who are expecting.

Crocs Bistro

Crocs are renowned for their comfort and light weight, and their sandals are no exception. The Bistro is a comfortable clog-style shoe made for people who spend time on their feet. The American Podiatric Medical Association or APMA has recognized Crocs for their ability to allow the foot to function properly and promoting good foot health. The Croslite material that is the trademark of the Crocs shoe is ultra-lightweight. You won’t find a shoe that is lighter on your feet. Not only is it comfortable, but Croslite is also durable and wipes clean with a damp cloth. The Bistro also features the Crocs Lock anti-slip tread, so you can be sure on your feet.

There is no avoiding the fact that sometimes pregnancy can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, having the right pair of shoes can make a big difference. You don’t have to settle for ugly or clunky shoes in the quest for comfort during pregnancy. Sandals are a great option for women who are expecting, and with the many styles and colors available, there is sure to be something that is perfect for you. Try some of the comfortable sandals for pregnancy you read about here and you will soon find yourself walking on a cloud.


  •  It is best to wear shoes with wide and low heels. Avoid shoes with heels that measure more than 2″ so your back is properly supported.
  • Good arch support: Shoes with good arch support are vital, so use an insert that adds arch support if you need it.Your shoe should also offer a comfortable padded footbed. You can avoid foot pain by choosing orthopedic shoes.
  • Buy shoes for wider feet
  • Wide toe box is best, shoes that are too tight will cause even more discomfort
  • Slip-on shoes are more practical as lace-up shoes will be too difficult to tie
  • The best thing to do is to prevent swelling by staying away from tight and fashionable shoes. If you are already dealing with foot swelling, switch to more comfortable orthopedic shoes as soon as possible. Try shopping for new shoes at the end of a workday. It will be easier to find the best shoes for pregnant women if your feet are already swollen. If you are experiencing severe swelling in your feet, wearing a little larger size is your best option.
  • Ask a salesperson to measure your feet if you have a hard time getting shoes on and off and are not sure what the right size is.
  • Buy shoes that balance your gait and arch type. See the podiatrist if you have problem feet with flat arches, bunions, etc.
  • Wear orthopedic shoes if other shoes are simply too uncomfortable. Wearing shoes designed for diabetics could be a great option. These shoes are made to be stretched and will feel comfortable regardless of how swollen your feet are.
  • Slip-resistant shoes are suggested regardless of the time of year you are pregnant, especially if you work in a place where the floor could become slippery. This will help you avoid injuries during your pregnancy.


Stay away from flip-flops during pregnancy. This type of shoe is too flat and offers no arch support at all! Another thing on the pregnancy shoe-warning list is open-toe shoes. Small wedges and flats should be purchased in leather as they expand with your feet. Also, flats (with an arch of course) can ease back pain and strain frequently linked to pregnancy.

It’s crucial to treat your feet right during your pregnancy. This means choosing shoes that are comfortable, roomy, and shoes that give you proper support. In fact, the American College of Foot and Ankle-Surgeons have stated that your feet could expand to a full size permanently! Therefore, treat your feet well. You may finish your pregnancy with not only a precious newborn but with feet that fit the stylish shoes you wore before your pregnancy.


Though swelling feet can put a dent in your style, it does not have to be that way. The best shoes for pregnant women have been revolutionized, and there are options to make you feel comfortable and stylish throughout your pregnancy, and afterward as well!

These are only some of the stretchable shoes available to you if you are suffering from swollen feet. The best thing to do is to read up on these different shoes and perhaps go to a few shoe stores so you can try different models and see how they fit. The important thing is to find supportive shoes that make you feel comfortable and reduce the pain associated with swollen feet.