Split ac under 25000

You will find both 3 star and 5 star rated power efficient air conditioners with aluminum and copper condensers. Copper condensers are little expensive as compare to aluminum condensers but they do last longer and offer better cooling. If you are looking for inverter AC then you need to increase your budget. Still, we have included an Inverter AC which is priced around Rs. 25000.

The capacity of ACs is 1 ton to 1.5 ton. This is an important thing to keep in mind. If your room is small and has an area of around 100 sq. feet( size = 10×10 feet) then you can go for 1 ton ac. If your room is bigger and has a size of around 12×12 feet which means around 140-150 sq feet then go for an AC of 1.5 ton. 1.2-ton AC is great for a room of size around 120 sq. feet.

Below you find a brief review of every AC with its specs, features & price. Let’s go through the list of best Split ac under 25000

Split ac under 25000

Sansui 1.5 Ton 5 Star BEE Rating 2017 Split AC

Sansui is not a well-known brand in Air conditioners but this Split AC from Sansui offers high value for money and good performance that’s why we have included it in our list.

The capacity of AC is 1.5 ton and cooling is 5200 W, it is suitable for a room of size around 11×11 or 12×12 feet (120 to 150 sq feet). If you have a larger room, then you should go for a 2-ton split AC. The power is rated at 1480 W, it is a 5 star AC so you will be saving money in electricity bills.

On the features side, you have the normal features like the auto restart. It has a turbo mode which is very useful if you want to cool your room quickly. To see current mode and temperature, there is a display on the indoor unit and on the remote as well. The display is old fashioned but works well so no complaints.

Overall, it is one of the best air conditioners at this price. It has all necessary features, it is power efficient. The only negative is that the condenser is aluminium which is expected at this price of around Rs. 25000.

Price: Rs.24499/-

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Micromax 1.5 Ton 3 Star BEE Rating 2018 Split AC

Micromax is a well know brand in India in smartphone category but they do make consumer electronics products as well. The products don’t have top-notch quality so you cannot compare them to Samsung or LG but still the products have decent quality and offer high value for money.

This 1.5 ton 3 Star Split AC from Micromax comes with a cooling capacity of 5275 W which is decent for a room of 120-150 sq feet size. For smaller rooms, you can go with 1 ton and for larger rooms, you can go for 2 ton AC.

The AC has usual features like auto restart which mean if the power goes off, it will retain it’s mode and temperature settings. It also has a turbo mode which is useful for quickly cooling down the room.

There is a display on the indoor unit. It is a different kind of display and you won’t be able to see where it is when it is off. If you hate any kind of light while sleeping you will like this featureThe condenser of this AC is copper which is another positive.

Price: Rs.25999/-

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Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star BEE Rating 2018 Split AC

Voltas offers a great value for money product which is reflected in the fact that Voltas is one of the best sellers in terms of Air Conditioner Sold Online. This Voltas Split AC has a cooling capacity of 5050 W and f 1.5 Ton which makes it best suited for a medium-sized room with an area up to 150 sq ft. If you are looking for a smaller office space or living room, you can buy the 1 Ton Air Conditioner.

Voltas Split AC has a 3-Star BEE rating and would consume around 10 percent electricity lesser than a 2-Star AC and 10 percent higher than a 5-Star AC. So if you have a limited usage of around 2-4 Hours in a day, you should buy this AC, in case you have higher usage, you should look for a 5-Star rated AC.

This AC has an Aluminium condenser which is somewhat less efficient compared to Copper condenser but the initial cost of an AC with aluminium coil is lesser and is seen as a standard alternative. Though the cost of repair or maintenance is higher in the Aluminium Condensor, so if you can put some extra bucks and buy a Copper Condensor AC, you should go for it.

It comes with all the basic features like Sleep Mode, Auto Restart, Dehumidification, Timer on/off and a couple of filters like Anti-Dust and Anti-Bacteria Filters so that you can breathe in fresh and pure air.

This Voltas AC comes with Standard Warranty of 1 Year on the Product & 5 Years on the Compressor and the user can avail Two Free Services of AC within Warranty Period.

Price: Rs.28999/-

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Mitashi 1 Ton 3 Star BEE Rating 2018 Inverter Split AC

Mitashi is not a big brand in the Air Conditioner Segment when compared to the likes of Hitachi, Voltas. But certainly, this Split AC from Mitashi is a great value for money product. This is reflected in the review we did as well as the user reviews which you can read here.

This Mitashi Inverter Split Air Conditioner has a capacity of 1-ton with a cooling capacity of 3500 W, so it can cool a small sized room of area about 90-100 sq ft. It comes with an Eco-Friendly Refrigerant which consumes less power and provides efficient cooling. It has a 3-Star BEE rating which makes it efficient in terms of electricity consumption and would consume around 0.8 units of electricity in an hour.

This Air Conditioner comes with various modes like Turbo Mode to cool instantly, Sleep Mode where it intelligently adjusts the temperature to suit your body while you are sleeping, Energy SaverAuto Restart etc.This Split AC has a unique feature of multi-fold evaporator coil which increases the coil size in the indoor unit resulting in better efficiency and cooling.

One best thing that this Air Conditioner has is the Copper Condensor which is very efficient, involves less maintenance cost and have a longer life than the Aluminium Condensor making it a great buy and value for money product.

So, If you are tight on budget and looking for a 1-ton AC, we would highly recommend buying this one. But We would recommend only to those people living in Tier-1 Cities as Mitashi might not have a service centre in Tier-2 and Tier-3 Cities in case something malfunctions.

Price: Rs.26999/-

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Panasonic 1.2 Ton 5 Star BEE Rating 2017 Split AC

Panasonic is one of the known brands in electronics appliance. This Panasonic Split AC is a 1.2 Ton AC with a cooling capacity of 4050 W which can cool a small to medium sized room having area of about 90-120 sq ft. For bigger rooms, you should look for a 1.5-Ton AC or 2-Ton Air Conditioner.

It comes with a Copper Condensor which is very efficient in cooling and requires less maintenance and has a longer life than AC with Aluminium Condensor. It also has a 5-Star BEE rating meaning that it is energy efficient and consumes about 10-15% lesser electricity than a 2-Star BEE Rated AC.

This Split AC has all features like Turbo Mode, Auto Restart, Sleep Mode and has a PM 2.5 Filter to provide clean air in the room but it misses on Anti Bacteria. It has a warranty of 1 Year on Product and 5 Years on the Compressor.

Price: Rs.25999/-

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