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Finding the Rainbow Carpet Cleaner Price can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top rainbow vacuum models in the category.

rainbow vacuum models

11. Rainbow Vacuum E2 Blue E Series Tank Canister Water Filtration

Rainbow Vacuum E2 Blue E Series Tank Canister Water Flitration

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  • By: Rainbow

If you really want to keep your home spotless, this is one of a few vacuums outside there that should get the work perfectly done. The unit is specially designed to eliminate odor and fur whether on the carpet or on a hard surface. Unlike most counterparts, it features a spectacular ‘hurry cane’ motor design which is paired with the efficient water filtration to help trap wet dust and dirt and prevent them from escaping through the exhaust.

Besides, unlike most traditional vacuums, the water filtration rainbow vacuum doesn’t clog up like most dry filters. This means that the suction and power doesn’t diminish as you clean.reasons I picked Best Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners:

10. Rainbow e2 Vacuum Cleaners

Rainbow e2 vacuum (Black) NEWEST model EXCLUSIVE Royal

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  • By: Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

This reconditioned e2 vacuum cleaner from Rainbow works as good as a new one. In fact, you will hardly tell the difference if you didn’t see it. It’s been refurbished using the best parts and will serve you for many years to come. The motor is pretty powerful and delivers amazing suction. It features rotating edge brushes and a power nozzle brush for improved cleaning and exclusive air purifier for keeping the environment clean.reasons I picked Best Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners:

9. Rainbow E Series Vacuum Cleaners Wet / Dry – Best Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Rainbow E Series Canister Vacuum Cleaner Wet / Dry

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  • By: Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

With this canister vacuum, cleaning your home, office, or any other place should be a breeze. The E Series cleaner comes with a complete outfit and includes all standard accessories. It cleans very well and requires minimal effort thanks to the powerful 2-motor design and good engineering.

The wand has a good reach while the versatile nozzles allow you to vary the performance. The bushy-brush bare tool makes cleaning the floor, pet dander or fur easy whereas the good technology and filtration leave the air cleaner.More info

8. Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner – Rebuilt Rainbow D4 SE GV Vacuum Cleaner

Rebuilt Rainbow D4 SE GV Vacuum Cleaner Loaded with new GV tools & accessories 5 Year Warranty

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  • By: Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

This rebuilt vacuum cleaner is what you need to give your home or office a clean and sparkly look. Refurbished from quality and reliable features, the Rainbow D4 SE GV vacuum is renowned for its strong motor, powerful suction, easy cleaning, and versatility.

It features a GV power nozzle, GV hoses, GV head, GV tools, gaskets, bearings, and more. The unit offers a good reach and can work continuously without overheating. Also included are a duster brush, 2 fragrance bottles, crevice tool, hand sprayer, and upholstery tool.More info

7. Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Rebuilt E series Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Rebuilt E series GV Hepa E2 Rainbow Canister Pet Vacuum Cleaner new GV tools & accessories 5 year Warranty

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  • By: Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

With this refurbished canister vacuum cleaner, your home, office, and other situations will look cleaner and smell better. It comes in a full outfit and will make cleaning easy, simple, and convenient.

The unit has a robust motor design that produces lots of suction and will easily take care of dirt, dust, fur, pet dander, and other things. It works flawlessly thanks to the top grade fun and bearings. And considering it comprises of GV parts and accessories, you don’t need to worry about its reliability and longevity.More info

6. Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 Complete System – Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 (Black) Complete Cleaning System

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  • By: Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

The Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 vacuum cleaner comes with a complete system. The black unit is perfect for residential and commercial applications and is a common entrant in the top 12 best rainbow vacuum cleaners reviews. It features parts such as wands, brush roll, power nozzle, crevice tools, hoses, water bowl and more. The sealed hose inlet has a water lifting power of up to 80 inches per minute while the volume air movement is 80 cubic feet per minute.More info

Rainbow Carpet Cleaner Price

5. Royal Line Pro Best Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners, Inc Sirena Vacuum Cleaner


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  • By: Royal Line Pro, Inc Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Boosting of a 2-stage Italian motor, the Sirena vacuum cleaner is pretty strong and powerful. The 1200-watt unit will put up well with most cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting needs in home and offices. Although powerful, it’s very silent and won’t disturb the people around. It comes with a long hose and wand for better reach whereas the versatile motor offers a low and high speed for improved performance. It relies on a water-based air filtration system and also purifies, eliminates odor, and aromatizes the air.More Info

4. Rainbow E2 2-speed Vacuum Cleaner, Best Rainbow Vacuums Cleaner


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  • By: Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

You no longer will struggle cleaning and vacuum your floor. With the Rainbow E2 vacuum cleaner, not only do you have one of the most versatile items but also great suction power. It features a powerful 2-speed motor that allows you to choose either a high or low mode for the best service. The sturdily built unit runs flawlessly and quietly and is fit even for small spaces. And this is credited to the brushless digital motor and advanced design. It also comes with extra wands and bare floor tool.More info

3. Genuine Rainbow E Series Vacuum Cleaner

7. Genuine Rainbow E Series Vacuum Cleaner

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  • By: Rainbow

This Bagless Canister Vacuum is easy to use on both low and high places. It comes with a duster brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool, straight extension wand and floor tool to let you enjoy all types of cleaning. Besides, Water Filtration Technology has 80 CFM of power to help clear dirt and germs. With an electric power-nozzle and a high-speed brush roll, it makes the cleanup more efficient.

Plus, the powerful motor offers incredible speed than most brands to work the inner parts smoothly. This device comes with a Wet-Pickup hose that extracts water from the surface. Not only that but also a shampoo system improves user convenience when dispensing the solution.

2. Rainbow E Series 1 Speed Canister

8. Rainbow E Series 1 Speed Canister

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  • By: Amazon Renewed

This Rainbow vacuum is apart of the E2 E Series to let you clean an area quickly, efficiently and easily. Its size is not too heavy to allow smooth maneuvering from one place to the next. Also, the black finish looks elegant to match with existing cleaning tools naturally. You can press the on and off dial with ease when operating this device. Featuring a sizeable tank, it holds enough dirt to minimize constant disposal.

Made of premium material, the worries about damage, dents and even breaking is a thing of the past. Use it as often as you want to clean and improve the air quality as well. It comes with the modern HEPA Filtration Water Filtration to disinfect dirty floors and stairs.

1. Rebuilt Rainbow SE PN2 Vacuum Cleaner Loaded and Rainbow Vacuum Price 5 Year Warranty

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

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  • By: Rainbow

Although it may be reconditioned, the SE PN2 Rainbow vacuum outperforms other types both new and reconditioned. In fact, it is rated as one of the most powerful, reliable and long-lasting vacuum cleaners in the market.

The accessory features new parts including wands, power nozzle, tools, water bowl, hoses, brush roll and more. It comes with a decent capacity for storing litter and emptying is also simple and easy. And backed by a 5-year warranty, why would you look anywhere else?

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