short haircuts for girls

Today, we discuss the best Short Haircuts For Girls and short hair cut for ladies. Between your natural hair texture and everyday hair habits, finding a flattering style or cut can be tough—no matter your age. Throw on texture and color changes (thinning grays, anyone?) and the task may have just gotten a little more difficult. So what are the best low cut hairstyles for females?

Short Haircuts For Girls

low cut hairstyles for females

Get ready for a long, hot summer by choosing a makeover from the latest short hairstyles for girls &women here!


Asymmetric Pixie

Thanks to the trend for mixing and matching different styles and cutting techniques in the latest short hairstyles, the asymmetric pixie couldn’t be hotter!

And if the difference in length between the longer and shorter profiles is exaggerated – even trendier!

Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle with Side Long Bangs

Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle with Side Long Bangs - Short Straight Haircut 2016

For girls with blonde hair

Short hairstyles for girls with blonde hair can be made edgier by adding temporary red streaks or tips, if you want to join the huge trend towards red shades this summer 2016.

Cute Blonde Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Cute Blonde Short Haircuts for Thick Hair 2016


Brown with coppery-red glints

On short hairstyles for girls & women with brown hair adding beautifully rich shades of hot red, orange, cinnamon and polished-copper shades will look fantastic in the bright sunlight of the summer 2016.

Black with ‘hot pink’

On black hair, you can go for a ‘fun’ look with the summer’s favourite ‘hot pink’ highlights, a rainbow colour margin around the outline of smooth short hairstyles for girls and women.

Or try the latest dual highlights in pink and purple for a truly stunning look that’s daring, but chic owing to the beautifully co-ordinated and contrasting colours!

Pink, Short Straight Bob Haircut

Pink, Short Straight Bob Haircut

Soft brown bob with caramel ombré

Short bobs are still one of the most popular short hairstyles for girls looking for something more individual than the same-old teen ponytail. Bobbed short hairstyles for girls with fine hair can look very soft and appealing with light twisty waves adding volume at the sides.

Add a gentle caramel ombré or two-tone highlights in honey and caramel for subtle and classy short hairstyles for girls who prefer a natural look.

Straight Bob Hairstyles

Straight Bob Hairstyles - Everyday Hairstyles for Short Hair 2016


Exploding colour

On the other hand, if you like to ‘explode’ into a room like a grenade, go for a shocking choppy or shaggy urban chic bob,dyed black with bold, blonde streaks and super-sharp textured tips.

The golden ombré fringe

Very short styles like pixie-cuts can add lots of interest with highlighting in balayage or ombré. We love to see a long, asymmetric fringe on medium or dark brown hair, pepped up with a pale-golden blonde graduating to red-gold at the tips.

The latest short hairstyles for girls are all right here, so choose your favourite chic,edgy look from our 2016 short hairstyles gallery right now!

Stylish Short Hairstyles2016 Short Hairstyles for Girls and Women - With or Without Curls!

Red, Razored Round Bob Cut

Red, Razored Round Bob Cut - Women Short Hairstyles

Messy, Shaved Short Haircut

Messy, Shaved Short Haircut - Women, Girls Hairstyle Ideas 2016

Cute, Short Haircut with Side Bangs

Cute, Short Haircut with Side Bangs - Summer Hairstyles 2016


A-line Bob Haircut

A-line Bob Haircut


Messy, Shaggy Hairstyle for Short Hair

Messy, Shaggy Hairstyle for Short Hair - Short Haircuts 2016


Messy Curly Bob Hairstyle

Messy Curly Bob Hairstyle - Stylish Office Hairstyles 2016


Shaved Pixie Haircut

Trendy Shaved Pixie Haircut - Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair 2016


Asymmetrical Short Pixie Haircuts

Asymmetrical Short Pixie Haircuts - Woman, Girl Hairstyles 2016


Messy, Layered Bob Hair Cuts

Messy, Layered Bob Hair Cuts - Shaved Hairstyles 2016


Cute, Short Pixie Haircut

Cute, Short Pixie Haircut


Trendy Pixie Haircut

Trendy Pixie Haircut - Short Hairstyle Ideas 2016


Short Curly Hair Style

Short Curly Hair Style - Curls Pixie Haircut


Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair


Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Pixie Haircut with Bangs - Blonde, Layered Hairstyle


Short Hairstyle for Heart Face Shape

Short Hairstyle for Heart Face Shape - Short Haircut for Thick Hair 2016


Pretty Short Haircut with Fine Hair

Pretty Short Haircut with Fine Hair


Stylish Short Haircut Ideas

Stylish Short Haircut Ideas 2016


Layered Pixie Haircut

Layered Pixie Haircut


Layered Short Bob Hair Cuts

Layered Short Bob Hair Cuts


Very Short Hairstyle

Very Short Hairstyle - Summer Haircut Ideas2016


Short Hairstyle

2016 Short Hairstyles for Girls and Women


Stylish Hair Color and Cut

Stylish Hair Color and Cut


Great Cut Great Color Great Curl

Great Cut Great Color Great Curl


Shaved Pixie Haircut

Shaved Pixie Haircut


Best Short Haircut for Women and Girls

Best Short Haircut for Women and Girls 2016


Women’s Hairstyle Guide: Choosing The Perfect Hairstyle For You

Women's Hairstyle Guide

So you decided it’s time for a change. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while, entertaining the idea but now you’re sure. You need a new hairstyle.

Do not underestimate the impact it will have on your appearance. A simple change to your hair has the opportunity to completely change your entire appearance. You’ve probably seen it happen with a friend, a family member or even a celebrity who decided they’ve had enough and needed a change.

So is it worth changing up your hairstyle in attempts to make it better? Even if you regret the decision later?

We say yes. Especially if what you have now isn’t working for you.

Remember, you can’t change things like your height or bone structure but you can change up your hairstyle and make it into something better. Work on the things you can control so what you can’t control doesn’t have control over you (not to get all philosophical on you).

Okay so where do you start? So many questions, so many things to consider.

The purpose of this guide is to help you answer these questions and choose the perfect hairstyle for you given your unique constraints.

What works for one person isn’t guaranteed to also work for another. You might look at your favorite celebrities, the posters at a hair salon, or any magazine and see hairstyles that you want to copy for yourself but unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Two people can have the same hairstyle but one pulls it off better than the other (as we all know).

So how do you know what YOU can pull off?

Steps to Finding The Perfect Hairstyle For You

  1. First, consider your hair type. Curly? Thin? Wavy? More on this below.
  2. Then, you’ll need to find your face shape.
  3. Next, start putting together an effective hair care routine.
  4. When you’re ready, go to a quality hair stylist and get the look you want.
  5. Keep experimenting with your hair routine. You never know when you’ll find your new favorite product that really makes it stand out.
  6. Get feedback from people in your “real” life in addition to online.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the things you should be considering.

The Most Important Factors: Face Shape & Hair Type

Why are these the most important? They determine what you’re working with and what you’ll be able to pull off.

We already have a guide on how to find your face shape (link above) and there you’ll also find general hair advice for each shape so you have a better idea of the types of hairstyles that’ll look great on you (and the types that won’t).

A few more things about face shape we want to add here:

Each shape usually has features you’ll either want to downplay or emphasize.

  • Large foreheads (heart, round, sometimes oblong)
  • Pointed chins (triangle)
  • Strong jaws (square)
  • Strong cheekbones (diamond)


  • Large ears (can be any shape)
  • A large nose (can be any shape)

The 3 most important to consider are the forehead, nose, and chin — each representing a third of your face.

Decide which facial features are your best and worst. Want to downplay a larger nose? Soften a strong chin? Highlight your eyes or cheekbones? Consider your features alongside your shape for the best results. Again, we have more specific advice for your shape in that guide so check it out after you finish reading this.

So now what about your hair type?

Don’t expect to grow out an afro if you have very thin or straight hair. That’s an extreme example but you get the point.

Your hair type (aka its texture) is just as important of a factor in determining what you can or can’t pull off as your face shape and features. Some styles work only on certain hair types. Different styling methods and hair products also work better on certain hair types than others.

You can probably make the argument that texture is even more important than face shape when it comes to choosing your hairstyle. An oblong shaped face with thick wavy hair will need a different cut than an oblong shape but with very fine hair even though they have the same face shape. Their hair will also need to be cut differently and treated differently within their routines.

These are the basic hair types:

  • Curly (There are even more sub-types of curly hair but we won’t get into those here)
  • Wavy
  • Straight
  • Frizzy

As for density:

  • Is it fine? (Tends to be thin)
  • Is it coarse? (Tends to be thick)

You can be a combination of any of the 6 types mentioned above.

Knowing your hair type will help you pick a hairstyle that naturally looks great on you and it’ll help narrow down your search when you consider it alongside the other factors.

As an example, straight, fine hair usually works really well with bangs. Curly hair works really well when it’s left to grow out longer and has extra weight to weigh it down. The thinner your hair, the more you’ll want to consider adding layers to help add volume and avoid a flat and dull look.

The lesson: Embrace your face shape, facial features, and texture. Working against them makes everything 100 times harder.

Underrated Factor: Maintenance

A gorgeous hairstyle that brings out your best is great but if it takes you forever each morning just to get it to look right, do you really want to stick with it for everyday use? High maintenance hairstyles are more interesting to look at, and they definitely stand out but if you can’t be bothered to look after it yourself or style it properly each day then it’d be best to go for something simpler.

Really, getting your haircut is only the first step. What you do with it afterwards, by actually styling it and going through your hair care routine — that’s when the real magic happens. And if you don’t have the time to style it yourself or to get regular touchups at a salon, or don’t know how to properly maintain it in the first place — then it’s just not worth it.

The common sense advice here is to choose something more ordinary for everyday life — going to the store to pick something up, running errands, etc. You don’t need to go all out in these situations. You just need your hair to look respectable and make sure it suits your face. This is your “everyday” cut that still looks great on you but is relatively simple to maintain and get going.

Then for special occasions (prom, weddings, formal events) where everyone really tries to outdo each other — that’s when you go for the high maintenance cuts that leave an impression on everyone.

Don’t Neglect Lifestyle & Personality Either!

Maintenance is somewhat related to your lifestyle and personality — two factors that get neglected more than they should even though they play a huge role in deciding the types of hairstyles that works for you.

Our hair is one of the many ways our external appearance gives others a peek into our inner world. Let’s be honest. We make quick judgments on others based on their physical appearance. Everyone does it. Our hair is just one of the many things people can use to make judgments on things like who we are, the subculture we’re apart of, the type of person we aspire to be, and even the way we’re feeling in the moment.

Point is, people are judging you (no matter how unfair that is) and coming to conclusions about you before you even say a word whether consciously or subconsciously.

So what’s your hair communicating to the world around you?

That’s how lifestyle and personality enter the mix.

Lifestyle is all about practicality. Do you live somewhere really hot? Do you work out and get sweaty? You probably pull your hair back into a ponytail so make sure your style is long enough if that’s your preference.

Do you work in a formal setting? An office environment? You’re safer with a more traditional hairstyle compared to the artsy design and musician types working in a studio or on set.

What about the subcultures you’re apart of? Are you goth? Punk? Is your aesthetic inspired by tumblr? Each have specific hairstyles associated with them and members of those communities that take preference to them.

Maybe you aren’t apart of any group and are just naturally more “edgy” yourself. Maybe you feel like you’re less of a girly girl and more of an independent “free spirit” type. Shorter hairstyles, pixie cuts, and more tomboyish looks better convey these traits. You might also want to consider coloring it.

Some people pull off short hair better than others (mostly depends on your face shape). Generally we think longer hair and natural colors look better on most people than short hair and unnatural colors but in the end it’s up to you.

The final point is: Take your lifestyle and personality into account. People will assume different things about you based on your hairstyle and this is where you can add a unique personal touch if it suits you. Don’t be afraid to experiment! But make sure you’re comfortable with whatever hairstyle you do have. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable in your own skin.

The Importance Of A Good Hairstylist

None of the factors we mentioned above will matter much if the person cutting your hair isn’t skillful enough to cut your hair just the way you want it.

A good hair stylist/salon is crucial to the success of your hairstyle.

The best way to find a quality stylist is to ask for recommendations. See someone who has good hair? Ask where they get it done. Personal recommendations are much more useful than looking at reviews online because you can see the results of their expertise firsthand.

Pro Tip: Someone who already has similar hair to you or what you want is a big bonus. The hairstylist will know where you’re coming from and understand the minor details that’ll be lost on other people.

If they regularly cut your hair type that’s also a plus. So if you have curly hair, make sure the person cutting your hair also has curly hair and usually cuts other people with curly hair. Some salons are specialized (ex. They cut alternative hairstyles, only curly hair, etc.) so look around to find one that meets your needs.

Someone who listens to you and offers helpful suggestions is someone you’ll want to return to. Communication is key and it goes both ways. Tell them what you want and if they’re any good they’ll probably offer their own advice or opinion to help you out.

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