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Push up bra victoria secret

If you’ve ever had problems fitting into your bra, or finding the right size,

you’re not the only one. In fact, it has been estimated that about two-thirds of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Collectively, that’s a lot of discomfort.

Ya know it’s actually a good thing that I can’t fit Victoria’s Secret bras. My wallet don’t need it.

— Areola Grande. (@Cater2Liz) December 30, 2015

I don’t fit in Victoria’s Secret bras and it makes me so sad

— tater tot ☻ (@madzidk) December 29, 2015

victoria’s secret is that you might not fit into their bras because of their limited size range and they don’t know how to properly fit

— ellie-cat ! (@Iovesomeone) October 4, 2015

One of the main suspects in the “Case of the Uncomfortable Bra” just so happens to be lingerie superstore Victoria’s Secret. Countless women have complained about the fit of their bras and have especially focused on the brand’s inaccurate sizing. “When I was a preteen, I was able to shop at Victoria’s Secret – although I can honestly say none of the bras fit me,” bra-fitter Erica Windle, co-owner of a lingerie boutique called A Sophisticated Pair, tells us. “They frequently added inches to my ribcage, leaving me in 34s or even 36s when I should have been wearing 30s. Eventually, my bust expanded to the point where the only size which offered any kind of cup coverage was a 38D, and they happily sold it to me despite copious fit issues.”

best push up bra victoria secret

“I’m a 38H, and without fail, a girl at Victoria’s Secret will try and get me into a 38DD and I’m like SWEETIE. They are gonna try and sell you the sizes they have, even if there’s NO WAY you can fit into them,” writes Redditor Kitkatness. “I had to get past my mental block of ANYTHING OVER DD IS MASSIVE that was instilled in me by places like VS, when really, it’s all relative to cup and band size.”

To get the other side of the story, we reached out to Andrea Park, a NY-based writer who worked for Victoria’s Secret as a senior in high school. In addition to having her own problems with the company’s sizing, Andrea revealed that many of her customers faced bra-related setbacks. “I remember one time this pre-teen came in to get fitted and right away I knew she wasn’t going to fit in any of our bras. I was 17, so I really didn’t even know what to do,” Andrea tells HelloGiggles. “I lied and told her she was a 38B (that was the widest band we had with the smallest cup), but in reality she was an AA or A cup with a wider band. She came out of the fitting room crying and I felt so bad and she and her mom told me VS needed to stock bras for ‘real people.’”

A photo posted by Victoria’s Secret (@victoriassecret) on Mar 16, 2016 at 6:05am PDT

Andrea isn’t the only one who talks about the limited size options at Victoria’s Secret. We spoke to Courtney Killpack, a Certified Bra Fit Specialist who won a regional All Star in Lingerie award when she worked at Nordstrom. “Victoria’s Secret bra size ranges from 30-40 band sizes and AA-DDD cup sizes. This isn’t a wide range of sizes,” Courtney reveals. “I would say more than half of my clients I fit are DDD+ cup size. There are cup sizes that come in F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, I, J, K; and band sizes that go from 26-44! There’s over 19 cup sizes, and VS only carries seven. And there’s over 10 band sizes, and VS only carries six.”

Are Victoria’s Secret bra sizes completely inaccurate simply because they don’t carry a wide size variety? 

To accommodate for their limited range of bra sizes, Andrea states, “They give sizes that I believe have bands that are too wide and cups that are too small. I think they do this because then they can basically sell bras within a certain range and not make too many different sizes.” Interestingly enough, Victoria’s Secret standards revealed that Andrea should be wearing a bra size 32B or 34B. However, when she visited a lingerie boutique, they found her to be a 28DD, a size that gives her much more support.

When we asked Jenny Altman – style, fashion, and bra expert – about the issues surrounding Victoria’s Secret sizing, she brought something called sister sizing to our attention. “Most women need to go down a band size and up a cup size for a good fit. BUT…since [Victoria’s Secret] doesn’t offer a huge assortment of sizes and still wants you to wear their product, they do a lot of ‘sister sizing’ (which is a size off in band/cup and is a close match but not a perfect match),” Altman explains. “As a result of Victoria’s Secret working as a ‘fitter’, I have seen so many women wearing band sizes 2-3 times larger than they should and a 2-3 times smaller cup size. So if a woman would be properly fit as a 32G (which they don’t sell) they would fit her in a 36DD (which they do sell).”


A photo posted by Victoria’s Secret (@victoriassecret) on Mar 22, 2016 at 4:56am PDT

On top of that, Victoria’s Secret may be incorrectly finding your bra size.

“A few years ago, I wrote a blog with accompanying video discussing the sizing technique on their website at the time, which was to take the band measurement under the arms rather than at the ribcage, and I heard from a lot of people who weighed in with varying stories. It seems that Victoria’s Secret does have some ethical fitters, but the most common complaint I have heard is that, one way or another, they size people up in the band in order to fit them into their products,” Erica tells us. “Some customers have been told by VS fitters that overflow was ‘sexy’ or how the bra was made to fit. In fact, some of the negative feedback I received from fitters at VS indicated they thought I needed to try on bras in VS in a 36DD (at the time, I was wearing a US 30K/UK 30H) … It was a disaster.”

Courtney also tells us, based on her own experience as a customer, “Some of their inexperienced fitters measure you over your clothes! Which adds 2-3 inches to your measurements, this is the least accurate way of finding someone’s bra size! It’s hit and miss at VS when it comes to getting help, you could get a fitter who just started that day and has no experience or clue how a bra should fit.”

Altman has also looked into this aspect of the Victoria’s Secret experience, telling us, “I have never worked for VS, so I can’t speak to their employee ‘training’, but I have walked into many VS stores and have never had a proper fitting. One day I went into three VS stores in NYC to see what the experience would be like. Two of the stores fit me OVER my down parka. The first said I was a 34D. The second store said I was a 36D. The third store, which did fit me over just my sweater in the fitting room area, said I was a 34B. I am a 30B. Luckily I know my size, because if I had followed their advice my bra would be floating up to my chin.”

A photo posted by Victoria’s Secret (@victoriassecret) on Feb 29, 2016 at 1:32pm PST

In general, many bra stores – Victoria’s Secret included – do not accommodate women with larger bra sizes.

“As a 32F I’m sick and tired of being labelled ‘plus size’ by lingerie stores. I end up having to try to find a size that fits amongst racks of bras that have more resemblance to a barrage balloon than intimate fashions! I’m a size 10, I just have ample bosoms and hate how hard it can be to find bras that fit me,” comments KirstyM, on a The Lingerie Addict piece. The post was dedicated to companies that sell bras for plus-size and full-bust women. It was created because the writer, Cora Harrington, received countless emails asking about bras for larger sizes – ones that aren’t bland or beige.

If Victoria’s Secret had a plus size line I’m sure they’d get a lot more business. ?

— chloe (@tuddy96) April 27, 2016

Another commenter, Susan, adds, “If 36 D is really the AVERAGE size why is it so hard to find bras a little bigger, until F at least? Either this information is wrong or the manufacturers are completely ignoring the reality. If 36D is the average there must be plenty of women a bit bigger … And since Calvin Klein is American why do they stop at D or DD? That doesn’t really reflect the reality of American women’s sizing, and this is an American brand? Same thing with Victorias Secret. Why do they sell nothing for larger busts? This doesn’t make sense.”

Clancy Burke, who worked at Victoria’s Secret in 2014, tells HelloGiggles, “I think that it’s definitely harder for larger-chested women to shop at Victoria’s Secret. One thing I didn’t know before working at Victoria’s Secret is that Victoria’s Secret charges extra to women with bigger boobs. DD-sized bras (and up) cost more than all other bras, which is absolutely absurd. It’s almost like these women are being penalized for having a little extra skin.”

While Victoria’s Secret claims they follow industry guidelines, the company also states that they apply “sexy sophistication” to sizing standards. 

With these complaints in mind, I went right to the source and asked a Victoria’s Secret customer service representative, via the Live Chat feature on their website, to help me with sizing. In addition to being super evasive, they did not answer any of my questions. Mainly, I wanted to know why their technique differed from other companies’ and was told to either use their Bra Fit Tool or meet with a bra specialist in their store.

I also asked about the wording on the FAQ section of the Victoria’s Secret website. It reads, “Most brands, including Victoria’s Secret, follow industry guidelines; so your bra size—particularly, the Band size—should be consistent from one manufacturer to the next. Victoria’s Secret applies sexy sophistication to those sizing standards; so, our levels of padding and coverage may differ from other retailers.”

What is “sexy sophistication”? 

I wanted to know what “applies sexy sophistication” means because it makes it sound as though they are altering industry guidelines in some way. The response: “The Brand Victoria’s Secret is just that ‘sexy and sophisticated.’ We are best at bras and we have a huge variety of bras to choose from. Our bra specialist will get you sized based in your true size.” 

At this point, I’m not sure that would help.

When all is said and done, what can we do about it?

Jenny Altman gave HelloGiggles the lowdown on the bra sizing world. She explained that all bra brands employ their own sizing methods – especially based on whether they are an American or a European company. “Just like with jeans, we are different sizes in different brands, so whichever brand you want to shop, you need to know your correct size in THAT brand,” Altman asserts. “Size is just a number/letter – DO NOT get hung up on your size. Make sure you are well fit and supported regardless of that number/letter.” She adds that – because of childbirth, weight loss/gain, or starting a new workout – our breast size can change on a yearly or even monthly basis.

Women fluctuate so we must every 6months get measured for your CORRECT bra size! A well fitting bra can change your life! #CurvyStyleCentric

— Liris Crosse (@LirisC) May 1, 2016

To help all bra shoppers be their own advocate when figuring out what

size makes them feel amazing, Jenny has some amazing advice: “When you put on a bra in the fitting room, make sure your band is parallel across the back and not riding up (a sign that the bra band is too big). You should only be able to slip a finger or two under the band. Make sure you are not billowing over the cups (a sign that the cup is too small). Also make sure your breasts are each fully encapsulated in each cup and that the wire is not digging into the breast tissue under your arm. All of these things will teach you to make sure the bra is properly fitting which is important at a place like VS where you can’t really rely on employees to ensure you have the best fit. Don’t get taken in by a pretty color or sexy fabric, fit comes first.”

push up sports bra victoria secret

best sports bras for large breasts.

Best Overall: Wacoal High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Buy on AmazonBuy on ZapposBuy on Nordstrom

Feel secure and tight in all the right places with the Wacoal High Impact Underwire Sports Bra, which is specifically designed for larger breasts. This bra features a flattering scoop neck front with close-set, wide straps that prevent slipping and digging. To change up the look, the adjustable straps can also be converted into a criss-cross style. For an easy and custom fit, this bra fastens using a hook-and-eye back closure.

This high-impact sports bra is designed with a seamless underwire frame which stabilizes the chest for a bounce-free, lifted fit. Molded, two-ply seamless cups deliver a smooth and rounded shape. Made with moisture-wicking fabric and mesh sides, this bra keeps the girls cool and comfy.

The Wacoal High Impact Underwire Sports Bra is offered in White/Lilac Gray, Ensign Blue/Lead, Gray Heather, Heather Rose/Peppercorn, Pickled Beet Heather, Mazarine Blue Heather, and more. It’s available in band sizes 32 to 42, and cup sizes C through H.

Best Budget: SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Sports Bra

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This SYROKAN sports bra is a high-quality, budget-friendly pick for fuller busts. Unlike most bras, SYROKAN’s design enables one to independently and discreetly adjust the straps without even taking off the bra. The bonded, front-adjustable straps help you find a customized fit and feature a hidden hook-and-loop closure, which is a total game changer!

The sports bra is designed for shock absorption and motion reduction with a full-coverage fit and a wide underband construction. The bra’s molded, padded cups maintain their shape even after strenuous workouts

Sporting a racerback design with mesh inserts, the bra is made to keep you dry and cool while you exercise. It comes in a variety of bright and neutral tones in sizes 32B through 44F.

Best for Running: Brooks Jubralee Bra

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The Brooks Jubralee is specially crafted to meet the intense, physical demands of running. This fully adjustable encapsulation bra delivers a highly compressive and supportive fit that’s tailored to larger bust sizes. Seamless, contoured cups support each breast with an additional inner sling which helps to separate, shape, and lift. The Brooks Jubralee is made from a soft, moisture-wicking blend of polyester and spandex for superior comfort on long, sweaty runs.

This flattering cut features a scoop neckline with an open back. The bra’s signature feature is its bonded front-adjustable straps, which deliver a chafe-free fit and offer full customization. Additionally, hidden side and underbust support help to minimize bounce and side-to-side movement.

This bra is offered in black in band sizes 30 through 44, and in cup sizes B through F.The 10 Best Sports Bras for Runners of 2020

Best for Yoga: Lululemon Free To Be Elevated Bra

Lululemon Free To Be Elevated Bra

Buy on Lululemon

Raise your hand if you’re tired of scrolling through adorable strappy sports bras that provide zero support for anyone over a C-cup.

You’re in luck! Lululemon’s Free To Be Elevated Bra is adorable and strappy, yet it provides plenty of coverage and support. At first glance, the bra looks like a classic racerback bra. Turn it around and find an artfully designed strappy yet supportive back that you’ll want to show off at the studio—or your next virtual yoga class.

The Free To Be Elevated Bra is designed for yoga, delivering light support for DD cups. For those who prefer a pad-free fit, there’s a pocket for removable pads. Lululemon’s sweat-wicking, four-way stretch Luxtreme fabric fits like a second skin. It not only moves and stretches with the body, but with added Lycra fibre, the bra will also retain its shape over time. It’s also buttery soft and cool to the touch, delivering a smooth, flattering fit. 

This sexy, stretchy, and supportive sports bra is designed in a chic palette of rustic colors, including Ancient Copper, Yellow Serpentine, Grey Sage, White, Black, and Misty Pink. It’s offered in sizes 2 through 12, which spans sizes 28 through 40DD.The 8 Best Sports Bras For Yoga

Best High Impact: Panache Women’s Underwired Sports Bra

Buy on AmazonBuy on Dick’sBuy on Nordstrom

If you’re really looking for a boost, the Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra is designed to fit like a classic bra, delivering a lifted, bounce-free bust. Unlike other sports bras which strap down and compress the chest into an unflattering uniboob, the Panache sports bra features molded, seamless inner cups that encapsulate each breast, delivering a smooth and shapely bounce-free chest.

Wide, cushioned shoulder straps provide a comfortable, dig-free fit. Complete with a hook-and-eye back closure and adjustable convertible straps, this bra can be customized to your personal fit and style. It’s made of 48 percent polyamide, 38 percent polyester, and 14 percent elastane. 

The Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra comes in a wide range of prints and colors. It’s offered in band sizes 28 through 40 and U.S. cup sizes B through M. When choosing your size, be aware that the listed cup sizes are in UK sizes and must be converted. The 8 Best High-Impact Sports Bras of 2020

Best Low Impact: Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra

Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra

Buy on Girlfriend.comBuy on Nordstrom

Striking the balance between a bra and a crop top, the Paloma Sports Bra delivers a full-coverage flattering fit with a classic scoop neckline. This versatile racerback style features a built-in support band for a snug, held-in sensation.

The low-to-medium impact bra supports daily activities as well as lower impact fitness like pilates, yoga, and walking. The soft, breathable fabric is super sweat-wicking for a comfortable workout. Girlfriend Collective’s sustainable fabric is made from 79 percent recycled plastic bottles and 21 percent spandex.

The Paloma Bra comes in a wide range of colors, including Girlfriend Collective’s collection of classic tones as well as its limited-edition color collections. It’s available in sizes extra-extra small through 6XL, which includes band sizes 30 through 60.

Best for Larger Than D Cup: Elomi Energise Full Figure Sports Bra

Buy on AmazonBuy on ZapposBuy on Nordstrom

The Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra delivers a non-compressive, unlined and unpadded fit for high-impact activities. The molded, underwire cups individually lift and separate each breast, offering optimal shape and support. Vertical and horizontal seams add visual interest and help define one’s shape.

This sports bra keeps more than just the girls held in—it boasts a seamless side and back support panel to keep things smooth and tight while avoiding any spillover. Made with moisture-wicking microfiber fabric, the Elomi Energise bra keeps skin dry and comfortable. Additionally, the underwire does not extend to the center so there’s no painful poking. 

This bra features adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye back closure. The additional J-hook fastening allows the bra to seamlessly convert into a racerback style when desired. It’s made of 94 percent nylon and 6 percent elastane. 

The bra comes in all the basics—Black, White, and Nude—along with Navy, Pomegranate, Charcoal, and more. It’s offered in band sizes 32 through 46 and U.S. cup sizes D through O.The 10 Best Sports Bras for Small Chests of 2020

Best Plus Size: Nike Bold High-Support Underwire Sports Bra

Nike Bold High-Support Underwire Sports Bra

Buy on Nike.comBuy on Nordstrom

The Nike Bold Sports Bra delivers premium support for the most intense workouts. Featuring molded cups with a sturdy underwire and thick adjustable straps, this bra keeps the girls upright and tight. It’s made from a super-soft material with a stretchy elastic bottom band for all-day comfort. Featuring Nike’s signature Dri-FIT technology, the bra keeps you feeling cool and comfortable.

This classically shaped bra features a scooped open back which fastens with a thick banded, supportive hook-and-eye back closure. It’s made from soft polyester and spandex material.

The Nike Bold Sports Bra comes in a range of colors in sizes 32F through 44G.

Best Design: Natori Gravity Sports Bra

Buy on AmazonBuy on Nordstrom

The Natori Gravity Sports Bra delivers the comfort and simplicity of a t-shirt bra with the high-impact support of a heavy-duty sports bra. This fashion-forward pick features a two-in-one layered design resembling the look and feel of a cami worn over an everyday bra.

Constructed with a hidden underwire, the bra delivers maximum motion reduction and support. The contoured light foam cups deliver a smooth, sleek appearance with a molded CoolMax outer cover for added shape and style. The stretchy elastic bottom band and side mesh paneling keep the body cool during sweaty workouts.

The front of the bra features dual straps that come together at the top of the shoulder to form a sleek and fully adjustable single back strap. The Natori Gravity Sports Bra is ideal for both everyday and medium-impact activities like Zumba, spinning, and hiking. It’s offered in Black, Grey/Lead, and Iron/White in band sizes 30 through 38 and cup sizes B through G.The 12 Best Sports Bras of 2020

Best Front Closure: Adidas Women’s Ultimate Sports Bra

Buy on AmazonBuy on Dick’s

The Adidas Ultimate Sports Bra delivers maximum support and comfort for all your training needs. This high-impact bra features a super-soft underband with generously padded, adjustable X-back straps. The zip-front design makes the dreaded chore of taking off a sweaty sports bra a breeze.

This wireless design features plenty of lift without pain from stubborn poking underwires. It comes complete with lightly padded, molded cups for comfortable all-day wear. The bra is constructed using Adidas’ sweat-wicking Aeroready technology with a breathable power mesh overlay. It’s made of 79 percent polyester and 21 percent elastane interlock.

Get it in Legacy Purple, Black, and White in sizes 30A through 48E.

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