Range Rover sport vs Vogue

In this post, we will be talking about the Range Rover sport vs Vogue. using the difference between 2006 range rover sport and vogue and range rover sport vs range rover 2020 as our focal points.

The Range Rover sport vs Vogue

The Range Rover Sport or the Range Rover Evoque? Two Incredible, 2020 Land Rover Models, but Which is Right for You?

Land Rover SUVs are renowned around the globe for their off-road prowess, unbeatable performance, and high-end luxury. At Land Rover Glen Cove, we’re proud to be your local destination for these legendary vehicles, and we enjoy helping each customer who walks through our doors understand the differences between each model, so they can make the best decision for their new SUV investment.


For model year 2020, the subcompact Evoque crossover gets a redesign and overhaul. Among the updates, the wheelbase has been lengthened, giving your backseat passengers more legroom than they had in previous versions. Also, new technology has been introduced to the interior of the 2020 Evoque, including an optional, cutting-edge, dual-screen infotainment system.

If you’re thinking about customizing a new Range Rover Evoque, there are six main trim levels to choose from, as well as a range of impressive engines, including an innovative hybrid system.


Another Land Rover SUV, the Range Rover Sport doesn’t undergo any major model changes for 2020, but it does introduce a number of great new features for drivers to appreciate. This includes smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is now standard across the lineup.

Long Island drivers who are looking at the Range Rover Sport get their pick of engines and trim levels here as well. Look for an efficient plug-in hybrid engine system, a diesel V6, and a supercharged V8 as options to choose from here.


Clearly, you can’t go wrong with either of these phenomenal SUVs. But, you do have to make a decision. So, which model is right for you? Consider their key differences to help you make a decision:

  • Size. The main deciding factor between these two models is their size. Both seat five people in two rows, but the Range Rover Sport is considered a midsized SUV, while the Evoque is a subcompact crossover. While it’s true that the Evoque is larger than last year, and it offers ample space and comfort for any driver, it is still smaller than the Range Rover Sport. Looking at their exterior dimensions, this makes the Sport SUV about five inches taller than the Evoque, around 20 inches longer, and it has a wheelbase approximately 10 inches wider.
  • Cargo space. The smaller dimensions mean the Range Rover Evoque also has a slightly smaller cargo hold in the rear. If you require a lot of space for golf clubs or suitcases, the Evoque is certainly up to the task, but you may find you can fit more into a Range Rover Sport. The Evoque cargo area accommodates 21.5 cubic feet, while the Range Rover Sport holds 27.5 cubic feet.
  • Power. As mentioned, both Land Rover SUVs offer a variety of engines, including hybrid options, allowing drivers to pick and choose their level of power and efficiency. But, while the Evoque can have either 246 horsepower or 296 horsepower, depending on your choice, the Sport offers a much higher range of powerful output ratings. The horsepower range for the Range Rover Sport starts at 355 horsepower, and tops out at 575 horsepower, with several steps in between along the way.

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