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We are committed to providing you with glasses for light sensitivity at night on the market. On our website, we aim to provide you with the most breathtaking and beautiful sunglasses you can find online. To offer our valued customers the most distinctive and beautiful sunglasses from around the world, Koboguide’s experts seek out the worlds most beautiful and unique ear plugs. There are a number of unique types of sunglasses to choose from, including light sensitivity glasses for migraines, photophobia glasses and fluorescent light sensitivity glasses.The photophobia glasses amazon we offer come in amazing styles and designs. There are several types of these classic sunglasses available. On KoboGuide, you’ll find the best selection of photophobia glasses specsavers. With us, you’ll get incredible discounts you won’t find anywhere else. Our prescription photophobia glasses are available in a variety of styles. Visit our site today to buy your favorite sunglasses from a wide selection of brands. Buy yours today!

Photophobia Glasses by TheraSpecs

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What is the best treatment for photophobia and light sensitivity?

The most effective way to reduce light sensitivity is with the use of special photophobia glasses that filter the harmful wavelengths present in many common sources of indoor and outdoor light. TheraSpecs® are the best glasses for individuals with light sensitivity, blending frame protection with precision-tinted lenses. Based on decades of published research on FL-41 glasses, TheraSpecs lenses block the bad light to provide natural photophobia relief for light sensitive eyes. In addition, TheraSpecs are an effective alternative to wearing sunglasses indoors, which is a common practice among people with photophobia and can actually increase light sensitivity over time (known as dark adaptation).Shop TheraSpecs Photophobia Glasses

TheraSpecs indoor glasses for photophobia are lightly tinted to help block fluorescent lights and other harsh interior lighting; TheraSpecs outdoor sunglasses for photophobia are tinted dark and polarized for bright days. Discounted indoor and outdoor combos are also available. For customers with existing prescription glasses, they also can be made with prescription FL-41 lenses—either in a standard TheraSpecs frame or a frame you already own.

Research shows that TheraSpecs:

  • Reduce migraines and headaches
  • Relieve migraine-related light sensitivity
  • Protect you from fluorescent lights

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What customers are saying

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“I finally got TheraSpecs and was able to get through my days and even have one or two days a month without any light sensitivity at all! I’m able to have curtains open in my house during the day…and can handle going into stores and watching TV after a day of computer work.”
-Chelsea, Massachussetts, USA

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“I have a light sensitivity disorder which can trigger migraines and seizures. My neurologist suggested these and they have saved me from fluorescent light…and have helped me be able to handle most indoor lighting.”
-Trenton S., Colorado, USA

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“My mom had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) after a fall at the beginning of the year. She is very sensitive to light right now and just got your glasses. She LOVES them and they really help her.”
-Hannah P., Oklahoma, USAShop TheraSpecs Photophobia Glasses

Money-back Guaranteed

We think TheraSpecs can help with your photophobia and light sensitivity, but every brain is different. If they don’t bring you relief, you can always return your undamaged pair(s) back to us for a fast and courteous refund. Try them out and protect yourself from harmful light so you can get back to the things you love today!

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They say that treating symptoms does not cure the disease. That is absolutely true. However, in some cases treating the symptoms offers welcome, necessary relief. Those with photophobia surely agree with this sentiment. Some symptoms, like light sensitivity, relate to underlying issues that can be difficult to diagnose, and when diagnosed difficult to treat. Sometimes it seems like it comes about for no reason at all. Today we’ll help you find out if you suffer from any level of light sensitivity. Not only that, but we’ll give you the lowdown on light sensitivity glasses

What is Photophobia?

Photophobia is the medical name for the symptom we call light sensitivity. Generally, this symptom comes as part of a larger disorder. Light sensitivity can come at various levels of severity. For one person it means slight discomfort in bright lighting. For another, it brings splitting migraine headaches and crippling eye strain. Some experience it most in sunlight, others in artificial light. Disorders with photophobia as a symptom can range from very serious (meningitis, or detached retina) to milder (light color or lack of pigment in the cornea).

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How to Treat Light Sensitivity

Since sources vary so widely, so do treatments. For the more serious conditions, treating the underlying issue often helps relieve light sensitivity. For less serious conditions, sometimes no practical cure for the issue exists. Absent some surgery that injects additional pigmentation into a light-colored eye, such individuals cannot permanently remove symptoms. Regardless of the situation, most who suffer from light sensitivity will agree, relief would be welcome.

What are Light Sensitivity Glasses?

Regardless of which condition causes your light sensitivity, finding a way to combat the symptom will help improve your comfort, and productivity. Since there are different levels of sensitivity, below we show different levels of protection available. 

blue light glasses help with light sensitivity

Amber Max

Amber Max lenses provide the highest level of protection on the market. With a GUNNAR Blue Light Filter (GBLF) of 98, these lenses will provide relief for even the most photophobic person. They protect from 100% of UV and 98% of blue light. These light varieties tend to cause the greatest strain and sensitivity. Maximum protection, maximum relief. Over 40 frame options with Amber max lenses are available. 

blue blocker sunglasses help with light sensitivity


At 90 GBLF, our sunglasses offer the second-highest level of protection. If you primarily struggle with photosensitivity outdoors, these are the lenses for you. Don’t let eye pain prevent you from enjoying your life. Grab a pair today. 

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For those with moderate light sensitivity, and a desire to remain productive and uninhibited by distractions, Amber is the one. They offer 65 GBLF, filtering most of the light that causes strain and sensitivity. These are our most popular lenses because they meet the needs of most people quite well.

which gunnar lens to get


Our clear lenses provide subtle protection for those with only limited photophobia. At 35 GBLF, they do much better than wearing no protection. They even provide greater protection than many similarly designed lenses on the market from other brands. If you want to avoid the slight inconvenience of light sensitivity and look good doing it, clear lenses are for you.

For a shorthand version of the information presented above, check out this helpful chart:

gunnar blue light protection tints explained

Don’t suffer in silence. Light sensitivity can really ruin your day. Don’t let another day pass you buy in discomfort. 

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