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Firstly, in case you haven’t tried one yet, scooters are an important new mode of transport because they appeal to a wide demographic of people. Despite decent efforts to encourage more walking and cycling, there are just not enough people switching away from car travel, and air pollution from vehicles is still on the rise. We are in a situation where roads are congested and polluting, often clogged with single-occupant cars or taxis. Scooters appeal to people of different ages, fitness levels and physical abilities. They are easy, fun and most importantly they are an energy-efficient and clean way to move around a city. In the USA and Europe, the proliferation of e-scooters used in shared-transport schemes have already clocked up millions of journeys and the trend is growing at a far faster rate than cycle-share schemes. Without a doubt, e-scooters are here to stay. So what are the Safest electric scooter, safest electric scooter for adults best and safest electric scooter options?

Electric scooters are popular with the kids these days, but they do have some serious safety concerns. With so many new models coming out all of the time it can be hard to keep up with what model is the safest, or if it even matters at all. Luckily for you, I’ve done the tedious work for you, tested several models to see which is the safest, and here are my results.

best and safest electric scooter

So UK, what are we waiting for?

The UK, and in particular London is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, where the streets are designed for the car and pedestrian binary. Light vehicles and public transit are the only way our future cities will be able to cope with the growing population, and more importantly air-quality targets, but without more space for lighter vehicles like bikes and scooters, it’s difficult to promote a change.

In terms of e-scooters (and bikes for that matter), there is little space to ride. And in particular, in London, it is the job of the Department for Transport to make sure any new mode is deemed safe. Apart from the limited space for safe scooting, there are many low-quality, or ‘toy-grade’ e-scooters on the market. It is imperative that manufacturing safety standards are published and adhered to as soon as possible. It is my view that safety standards should align with bikes and e-bikes, as all Swifty Scooters do.

So where can I ride my e-scooter safely?

If and when e-scooters become legalised in the UK, I am certain on one thing. Electric scooters must share the space on the road with bicycles. This means that any law regulating e-scooters must be suitable for the terrain, conditions and speed. The design of the e-scooter will determine whether it is fit to share the space with a bike, so here are the top things to consider.

  1. Wheel-size. Is bigger better?

In the UK, bikes must be roadworthy which means the design must be suitable to ride safely over cracks in the road, small potholes, manhole covers and drains. It is widely agreed within the bike industry that 16-inch wheels with pneumatic tyres is the minimum size for safe road cycling, respected tyre manufacturers don’t even bother making tyres any smaller. It can be proven using simple geometry, that a 16-inch wheel can roll over uneven terrain, and the bigger the better. Anything with a wheel smaller is likely to cause ‘tripping’ on a normal road in the UK.

big wheel e-scooter, big wheel electric scooter, scooter for adults
  1. How fast can I ride?

With the average speed of a cyclist around 10-16mph, the e-scooter must be of a design that maintains good stability and control at that speed in order to stay with the flow of a cycle lane. It is easy to limit speed on a small electric motor, and in Europe, the e-scooter speed limit started at 15.5mph (25kph) but more recently in Germany, they have specified 12.5mph (20kph) and the lowering of the speed limit has been well received. In Australia, where in some states you can cycle on the footpath, e-scooters are now allowed on the footpath but with 9mph (15kph) limit, and on the road or cycle lane at 15.5mph (25kph). The law around speed and place to ride varies around the world, and also regionally within countries. So any rider must check local legislation before riding. A recent study by Public Health and Transportation dept in Austin Texas found that 30% of scooter-related injuries were because riders were travelling too fast, and 86% of injuries were caused by the rider losing control of the scooter for one reason or another (rather than the impact from a motor vehicle). It could be concluded that the compact design of most scooters (those with 8” wheels) are not suitable for their speed capabilities when used in public spaces. However, each city will present its own separate challenges to speed and space to ride.

  1. What design features offer the best stability?

There are a number of design considerations that give stability, and it all comes down to geometry. A longer wheelbase is essential for a stable and comfortable ride, especially at speed. A long wheelbase allows for the centre of gravity to be further back from the front wheel, and hitting any bumps can be more easily managed. A long wheelbase and larger pneumatic wheels can prevent front impact ‘tripping’ that so often cause a small-wheeled scooter rider to injure themselves. Again, the larger wheel is critical because of something known as ‘deck drop’. Deck drop is when the load (ie. Your feet) can stand on a deck that’s lower than the wheel axles. This design feature adds significant amounts of stability for the rider. Steering is more stable if the scooter has a wider bar and a stem for a larger steering circle. Head tube angle and rake create trail – a crucial element of bicycle engineering that helps the vehicle to travel in a straight line. All are factors in a well-designed scooter. Beware! Many e-scooters are badly designed, with narrow bars, no rake, high deck, small wheels and no deck-drop, and certainly are more difficult to control at speed than a 16” scooter like one from British brand Swifty Scooters. 

Safest electric scooter

Best electric scooter: Xiaomi Mijia M365
T3 Awards 2020



Best for: Great all-rounderMax Speed: 15mphRange: 18milesWeight: 12.5kg


+Torque-packed +Compact and carryable +The most popular option+App features+Advanced battery saving features+Good price


Although Xiaomi might be better known for its affordable smartphones, the M365 proves the company is equally adept at creating smart electric scooters. While the top speed isn’t the highest out there (though 15mph means it’s absolutely no slouch) this folding electric scooter has some of the best app connectivity features we’ve seen. 

As well as tracking your journeys and just how fast you’ve barrelled down those hills, you can get a quick look at how much of the massive scooter battery still remains. The M365 smart scooter app also brings advanced battery conservation features, meaning you could potentially eke out an extra mile or two if you’re clever about how you use it, and the F1-like KERS setup means the battery charges as you brake.

We found the Xiaomi M365 speed and acceleration controls incredibly simple, anyone can learn to ride in minutes. The light, aluminium construction means you can quickly fold it down for carrying and storage. 

 Xiaomi has now launched an update called the Xiaomi Pro (also on this list) with extended range. We think the standard M365 is better value for money, though, and is a great all-round electric scooter.

Best electric scooters: Segway-Ninebot ES4 Electric Scooter



Best for: Reliable brandMax Speed: 18.6 mphRange: 27.9 milesWeight: 14kg


+Safe stopping mechanisms+Fast+Reliable brand+Latest updateToday’s Best DealsCHECK AMAZON

Coming from the well-known electric mobility brand Segway, the Segway-Ninebot ES4 is one of the most accomplished entries on this list. The ES4 improves on many of the company’s previous models by upping the motor to 800W, and this helps it reach a very acceptable 18.6 mph (one of the fastest on this list) and a massive range of 27.9 miles, which means you shouldn’t need to reach for the charger too often.

It’s also presented well, with a grippy and comfortable footplate, spoked wheels to absorb the bumps, and a neat one-push folding design which means it doesn’t take up too much space.

A thumb throttle controls your speed, and there are a full three ways to get stopped: releasing the throttle, using the electrically assisted front brake, or stomping down on the fender brake to really slow things down fast. 

It’s a feature-packed scooter, with an advanced smartphone app which lets you configure all aspects of your ride, view trip metrics and check vehicle health. You’ve also got cruise control, all-round active lighting, independent front and rear suspension, IP54 water-resistance, and a clear LCD display.

Best electric scooters: Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter



Best for: The best all-rounderMax Speed: 15 mphRange: 27 milesWeight: 14.2kg


+Torque-packed +Compact and carryable +The most popular option+App features+Advanced battery saving features


Although Xiaomi might be better known for its affordable smartphones, the M365 Pro proves the company is equally adept at creating smart electric scooters. This is perhaps the most common scooter you’ll see around the streets, as it’s well-priced and a great all-rounder.

You’ve got a top speed of 15 miles per hour, which is fairly standard for electric scooters, a range of 27 miles and a weight of 14.2kg. It’s a well-made piece of kit. Compared to the previous version, it features an increased range, improved brakes, wider deck for more comfortable riding, and a much-improved display unit, so you can see your speed and other vital stats.

As well as the impressive hardware, the Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter also features the best app connectivity we’ve seen, allowing you to track your journeys, your speed, and how much of the battery remains. The M365 smart scooter app also brings advanced battery conservation features, meaning you could potentially eke out an extra mile or two if you’re clever about how you use it, and the F1-like KERS setup means the battery charges as you brake.

If you purchase the scooter from Pure Scooter you’ll get a free 2-year UK warranty.

Best electric scooters: Unagi Model One E450 Dual Motor



Best for: Scooting in styleMax Speed: 15 mphRange: 15 milesWeight: 11kg


+Packed with features+Fast and comfortable+Super stylish design+Lightweight


-Short range compared to Xaomi and SegwayToday’s Best DealsCHECK AMAZON

Serious about taking on an electric scooter as a mode of transport? Then you need a seriously stylish electric scooter like the Unagi Model One. Sure, it’s not going to set any speed or range records, but its gorgeous, sleek frame really looks the part.

The Unagi Model One is constructed from super-strong and super-lightweight materials that are also used in SpaceX projects, making this e-scooter lightweight and portable. 

Its power comes from the dual motors, meaning you’ll be able to tackle hills and tricky terrain with ease. You don’t get any extra top speed, but a top speed of 15 mph and a range of 15 miles is fairly average. It’s available in four stylish colourways, Cosmic Blue, Sea Salt, Gotham Grey, and Matt Black.



Best for: A great all-rounderMax Speed: 15 mphRange: 16 milesWeight: 13.5kg


+Removable battery+Bell and light+Cruise control+Fast


There’s no avoiding it, the Turboant is very obviously inspired by the Xaomi M365 (you’ll notice the same matt black aluminium finish and red accents), but Turboant has made some very clever design decisions here. 

For a start, the battery is removable and mounted in the handle (rather than the footboard). That means you can keep it indoors at more battery-friendly temperatures, rather than a cold garage or shed. You can also purchase spare batteries (although these are pretty expensive).

The X7 is very good to ride – there’s plenty of torque, it’s quick and stable, and the bell, light, and throttle are easy to control. Unfortunately, the range isn’t quite as long as its rivals, but otherwise, it’s a fantastic scooter, and should certainly be considered.

Best electric scooter: Segway Ninebot ES2



Best for: No-nonsense commutingMax Speed: 15.5mphRange: 15.5milesWeight: 12.5kg


Where other scooters may be built for fun or style, Segway’s scooter is built for practicality and comfortable travel – and that’s why it’s our best electric scooter overall. If you’re taking one-off quarter pipes, you’re doing it wrong. 

While the Segway Ninebot ES2 has solid rubber wheels, both front and back axles are equipped with shock absorbers, ensuring the smoothest ride, and there’s battery recovery onboard to help extend its already reasonable range.

It’s those quality of life features that really make this stand out. Why fight with a thumb control when you can set the cruise control and glide? Why worry about hitting that tree when there’s a combination of mechanical and electrical braking on board? Why go slow when you could strap on an extra battery for more speed and additional range, potentially even running foul of your local regulations on electric scooter velocity? Live a little.

Best electric scooters: Inokim Ox Electric Scooter



Best for: Speed and range!Max Speed: 29 mphRange: 59 milesWeight: 28.3kg


+Superfast+Incredible range+Can be used off-road+Beefy suspension


-Very heavyToday’s Best DealsCHECK AMAZON

If you’re looking for an electric which can deal traverse a muddy field, look no further than the crazy Inokim Ox – the Land Rover Defender of electric scooters. The Ox is a beast, with an exceptionally powerful 800W (Peak 1300W) brushless motor housed within the rear wheel and the large lithium-ion battery. Combined, these allow the OX to travel a distance of 60 miles and reach a speed of 29 mph. A true thrill.

There is a unique adjustable suspension system, which allows the rider to alternate the suspension position: higher, for larger suspension travel and lower, for better stability and higher speeds. The Ox also has one of the best maximum rider weight capacities of 130kg (20 stone). It’s heavy, though, at 28kg, so it’s not ideal for commuting. 

Best electric scooter: e-Micro Micro Falcon X3



Best for: Compact powerMax Speed: 15mphRange: 6 milesWeight: 7.9kg


+Charges in 1 hour +Hill assistToday’s Best DealsCHECK AMAZON

The Micro Falcon is smart, sleek, and its 500W motor means it’s packing some torque. Some electric scooters have been known to be tricky to control, but this lightweight model is rated highly for motion control; with slope support for going uphill and customised speed settings to suit your journey. 

It has up to 6 miles worth of battery life in it, admittedly not the longest range, although it charges in just 1 hour. The regenerative braking system also means the scooter charges on braking, meaning you’re unlikely to ever run out of charge if you’re only running short hops.

Best electric scooter: Razor E100 Electric Scooter



Best for: KidsMax Speed: 10mphRange: 7 milesWeight: 4kg


This little electric scooter will certainly get children out in the fresh air. With up to 40 minutes continuous run time, the Razor E100 is a powerful scooter but is restricted to 10mph so it is much more suitable for play than for transport. 

It’s easy to operate, with a push-button throttle and a kick start for moving off safely. There is some assembly required with this scooter but parents have said it’s very simple and the kickstand is also handy for storing the scooter in the garden or elsewhere.  

Best electric scooter: JSF Urban Sprinter



Best for: Carrying aroundMax Speed: 15mphRange: 7.5milesWeight: 6.2kg


+Extremely light+Multiple running modes


-Empty ListToday’s Best DealsCHECK AMAZON

If you’re looking to do really short hops on your electric scooter, the Urban Sprinter is made for you: it charges to full in a couple of hours, and while its smaller battery means a relatively limited range (and a 10kg drop in max weight from most comparable electric scooters), it makes up for it with a much lighter frame, a 6.2kg aluminium combo perfect for folding up and dragging inside once you’re done with your ride.

Not that it’s short on features, you understand.  A handlebar control system allows you to keep tabs on your speed, remaining battery, and the mode you’re running the Urban Sprinter in – switch to Eco mode, and you can swap a little speed for some additional range. The 180W motor isn’t outrageous, but it’s enough to tackle 10-degree inclines – nobody wants to get off their scooter and walk, do they?

Best electric scooters: Mtricscoto Electric Scooter



Best for: PriceMax Speed: 14.2 mphRange: 7.4 milesWeight: 7.5kg


+Light frame+Super-convenient+Cheap


-Low range-Thin wheelsToday’s Best DealsCHECK AMAZON

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