shirt and pants color combinations

If you cannot decide difference between contrasts and colour combination, and end up putting up your mom or wife for your dressing codes every day at work, well you are not the only one.

Besides, the formal outfits have gone a plethora of changes and you must keep updated with them. We have other options than the boring monotonous suits now!!

In times of extreme confusion, we here get the best tips and combinations for you to go for and look your ultimate best at work and other occasions, even the day of your wedding!!

Men's Shirt Trouser Combination Guide Infographics


1. Matching And Contrast- Choose the right Colours

Saving you from the biggest blunders that you may be committing or commit, we provide you with these basic pairs that are always friendly and cool.

Always go for perfect contrasts and they must have a balance between light and a dark tone. Choose a lighter shade for your shirt and go for a darker tone for your pants. While wearing a tie, keep the shade in mind.!!

Light Shirts (White, Beige, Sky Blue, Baby Pinks) – Dark Trousers (Chocolate, navy, camel, Electric) and you will rarely go wrong!!

white shirt with black pant, white shirt goes well with Black pant, the ever green pair of colour combination
White shirt always goes well with black pant: No doubt combination
light blue shirt with dark blue pant, Wear light blue shirt with dark blue pant, formal dress colour combination for men
Blue is for men: A Combination of light blue shirt and dark blue trouser
beige formal shirt with gray trouser, Enhance your look by wearing Beige formal shirt with gray pant
Beige Colour lovers will love this light shirt and dark pant matching
light pink shirt with chocolate color pant, light pink shirt goes with chocolate colour pant to make some killer combinations
Pink shirt and pant combination to break the limit

Dark Shirts (Maroon, Purple, Dark Blue, Black)- Light Tones (Beige, Blue, Cream, Khaki, Gray)

Purple shirt with beige pant, Get a smart look with purple shirt and beige pant
A hot trend for men: Purple shirt goes well with beige pant
navy blue shirt with gray trouser, Dark blue color shirt go with graypant,the great contrast of colors
Men in blue love this pant shirt colour combination
maroon formal shirt with beige pant, Cream or khakhi it also pairs well with dark shades like Maroon
black shirt with white formal trouser, Black shirt goes nicely with white pant,the right color combination
Infoghraphics to choose perfect Pant shirt colour combinations
This Infoghraphics helps anyone to choose right colour combinations of Pants and shirts.

Avoid tonal outfits. Outfits with the same tone throughout or too close make you unnoticeable.

same color formal shirt pant, To avoid same color formal shirt pant
Big Mistake is to try same tonal pant and shirt combination

When going for a lighter check or a patterned shirts, choose one dark shade from the shirt and  match your outfit with that and vice versa.

2. Careful with Checks and Patterns

When going for the checks, use bigger checks if you are slim and need mass. The stout ones must go for stripes and avoid checks. Also, choose a single shade for both your pants and tie and never mess it up with anything else.

Follow these basic Pattern combos:

Checked shirts match well with plain pants

Checked shirt with solid pant.

checked formal shirt with matching pant, awesome combination of gray checks shirt with matching pant

Shirt with lining also goes well with solid pant.

striped shirt with lining matching pant, Take a charming look with striped shirt with lining matching pant

Checked white shirt goes well with black trouser.

checked shirt with matching pant, plain pant look good with checked shirt

Checked pants pair well with plain or smaller checked or smaller printed (polka dots)

checked trouser with plain formal shirt, Enhance your look with plain shirt with checked formal trouser
checked trouser with printed shirt, Upgrade your look with printed shirt goes with checked pant
striped pant with plain shirt, Evergreen white good with contrast pant

Some combos work forever like Blue-BeigeBlue-Black and White-Beige.

When going for stripes, match the pants with the shade of the stripes or go with the palette at the background. When going for checked trousers, choose a contrast plain shirt.

striped shirt with matching pant, good-looking with striped shirt with lining matching pant

Tips:  While going for Prints, choose subtle colours and try wearing a dark tone to avoid looking too cheeky!!

Checks and Stripes are always welcomed with almost all plain contrast trousers or denims. They would just never go wrong.

denim trouser with checked or striped formal shirt, Get marvellous look by wearing checks and stripe shirt with denim trouser

3. Right Fabrics

If you think that fabric has nothing to do with colour tones, you are wrong. Not every colour will be reflected the same way when you choose different fabrics.

1. Khakis and Chinos

With khakis and chinos, Denim shirts are an all rounder. You can also wear check woollens or plain cotton shirts.

khakhi chinos, increase your stunning personality try to khakhi chinos with contrast color shirt

2. Linen

Pure cotton or linen is most popular in men’s shirts.  Linen shirts are comfortable and come in subtle colours. When going for plain shirts, linen fabric is the best.

Linen shirts go well with linen trousers/Pants. High quality Denim pants are also one of the best picks with linen shirts.

3. Woollens

Corduroy and Fleece do not give very stark light shades and hence go for dark earthy shades. These are usually used for pants. Check shirts look exquisite in such fabrics. You can choose such shirts with denim pants or plain Khakhis.

Linen Chinos are also well matched with check corduroy or cashmilon shirts.

While going for checked woollen pants, choose plain corduroy or linen shirts.

4. Silk and Synthetics

For very bright shades in shirts, or if you like sparkling colours, choose nylon, silk or rayon. These give bright shiny hues so they are best for party wear selection. But such fabrics are less comfortable and good when weather is pleasant. They make best combinations with Cotton-Silk blend pants, denims or polyester pants.

Pants on the other hand seldom are made in such

4. Universal 5 Colours for No-Brainer Person

For those who really don’t want to fuss on what to wear and do not have the time to think before going for something, we are the problem solvers.

KhakiBlackCream, Gray and Navy are a must have for your wardrobe as they would befriend almost every shirt of yours.

#1. Khaki Trouser

Khaki pant is recently in trend because of its versatility to match with any shirt. One can use khaki pant as formal and casual dress code.

evergreen khakhi trouser, Shirt combination with evergreen khakhi pant

Perfect Matching Shirt Colours for Khaki Pant: Blue, maroon, red, green, black, white, purple, aqua/teal, pink/magenta, contrast brown, peach and gray.

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#2. Black Trouser

If you are going to wear black pant then you are free to select any colour of shirt.

evergreen black formal pant, Evergreen black pant shirt combination, formal dress combination for men

Perfect Matching Shirt Colours for Black Pant: White, purple, blue, light pink, maroon, light gray, red, light yellow, turquoise green, light orange, etc.

#3. Cream Trouser

Like khaki and black, cream colour has wide matching colours i.e. navy blue, pink, purple, maroon, black and sea green.

formal dress combination, cream pant with contrast color shirts

Tip: While choosing cream pant for your dark shirt check the basic tone of your shirt. One can select Red, Green and Blue tones as per shirts’ colour.

#4. Gray Trouser

Gray is must for formal attire.

gray pant with formal shirt, what shirt goes well with gray pant, formal dress combination

Perfect Matching Shirt Colours for Gray Pant: light pink, blue, purple, black, white, spring bloom, aqua, green, cherry, and red shirt.

#5. Navy

evergreen navy blue pant, What match with navy blue pants and light or dark color shirt

Perfect Matching Shirt Colours for Gray Pant: white, yellow, pink, peach, light green, purple, royal blue, brown, maroon, magenta, aqua, cream, khaki, red, gray, black, rust orange, crimson and sunny yellow.

Always go for the basic colours while buying your pants- Brown and Beige usually go best with the Red and Blue shades.

Almost all of us have a white shirt which keeps finding its way almost every third day. Try BlueBeige or Grey if you want to break the normal white black routine.

white shirt with beige-gray-blue pant, Looking good with some color combos like white-beige, white-gray, white-blue, best formal combination for man

If you own white pants, Pink and Beige tones are simply awesome!!!

white trouser with pink shirt, formal shirt and trouser combinations

5. Ever Green Pairs

Men with fair skin always rocks in black shirt and white pant. Black shirt with little shimmer is wise pick for party and wedding occasion.

black shirt with white pant, Best color combination of shirt pant, formal pants and shirts combination

White shirts always works well with any gray tone or light beige trouser.

white striped shirt with beige pant, Evergreen formal shirt or pant colour combination for Men, best formal dress combination for men
gray formal pant with white shirt, really awesome color combo are evergreen choice for men, formal shirt pant colour combination

Khaki pant and dark blue shirt is best casual and formal colour combination.

navy blue formal shirt with beige pant, Blue shirt match with beige pant really great color combo, best formal combination

Checked blue shirt and dark gray trouser is wise section for your office.

sky blue shirt with gray pant, Sky blue shirt with matching gray pant, formal shirt pant color combinations

Blue pant and white shirt complete your formal attire.

blue pant with white shirt, White shirt with evergreen blue color pant, pant shirt color combination

6. Going with Pastels

Pastels are finally paving their way into the world of men as well. We now have a vast collection of beautiful pastels in formal pants as well. Not only do they look good but also its a boon to the men who had nothing but blues and blacks in their basket!!

Choose your pastel pants carefully and make sure they suit you!!! They can go really wrong.

pastle blue pant with white shirt, Some new add in formal like pastels color trousers
pastle green pant with printed shirt, pant shirt combination for men
pastle red pant with matching shirt, formal dress colour combination for men

Choose the contrast very wisely. Reds must go with Blue or Beige tones. While Pastel greens will be easy with Blue tones. Try minimising prints and checks.

7. Color Shades According to Skin Tones

A man’s complexion has a huge impact on how the colours he chooses to wear suit him or make him just blend in to the crowd.

Usually men fall into the following category of their complexion-

1. High Contrast Men

high contrast men

Men with very spectacular contrast in their skin (usually fair) and dark hair fall into this category.

They must:

  • Wear shirts and suits with direct contrast to their skin like Navy Blue or Beige with a white shirt or fairer shades. Pinks and pastel look great on them.
  • They can also experiment with white and grey choosing ties with bright colours to bring out their fair skins.

2. Low Contrast Men

low contrast men

Men with darker skin tones and very low contrast between hair and skin fall under this. They must go for:

  • Dark and gloomy shades like Brown and Earthy shades.
  • They should try to go for a monochromatic look rather than trying on different contrasts.

3. Medium Contrast Men

medium contrast men

Not falling into any of the other two, they must:

  • Try on dark suits with lighter Shirts and dark pants.
  • Try not to go with very light shades or very dark tones.

Or simply refer the chart:

Skin ToneLight-Dark CombosDark-LightAvoid These
Fair ComplexionWhite-Black,Blue,RedPink-Grey, BlueSky Blue-Blue,Black,BeigeRed-Beige, BlueBlack-Blue, GreyAvoid Too bright colours like yellow, Orange etc.
Wheatish/Average ComplexionBeige-Brown, BlueWhite-Black, BlueBrown-Beige,Red,fawnBlack-Grey, BlueAvoid too dark shades or too light ones
Dark ComplexionBeige-Black, BlueBlue-Grey, Navy BlueKhaki-Brown,RedGrey-Black, BlueBlue-Beige, BrownDark Brown- KhakisAvoid too bright or too dark shades.

Nailing the right clothing color combinations can enhance your appearance immensely. By merely pairing the right colors together, you can achieve a balanced and complete look. So, if you want to give your style a boost, there’s no better way than to be more thoughtful in the tones you choose to wear. Thankfully, getting your head around which colors go with which is as easy as reading this guide. Here, we’ve outlined pairings that every man should know. These are the best clothing color combination ideas for gents.

Colour Combinations for Clothes

When it comes to selecting color combinations for clothes, the color wheel can be useful. By allowing you to identify complementary and similar colors, the color wheel can act as a rough guide on what hues go well together. Complementary colors, which are opposite on the wheel offer a balanced contrast. However, they can be intense, which is why split complementary colors are often used in their place. Analogous colors are next to one another on the wheel, meaning they have similar tones and blend well together. Triadic colors are three evenly spaced hues. They work in harmony but can be quite bold. While the wheel can provide a useful guide, you shouldn’t rely on it solely. Nailing the perfect combinations will come with experience and knowledge about shades and style.

Colour Combinations For Clothes

Colors That Go with Navy Clothes

When wearing navy, it’s generally best to avoid black as it can make your overall look appear overly dark. Instead, use white or beige to lift your appearance. For example, a white shirt with a navy suit looks clean and classic and will always be a winning combination. Soft pink can also lift navy while light shades of blue provide a gentle blend of similar tones. Additionally, touches of maroon or red can also complement navy.

Colour That Go With Navy Clothes


Hackett White Shirt
Kingsman Suit Jacket
Kingsman Suit Pants
Rubinacci Burgundy Tie

Colors That Go with Burgundy Clothes

Burgundy can appear seriously stylish, but it can also be tricky to match, especially if you don’t usually rock the shade. Unlike shades like white and black, burgundy is a bit more restrictive with what you can wear with it. That said, there are some fantastic options that will achieve a smart burgundy style. Navy makes a particularly great partner to burgundy as it creates a timeless and flattering appearance. However, neutrals, such as black, white, grey, and even brown, can also work well.

Colours That Go With Burgundy Clothes



Ami Burgundy Trousers
Loro Piana Shirt
Mr P Textured Sweater
Nike White Sneakers

Colors That Go with Green Clothes

Green can be a surprisingly versatile color and a great addition to your wardrobe. The trick to nailing the look is to choose the right shade. Dark green hues, as well as olive and khaki tones, are some of the most flattering for gents. Also, keeping your color combinations simple will help to highlight your green garments and avoid any clashing. As such, black makes an excellent option that never fails to complement green. Likewise, white can also partner well, as can wintery tones like brown, burgundy, and navy.

Colours That Go With Green Clothes


Club Monaco T Shirt
Rag & Bone Chinos
Saint Laurent Jacket
Timberland Black Boots

Colors That Go with Beige Clothes

Due to its soft shade, beige works best with light hues. It appears especially stylish when worn with crisp white, blue or tan. Just be mindful of the tone of beige you’re wearing, as yellow-based shades of beige can often be more challenging to match. If you are wearing a yellow-based beige, try partnering with rich tones, such as maroon, navy, or brown.

Colours That Go With Beige Clothes


Etro Light Blue Shirt
Officine Creative Shoes
Richard James Jacket
Richard James Trousers

Colors That Go with Red Clothes

As red is a bold color, it tends to appear more balanced with neutral hues. So, when wearing red, try partnering with white for a fresh and bright appearance or black for an edgy style. Alternatively, try balancing the hot hue of your red clothes with a cool navy for a flattering and classic look.

Colours That Go With Red Clothes


Boglioli Red Trousers
Folk Navy Blazer
Hugo Boss Shirt
Quoddy Boat Shoes

Colors That Go with Black Clothes

Black is beloved for its versatility, meaning that it can work with almost any other color. However, some tones do appear more traditionally stylish than others. White, for instance, always works well with black as it achieves a balance between light and dark. But, that combination can also be quite striking due to its contrast. To lessen the difference, opt for just a touch of white to break up your black look, such as a white shirt beneath a black suit. Like white, other light tones, like pink and baby blue, can also complement black. Bold colors like red, on the other hand, provide it with a striking accent.

Colours That Go With Black Clothes


Dunhill Red Tie
Hugo Boss Shirt
Saint Laurent Suit
Tricker's Oxford Shoes

Colors That Go with White Clothes

White can work with a variety of colors, especially when worn sparingly. When worn all over, however, it does require thoughtful styling to look its best. In general, cool tones, such as black, navy, and light blue work best with white. However, neutral tones like beige and sand can also work well, especially in the warmer months.

Colours That Go With White Clothes


Aspesi Trench Coat
Joseph White Chinos
Nike Black Sneakers
Polo Ralph Lauren

Colors That Go with Gray Clothes

To successfully partner grey with another color, you must consider its shade. Generally, light tones of grey partner best with other light hues, including white, light blue, and soft pink. Dark greys can also look good with white. However, they can also work with different dark tones, including black and burgundy.

Colours That Go With Grey Clothes


Boglioli Suit Jacket
Boglioli Suit Trousers
Charvet White Shirt
Oliver Spencer Tie

Colors That Go with Brown Clothes

Like grey, brown also requires you to consider the shade when thinking about how to style it. Light shades of brown, like tan and camel, tend to work best with other light shades, such as white, cream, and light blue. Dark brown tones can also work with neutral hues like white. But, they also appear flattering when worn with rich shades, such as black, burgundy, navy, or deep green.

Colours That Go With Brown Clothes


Canali Rollneck Sweater
Hardy Amies Coat
Lanvin Brown Boots
Nudie Jeans Jeans

Colors That Go with Pink Clothes

Pink is a color that many men avoid because they’re unsure how to style it. If that sounds like you, try starting with a light pink shirt or sweater to break into this hue. Light tones of pink are more versatile than loud shades, making them simpler to wear. To nail the look, try partnering your pink garment with grey, blue, white, tan, or beige. If you’re experienced with pink and prefer a more vibrant hue, try wearing it with navy, black or dark grey instead.

Colours That Go With Pink Clothes


Folk Pink Sweatshirt
Givenchy White Sneakers
Norse Projects Chinos
The Workers Club

Clothing Colour Combinations for Men

  • Aim to strike a balanced appearance with the colors you wear.
  • Pair bold colors with neutral hues to avoid clashing.
  • For a smart and stylish combination, try partnering navy with burgundy or red.
  • Partner light shades of grey and brown with other light colors and darker tones with other dark hues.
  • Use light colors, such as white, pink, and light blue, to break up a black outfit.


How do you mix and match colors for clothes?

There are a few methods for mixing and matching clothing colors. You can opt for analogous colors from the same side of the color wheel, or pick complementary shades on opposite sides. If you’re feeling more adventurous, split complementary takes one color, mixing it with hues on either side of its direct opposite. Lastly, you can go triadic and mix shades from three equal points around the wheel. It’s also best to try to match the depth of color and base tones.

What colors should I not wear together?

Avoid mixing colors that have different undertones, as this will look off. Warm and cool undertones can appear in any color and can be tricky to pick up when starting out, but recognizing them will come with practice. Also, be wary of mixing different shade depths, such as pastels and brights. It can be done but requires a bit of practice to get it right.

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