silver strappy heels

Today, we review the best silver strappy heels, silver sandal block heels, silver ankle strap heels, silver strappy heeled sandals, and silver strappy sandals flat options. Plenty of heels may claim to be super comfortable, but most tend to fall flat when delivering the support you need to tackle a day of sightseeing or a late night stroll along the Seine. So instead of wasting time and money buying heels that aren’t as comfy as they claim to be, we turned to real reviews from shoppers to see which ones will actually keep your feet free from aches and pains.

Some of these comfortable heels feature padded insoles for extra cushioning, while others offer ample arch support, shock absorption, and great traction. Plus, it helps that they’re all stylish and versatile enough to be worn with just about everything else you have packed in your suitcase.

Silver Strappy Heels

How to Style Silver Strappy Heels: 15 Best Outfit Ideas

best silver strappy heels outfit ideas

In order to look elegant and lean, black ankle strap heels and silver ankle strap heels are probably the best or at least the most popular shoes to wear. Today, I am going to talk about an interesting version the silver one: the silver strappy heels. Not only that they make your outfit more elegant and eye catching, they can also add a little bit of boho style to your outfit. To show you how to style them, I have put together some of the best silver strappy heels outfit ideas as a list. Let’s check it out now.


Silver Strappy Heels with White Crop Top & Skinny Jeans


To start off the list, here is a casual and low-key sexy outfit that is perfect for casual hangouts and dating. Wear a white crop top with high waisted skinny jeans. Complete the outfit with a pair of silver strappy heels to add a touch of elegance.


White Mini Dress & Grey Blazer with Silver Strappy Heels

white mini dress grey blazer silver strappy heels

Here is an outfit that you can both wear it casually or wear it as a business casual outfit. Wear a white mini dress with a grey blazer. Pair them with silver strappy heels and a classy black purse to achieve a smart and chic look.

Wear with Cropped Light Blue Blouse & Cuffed Skinny Jeans

cropped light blue blouse cuffed skinny jeans

For a super chic street look, you can wear a cropped light blue off the shoulder blouse with cuffed and ripped skinny jeans. Complete the outfit with white sneakers or nude sandals would have already made this outfit look nice. But now, instead, pair the outfit with silver strappy heels to take the outfit to the next level. The black choker is the icing on the cake.


Black Velvet Top & Shorts with Silver Heels

black velvet top shorts silver heels

To achieve a minimal look, simply wear a two-piece set that consists of a black velvet long sleeve top and shorts. Pair them with silver strappy heels and you would have a simple and clean black-and-silver elegant outfit.

Semi-Sheer Chiffon Blouse & Red Pencil Skirt

semi sheer chiffon blouse red pencil skirt

This is a very creative outfit that is suitable for formal events and proms. Wear a semi-sheer red chiffon blouse with a red pencil skirt. The pencil skirt has a very creative design though. It has a high low cutting that a long flowy tail. Wear silver strappy heels to match with the eye catching red pieces.

Red Satin Backless Maxi Dress with Silver Strappy Heels

red satin backless maxi dress silver strappy heels

To look feminine and mature look in a cocktail party, you can wear this red satin open back maxi dress. The dress itself has some nifty silver element in it. That makes the dress a perfect match with the silver heels.

Silver Metallic Bodycon Mini Dress with Silver Heels

silver metallic bodycon mini dress heels

Here is a sexy outfit that doesn’t actually require you to show much skin. It consists of a silver metallic bodycon mini dress and the silver heels. Although an all-silver outfit may sound like a weird looking outfit, the result is actually surprising natural looking and beautiful.

Silver Silk Top & Mini Skirt with Strappy Heels

silver silk top mini skirt strappy heels


To show you that an all-silver outfit actually works, here is another one. This time, the silver strappy heels are paired with a silver silk top and a matching mini skirt. I personally prefer the previous all-silver outfit that has a tougher texture and a more stylish feel though.

Wear with White Shift Dress & Silver Metallic Long Blazer

white shift dress silver metallic long blazer

This is easily my favorite outfit among the list. I always like minimal outfits that consists of pieces that match perfectly with each other that makes the outfit feel just right. This amazing outfit consists of a white shift dress, a long silver metallic blazer and silver strappy heels. With the nifty silver necklace and the white clutch purse, this is really the perfect outfit you can wear to a cocktail party.

White Floral Shift Dress with Silver Strappy Heels

white floral shift dress silver strappy heels

If you wear this white floral shift dress to a cocktail party, you would definitely look so refreshing especially among people that wear formal or sexy dresses. This floral dress may be a bit too casual though, so it is a good idea to pair it with silver strappy heels to add a touch of elegance.

Silver Sequin Tube Dress with Strappy Heels

silver sequin tube dress strappy heels

For a formal and sexy look, you can wear this silver sequin knee length tube dress with silver strappy heels. You can’t really go wrong with this all-silver outfit.

Silver Sweetheart Neckline Sequin Bodycon Dress

silver sweetheart neckline sequin bodycon dress

Here is another dress that is designed for proms and formal events. This time, it has a very creative and unique design. It is a silver sweetheart neckline sequin knee length dress with a white chiffon long flowy tail. Pair this dress with silver strappy heels to complete an elegant look.

Silver Sequin Crochet Mini Dress with Strappy Heels

silver sequin crochet mini dress strappy heels

This silver sequin bodycon mini dress has such beautiful crochet details. Simply wear it with silver strappy heels to complete this stunning look.

Wear with White Belted Blazer Dress

white belted blazer dress outfit

If you are a boss or a manager that are used to power dress when you go to work, there is a good chance that you still want to maintain that formal and professional feel when you go to a company event like a cocktail party. A blazer dress could be a good choice for you. This particular one in this outfit is a white blazer dress with a black belt. Pair it with silver strappy heels to complete this professional looking outfit with a touch of elegance.

White and Silver Gathered Waist Sequin Dress with Strappy Heels

white and silver belted sequin dress strappy heels

To look ladylike in a prom, you may want to wear this white and silver gathered waist deep v neck sequin dress. To style the dress in an elegant way, wear it with a white faux fur scarf and silver strappy heels.

I hope you enjoy the silver strappy heels outfit ideas that I have just shared with you. The silver strappy heels are so versatile that they can look great with outfits of different styles. There are just to many possibilities that I can only scratch the surface here. So now, it is time for you to continue to explore.

What is the most comfortable women’s shoe?

Generally, block or kitten heels are your best bet when it comes to comfortable heels for work or a night on the town — at least when it comes to basic brands. Since we know we can’t live in those alone, we wanted to dig a little deeper to find brands that make comfort as much of a priority as style.

What is the most comfortable brand of women’s shoe?

Heels can be a pain — literally. But certain brands have set their sights on making heels that are as comfortable as any flats or even sneakers. Usually, that’s because the most comfortable heels feature technology in both the heel and sole.

Take Taryn Rose. The comfortable shoe brand is helmed by an orthopedic surgeon by the same name and focuses on every part of the foot, not just the heel. Banana Republic’s Madison line offers 12 hours of comfort thanks to injected insoles for heel stability and comfort pods at the sole.

And some of the most comfortable heels rely on specialized technology, frequently created by the brand itself (or in partnership with more athletic comfortable shoe brands like Nike). Cole Haan developed Grand.OS soles, for example, that are lightweight with responsive cushioning and flexibility that mimics the natural movement of your feet.


How do you wear high heels without pain?

Ideally, you shouldn’t wear your heels 24/7, even if they’re comfortable high heels. Podiatrists recommend kicking them off a couple of times a day to let your toes breathe a bit. Take this free time to stretch your ankles since they often receive the brunt of the stress. When your day is done, do another round of stretches and flexes to keep your feet happy.

How do you make shoes comfortable?

You do not, in fact, have to trick your nerve endings into submission with the help of sprays. But you may want to pick up some OTC shoe inserts. There are ones that add cushioning from your heel to your toes or silicone gels designed to go under the ball of your foot.


The safest bet is to buy a few pairs of comfort- and fashion-forward heels. Here are the brands that make the most comfortable women’s shoes currently on the market.

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