protective hairstyles for short natural hair

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and protective hairstyles for short natural hair pinterest looks. African women have really thick and dense natural hair, which opens up a world of opportunities for creating amazing natural hair styles. Even though this type of hair has visible drawbacks, it is not so hard to take care of. In this article, we will show you some of the best protective hairstyles for short natural hair.

Natural hairstyles for short hair and their benefits

If you have short natural hair, you probably know it can easily get dry and needs a lot of special care. There are a lot of protective hairstyles for natural short hair that can limit the outer stress for the health of your hair, influenced by the environmental factors. They have got a lot of benefits, among which are the maintenance of hair moisture, retention of length, protection from the unhealthy elements, and of course, the trendy and stylish look. Protective hairstyles are timeless and priceless because they make your hair ends tucked, thus they are protected from the damaging factors from the outside; not mentioning that they give your look additional elegance and flawlessness. Taking good care of your natural hair is quite easy. First of all, nourishing your hair with the natural oils or the special hydrating balms before you get to style your hair is important. You can let the hair dry overnight. Wearing a hat or a head tie to protect your hair from the low or high temperatures is crucial for the health of your hair. In addition, you can choose to sleep with a satin scarf covering your head. How to style natural hair?

Protective Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

1. Cornrow

protection for short hair You can opt for a protective braided hairstyle for your short hair. Professionally done braids will protect your hair from the outer factors for the whole day long, and the braided patterns will make your hair look unique. With this style, you will always look confident and beautiful.

Bob style

2. Classic braids

The best benefit of braids is that they are long-lasting – they can basically be practical for weeks, with very little effort from you to maintain them. Braided hairstyles for shorter hair are no less great than the longer ones – they give you this special charm, and they are light and comfortable to wear. Try the bob-length braids, add the smile to your face, and your look will be perfect.

Classic braids

3. Sealed hair with twist

In order to create this hairstyle, you can smooth out your natural hairstyle, and then twist it towards the back of the neck. Then, secure it with a low bun. Your look is completed! This is the hairstyle for those who are always young and vibrant.

Sealed hair

4. Braided crown with low bun

This interesting hairdo will turn you into a real princess or queen, and of course, boost your confidence. In addition, the braid is one of the simplest ways to keep up a regular low bun. The hairstyle looks especially formal, so you can wear it to the events that are special to you

Braided crown

5. Natural flat twist hairstyle Flat twists

are one of the most common protective hairdos for women with short hair. They give the cornrow vibes, but they are much faster and easier to make. If you want your updo to last at least a few days, you should definitely turn to this styling.

Natural flat twist

6. Pineapple

updo This updo will make you look daring and brave, which is incredibly important for you when you want to seem confident in other people’s eyes. To style your hair this way, you should just pile all of your hair to the front of your head. This method can also be used when you have made a twist-out and want to sleep without ruining the style.

Pineapple updo

7. Protective twists

Every woman with natural hair knows that after washing your hair, you often have to see it shrink. As a result of this, the hair seems more cropped than it is. In case you want to add the texture and try something that will keep your hair in order, you can choose the protective twists or braids.

Protective twists

8. Flat twist updo

Many of the natural hairstyles like jumbo cornrows or box braids have a downfall of pulling on edges or weighing down your strands. This is the opposite of hair protection that you need. In order to achieve the needed protective effect, you can pick the flat twist updo. It has a similar effect but is much easier and lighter for your head to wear.

Flat twist updo

9. Mixed textures

Mixing two different textures together would be a really unique idea. For instance, you can try front cornrows and back twists, which will easily add the visual appeal to the hairstyle. Even without using accessories, this hairdo will always be on point.

Mixed textures

10. Twisted chignon

This hairstyle will not be easy enough to make at home. However, if you hire a professional hair stylist to do it for you, you will surely get a long-lasting protective hairdo that also looks elegant. Besides, you can also classify it as sporty. In case you are not a fan of flat twists, they can be easily replaced with cornrows.

Twisted chignon

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