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Women Slouch Jeans are not jeans that do not fit appropriately, but rather a fashion choice related to a number of different jean-wearing groups. This type of jeans comes in many different colors and can be made for both genders. While many people think of baggy jeans as those that sag below boxer shorts and are worn by men, there are actually a number of other styles that can be thought of as baggy. As such, this type of jeans is not easily definable and should be thought of primarily as way in which pants may fit rather than a certain style.

Some of the most popular baggy jeans are associated with rap and hip hop styles and are worn only by men. These pants usually hang around the buttocks of men and display boxer shorts. This style of clothing is highly stigmatized in some areas and is therefore not advisable for professional ventures. Some schools even forbid students to wear baggy jeans of this type.


There’s no denying: we love denim. As an essential wardrobe piece, there is nothing quite like uncovering the perfect pair of jeans, which we all know is like finding a needle in a haystack. From flattering flared jeans and beloved mom jeans to innovative, sustainable denim, designers continue to evolve the jean with new design techniques and silhouettes. This spring, there’s a new hero style emerging: the baggy jean. And we predict it will last far beyond the summer season. That said, you’re going to need to learn how to style flattering baggy jeans outfits. 

While we’ve spent the majority of the year embracing at-home fashion through oversized, loose-fitting clothing and luxe knitwear sets, we refuse to abandon denim—unless we’re talking skinny jeans, which TikTok and Gen Z have dubbed a fashion faux pas. But that just leaves room for the much comfier baggy jean to make its way into our wardrobe

What Exactly Defines Baggy Jeans?

A style that was extremely popular in the ’90s, the baggy jean is a vintage-inspired, wide-leg silhouette with a bit more volume in the legs than the straight-leg jean. Baggy jeans hug the waistline and loosely taper down the leg for a sophisticated cool look. Because of their loose-fitting nature, baggy jeans have proven to be the at-home jean. 

From high-waisted baggy jeans paired with a fitted T-shirt and menswear-inspired blazer to a dark wash baggy jean styled with elegant Prada slingback pumps, baggy jeans have become a versatile styling item. Ahead, we’re revealing our favorite baggy jeans outfits to inspire your spring looks. 

Transitional Baggy Jeans Outfit

Behold, the perfect transitional outfit. Opt for a gray baggy jean, like Balenciaga’s high-rise, wide-leg jeans, which work for the last chilly days of spring and the scorching summer months. Complete the outfit with other neutral pieces like a boxy white T-shirt under a black leather blazer for a casual-cool look that never feels out for season.

Medium Wash Denim Baggy Jeans Outfit

Sometimes a classic, medium denim wash is all we really need. Medium wash baggy jeans are perhaps the most versatile version of the baggy jean; they can be easily elevated for a more polished, elegant look or paired down for a daytime outfit. Take inspiration from style icon Aimee Song and pair your baggy jeans with a bright-colored silk blouse and Saint Laurent sunglasses for a feel-good outfit.

Minimalist Baggy Jeans Outfit

We adore minimalist style, which is why we are obsessed with this baggy jean outfit. Keep it simple, making baggy jeans the statement piece. Style them with a black T-shirt and hints of gold jewelry like a classic Hermès timepiece or chain-link necklace.

White Baggy Jeans Outfit

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again—monochrome looks are a stylist’s secret to instantly elevate any look. Opt for white baggy jeans and style them with monochromatic pieces, like a white tee and neutral-hued blazer, to create an effortlessly chic outfit. Expert advice: a contrasting strappy sandal will elevate the look to new, posh heights.

Ight Wash Baggy Jeans Outfit

If you’re in the mood for a lighter wash, Sandro’s high-rise baggy jean brings all the retro vibes this season. The perfect pale blue, these light wash jeans will look good with almost anything. We suggest styling them with an oversized button-down and cable knit sweater for an off-duty aesthetic that’s just as comfy as your go-to leggings and sweater WFH look.

Classic Baggy Jeans Outfit

Keep it classic with this ’90s-inspired outfit. You cannot go wrong styling your baggy jeans—no matter the wash—with an oversized, menswear blazer, silk headscarf, and Fendi’s iconic Baguette bag. Not to mention, it’s the ideal throw-on-and-go outfit—all black (almost) everything for the win.

Dark Wash Baggy Jeans Outfit

While laidback baggy jean outfits have proven to be stylish, sophisticated baggy jean outfits are just as easy to pull off. Invest in a dark wash baggy jean for a more polished look, and style them with your other elevated essential wardrobe pieces, like a cashmere knit, Prada pumps, and sleek, gold hoops.

Relaxed Baggy Jeans Outfit

Let’s clarify, just because this baggy jeans outfit is casual does not mean it is unprofessional (music to our ears). Take inspiration from style icon Sylvie Mus and accessorize the relaxed look with a low-heel, strappy sandal, and an iconic diamond tennis bracelet.

Ripped Baggy Jeans Outfit

Similar to the ripped mom jeans, ripped baggy jeans are best when they are styled with timeless wardrobe staples, like the trench coat. Complete the look with a mini, voluminous handbag and our favorite Bottega Veneta leather mules

Beach Baggy Jeans Outfit

Aside from a high-waisted linen trouser, baggy jeans are the go-to pant for the beach. Don’t believe us? Just look to Bottega Veneta’s baggy jeans with a twisted front seam, which thanks to their neutral hue and wide-leg silhouette, feels surprisingly summer appropriate. We can’t wait to style them with a breezy sweater, oversized Gucci sunglasses, and a simple flat sandal.

At-Home Baggy Jeans Outfit

For the days where you can’t stand the thought of putting on another pair of leggings or sweatpants, these jeans are your solution. Valentino’s wide-leg denim with a drawstring waistband are just as comfortable as they look. Complete the outfit with a dynamic knit top and sleek accessories like Proenza Schouler loafers and a Bvlgari timepiece for the ultimate at-home look.

Tailored Baggy Jeans Outfit

Style icon Brittany Xavier’s baggy jeans look is  editor-approved. Opt for a tailored pair of baggy jeans, complete with front pleats, to flatter both your waist and legs. Pair them with a sleek black tank, oversized black sunglasses, and a logo-inspired handbag.

Vintage Wash Baggy Jeans Outfit

There’s nothing quite like vintage denim—especially vintage baggy jeans. The heritage nod instantly transforms the jeans into a statement piece. Keep it in the vintage family and style the jeans with a Western-inspired shirt, Chanel’s new-season caged sandals, and Prada’s small basket tote.

High-Waisted Baggy Jeans Outfit

High-waisted denim has withstood the test of time, and we don’t foresee it going anywhere. This fit accentuates all of the right curves and has proven flattering time-after-time. Complete the look with a simple yet sophisticated belt, nude heeled sandals, and neutral (comfy) tee.

Spring Baggy Jeans Outfit

What better way to welcome a new season than with a new pair of jeans? Indulge in a new baggy jean, like Raey’s wide-leg style, and pair them with other spring essentials like a PVC trench coat. Take a styling cue from stylist and creative director Emili Sindlev and pair them with a sneaker and cross-body handbag.


Denim shorts are must-haves for those ladies who want to show-off their pretty legs. In today’s post I am going to show you fabulous ways how to wear this stunning denim look. There are known creative styling tips and new ways of pairing your bottoms with chic layers, tops and accessories. No matter what is your body size or shape, you can look fabulous with the right styling inspiration.

The main thrust of this fashion sea-change is that oversized clothes are back in fashion, so you’ll be wearing one-size up tee-shirts, flannel shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters with your wide-leg, baggy jeans. And that also means that plus-sized women can enjoy loose-fitting outfits and be more at ease with themselves, which is how it should be

And if you’re a fan of distressed, surfer and skater baggy jeans, there are plenty of baggy jeans to suit your taste! Baggy jeans are super-casual and cool, and they send a message that you wear your clothes for comfort and don’t fuss about having a tailored look. And if you can’t find the clothes designed to be oversized in your size, try just sizing up one size with a normal cut for a slouchy fit!

There are lots of fabulous new colors in the tops you’ll be wearing with your snazzy baggy jeans, too! For winter wear, black, gray, brown, tan, cream, purple, burgundy, green and hot pink. And for spring and summer, there are lots of pretty pastel shades in lavender, blue, green, soft orange, burnt orange and pink.

Baggy jeans are not going to be for everyone, especially petite women, like me, who just look short and squat in baggy jeans! But taller and broader women can carry off this look without any problems. So you should be wearing oversized denim jackets with your baggy jeans, and the new plaid, check

Flannel shirts in gray, or brown check are popular, and there are also attractive, thicker flannel shirts, which are really a warm jacket designed to look like a flannel shirt. The stores are full of the new accessories you’ll love to wear with your baggy jeans!

Cropped & Oversized Tops

You can pair baggy jeans with a variety of shoes and boot styles, but chunky footwear is the best option for an overall contemporary vibe. For winter wear, engineer boots and ankle boots are a good match. And trainers, but in particular, platform shoes in any footwear style will give you a good balance in proportions with baggy jeans. And if you’re not very tall, the extra inches of a platform shoe, boot or sandal will give you a more flattering, taller silhouette by making your legs look longer. Baggy jeans should be worn long enough to cover your platform shoes or boots.

And a word of caution – high heeled boots and stilleto shoes can easily get snagged on the inside hem of wide jeans and cause you to fall forward, so try to avoid wearing thin, high heels with baggy jeans.

Feminine Cardigans

The cute cardigans are something that smaller women can wear, as well as everyone else, and I can’t wait to choose summer cardigans this year. They have lots of interesting and pretty details, for those who want to offset the masculine vibe of the baggy jean.

These are meant to be worn as a buttoned up ‘sweater top’ with your wide leg jeans. They have feminine details, like lovely, large lace collars, pretty pearl buttons, shiny jewel buttons and attractive embroidery, which will make your cardies versatile to wear with summer dresses, too.

Lots of sweaters are cropped and wider than normal continuing the 90’s fashion trend. Cropped and waist-length woollen tops look especially great with high-rise jeans and accentuate your waistline and curves in a flattering way.

After being a joke for so long, the 70’s knitted tank-tops are back and specially designed to match your new baggy jeans. They are much shorter and wider than the close-fitting tank-tops that people wore over blouses and shirts in the distant past. And they can be very figure-flattering, so make sure you try them out, too!

A tank-top adds a degree of warmth to your blouse or shirt alone, without you having to cover up with a jacket, especially if you don’t want to crush your puffy sleeves or do want to show off a pretty patterned shirt.

Puffy Sleeves & Baggy Jeans

The summer tops will feature lots of pretty floral patterns in shirts and blouses with V-necked and round-necked fine-knit tops with lace just showing a little bit around the neckline. And there’s a huge range of bright quirky coats and jackets waiting for us this summer, too!

Graphic T-Shirts And Baggy Jeans

And if you don’t like the cropped styles or can’t afford to re-do your whole wardrobe, you’ll be fine if you just wear the clothes you already have, but tucked-in at the waist! The tucked-in, all around the waistband look is another key to the high-waist, baggy jean style and contrasts with the oversized tee-shirt or sweater look. But the point is not to all wear the same, exact styling with your wide leg pants, but to pick and choose what suits your budget – and most of all your body-shape!

Outfit Suggestions For Baggy Jeans

Here are just a few of the outfit options you’ve got with baggy jeans:-

  1. Skater-chic is easy to achieve with baggy jeans and Van’s sneakers. Wear a tee-shirt under an animal-print coat for a super new look.
  2. For a Boho, polished look wear a quilted jacket and medium-heels with your wide-leg jeans.
  3. Chunky boots and a brightly colored sweater and jacket will bring your baggy jeans’ look to everyone’s attention.
  4. Wear an attractive belt, heels and a structured handbag to look ready for more formal activities.
  5. Baggy ‘dad’ jeans have a low-waist and crotch, so always tuck-in your top to keep some body-shape.


Image may contain Clothing Apparel Pants Human Person Footwear Shoe Sleeve Tracee Ellis Ross Jacket and Coat
Katie Holmes, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Hailey Bieber in their baggy jeansPhoto: Getty Images/Courtesy of Tracee Ellis Ross

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There are few garments as polarizing as the skinny jeanOn TikTok, Gen Z is saying that pin-thin denim is officially out of style—yet many millennials, who grew up with the trend in the aughts, still have a strong love for them. Personally, I am reminded of wearing skinny jeans in high school in the late 2000s, when they had a huge moment. I would quite literally squeeze myself into women’s jeans—the tighter, the better!—and modeled my entire jean wardrobe after the styles worn by stars like Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan.

These days, I’ve given my skinny jeans a rest, but the tight jean look still lives on. Denim brands such as J Brand, Levi’s, Wrangler, and more continue to sell them as a classic offering; skinny jeans have moved past a fad, and are now a seasonless wardrobe staple. Yet, in the land of celebrities, there’s a new hot jean in town that’s threatening to steal the skinny jean’s spotlight entirely: Big, baggy denim.

Over the past few weeks, stylish stars such as Hailey Bieber, Tracee Ellis Ross, Bella Hadid, Katie Holmes, and more have all stepped out in denim that is more roomy and wide-legged. The movement makes sense, given the current times: Over the past year, we’ve all gravitated towards dressing for comfort, so why wouldn’t we approach our jeans that way? Celebrities have styled the big jeans in a variety of chic ways, offsetting their slouchy look with tailored coats, sky-high stilettos, and the It bags. Whereas the skinny jean dresses up and streamlines any outfit, the baggy jean has the opposite effect and gives any outfit a cool, effortless feel. Plus, they are decidedly much comfier, too—what’s not to love?

Image may contain Sunglasses Accessories Accessory Human Person Pants Clothing Jeans Denim Apparel Tire and Wheel
Jennifer Lopez in her skinny jeans, circa 2007Photo: Getty Images

It turns out, stars are not alone in their skinny jean fatigue, either. I asked some of my colleagues their thoughts on the new baggy denim look—and many of them are ready to retire their skinny jeans, too. “I’m glad to see skinny jeans go,” says Cassandra Pintro, editorial producer. “I’ve always been biased toward fashion that feels more freeing, and skinny jeans are not the match for that.” Beauty writer Akili King agrees. “I don’t really wear skinny jeans; I love a mom jean or wide-leg jean,” she says. “I love being comfy and not restricted.”

Market editor Rachel Besser also echoes the sentiment—though she’s not ruling super-slim jeans out entirely. She says, “I loathe skinny jeans and wearing them makes me feel like I am on a parade float, nude, with unflattering fluorescent lighting—but, a few years ago, I felt the same about flip flops, so maybe I love skinny jeans?” She’s not wrong: As with any trend, skinny jeans will likely be worn by all the stars in a few months, and the cycle will start all over again. But for now, it’s all about channeling three words—Big jean energy

The Best Baggy Jeans For Relaxed And Stylish Dressing This Fall And Beyond

From boyfriend-style jeans to eco-conscious slouchy styles, we’ve rounded up the coolest loose-fit styles from brands seen on Hollywood stars.

Best Baggy Jeans for Women

Gen Z has declared skinny jeans to be over, and they’re not the only ones ready to welcome the next denim trend. We’re feeling the super baggy styles that are giving us mid-’90s IDGAF vibes, and the comfortable look has been seen on everyone from her royal highness Rihanna to Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner.

We found great, loose-fitting jeans in a wide range of styles at all of our favorite go-to denim brands, including Levi’s, Madewell, Good American and Mother, to name a few. If you wanna get a little more dramatic, we also found belted, oversized and criss-crossed silhouettes that make a bold statement (especially when paired with a designer logo belt). Or, if you’re more understated, there’s nothing wrong with going shopping from the men’s section.

Ahead, check out some of the best baggy jeans to shop for fall and beyond, from boyfriend silhouettes and sustainable options to styles that are on sale for up to 40 percent off (so long as you tap Add to Cart fast).

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission.

1. Madewell Baggy Tapered Jeans

Madewell is one of our favorite brands for comfortable, well-made, and always-on-trend denim styles. (Stars including Meghan Markle, Lucy Hale, Taylor Swift and Daisy Ridley are a few who have been spotted in the label.) We like that these baggy tapered jeans (which are made of 100 percent non-stretch cotton) lean into the ’80s mom jeans-inspired look while staying decidedly modern with the roomier hip and thigh. They’re also on sale for 20 percent off if you buy soon while Madewell’s Insiders event is still going on.

Madewell Baggy Tapered Jeans

Madewell Baggy Tapered Jeans$118BUY NOW

2. Good American Good ’90s Loose Jeans

Founded by Khloe Kardashian and seen on Kelly Rowland, Ashley Graham and Gabrielle Union (as well as the Kardashian-Jenner clan), Good American is known for its size-inclusive silhouettes like these Good ’90s Loose Jeans. They’re among the best baggy jeans with a ’90-inspired aesthetic, thanks to the high rise, light wash and the effortless oversized fit. Plus, they’re 25% off for a limited time when you shop the brand’s Friends & Family Sale and use the code FAM25.

Good American Good '90s Loose Blue Jeans

Good American Good ’90s Loose Jeans$155BUY NOW

3. Levi’s WellThread High Loose Jeans

No denim roundup would be complete without at least one Levi’s pick. As much as we love the heritage brand’s skinny cuts, we’re drawn to this loose-fit, sustainable pair, which is relaxed through the hip and thighs and has a comfortable super high-rise cut. They’re made from cottonized non-stretch hemp, which uses less water and chemicals to grow and is even softer than classic jeans material.

Levi's WellThread Loose Women's Jeans

Levi’s WellThread High Loose Jeans$128BUY NOW

4. Frame Le Palazzo Wide Leg Jeans

If you’re looking to make a statement, these dark-wash wide-leg jeans by cult-favorite label Frame (Priyanka Chopra, Karlie Kloss and Hailey Beiber have been spotted in the brand’s denim) will give you plenty of room to do just that.

Best Baggy Jeans

Frame Le Palazzo Wide-Leg Jeans$270BUY NOW

5. H&M Baggy High Jeans

These ’90s-inspired baggy jeans from H&M are made of 100 percent recycled cotton, so they’ll make you feel relaxed about your wardrobe’s impact on the environment, too. These five-pocket jeans have a high waist and wide, loose-fit legs.

H&M Baggy High Jeans

H&M Baggy High Jeans$30BUY NOW

6. Universal Standard Bae Boyfriend Crop Jeans

You can’t go wrong with a pair of boyfriend crop jeans from size-inclusive label Universal Standard. Available in three shades (light blue, dark blue and dark indigo), these pants strike the perfect balance between stretchy-fit and baggy, as they’re fitted through the waist and hip and are straight from the thigh to the leg opening.

Universal Standard Bae Boyfriend Cropped Jeans in Light Blue

Universal Standard Bae Boyfriend Crop Jeans (reg. $98)$65BUY NOW

7. Triarchy High Waisted Pleated Jeans

Remember JNCO from the ’90s? These high-waisted pleated jeans by Triarchy will get you a more elevated version of your favorite vintage raver denim brand, all while being eco-friendly. This heavyweight pair of non-stretch denim is made from 100 percent organic cotton, which is manufactured using a closed-loop, biomimetic process that reduces the usage of water, bleach and chemicals. (The sustainable brand also discloses its sustainability data to third-party auditors GreenStory and Retraced).

Triarchy High Waisted Pleated Denim

Triarchy High Waisted Pleated Jeans$245BUY NOW

8. Rag & Bone Miramar Jogger Jeans

If you prefer joggers but want a baggy fit through the legs, Rag & Bone’s Miramar jeans let you achieve that comfy and sporty look. These effortless five-pocket pants have a pull-on waistband and elasticized cuffs for easy dressing, and they’re finished with classic distressing.

Rag & Bone Miramar Jogger Jeans

Rag & Bone Miramar Jogger Jeans$245BUY NOW

9. BDG Skylar High-Waisted Baggy Boyfriend Jean

If you’re looking for a deconstructed look, try these Skylar high-waisted baggy jeans from BDG. Made of rigid denim, this vintage-inspired silhouette features a high waist, a loose wide-leg style and a full length that hits just below the ankle.

BDG High-Rise Deconstructed Baggy Jeans

BDG High-Waisted Baggy Deconstructed Jeans$99BUY NOW

10. Eloquii Gena Fit Belted High Rise Wide Leg Denim Pant

This is another belted, dark wash style we love that’s less skatepark and more dressed up date night. They’re from size-inclusive brand Eloquii, which is currently giving 40% off everything online with code YESPLEASE.

Eloquii Gena Fit Belted High Rise Wide Leg Denim Pant

Eloquii Gena Fit Belted High Rise Wide Leg Denim Pant$100BUY NOW

11. Agolde Crisscross Upsize High Waist Jeans

Another high-fashion take on the wide-legged jean is Agolde’s bleached pair, which has a criss-crossed fastener that’s both comfy and ready for fashion week street style.

Agolde Crisscross Upsize High Waist Jeans

12. Zara The ’90s Full-Length Jeans

Zara’s range of wide-leg jeans leans all the way into the vintage, ’90s vibes. We’re fans of this particular distressed style, which pair well with a bucket hat, Vans and your old Beanie Baby collection.

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