private jet operating costs comparisons

Let us take a look at the Private Jet Operating Costs Comparisons and aircraft operating cost comparison. We have estimated hourly operating costs for 45 jets likely to be at the National Business Aviation Association convention in Las Vegas. These are variable costs and include fuel, maintenance (parts and labor), engine reserves, auxiliary power units if applicable, and miscellaneous expenses to include crew travel, catering and cabin supplies, landing and parking fees—all boiled down to a single number. So what is the cheapest private jet for your budget?

As a quick summary, the least expensive to operate is a Cirrus Vision SF50 jet at $661.53 per hour. The most expensive, as you might expect, is a private airliner. The Airbus ACJ320 ultra-long-range, large-cabin business jet comes in at $7,964.69 per hour, while the Boeing BBJ 2 ultra-long-range, large-cabin business aircraft comes in at $7,674.95. A BBJ 3 is less expensive at $7,396.29.

aircraft operating cost comparison

The Eclipse comes in at $888.59, while a Gulfstream G650 is $4,843.16 per hour. Looking at additional manufacturers, an Embraer Lineage 1000E costs $5,827.32 per hour, while a Cessna Citation Mustang is $1,015.37. A Cessna Citation X+ is $4,098.69, while the new Cessna Latitude is $2,935.67. The Nextant 400XTi comes in at $1,623.06, and the SyberJet SJ30 at $1,607.77. A Dassault Falcon 8X costs $3,803.75 per hour while a Learjet 75 is $2,172.31, and a Bombardier Challenger 850 is $3,544.71. The Cessna Citation CJ4 is $1,970.13 per hour. Embraer’s Phenom 300 costs $1,757.53 per hour.

The company estimates that the HondaJet costs $1,134.90 per hour to operate.

See the full list of hourly operating costs for the 45 jets in the table below.

Private Jet Operating Costs Comparisons

Bombardier Challenger 350Jet Long Range$3,152.1084060004702HTF 7350Honeywell Engines
Bombardier Challenger 650Jet Long Range$3,384.82104820040634882CF34-3B MTOGeneral Electric
Bombardier Challenger 850Jet Long Range$3,544.71155300029464592CF34-3B1General Electric
Cessna Citation X+Jet Long Range$4,098.6983660033705272AE 3007C2Rolls Royce
Dassault Falcon 2000LXSJet Long Range$3,089.71104280040654822PW308CPratt & Whitney Canada
Dassault Falcon 2000SJet Long Range$3,149.57104100036014822PW308CPratt & Whitney Canada
Dassault Falcon 900LXJet Long Range$3,587.50124900047504823TFE 731-60Honeywell Engines
Embraer Legacy 500Jet Long Range$3,179.7883791931254672HTF7500EHoneywell Engines
Embraer Legacy 600Jet Long Range$3,739.73134960434294552AE 3007A1ERolls Royce
Embraer Legacy 650Jet Long Range$3,860.49135357239194592AE 3007A2Rolls Royce
Gulfstream G280Jet Long Range$3,162.7383960034004822HTF 7250GHoneywell Engines
Gulfstream G450Jet Long Range$4,747.16147460043635002TAY 611-8CRolls Royce
Bombardier Learjet 70Jet Medium$2,166.1162150019204652TFE 731-40BRHoneywell Engines
Bombardier Learjet 75Jet Medium$2,172.3182150018994652TFE 731-40BRHoneywell Engines
Cessna Citation LatitudeJet Medium$2,935.6793080027874292PW306DPratt & Whitney Canada
Cessna Citation Sovereign+Jet Medium$2,699.3893075530954592PW306DPratt & Whitney Canada
Cessna Citation XLS+Jet Medium$2,302.5482020018964402PW545CPratt & Whitney Canada
Embraer Legacy 450Jet Medium$2,789.0973527125754702HTF7500EHoneywell Engines
Gulfstream G150Jet Medium$2,380.0972610030184702TFE 731-40ARHoneywell Engines
Cessna Citation CJ3+Jet Small$1,680.0361387017484172FJ44-3AWilliams
Cessna Citation CJ4Jet Small$1,970.1371711020224542FJ44-4AWilliams
Cessna Citation M2Jet Small$1,395.3161070010744042FJ44-1APWilliams
Embraer Phenom 300Jet Small$1,757.5371796819744442PW535EPratt & Whitney Canada
Nextant Aerospace 400XTiJet Small$1,623.0671630017164602FJ44-3APWilliams
SyberJet SJ30Jet Small$1,607.7751395018764832FJ44-2AWilliams
Airbus ACJ318Jet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$6,572.9619145504002CFM56-5B9CFM International
Airbus ACJ319Jet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$6,926.221916865063604862CFM56-5B7CFM International
Airbus ACJ320Jet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$7,964.691916978504862CFM56-5B4CFM International
Airbus ACJ321Jet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$7,954.511919621004672CFM56-5B4CFM International
Boeing BBJJet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$6,851.391917100062304862CFM56-7CFM International
Boeing BBJ 2Jet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$7,674.951917420057224732CFM56-7BCFM International
Boeing BBJ 3Jet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$7,396.291918770057224732CFM56-7BCFM International
Bombardier Global 5000Jet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$5,093.92139250051375112BR 710-A2-20Rolls Royce
Bombardier Global 6000Jet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$5,149.70139950063905112BR 710-A2-20Rolls Royce
Dassault Falcon 7XJet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$3,849.791270000580303PW307APratt & Whitney Canada
Dassault Falcon 8XJet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$3,803.751273000645003PW307DPratt & Whitney Canada
Embraer Lineage 1000EJet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$5,827.321912015246024712CF34-10E7-BGeneral Electric
Gulfstream G550Jet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$4,731.05189100068205082BR 710-C4-11Rolls Royce
Gulfstream G650Jet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$4,843.16189960070005162BR 725 A1-12Rolls Royce
Gulfstream G650ERJet Ultra LR & Lrg Cabin$4,847.911810360074885162BR 725 A1-12Rolls Royce
Cessna Citation MustangJets VLJ$1,015.37486458003402PW615FPratt & Whitney Canada
Cirrus Vision SF50Jets VLJ$661.534600003001FJ33-5AWilliams
Embraer Phenom 100EJets VLJ$1,151.8451058210453902PW617F-EPratt & Whitney Canada
Honda Aircraft HA-420 HondaJetJets VLJ$1,134.905996304202HF120GE Honda
One Aviation Eclipse 550Jets VLJ$888.59360005743712PW610F-APratt & Whitney Canada

cheapest private jet

Naturally, the most affordable jets to fly will be among the smallest. All five on this list range from very light to light jets, each of which can be flown by a single pilot. The numbers below, provided by Aircraft Cost Calculator, are based on worldwide averages under the assumption that each aircraft is being flown 200,000 miles a year, operating with a single pilot making $74,100 annually, with the cost of fuel at $5 per gallon. Obviously, those numbers won’t hold true for everybody. The purpose of this blog is simply to be used as a reference when comparing your most affordable options.Download Our Sample Buyer’s Guide

Eclipse EA500/EA550 | $441,043.47 – $446,927.17

Passengers – 5
Cruise Speed – 359 knots


Crew – $74,100.00
Hangar – $14,135.00
Insurance – $21,200.00
Training – $13,162.50


Fuel – $340.00 (68 gal/hr at $5/gal)
Maintenance – $331.49
Total Per Hour – $671.49

Total Fixed Annual – $122,597.50
Total Direct Annual – $324,329.67

Total Annual Cost – $446,927.17

HondaJet HA-420 | $469,335.52

Passengers – 5
Cruise Speed – 420 knots


Crew – $74,100.00
Hangar – $22,035.00
Insurance – $18,766.00
Training – $13,845.00


Fuel – $540.00 (108 gal/hr at $5/gal)
Maintenance – $282.68
Total Per Hour – $822.68

Total Fixed Annual – $128,746.00
Total Direct Annual – $340,589.52

Total Annual Cost – $469,335.52

Citation Mustang | $522,789.84

Passengers – 5
Cruise Speed – 331 knots


Crew – $74,100.00
Hangar – $23,302.50
Insurance – $13,377.00
Training – $13,162.50


Fuel – $405.00 (81 gal/hr at $5/gal)
Maintenance – $356.16
Total Per Hour – $761.16

Total Fixed Annual – $123,942.00
Total Direct Annual – $398,847.84

Total Annual Cost – $522,789.84

Embraer Phenom 100 | $527,581.80

Passengers – 5
Cruise Speed – 361 knots


Crew – $74,100.00
Hangar – $22,522.50
Insurance – $15,912.00
Training – $13,162.50


Fuel – $495.00 (99 gal/hr at $5/gal)
Maintenance – $342.26
Total – $837.26

Total Fixed Annual – $125,697.00
Total Direct Annual – $401,884.80

Total Annual Cost – $527,581.80

Citation M2 | $576,394.26

Passengers – 6
Cruise Speed – 393 knots


Crew – $74,100.00
Hangar – $26,715.00
Insurance – $17,140.50
Training – $12,870.00


Fuel – 605.00 (121 gal/hr at $5/gal)
Maintenance – $405.36
Total Per Hour – $1,010.36

Total Fixed Annual – $130,825.00
Total Direct Annual – $445,568.76

Total Annual Cost – $576,394.26

The following aircraft barely missed the cut for the top five most affordable jets to fly (total annual cost included):

Citation CJ1/CJ1+ | $604,343.88 – $608,952.66
Citation CJ2/CJ2+ | $606,362.52 – $638,942.60
Premier 1A | $615,121.10
Citation CJ3/CJ3+ | $675,148.56 – $680,367.84
Citation Bravo | $688,981.20

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