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 different types of dresses

Dresses, dresses everywhere, not a name I know. Have you felt this way, looking at all the different types of dresses available in the stores? There are hundreds of different kinds of dresses – in every style imaginable. Let us check out the most important types of dresses.

different types of dresses

If you want to know the names of different types of clothes check out this post.

1 Aline dress

This dress basically follows the Aline silhouette – ie flowy from the shoulders. It can also have a fitted defined waist but the hem is always flared giving the whole silhouette the shape of a capital letter A.

different types of dresses

2 Tent dress

A shapeless tentlike full dress,  that hangs loose from the shoulders; it has a baggy silhouette  and is usually worn short. The airy billowy dress is a favourite as a summer wear

styles of dresses

3 Yoke dress

This is a type of dress with a shaped top portion of the bodice which is separate from the bodice. The yoked dress can have a front yoke or back yoke or both

types of dresses

4 Empire line dress

This is a  high waist dress that has a fitting bodice till just under the bust and then a flowy silhouette

different types of dresses

5 Shift dress

This is a short sleeveless dress  that skims the body  without a fitted waist

different styles of dresses

Dirndl dress

This is a european traditional dress originally worn by peasants there;The dress has an apron with lacing on the back or front 

styles of dresses

7 Sheath dress

close fitting dress usually ending near the knee. Usually there will be a slit in the back so that you can walk comfortably

ladies dresses styles

8 Low or drop waist dress

This is a loose fitting dress with the skirt seam being somewhere near the hip rather than at the waist length.

many styles of dresses for females

9 Tunic dress

This is a loose fitting dress ending near the hips  or near the knee , usually with slits on the side seams

dress styles for ladies

10 Princess seam dress

This is a dress with a princess seam down the bodice

11 Blouson dress

This is a dress with a fitted/clinched waist which will cause the top portion to have a billowing effect

12 Shirt waist dress

This kind of dress resembles a shirt in the top portion, with a collar and an open front button placket.

women dress types

13 Wrap around dress

This is a style of dress with an Asymmetrical closing. This  dress usually has one side wrapped over the other side and usually has a tie which closes the front opening

women dress types

14 Peasant Dress

This is a dress originally worn by the peasants in Europe, with raglan sleeves or very loose sleeves

15 Baby doll dress

A baby doll dress refers to a short sweet dress with a fitted bodice ( at times a bralette) and loose gathered skirt . This is usually is used as a nightgown. A dress with gathers above  the waist and long sleeves is also referred as a baby doll dress. Check out the tutorial to make a baby doll dress

different style dresses

16 Body con dress

This refers to a tight fitting body hugging dress made of a stretchy fabric. It usually ends near or above the knee.

latest dress styles

17 Cocktail dress

This is  a short dressy dress meant for attending semi formal functions.

ladies dresses styles

18 Debutante dress

This is a white gown typically worn by debutantes on their first ball.The white formal full length gown is usually accompanied by white kid gloves

latest dress styles

19 Skater dress

This is a dress that has a fitted bodice and a very flared circular skirt. They have an Aline silhouette with a very defined waist

different dress styles

20 Camisole dress

This dress resembles the camisole worn as a slip or nightgown. A camisole dress is a longer version of this and is usually worn over tops

different dress styles

21 Pinafore dress /Jumber dress

This is a collarless, sleeveless low cut dress which is worn over tops / blouses.

different dress styles

22 Granny dress

A granny dress is a loose fitting dress with long sleeves. This dress usually has ruffles or flounces and a high collar

different style dresses for females

23 Harem dress

This is a full length dress with a flared cut narrowing down to a narrower hem. It is usually made in a flowy fabric

24 Trumpet dress / Mermaid dress

A  trumpet dress has a fitted bodice till the knee or just below the knee  where it flares to the hem

 styles of dresses for girls

25 Maxi dress

This is an informal full length / ankle length dress usually made with a flowy fabric

different type of dresses

26 Apron dress

Apron dress is a sleeveless dress with a bib and a skirt attached to it just like an apron

different style dresses

27 Sweater dress

A sweater dress is a long sweater that can be worn on its own as a dress. It is usually knee length

different type of dresses

28 Swing dress

A swing dress has  fitted top portion near the bust and then flaring to a knee or above knee length hem.

variety of dresses

29 Tutu dress

Tutu dress is a tutu (gathered skirt made with tulle fabric ) with a bodice attached

type of dress styles

30 Sun Dress

sundress refers to any dress which is casual and suitable for the summer. They are usually made in flowy lightweight breathable fabrics

kinds of dresses

31 Little Black Dress

This refers to a short dress made in black.Usually this is a fitting dress which is short

girls dress types

32 Coat dress

A coat dress resembles a overcoat with lapels and openings

types and styles of dresses

33 Corset dress

This is a dress that is fitted around the bust using a corset . The corset shapes the body with lacing 

34 Balloon Dress 

A balloon  dress refers to a dress with a hemline turned inwards so that the bottom edge looks like a blown up balloon

35 Bouffant dress

This is a full length gown with lots of ruffles

lady style dresses

36 Fit and flare dress

This is a dress which is fitted in the top portion and then flares gradually towards the hem. This effect is usually achieved with panels

kinds of dresses


37 Handkerchief hem Dress

This type of dresses have an asymmetrical hem which looks as if a handkerchief is held from the middle

Top 10 Best Party Dresses for Women in 2020 | Essential Buying Guide

With the winter waving around the corner and the festive bells ringing any time soon, it’s all party time ladies! It’s that time of the year when you need to attend prom, parties, weddings, and cocktail nights more than ever. And, if you want to pull all attention towards you, the easiest way is to find an elegant attire that appeals to the eyes. Don’t know how to grab one? Fret not. This article picks the 10 Best Party Dresses for Women to shop in 2020.

And guess what, you don’t need to spend a fortune to buy these dresses and you can still break into the high-street fashion codes. So, let’s not waffle anymore and straight look inside.

Stay tuned.

ACEVOG Off-shoulder Bodycon Party Dresses

  View It on Amazon

Looking for the perfect Party Dresses for Women? This allover floral lace cocktail dress from Acevog is everything festive fashion goals. Soft fabrics, boat neck-design, hollow out long sleeves, and a body-hugging fit, makes this cocktail piece a pick for every occasion.

While the elegant off-shoulder cut is extremely feminine, the stretchable fabrics fit snug, but not too tight even if you are pregnant. Guess what, the dress perfectly flaunts your feminine curves and teams well with any accessory, light or heavy. So, put this dress on, step out, and get ready for bulks of compliments.

Key Features
  • Looks extremely elegant
  • Chic and feminine
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Non-transparent
  • Fit for every occasion
  • The height might be a little low to cover your thigh portion adequately
  • Sleeves might fit little loose
  • You might need to try a smaller size than your normal pick

9. VFSHOW Formal Evening Maxi Dress

VFSHOW Formal Evening Maxi Dress

  View It on Amazon

Prom to the wedding, this maxi gown with a mermaid silhouette will turn heads everywhere you go. 100% polyester fabric, round neckline, see-through mesh embroidery, ruched waist details, ruffles in front are all things bling and glitters.

While the soft, down-flowing fabrics add an extremely elegant statement to every shape and size, the slim fit sculpts the body contour oh-so-perfectly.   The best part is the adjustable zipper allows you to put the slit open and flaunt your leg how much you want. Great, is not it?

Key Features
  • Perfect for all occasions
  • Feminine and sexy
  • Lots of colors and sizes
  • Concealed back zipper
  • Easy to wash
  • The upper portion might be an extra loose
  • There might be a slight disparity between display and delivery

8. PrettyGuide Deep V Neck Glitter Bodycon Mini Dress

PrettyGuide Deep V Neck Glitter Bodycon Mini Dress

  View It on Amazon

Are you always looking for the best Party Dresses for Women? Look no further and give your body the sparkle of vintage sequins with this oomphy, bodycon dress from PrettyGuide. Made of all-polyester, it fits quite stretchy on the body and comes with a cropped length to give you a perfect nightclub flaunt.

Feel all over pretty with the stereoscopic impact this concave sequin glitter dress can leave everywhere.  A jazzy outfit of this type not only glams you up for a night out, but enhance your best features wherever celebration takes you.

Key Features
  • Concave sequins add extra shine
  • Fits snug
  • Sexy neckline
  • Perfect for party nights
  • Might miss out some strips of sequins due to edge ups
  • Oversized sequins

7. Romwe Sexy Layered Party Tank Dress

Romwe Sexy Layered Party Tank Dress

  View It on Amazon

Try this sheath-fit club wear from Romwe and choose to shine on the go. Designed with 100% polyester, this glitter dress features, basic sleeveless upper, layered fabrics, pull-on closure, contrast sequin details, and what not!

While the subtle sequins in the second-half of this tank dress give you enough party sparkle, the no-overdo top strikes a perfect balance just to give you access everywhere from the airport to the Ballroom. Day-time shopping or celebration night, this dress is a perfect party accent all season through.

Key Features
  • Feminine and glittery
  • Perfect for day and night outs
  • Compliments body contour
  • All-season wear
  • Might not fit true-to-size
  • The top layer offers a much looser fit in comparison to the bottom layer

6. Sheer Chiffon Hi-Low Delicate Belt Dress

Sheer Chiffon Hi-Low Delicate Belt Dress

  View It on Amazon

Did you just say Party Dresses for Women? Hold your horse, this exotic, loose-flowing, white dress with delicate Hi-low length, will bring the party home this season… every season. It features a super fine-quality, see-through chiffon outer, a mini inner, easy-to-pack belt, button closure to say the least.

It is the simple yet bold fashion statement of this imported maxi dress that makes it a perfect fit everywhere from the beach to the candid candlelight dine-out to the jazzy pub party. Don this serene outfit and stand out of the crowd with confidence.

Key Features
  • Elegant and feminine
  • High-quality maxi dress
  • Skin-friendly
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Transportable
  • Many colors and sizes to choose from
  • Might fit baggy
  • Look for stains, spots, and tears

5. Knitee Off-shoulder Pleat Cocktail Dress

Knitee Off-shoulder Pleat Cocktail Dress

  View It on Amazon

This formal cocktail gown with some side and bottom ruffles detailing will make your evenings and nights like never before. Stretchy fabrics, V-neck, short sleeves, high-waist with pleated design, knee height, humanized back zipper closure, and the sexy side slit all speak off a look oh-so-stylish.

While the relaxed fit of this bodycon dress will keep you comfy all through your party, the curvaceous silhouette will bring you huge compliments everywhere. And if size matters for you, this outfit fits almost true-to-size!

Key Features
  • Fits slim yet relaxed
  • Showcases curves
  • True-to-size
  • Easy to don and doff
  • Look for the stitching carefully
  • Fits the big-busts better

4. MEROKEETY Lace Floral Party Dress

MEROKEETY Lace Floral Party Dress

  View It on Amazon

Who said that picking the perfect Party Dresses for Women comes with no easy deal? This lacy floral dress from MEROKEETY will make party hopping fun. It features a high-quality fabric, all-over lace design, zero-sleeves with eye lace detailing, crew neckline, back slit and what not!

While its soft and stretchy materials hug your body with extreme comfort, the hidden back zipper end makes donning and doffing easy as a breeze. In other words, this sexy cocktail midi is a classic pick for every occasion.

Key Features
  • Full lace coverage
  • Soft and subtle texture
  • Simple wash and care
  • 30-day free return
  • The skimpy lining might make this dress a little too revealing
  • Look for stitching, finish, and freshness of your buy

3. Kate Kasin Sequin Maxi Dress

Kate Kasin Sequin Maxi Dress

  View It on Amazon

If all you want is to steal the runway look and be a show-stopper, this glittery maxi dress is for you. Sewn all over with chunks of imported sequins, it features a deep V-neck, empire waistline, zipper closure, and a concealed back zipper.

No matter, you are hitting a prom or a pageant, no matter, you are the bride’s maid or a momma-to-be, this authentic “Kate Kasin Sequin Dress” is here to class up your efforts at looking more beautiful every time. Make sure to check the size as one size up could fit you better!

Key Features
  • Stunning bridesmaid costume
  • A perfect fit for every occasion
  • Authentic “Kate Kasin Sequin Dress”
  • Extremely shiny
  • Check for defects and stitches carefully
  • Unboxing needs more care as sequins might fall off

2. Sidefeel Off-shoulder Mini Dress

Sidefeel Off-shoulder Mini Dress

  View It on Amazon

Steal the runway look with this one-neckline-fits-all-styles bodycon dress, one of the best Party Dresses for Women in 2019. With stretchable curve-hugging silhouettes, elastic neckline, multiple ruffles detailing, and a poncho style, this is a fashion must-have for every festive wardrobe.

Did you know, this imported dress combines an oversized top and a snug hip package underdress only to accentuate the curves and offer you a comfortable fit? What’s more, you can go multiple dressing styles from sleeveless, one-shoulder to off-shoulder, no matter, it’s your normal office day or a date night out.

Key Features
  • Imported mini bodycon dress
  • Complements curves
  • Multiple shoulders flaunt
  • Elegant and comfortable
  • Might be a little see-through
  • Might fit a little clingy for women above 5.6” heights

1. Sarin Mathews Cocktail Skater Dress

Sarin Mathews Cocktail Skater Dress

  View It on Amazon

This high-low, off-shoulder cocktail skater dress from Sarin Mathews, is your perfect NYE pick this year. Features like off-shoulder, short sleeves, High-low skater, asymmetrical hem, flared swing and thick stretchy fabrics, will give you a win-win situation for every party and occasion.

The best part is, this imported A-line dress looks extremely classy sans a high-end price tag. Soft, comfortable, and ultra-feminine, it will fit nicely, flatter your body, and put your best features forward.

Key Features
  • Thick, stretchy materials
  • Elegant Fall-Winter wear
  • Inexpensive yet classy
  • Comfort fit
  • Look for the right shipment
  • Check stains or tears carefully

A Buying Guide For The Quality Purchase

The million-dollar question is how to look maverick, get a lot of praise, and look different in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of fashion junkies! The following buying guide is probably where you should look for your answer!

Here are the tricks…

  • Fabrics: Choose soft, supple, and flowing dress materials for a more feminine look. High-quality fabrics like Polyester or spandex come with body-hugging silhouettes and offer a sexy look like no other.
  • Sequins: Choose only vintage or concave glitters when you choose to shine. They add that extra shine, make the party outfit look more stereoscopic, and make any party night a sold-out event.
  • Neckline: Opt for a party dress with an elastic neckline and it will offer you endless choices for your unique dressing style. You can flaunt off-shoulder, one-shoulder or even sleeveless.
  • Length: As less is the new more, your cropped length bodycon or cocktail dress can add more vibes to your party appearance by accentuating your curves. Like long gowns? They even do wonders with the little slits and ruffles.
  • Zipper and Slits: Staying on top of comfort has a lot to do with your look and styleWhen you move with ease, you move chin-up with confidence. So, choose a dress that comes easy to put on and off and gives you enough room to move your arms and legs free of obstacles.  Back zipper or height-adjustable front zipper slits are the most humanized designs in this case.


No matter, it’s a black-tie event, a graduation party or a ball, the above-mentioned party dresses are an all-weather fashion must-have to look sexy, chic, and elegant at all times. And, the best part is they can be worn in the workplace and then at a pub right after! While all of them are not designed to give you the best fit, some sure are! So, check the features, gauge your physical stats, and pick one that reflects your inner Fashionista. Being a cynosure of a party has never been any easier!

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