Solar garden lights

Solar lights can be left to their own devices and will work to provide your garden with light, security, and attraction. They are a great addition to any modern home so you may want to consider getting some now before summer rolls around. We’ve taken the time to research the highest customer-rated Solar garden lights, so you don’t have to.

Solar garden lights

Best solar garden lights

Solar garden lights will bring your green space to life in the evenings, without using electricity. We round up the best of the best

best solar garden lights
With proper care, most of the best solar lights can last up to four years CREDIT: Charlotte Graham 

It’s very likely that, given recent advice to stay home, we’re all spending a bit more on electricity than we have before. For many of us, more time at home means hours in front of the television catching up on Netflix. It quickly adds up, but it doesn’t have to. There’s never been a better time to look into solar lighting.

Though indoor lighting is more difficult to swap for eco-friendly alternatives, it’s incredibly easy to do so with outdoor lighting. Most garden lighting runs on little more than sunlight and rechargeable batteries, which means sprucing up your patio can be done without wasting money or energy. 

How long do solar batteries last in outdoor lights?

There isn’t a fail-safe answer here, as different lights and solar panels work differently, but the performance of most solar lights tends to decline within one to two years. This doesn’t mean that the lights will stop working at that time, but that they are likely to charge less efficiently, therefore run for fewer hours. At this point, you may need to replace the batteries.

With proper care, most of the best solar lights can last up to four years before needing to be replaced, as LEDs can work well for ten years or more. 

To ensure they last as long as possible place them in direct sunlight, away from street lighting or lights that might confuse their sensors. Wipe solar panels clean from dirt and other debris when required. 

Do solar light batteries need to be replaced?

Eventually, they do, but it’s important to follow the steps above to help them last as long as possible. If batteries don’t seem to last as long as they should, it is worth checking for water damage. A new light may save you more money and hassle in the long run. 

When you do replace the batteries, make sure they are the same type as those first provided; solar lights need to be rechargeable, as they store and transfer energy. Regular batteries can’t store energy the way NiMH and NiCd batteries can.

To help you set the scene and make the most out of your garden at night, in anticipation of balmy summer evenings, we’ve found the best solar garden lights you can buy now: 

1. Kilponen Solar Garden Lights

£37.95, Amazon 

kilponen best solar garden lights 

For an all-in-one solution, it doesn’t get much better than Kilponen’s hard-wearing outdoor lighting. Each pack comes with four easy to install solar lights that would look great on walls or fences. Their solar panels also only require a couple hours of sunlight to run through the night, meaning they should work just as well through dark British winters as they will in summertime.

The lights are angled at 270 degrees, offering wide visibility. You can switch between strong and dim light modes, dependent on your preference. With a full two-year warranty, they’re also a reliable long-term investment. IP65 Waterproof.

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2. LED Pathway Solar  Lighting Set

£23.99, Wayfair

sol 72 led pathway lighting set solar lights 

For those who prefer to light pathways for safety, these LED solar lights are a no-brainer. With style and substance, these lights boast motion sensor capabilities and work from dusk to dawn with a single day’s charge. Simply place the pins in the ground where you’d like the lights positioned. With twelve solar lights per pack, there are more than enough to spread across two pathways – perhaps one in front of the house, and the other behind.

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3. Set of 4 LED Solar Rock Lights

£20, Argos 

argos home set of 4 led solar rock lights 

We couldn’t help but fall in love with these super affordable (and practical) solar lights shaped like little rocks. They’re designed to blend in with your overall garden aesthetic, but they look just as lovely when placed decoratively in spots that could use a little more light. With a bright white light, they would fit seamlessly around areas of water or colorful florals. Four NiMH batteries included.

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4. Babacom Solar Outdoor Lights

£26.99, Amazon

babacom solar outdoor lights 

Like the Kilponen solar garden lights, these Babacom lights are more heavy-duty than the rest. These, too, have a wide lighting angle (220 degrees) and a powerful solar-powered light perfect for use in gardens, driveways, pathways, or even as a security light by your front door. The optional motion sensor can also detect movement up to 26 feet away. With a 1800mAh rechargeable battery, the conversion rate of light to power is around ten hours of illumination for eight hours of solar charging. IP65 waterproof.

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5. Wilderness Solar Monkey LED Light

£16, Argos

argos home wilderness solar monkey led light 

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend putting ten of these around your garden, this bold, gold solar light would look fantastic as a garden table centerpiece. Though it’s a tad more fashionable than functional, the monkey lamp features a solar-powered lightbulb that requires no batteries. It’s a soft light, as well, meaning it would work just as well indoors after a day of charge at a garden get-together (when the weather shifts and inevitably sends the party inside). 

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6. Mcleay Solar 1 Light LED Deck Light Set of 8

£21.99, Wayfair

sol 72 mcleay solar garden lights 

Last but certainly not least, we have this eight-pack of solar garden lights that can double up as professional-looking deck lighting (at a fraction of the cost). Each light’s Ni-MH battery is charged by sunlight and there are eight LED beads in each one, emitting bright and eco-friendly lighting. Unlike some of the other solar garden lights on the list, these are quite warm in hue, meaning they would also look lovely on balconies; because they’re on the smaller size, they wouldn’t overwhelm smaller spaces or gardens.

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