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Are you in the market for Samsung Upcoming Budget Phones? or perhaps the samsung upcoming phones 2020 models? Let’s review the best samsung phones below… If battery life is the most important aspect of a smartphone for you, then the upcoming rumored Galaxy M41 is the device you should be planning to buy. To be clear, if you’re in Kenya you may have to import it because the M-series isn’t sold here. But given that Samsung Kenya recently brought in the M11 as a “special edition” device, maybe things have changed.

Anyway, the M41 isn’t official as yet. A recent report had claimed it was being canceled before launch, but that appears to be wrong since there has appeared a 3C certification of the battery, and people are taking this as further proof that the device may be announced soon.

Upcoming Samsung Budget Phone to have a 6800mAh battery

From the certification, it is clear that Samsung has a 6800mAh smartphone battery on the works. However, one can speculate that the battery could be used on a couple of different devices, not just the M41. And by one, I mean myself. So we may see the battery on other Samsung devices. And you know they will definitely market it as a 7000mAh battery.

The reason originally given for the apparent cancellation of the M41 was that the company wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the display panels sourced from a third-party maker. If the device is still alive, then perhaps Samsung has found a solution for the panels, or they’ve repurposed the battery for other future use.

All the same, a 6800mAh battery is a pretty huge feat for a smartphone. This is the size found in tablets, and with good optimization, it can ideally do 3 days+. I would totally get the device provided it isn’t too bulky, has a great AMOLED panel, and supports not less than 18W fast charging.

Galaxy M41 or M51 Renders
Could be M41 or M51 Credit: OnLeaks, Pigtou_

We may see the battery in an upcoming A-series smartphone too, because the company normally rebrands some M-series as A-series.

samsung new phone under 12000

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt – Samsung new phone under 12000

The Samsung Galaxy On Nxt is a solid smartphone high on both efficiency and features. The large screen of the smartphone comes with a solid full HD display that offers a superlative viewing experience. The smartphone is perfect for gaming and multitasking as its processor and RAM make sure that most tasks and applications run lag-free.

The battery backup is robust and is well-backed by the power-saving features it has. The rear camera is of standout class and is ideal for clicking eye-candy images and also for video recording. The front camera is a perfect snapper that clicks some dazzling selfies. (Samsung phones under 15000)

There are no issues with the call reception and audio clarity of the phone. The battery being nonremovable might be a slight turn-off for some of the users.

The Samsung On Nxt is a fine phone in its price segment, and it should make a good choice.

Pros: Large screen and full HD display. Multitasking and heavy gaming are lag-free. The battery backup and power-saving features are commendably good. Both the cameras perform well and produce some good results. The call quality and sound clarity are excellent.

Cons: Non-removable battery.

Overall: A Samsung phone loaded with features.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime – Android phones under 12000 Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is a Samsung smartphone that offers its users premium specifications at affordable pricing. The large full HD display it has delivers a fine multimedia experience for its users. The smartphone boots on Android Marshmallow OS and is quite a snappy performer. Multitasking and hardcore gaming is a breeze. The connectivity features are impressive with a wide variety of options.

The fingerprint scanner is highly responsive and agile. The smartphone flaunts an impressive pair of cameras. The superb primary camera delivers some high-quality images. The front camera is of a superior class, and it is an ideal choice to click to some stunning selfies. The call reception and audio output are remarkable as well. The battery of the handset offers good power backup to its users, but it is of non-removable type.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is a fantastic improvement from its popular Galaxy J7 model.

Pros: Large screen with a top-notch display. It comes with Marshmallow OS and fingerprint sensor. The performance of the smartphone is snappy and stable. It has a fine pair of cameras and outstanding connectivity features. The battery backup is solid as well.

Cons: Battery cannot be removed.

Overall: A solid choice from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy On8 – Samsung android phone under 12000

The Samsung Galaxy On8 is a fine mid-range smartphone for the fans of Samsung. The large full HD screen it has comes with an AMOLED display, good resolution, and fine pixel density. The capacitive touch-screen is highly reactive to multi-touch. The smartphone delivers a standout performance even during multitasking and high-end gaming. Apart from the standard connectivity options it has, it offers OTG support too. (Samsung phones under 15000).

The handset comes with a high-grade primary camera with useful features like autofocus and a LED flash. The images clicked were found to be sharp and detailed. The front camera with a front-facing flash is perfect for selfies and video chatting. The battery backup and internal memory of the smartphone is more than adequate. Having no fingerprint sensor might disappoint a few users as some of the phones in this segment do come with that feature.

The Samsung Galaxy On8 is a classy Samsung phone you wouldn’t regret buying.

Pros: Large full HD screen and superb display properties. The performance is smooth and seamless with most applications. Both cameras produce excellent images with good detailing. The smartphone has a solid battery backup and ample internal storage.

Cons: No fingerprint scanner.

Overall: A good choice for lovers of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime – Samsung phones under 12000

The Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is quite an up-gradation from the J5 model with few features added and a few outdated ones kicked out. The full metallic body and its sturdy build quality ensure that the handset feels premium when you hold it. The rounded corners in the design make it comfortable to hold and use. The display seems to be ideal for watching high-resolution videos and playing heavy-graphic games.

The speedy Exynos processor and ample RAM handles multitasking and heavy gaming with ease. The fingerprint sensor provides additional security to the phone, which is accurate and responsive. The phone offers support for OTG and has a dedicated slot for the second SIM card. The battery capacity offered by the smartphone is a bit on the lower side, but the power management feature is highly effective. The Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is a solid mid-range phone from Samsung.

Pros: Full metal build and premium design. The display is first-rate and offers a visual treat to the users. The performance is speedy and smooth for all tasks and applications. The phone supports OTG and does not have a hybrid SIM slot.

Cons: Average battery backup.

Overall: Fine choice from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) – Samsung phones under 12000

The Samsung Galaxy J7 offers premium features and solid performance at mid-range pricing. The stylish design from Samsung looks attractive with its thin side bezels and metallic frame. The robust build quality ensures that the durability is high. The super AMOLED display has Full HD resolution, and it consumes less battery power compared to IPS and TFT displays. The Octa-core processor is swift, and it offers a smooth experience while gaming and multitasking. The RAM offered is adequate as well.

The smartphone has NFC connectivity and offers reliable support for 4G VoLTE. The speaker clarity and call quality are top-notch as well. The primary camera clicks high-grade images in most lighting conditions. The secondary camera is decent for selfies and video-chatting. The battery backup offered is ample. Lack of a fingerprint scanner is the only con we found.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 packs solid features at very reasonable pricing.

Pros: Gorgeous looks and a durable build. The super AMOLED display is highly impressive and consumes less power. The Octa-core processor and sufficient RAM team up to handle most tasks and gaming. The phone has an NFC option and supports 4G LTE. The cameras are remarkable as well.

Cons: No fingerprint sensor.

Overall: Specs-rich Samsung phone.

Samsung J7 Nxt – Samsung best camera phone under 12000

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt is a solid choice for large-screen lovers. Though the smartphone has an all-plastic body, the finish is classy, and the build quality is quite sturdy. The smartphone flaunts a super AMOLED display with HD resolution, and this is an incredible deal at its highly economical pricing. The visual experience is perfect for running multimedia content, and it consumes less battery power. The smartphone boots on the latest Nougat OS.

The snappy Octa-core processor and ample RAM handles multitasking and heavy gaming without any signs of lag. The back camera captures stunning images in all lighting conditions, and it can capture videos of FHD quality. The front camera has a front-facing flash and clicks high-grade selfies. The battery backup offered is one of the best in this segment. The only slight flaw is the lack of a fingerprint sensor. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt impresses with its value for money features.

Pros: Premium finish and sturdy build quality. The super AMOLED display has HD resolution and is of an exemplary grade. The performance is smooth and swift without any interruptions. The cameras excel in all lighting conditions and both indoors and outdoors.

Cons: No fingerprint scanner.

Overall: Feature-loaded Samsung phone.

Samsung Galaxy J5 – Samsung latest phone under 12000

The Samsung Galaxy J5 is yet another solid smartphone from the Galaxy series of Samsung phones. The plastic body of the smartphone gets a premium look thanks to the faux metallic finish on it. The compact dimensions of the phone make it comfortable for one-handed usage. The touch screen is smooth and responsive. The super AMOLED display delivers a smooth visual experience for the users. The configuration is impressive for the bang for buck pricing of the smartphone.

The performance is swift and seamless thanks to its speedy processor and ample RAM. The GPU handles graphic visualization with ease. Both the cameras are remarkable for a smartphone in this price range. The battery capacity offered is more than sufficient for moderate users. On the downside, the makers could have given the display a Full HD resolution.

The Samsung Galaxy J5 is a fine choice with striking features and smooth performance.

Pros: Stylish finish and sleek dimensions. The touch response is smooth and quick. The super AMOLED display is impressive with HD resolution. The performance is smooth and seamless without any heating issues. The GPU and camera quality is remarkable as well.

Cons: No Full HD resolution.

Overall: Solid choice from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy J7 – Best Samsung phone under 12000

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is a solid smartphone in this budget segment. The standard Galaxy series design is attractive to look at. The plastic body of the smartphone and its metallic chrome frame gives it a classy feel and look. The large display with HD resolution is ideal for gaming and watching movies. The colors are vivid, and the viewing angles are great as well. Even while multitasking, the phone did not show any signs of interruptions.

The primary camera is a capable shooter under most lighting conditions. The secondary camera has a front-facing flash, and it can capture selfies from wide angles. The battery backup should be adequate for moderate users. The smartphone has a dedicated slot for the second SIM and SD card. On the downside, the screen does not have Gorilla Glass protection.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is a specs-rich smartphone with a solid performance.

Pros: Classy design and strong build. The display and performance are standout for a smartphone in this price range. The primary camera clicks some sharp and lively images. The wide-angle front camera is a solid performer. It does not have a hybrid second SIM slot.

Cons: No Gorilla Glass protection.

Overall: Impressive choice from Samsung.

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