short hairstyles for round faces black hair

One of the most crucial factor in styling your hair is knowing which kind of hairstyle best fits the shape of your face. For instance round faces with black hair have a particular kind of hairstyle that will suit their faces perfectly so do round faces with blonde hair. If you’re a round face with dark hair, we bring you short hairstyles for round faces black hair. All you’ve got to do is go right ahead and make a choice!

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces Black Hair

The Best Hairstyles for Black Women with a Round Face

When you’re trying to find the right hairstyle it’s a combination of many factors including your hairs natural texture and your face shape. The round face shape is one that is approximately the same length as width. It has soft facial features including a rounded jaw and soft cheekbones. This tends to lead to a more youthful look and it’s difficult to emphasize facial features. A round face can also make you look more heavy-set.

For these reasons, it’s important to find a haircut that works with these characteristics rather than against them. You want to add length without adding width and emphasize your eyes and chin without making your cheeks look wider. Here are our favourite hairstyle ideas for black women with a round face shape.

Side Part with Layers

A side part on the left or right will minimize the width of your face. The added width from the bangs and choppy layers on the opposite side of the bangs will add height on the side of your face. However, it’s important that the layers around your face do not add width around your cheeks. Make sure that your stylist keeps your layers away from the widest place of your face.


Voluminous Pixie 

Short hair is always a preferred choice for black women. It keeps things simple and looks amazing with natural hair texture. However, if you have a round face you want to avoid pixies that are too closed cropped. Rather you want to keep the height there by adding texture if you have straightened hair or if you’re rocking natural curls then keep them wild and natural.


Long Bob

This trendy hairstyle is perfect for a round face shape. It adds length so that the eyes are brought downwards and it allows you to add texture and height to make your face appear slimmer. Don’t hesitate to opt for some side-swept bangs with your long bob but do try to avoid layers. Style your hair with relaxed waves or straight but tight curls with a round face shape and this length will only add width where you don’t want it. The picture on the left is a fabulous bob with golden brown highlights.


Short and High Natural Afro

If you’re lucky enough to have those tight curls that black women’s hair naturally has then embrace them. It’s much easier and works well with the round face shape. The key to making this work for you is to style your curls upward rather than outward.


Asymmetrical Curly Bob


Short bobs are generally not a good choice for a round face because they add width and emphasize the round and soft features which makes you look younger. However, they’re not off-limits. A short asymmetrical bob where one side is directly above the ear and then styled with curls is a perfect option. It only adds a little bit of width on one side of your face but the curls and shorter length will add so much length that it all balances out flawlessly.


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