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short white lace dress
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little white dresses for spring & summer events
Davids Bridal Short Sequin V-Neck DressIf there’s one blog post request I’ve received most frequently over the last few months, it’s been for little white dress (lwd) recommendations! I promise I haven’t been ignoring you guys… Just was waiting for the weather to warm up a bit! 🙂

Y’all know that white dresses are no stranger to my closet. I’d much rather wear a bright color or a light neutral shade over black any day of the week. I know, that’s not very “New York” of me, but I think it’s obvious I’ve never really fit the typical Manhattan style mold. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to incorporating more white into my wardrobe, especially now that spring and a few pre-wedding festivities are on the horizon!

Davids Bridal Short Sequin V-Neck Dress

Davids Bridal Short Sequin V-Neck Dress

I took advantage of the bare leg temperatures we had in New York last week and pulled on two new lwds I found at David’s Bridal. If you’re on the hunt for stylish, yet affordable white cocktail dresses I highly recommend checking out their selection! It can be a struggle finding good white dresses because many stores will only have a small number of styles, plus if you’re shopping online it’s nearly impossible to tell if the fabric is actually opaque.

Well I tested the two dresses you see here and I can fully attest that no one will be seeing your underwear if you decide to wear one of these to your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower or grad ceremony 😛

Davids Bridal Short Sequin V-Neck DressDavid’s Bridal Short Sequin V-Neck Dress (wearing size 2)

This short sequin v-neck dress is my favorite out of all the ones I tried on at the store! I didn’t think I’d ever be into a white dress with sequins, but the embellishments on this one are incredibly subtle and would work great even for daytime. I’m also obsessed with the v neck open back and sheer flutter sleeves. Bonus points that the length hits just above the knee too!

Davids Bridal Tiered Lace Short DressDavid’s Bridal Tiered Lace Short Dress (wearing size 2)

The vintage vibes of this tiered lace dress totally hooked me! I immediately fell in love with the high neckline. How pretty is the back too? It fits like a glove and is not too short, making it perfect to wear for special occasions with family.

Davids Bridal Tiered Lace Short DressA lot of you have been asking me what I plan on wearing to my bridal shower and I definitely think either of these would make great options. My Aunt Jen has already started planning mine for this September (hopefully the weekend before my birthday!) so I still have some time to decide, but I’m already feeling so excited!

A Quick Guide on Short White Dresses

For most women, somewhere in their life they have worn short white dresses although most in their childhood. Such types of outfits have stood the test of time and are always a sure way to get in touch with your femininity. White dresses are most popular during the summer due to their comfort which makes one feel cool and sexy at the same time. However, how a person rocks the dress determines what sort of impression.

pretty short white dresses

If you are planning on buying a few pieces of such dresses, you will need to have at least an overview of the different types available and how to effectively wear them. Let this article be your guide and help you in getting to know more about wearing and styling this special dress.


There are many categories of the dresses but can generally be grouped into two – formal dresses and casual dresses. It is important to first understand that the type of short white dresses and also the occasion where you plan to wear it for.

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  • Formal

In formal gatherings such as business cocktail, luncheon or a meeting with clients, short white formal dresses are sure to make lasting impressions. The formal outfit should be carefully chosen and comfort should not be compromised for a stunning look. Since many women go for darker colored dresses such as a navy blue dress in formal gigs, this tends to make them look conservative making the lady in the short white dress stand out.

  • Casual

This are the occasions where most decide to go all out in flaunting their beauty, class, and fashion taste. There is a wide array of designs to choose from in achieving the right look, hence making each dress unique in its own way. Short white party dresses work well with both strapless and strap designs, with the latter allowing for more flexibility more so if there is a dance floor involved.

wedding white short dresses

How to accessorize

The right accessories bring out the elegance and innocence associated to the white short dresses. Again when choosing the accessories one needs to identify whether the occasion is a casual or formal one. Here are some tips and guidelines in choosing the right accessories.

  • White goes well with black

To break the monotony of the bright color and through in the vintage feel of short white dresses, a black hat or gloves are included in the outfit. The hat can be white with a black ribbon or vice versa depending on the individual.

  • Jewelry

Dresses tend to emphasize the neckline, making one feels a bit awkward especially if not used to such. A necklace takes care of that void left by the dress’ neck line. The size varies depending on the occasion and also the type of necklace. A simple pearl necklace is best for formal events while beaded or metallic chain working best for a night out.

  • Get creative

For those who want to beat the monotony of white and stand out in an event, creativity has to be pumped in. Short white dresses can be worn with a leather jacket and black jeans to bring out a youthful look. Adding these clothing items emphasizes the sexiness of the outfit and drastically changes how the dress looks and feels.

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Choosing the right pair of shoes

More often than not, a good outfit is ruined by the footwear. Good footwear should blend with the rest of the outfit while at the same time maintaining comfort. For any short dress it is advisable to avoid flats and go for moderate heals.

By simply following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to strike a confident pose wearing your little white dress. 


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