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In the market for Sheer Lace Bra? Our team has researched and reviewed these unlined sheer bras to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying an unlined sheer lace bra or unlined lace bra

Sheer Lace Bra

unlined sheer bras

Hi All!

My post this Sunday is all about the sheer things, which are some of my favourite things! And I know that if you haven’t worked with these fabrics very much, then it can be a little confusing what they are and how you use them, so I made this comprehensive guide to knowing all of the sheer lovelies!

The three fabrics that I’m going to be covering in this guide are my favs: Bra TulleSheer Cup Lining, and 15 Denier. They are all made differently, with different properties and different recommended uses, so I’ll be going over them each in detail!

Here we go!

Of course I’m going to start with my absolute fav first- Bra Tulle! This is what I’ve used for so many of my favourite bras like the Black BeautySnow WhiteParisian and many more. There are so many great things about this fabric for bra making!  What I love most about it is that it’s deceptively easy to sew, and it almost feels like you’re being supported by a completely weightless fabric, because it’s so light and airy!

Here is what it looks like, so you can identify it in the wild:

Above is a single layer of tulle on it’s own, and you can see that it’s not like a regular craft tulle (which would be really itchy anyways!), it has a more rounded honeycomb shape rather than the diamond shaped holes in craft tulle- and then when you double-up on the layers – like in the photo below) it makes this amazing pattern that’s super pretty, stronger and still very sheer.

And now we have the stretch test- which for the tulle, I wanted to show the two directions of stretch, because there is a low/no stretch direction, and a slight stretch direction- and by stretch I mean mechanical give- non of these fabrics have any spandex.

Above is the low/no stretch direction- and I should say- I’m really giving a strong tug on all of these (you can probably tell by my nail beds and how they’re white from the strain). The tulle is only giving a really slight bit, and the holes are not getting any bigger, they’re more just flattening out.

Then in the other direction, you can see that there is more give, and the holes are growing bigger- so basically it’s all about the shape of the holes in the tulle, and in one direction they stretch open more and give more ease to the fabric.

As I mentioned before, if you’re looking for a super low-stretch and supportive bra cup, using a double layer with opposing direction of grain (which you will see in many high-end RTW bras) is really perfect ?

Next up we have Sheer Cup Lining! 

This is something that is new to my shop (YAY!) and that I’ve been using in my last few bras.

As you can see, this definitely has a different structure, it’s more like a grid- and this stuff is tough! It’s fantastic to use for the frame/cradle/bridge of a bra- and especially if you are making a low-cut partial band bra, where everything hinges on that tiny little bridge between the cups!

As you can see in the stretch test below- there is no budge in this fabric! And it has much less drape than bra tulle.

And last but not least we have 15 Denier!

Which I love for extra softness and comfort

15 Denier is similar to the fabric that stockings used to be made from (before we had the super stretchy stuff that we have now!). It’s a knit fabric, and it has so much flexibility and ease, which makes it super soft and relaxed with lots of drape.

And you can see in the stretch test below how it really relaxes under stretch and curls at the edge, just like you would expect from a knit. But it isn’t a rebounding stretch like a spandex stretch, it’s more of a mechanical give and ease.

I wouldn’t recommend this if you are a larger cup size, and wanting some serious support, but it is nice and gentle for a comfy bra!

So at this point I hope you’re feeling a bit more confident in your knowledge of all things sheer and gorgeous in bra making!

And of course I’m going to add a cheeky little plug to my Etsy Shop, where I just put up my listings for the new arrival of my gorgeous Sheer Cup Lining!! YAY, I’m so happy with this new fabric, and I’ve been testing it in some of my recent bra makes ?

Which of these fabrics are you favourite? Do you use them the same way that I do?

Are there any other fabrics & findings that you find a bit confusing and you’d like me to make a guide for

The Most Complete Post-Breast Surgery Bra Guide

Posted at 10:00 • 26 Jul • SHEER • The Lingerie Bible

If you have undergone breast augmentation surgery or an enlargement of the breasts through the use of implants, your surgeon would most likely give you a compression-style bra to push the implants downward and keep them in place. After four to six weeks of stabilization, the first thing you’ll want to do is buying new bras for your new improved size. Finding the right bra afterwards can be challenging.
Read on to make sure you take good care of your new breasts.


Before you get a professional bra fitting to determine your new size, make sure to wait until the swelling has gone down. The length of this period depends on your body condition and recover status. Doctors say swelling could start to subside in two weeks, but some could take up to three months.

Even after the swelling subsides, your breasts are still healing and will continue to do so for up to six months after surgery. During this period, you might want to avoid bras with underwire because it might irritate your incisions especially if you had added procedures such as a breast lift or your incisions are in the breast fold. Stick with bras that are wireless, soft, and made of non-scratchy fabric like cotton until the incisions are completely healed. The elastic underband can adapt to your changing body perfectly under this recovery period



Everyday Lace Wireless Padded Bra

The Everyday Lace Wireless Padded Bra will impeccably support your breasts with its padded, triangle cups framed by floral lace at the wings and straps. The cups fully covers your breasts and the wireless design ensures all-day comfort.


Organic Cotton Padded Bralet

Soft padded bralette in lightweight stretch jersey made from ultra-premium Supima® cotton, organically-grown in the USA and blended with a touch of spandex for a perfect fit.


Cotton Lace Soft Cup Bra

Crafted in premium elastic cotton with suble lace trim, this soft cup bra provides natural wearing comfort for all silhouettes, all day every day. A perfect match with Cotton Lace Hipster or the Invisible Cotton collection.


Jamie Wireless Bralette

The Jamie Wireless bralette is crafted with ultra-soft Tactel, which allows it to lay smooth under t-shirts and light fabrics; while the satin elastic band gives the bra a luxe look.


Now that your breasts are stabilised, it’s finally time to shop for your new size! A successful search starts with the right measurement. Although you and your surgeon might have agreed on a desired size, there are more factors to consider when determining your new size after augmentation, such as your existing breast tissue and your new shape. Implants tend to run wider than natural breasts, therefore you might need to go up in size to find the right fit. Your band size usually remains the same after surgery. For the most accurate measurement, come to SHEER for a professional bra fitting service.

Try on different styles and get a feel of what fits best for your new shape.


After getting implants, basically your breasts are always lifted therefore technically you won’t need an underwired bra anymore. We definitely recommend you to stock up all the pretty bralettes just because you can!




Lily Silk Boudoir Bra

Inspired by spring blossoms, Lily is a dreamy collection featuring a soft shade of pale pink, perfect for a wedding day, or to simply freshen up your lingerie drawer in time for spring. This boudoir bra comes in Fleur of England’s signature soft lace triangle cups.


Parisian Allure Lace Wireless Bra

Flirty yet sophisticated, this wireless bra by Chantelle will ensure a comfortable fit while evoking the allure of Paris. Très Chic!


Ophelia Whistling Lace Soft Cup Bra

Luxurious Japanese Leavers lace is mixed with touches of silk, geometric mesh and pretty lace strap detailing for a graphic style.


Since implants tend to be rounder and wider than natural breasts, a bra with a wider center connector can accommodate to a wider cleavage. Balconnets are also a great option for augmented breasts for they usually have a round shape at the cups and provide a nice boost to your cleavage.




Le Marais Lace Half-Cup Bra

This bra comes in unlined underwire cups which create a natural lift without the added padding. The low-cut neckline creates a cleavage effect while feeling soft on the body and stay flat under clothes for the perfect Day to Night look.


Many women need to find a new favorite style once they have implants. Plunge bras are flattering for breasts that are fuller and firmer, which is ideal for women with implants. They also have shorter underwires than full-coverage styles, which can help provide a better fit after breast augmentation.




Segur Lace Push Up Bra

The Segur lace push up bra will give you all the support you need with its half-cup style, crafted with classic black lace and tulle. Make it a full set with matching tanga and suspender to for a complete sensual look.


Brooklyn Plunge T-Shirt Bra

Brooklyn mixes soft tulle with floral lace trims. It’s the new everyday range for larger cup sizes that doesn’t sacrifice fashion for support.


Get the most out of your new shape, try styles that look extra pretty with perky breasts.


Augmented breasts are more lifted and rounded than natural breasts, it would fit into an open frame bra nicely and your shape would look nice even without a traditional padding.




Bondage-Belle Frame Bra

From the brand’s emblematic Signature line, this versatile frame bra is handcrafted with elastic stretch satin and 24k gold, can be worn alone or layered as a harness over another bra for a bondage look.


For the days when you feel more care-free. Yet permanent erecting nipples could be a side effect of breast implant. Therefore, stock up some nipple covers to eliminate this issue.



Satin Nipple Covers

These flower-shaped adhesive covers comes in a smooth and thin finish, disposable after use.


Silicone Nipple Covers

These soft, adhesive covers are perfect for any occasion.


✓  Only wear wireless bras that are made of soft material such as cotton until all your incisions are completely healed. Consult your doctor before moving on to underwired bras.

✓  Get a new measurement by lingerie experts at SHEER after you’re fully healed. Your actual size would probably be different from what the doctor said.

✓  Try different styles. You’re not only having a new size, but also a new shape. Test out which style works best for you.

✓  Choose bras with light paddings or use a nipple cover to avoid the look of erecting nipples, which could be a side effect of breast implants.

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