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The best time to wear a blazer is certainly spring. Gone are the days of attempting to pile winter coats on top: Springtime calls for lighter outerwear, and a blazer serves as the chicest solution. You can polish up any old look with a trusty blazer—pop one over jeans for a refined off-duty look, or wear one atop a spring frock for date night or even to the office. And thanks to the ever-so-stylish showgoers spotted from New York to Paris this fashion month, there’s more than enough street style to provide us with endless inspiration on how to wear a blazer all season long.

Sky Blue Blazer Mens

How To wear Your Light Blue Blazer

It is no news that bright coloured clothing’s are the most difficult to style and pull off; below we have the light blue blazers and various ways to pull it off; seeing as there no more playing it safe, you can actually pair with equally bright colours, but make sure there is a neutral piece of clothing to calm the brightness.

Our favourite of the possible combinations is the light blue blazer, dark blue trousers, a patterned shirt or t-shirt and brown shoes.

Men's Light Blue Blazer, Violet Long Sleeve Shirt, Red Chinos, White Woven Canvas Belt

Men's Light Blue Blazer, White Dress Shirt, Light Blue Dress Pants, Grey Leather Tassel Loafers


For a professional look, drape your blazer over a chambray shirt and chinos. Earthy tones like olive add warmth to a stoic color like navy. And, the light blue denim adds the right amount of contrast. Your blazer plays a leading role in this trio, compared to its muted partners, and that’s a good thing. Wear this look at the workplace, at workplace functions, or at post-workplace-function functions. In other words: it’s versatile.

How to Wear a Blazer


There’s more to blazers than just the Ivy League look, but lest we forget: there’s also the Ivy League look. If you’re going to town, you might as well take a Lincoln. For example, this sun-friendly ensemble. Light-colored chinos plus polo shirt equals summer style. That’s just math. It’s casual and comfortable and can follow you to any semi-formal shindig. Add the blazer to kick it up a notch. Now you’re ready for an evening event or post-prandial drinks on the patio.

How to Wear a Blazer


The uniform of both jocks and geeks alike, the hooded sweatshirt is a bit of a chimera. It’s also a nifty way into a highbrow/lowbrow style situation. Don’t reach for any hoodie with a sports logo on it. Aim for something darker, fitted, or even fashion-forward to sneak underneath your navy. The blazer dresses up an otherwise collegiate look; the hoodie adds some edge. Anchor the outfit with a dark jean, and you’ve got a layered outfit that’s perfect for fall.

How to Wear a Blazer


In the American northeast sailing isn’t just a pastime: it’s a way of life. So a few well-placed nautical stripes are a hat tip to the blazer’s watery origins. They look great too. The simple combo is complete with a pair of jet black jeans. It’s casual and sophisticated at the same time. Stripes can be summery, but we’re certain you can wear this style year round and still make a splash.

How to Wear a Blazer

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