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The best stage lights will deliver multiple lighting variations, with the ability to shine as a single spotlight, or bathe the room in a colorful glow. Newer sets also let you control the color, brightness and intensity of your lights, along with the ability to add effects (think strobing, fade outs, etc.) Many popular stage lights can also be synced to your music, changing colors and pulsing along to the beat. So let us examine below, the best Stage light price options in the market

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Your singing and dancing may be great, but to really take your performance to the next level, you’ll want to pick up a set of stage lights. While the idea of stage lighting used to evoke images of clunky and heavy spotlights manned by someone in the rafters, the best stage lights these days are not only more portable, but more versatile as well.

Spotlights are still necessary for large-scale concerts and productions, but if you’re playing a small venue, DJ-ing at a party, speaking at a conference or singing at church, adding these small stage lights could make a big impact.

When buying stage lights, consider the size of your space and what you need the lights for. The best stage lights will let you position them on the floor, on a table, or hung on the wall or ceiling. An adjustable head lets you tilt and position the lights accordingly. Depending on the room, you may want to hang the stage lights to cast a wider glow, or keep them grounded and focused on a single focal point or performer.

Pick stage lights according to your performance style too. If you’re using it for a conference or service, you may not need a ton of different colors, or something super intense. If you’re spinning at a club, however, you’ll want to pick up more vibrant options with more effects and adjustable settings (we’ve found a disco-inspired set of stage lights too).

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1. TENKOO LED Par Stage Light

TENKOO LED Par Stage Light

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Not only do these stage DJ lights offer rich, bright colors, but they’re also for sale at an incredibly affordable price. This makes them a good choice for anyone seeking cheap lighting for a party, concert, or for your home. They use an LED set up, with 36 LEDs consisting of 12 blue, green, and red lights each.

The cooling fans ensure that they’ll work for a long time – they won’t break from overheating. You get a lot of control over the different effects, where you can choose from master/slave, sound-activated, pulse, gradient, jump, and several others.

+ Affordable price
+ 36 LED Par
+ Lots of DJ effects
+ Rich, bright colors
+ Easy to operate

Why We Liked It – If you’re seeking simple lighting with a ton of different DJ effects at an affordable price, then these are the best stage lights for you.

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2. KOOT Stage Lights

KOOT Stage Lights

Brightness is a key feature of these lights. They come with a 72-watt superpower mode, ensuring ultra-brightness powerful enough to compete with much more expensive stage lights. But these lights don’t just offer brightness – the ‘romantic mode’ allows you to adjust them to a much warmer, softer setting.

You can control them easily via the buttons on the back of the lights or the remote control that comes with them. Overall, there are nine different lighting effects to choose from. The compact size and low weight make them easily portable in case you’re constantly moving lights.

+ Very bright
+ Romantic mode
+ Remote control
+ Portable
+ 9 different effects

Why We Liked It – We like this small setup, as it offers a lot of light and brightness, but remains versatile thanks to the nine different effects, and ‘romantic mode’. The price isn’t bad either.

3. SAHAUHY Stage Lights

SAHAUHY Stage Lights

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This advanced setup comes with eight different lights. Each light has a width of 4.52 inches and a depth of 3.34 inches. They also have a DMX in and out connection on the back, as well as a digital display. Both the remote control and the ability to connect them to a DMX controller make controlling the lights easy.

SAHAUHY offers the option of a strobe mode for each light. This is as well as eight other modes, which include master/slave, sound-activated, and jump mode. They offer a huge amount of brightness from each light, but at a level that remains safe.

+ Eight different lights
+ Strobe mode
+ Can be connected to DMX controller
+ Very bright
+ Remote control

Why We Liked It – This is definitely the best lighting system for people who need to liven up a party or wedding, but the reliability and versatility of these stage lights also mean that they’re perfect for people who need stage lights for regular use – that’s what we like most about these lights.

4. LUNSY DJ Par Lights, 36LEDs Stage Lighting

LUNSY DJ Par Lights, 36LEDs Stage Lighting

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These lights come in a pack of two, each light consisting of 36 LED beads. They make for excellent performance lighting because of the dual-designed brackets that are easy to mount or hang on trusses.

You can use the infra-red control to operate the lights and switch between seven different lighting modes, including a sound-activated mode which can bring a lot of fun to a loud party. Each light has an aluminum shell which ensures that they are both lightweight and durable to use.

+ Pack of two lights
+ Infra-red control
+ 7 lighting effects
+ Easy to mount and hang
+ Sturdy, good-looking aluminum shell

Why We Liked It – We like the dual-designed brackets, as they mean that each light can be easily mounted or hung on the stage. However, you can also use them as stage floor lights for performances. We like them because they give you a lot of options.

5. OPPSK Stage Light

OPPSK Stage Light

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This 70-watt lighting system provides you with a huge amount of power and brightness, making it ideal to be used as part of a concert lights setup. This professional-quality stage light could also be integrated into a performance setup inside a club or venue and be used as stage wash lighting.

The LEDs offer 50,000 hours of use and have a beam angle of 45-degrees. There are nine different operational modes available to use with these lighting fixtures, including hopping, color fade, and strobe. DMX controlling is possible too, as you’ll find in and out ports in the back of the light.

+ 50,000 hours of LED life
+ 70-watts of power
+ Can use as wash lights
+ DMX compatible
+ 9 operational modes

Why We Liked It – This is high-quality lighting that could be easily integrated into a professional setup inside a club, theater, or venue. We like that these LED fixtures work perfectly as stage wash lighting, as well.

6. GLW LED RGB Flood Light Stage Lighting

GLW LED RGB Flood Light Stage Lighting

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This versatile lighting could easily be used as ambient lighting for an outdoor wedding or party. Each package includes two 30-watt lights, as well as two remote controls, and a user’s manual. Sixteen different colors are available with these stage lights, so they can either become part of a large stage lighting set up or be used in isolation.

Unlike many others, these LED lights have been designed for efficiency, which means that you’ll save 80% of the amount you’d pay for electricity.

+ Energy-efficient LED lights
+ Sixteen colors
+ Two lights
+ Two remote controls
+ Safe

Why We Liked It – If you’re looking for cheap lighting, then you need to consider what the light’s energy output will be. These stage lights are very efficient – they’re cheap to buy, as well as cheap to run.

7. TSSS RGBW Pattern Stage Light

TSSS RGBW Pattern Stage Light

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The TSSS RGBW Stage Light is very cool to look at; it’s been designed to look like no other lighting system around. According to the manufacturer, the inspiration for this product was a small airship, and the resemblance is obvious. Each light includes 64 high-brightness LEDs, which consists of 4 red lights, 28 green, 20 blue, and 12 white.

A fixed bracket allows you to mount them to a wall or to a ceiling. If buying in bulk, they’d be the ideal setup for a bar, club, or live music venue, especially as they offer low energy consumption.

+ 64 high-brightness LEDs
+ Innovative, cool design
+ Fixed bracket
+ Energy efficient
+ Perfect as part of a lighting setup

Why We Liked It – We like these because they look good and offer a lot of brightness. They’re also energy-efficient. All these features contribute to them being some of the lighting effects around.

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