Single stove burner price

Imagine you end up purchasing a single burner gas stove, which is worthless! it could be a disaster. This is why we have selected a few of the best single burner gas stoves available on the market today. We guarantee that these products listed above will satisfy all your requirements which includes the best Single stove burner price, and single burner gas stove with cylinder price.

single burner gas stove with cylinder price

Single stove burner price

Now that I’ve discussed the different types of burners and given you some things to think about before buying a burner, it’s time to take a look at my top five favorite single burners on the market right now.

Courant Electric Burner, Single Buffet Countertop Hotplate, 1000W Portable Cooktop, Black

Courant Electric Burner

While electric coil burners are not my personal first choice, the Courant Electric Burner has a simple design and basic features. Whether you need to keep a pot of homemade soup warm while waiting to serve it or need something small for an office, dorm room, or even an RV, the Courant burner is versatile.

The single electric burner has a maximum of 1000 watts of power, a 6-inch diameter cooking plate, rubber skid-proof feet to keep the burner secure, and a simple control knob that regulates the temperature.

The lowest temperature setting is ideal for keeping foods warm, while the highest setting boils water quickly or hot enough to cook a complete meal.

The best way to keep the burner clean is to prevent food from boiling over, but you can clean the burner relatively easy with soap and water (as long as you don’t immerse the whole burner in water).


  • 1000 watts
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Heats up to maximum heat in about three minutes
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Safe for all the same cookware you use on a regular coil electric stove


  • May be hard to clean
  • Control knob and surrounding surfaces can get hot during operation
  • Not many features or control options
  • Some users note issues with inconsistent heat or other malfunctions
Waring Commercial WIH400 Hi-Power Induction Electric Countertop Range Burner

Waring Commercial Hi-Power Induction Burner

If you’re looking for a single burner with a little more power and more temperature settings, the Waring Commercial Induction Single Burner has 1800 watts of power and 12 temperature settings which range from 120 to 500 degrees.

The burner has a ceramic glass surface which is easy to clean and a stainless-steel housing, which makes it NSF approved. Although NSF approved burners aren’t a requirement for home use, it’s a good idea to check for the approval rating if you plan to cook food for others in a public setting such as a cooking class or food demonstration.

Waring’s commercial single induction burner has “smart” safety features that detect a small object or empty cookware. Like other induction tops, all the heat goes into the cookware itself and leaves the surface and surrounding areas safer to touch but you should never use the induction burner (or any other single burners) unsupervised. 

The single burner has a ten-hour countdown time, which makes the burner a great option when making soup stock or soups from scratch.


  • The burner surface and housing is easy to clean
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Higher power option than other single burners
  • Broad temperature range for versatile cooking
  • Safety features


  • You may need to purchase separate cookware if you don’t have “induction-ready” cookware
  • Some users note error codes and inconsistent temperatures
  • Not an ideal burner for recipes like a 48-hour soup or stock
Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Black

Secura Induction Cooktop Single Burner

The Secura Induction Cooktop Single Burner is another great option for people who are looking for a single burner with a wide range of wattage. The Secura cooktop has 15 power levels, which range from 200 to 1800 watts and 15 temperature settings between 140- and 460-degrees F.

The digital control panel has a digital timer which you can set up to 170 minutes and a diagnostic error message system (make sure to keep your user manual). If the burner doesn’t detect cookware on the cooktop, it will shut off.

The cookware alignment guide on the surface of the cooktop helps you place your cookware in the right spot to ensure an even cooking temperature, and as long as you keep the surface clean, the guide should stay visible for a long time.


  • A variety of power levels and temperature settings
  • Easy to operate and view the temperature/wattage
  • Auto shut off if no cookware is detected
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Heats up quickly


  • Takes a few minutes to cool down completely
  • Noisy fan
  • Some users experience inconsistent/inaccurate temperatures
Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner, Stainless Steel

Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner

The Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner looks a bit industrial and has a simple design but is built for durability. While the Cuisinart burner is lacking some of the other common features on single burners, it has six temperature control settings (which is dial controlled) and 1300 watts.

The solid, “coil-free” surface and stainless-steel housing is easier to clean up, has even heat throughout while cooking, and good heat retention. Although the single burner is heavier than other single burners on the market due to the solid cast-iron burner, it is still a portable option for a variety of settings. Non-slip rubber feet keep the burner from sliding around on your cooking surface.

Although the burner doesn’t have safety features like an automatic shut off, there is a ready/on light and a short cord to prevent tripping.


  • Easy to use
  • Basic features
  • Durable design
  • Works well with different pot sizes, including a stock pot


  • Inconsistent heat
  • Limited temperature range (difficult to know without using a thermometer)
  • Limited safety features
  • Some users note strong “toxic” odors when using
Ovente Electric Infrared Burner, Single-Plate 7.5" (1000W) Ceramic Glass Cooktop, Silver (BGI201S)

Ovente Electric Infrared Single Burner

Like the Cuisinart Cast-iron Burner and the Courant Electric Burner, the Ovente Electric Infrared Burner has a basic design with a thermostat control knob. The burner has crystallite glass on the surface and a metal housing a clean and durable look and finish.

The burner has 1000 watts of power, and the temperature control has five options which range between 105- and 212-degrees F. Although this burner may not be the best option for searing meats and cooking meals that require high and fast heat, it is a nice option for melting, simmering, and keeping foods warm.

The safety features are limited, but there are rubber anti-slip feet on the bottom to keep the burner in place when in use and there’s an “on” indicator light. As with all single burners, the Ovente should not be left unattended, especially around children or pets.


  • Lightweight, flat, and portable design
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Works well for boiling water, melting, simmering, and other “slow cooking”
  • Works with different types of cookware


  • Limited safety features
  • Temperature is not precise
  • Some users note surface glass breaking shortly after use

How many burners do you really need?

Two burners was the norm for the longest and no one needed more, but with the increasing kinds of dishes and vessels we use, and the kinds of food we cook, there is always a need to be frying something, while boiling something, while warming something else. Multi-tasking reduces time spent, even in the kitchen. Today, you can find gas stoves with three and four burners. Try to figure out for yourself how many you really need. Remember that choosing a stove with more stoves need more space. A stove with 4 burners needs depth while 3 burner ones are longer. Measure how much space you have before you buy one. The size of vessels you’re going to be using is another component, and if they will all fit together on the 4 burners might be worth thinking through too.

Knowing what size of burners you get

The common assumption is that all the burners produce the same sized flame, but they don’t most of the time. When you are buying a large, 4-burner gas stove, make sure you check the options available. If you’re someone who needs two large flames and one small, maybe a three burner model might offer you that. Make sure you read the fine print. Another factor is the burner construction and the materials used. Aluminium alloy burners are considered to be more affordable, but tend to get corroded faster than brass burners. They cool faster though but some might claim them to deform over time.

Do you need an automatic ignition feature?

One of the biggest innovations in recent gas stoves is the ignition. If you’ve used gas stoves from the 80s and 90s, you know we were used to having a gas lighter around. Firing up a burner means using the trigger over and over again. Today’s gas stoves, even the ones at affordable prices, may come with a built-in igniter. A simple rotation of the dial and the stove lights up.

Choosing the format – stove or hobtop

Stoves these days come in two formats, one the standard desk stove we’ve seen for decades and the modern, hobtop. Gas stoves are the usual design and they sit using small stands under the frame. Hoptops are different before they can be built into your kitchen rather than be placed on a table. This just helps with the aesthetics of the whole setup and is particularly handy if you’ve designed your kitchen to have a certain look and feel. The dials and controls on hobtops are also mounted differently and they tend to be a little larger too. Make sure you know the dimensions and the design standards before going in for a hob-top.

Gauging build quality and finish
Gone are the days of plain stainless steel designs, today’s stoves can have glass and all kinds of fiber-glass. These not only look better but also are easier to clean and maintain. Of course, this adds a bit to the price and make sure you find models that use glass that does not shatter.

Insist on ISI certification
The ISI mark is a certification that the product is safe to use. This standard is defined by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This is a must, for practically all products such as stoves, heaters, motors, appliances, and many others. Make sure the stove or hobtop you purchase has it. Besides this stamp, also consider the warranty offered by some of these models.

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