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Stick vacuums are the best when it comes to cleaners for carpet. Another advantage of stick vacuums is that they are lightweight and very maneuverable – getting into places where bigger vacuums won’t. An ideal cleaning appliance for apartment dwellers.​ In this article, we’ll be reviewing the best stick vacuum cleaners for carpets. We’ve chosen a good selection of both best corded stick vacuum and cordless options in various price ranges. 

best stick vacuum 2020

Corded stick vacuum cleaners for carpet

1. Shark ​APEX ​with Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap ​ZS3​62

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​As one of the top-rated vacuum cleaner brands, you should expect quite a few Shark products on any list of the best stick vacuums. There are a number of options to choose from, though the Shark ​APEX Duo Clean Zero-M (ZS3​62) stick vacuum can possibly be seen as their best in this category.

Simple, yet highly effective duo clean technology is what sets the Shark ZS3​62 ahead of the pack. The Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap system is another perfect example of this. Pet hair, even long human hair, are no obstacle for this stick vacuum. The roller brush bristles of any vacuum accumulate hair wrap at an alarming rate.

So Shark have used the bristle guard, together with a bristle combing system, to remove hair from the brush roll as it turns. It’s an uncomplicated solution that can’t fail and saves you a lot of time and effort in keeping the brush roll free of hair.

​Another reason why so many rate the Shark ZS3​62 as one of the best stick vacuums is the large dust cup. At 0.74 quarts, the dust cup won’t be filling up as quickly as most others, making it the ideal stick vacuum for larger homes. The longer 30 Ft. power cord is another advantage when cleaning a large area. The cleaning head has LED lights and swivel steering, so it’s one of the easiest to use anywhere in the home. The Shark ​APEX Zero-M is also just as effective on hard floors as it is on carpets. LED lights are also come with the covertible hand vacuum​.

This stick vacuum isn’t too heavy (​10 LBS), though it’s not the best at being a lightweight. On the plus side, it converts easily into a handheld vacuum. This makes it a very convenient aid for complete cleaning with the least effort.

It’s perfectly clear why the Shark ​APEX Zero-M ranks so highly amongst the ​top stick vacuums. It uses the best technology in a way that really simplifies your life. The Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap is a perfect example of this. With one of the largest dust cups of any stick vacuum, it will allow you to work for longer before you have to empty it. Then there’s the Shark reputation for excellence, something countless homeowners have come to depend on.

​2. Shark Rocket HV382 Vacuum

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Shark appliances feature highly on the wish lists of many homeowners, they really are amongst the best that you can get. So, it goes without saying that the Shark Hv382 is not only going to offer you outstanding quality, but also include some of the best technology and features that you’ll get in a stick vacuum.

Super light and ultra-convenient are the first words that come to mind. The Shark Hv382 weighs only 9.9LBS and has a really long (30 Ft) power cord.

The handle design and weight balance make a very comfortable and easy stick vacuum to use. What makes the Shark even more convenient is that it converts to an, even lighter, 4.6-LB handheld vacuum in seconds.

The suction power and versatility of the Shark Hv382 stick vacuum also make it one of the best in its class. It has a hard bristle brush roll for cleaning stubborn dirt and deep cleaning carpets. It also has a soft brush roll for sucking up large debris and gently polishing hard floors. It also includes a cleaning tool for removing hair from the brush roll.

​If you live in an apartment or are a pet owners will love the Shark Hv382 and it could easily be the best in this regard, too. The accessories for the Shark Hv382 include a multi-Pet tool that’s excellent for removing pet hair from any surface. You also get a regular crevice nozzle, dusting brush and upholstery tool – these items clip directly onto the vacuum for easy and instant access. A wall mount storage hook is a nice extra and the compact little Shark stick vacuum will store away neatly in the smallest of places.

Dust cup capacity is very good for such a compact stick vacuum – 0.91 dry quarts. The inclusion of powerful LED lights on the cleaning head is another great feature and makes cleaning under furniture and other dark areas much easier.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one powerful stick vacuum with a motorized roller brush that will handle carpets with ease and still be gentle enough for hardwood floors, the Shark Hv382 is definitely one of the best. As a brand, Shark has a stellar reputation (worth paying extra for) and their VIP lifetime warranty displays their commitment to providing the highest level of customer care.

​3. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Linx SH20030

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​For consistently good quality at very affordable prices, Hoover vacuums have always been close to the best. In this regard, the Hoover SH20030 lives up to the brand’s reputation. You shouldn’t expect the same level of features and technology as you get with the Shark Hv382 but, then again, you’re paying a lot less for the Hoover. So it may not be the best for pet owners and lacks some of the high-end features of more expensive stick vacuums. When it comes to outstanding value for money, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option.

For a stick vacuum that’s this cheap, the Hoover SH20030 is quite remarkable. You get great suction power and a motorized roller brush, the inclusion of side brushes is a great bonus feature. The Hoover SH20030 cleans up against your walls and runner boards as you work. It transitions effortlessly from hard floors to carpeted surfaces, though it’s not really the best for plush carpets – it will do a great job on short pile carpets and rugs.

The 20 FT power cord is not the longest, but still, gives you a good working distance and it’s easy to use – thanks to swivel steering. The wheels are designed not to scratch sensitive floors, which is great news if you have hardwood floors.

The cyclonic action of the Hoover’s suction is one of the best at removing fine dust and this means that you won’t get be cleaning the filters too often. The weight isn’t too bad either at 10.6 LBS.

Although fairly basic, the Hoover SH20030 is a high-quality vacuum and the Hoover name means a lot when it comes guaranteed service and spares. The 2-year warranty is up there with the best of them and is better than most stick vacuums in this low price bracket.

​4. Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid 

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Although the Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid stick vacuum is slightly more expensive than the Hoover, it’s still one of the best-priced stick vacuums and has some features that many would prefer.

If you need a stick vacuum that’s one of the best when it comes to pure allergen-free air, the HEPA filters on the Fuller is bound to impress you. Using a powerful 9A motor also means that get the suction that compares well to much larger (and more expensive) machines.

Like the Hoover, this stick vacuum is great for hard floors, area rugs, and low pile carpets, though not the best for plush carpets and it also doesn’t include any accessories for pet hair. The great suction can compensate for this in many ways, though.

The Fuller Spiffy Maid is great for versatile use. It has a 30 FT power cord and by detaching the cleaner head and replacing it with the crevice nozzle, it will get into tight spaces easily. The crevice tool stores on the wand, making it very easy to access.

As one of the few stick vacuums in the lower price range to include HEPA filtration, the Fuller Spiffy Maid has its advantages. This makes it a very attractive option for people who don’t have too much to spend but still want a quality stick vacuum that rates among the best.

​5. BISSELL PowerEdge Pet ​81L2A

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The Bissell PowerEdge is designed to be one of the best for hard floors. This means that it won’t be too good for carpets. It doesn’t have a roller brush or the heavy suction to handle carpets, other than area rugs and, perhaps, very low pile carpets. If you have pets and your home has hard floors, this could be one of your best options and it’s also very affordable.

The most notable feature of the Bissell PowerEdge is its V-shaped cleaning head. This innovative design makes it one of the best for cleaning up large debris and pet hairs.

It will channel heavier large debris along the central groove and the brushes on the edges of the head will pick up fine debris and pet hairs perfectly. This shape is also really great for cleaning around furniture and the swivel action of the head also helps with this.

Other than its unique cleaning head, the Bissell PowerEdge doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. You’ll be getting a very similar stick vacuum to others in this price category. Though the weight does deserve some mention. At 7.1 LBS, it’s one of the best if you need to carry the vacuum around a lot and this also makes it very easy to use when cleaning stairs.

Bissell quality is not to be disputed, they are well-loved vacuums and have proven themselves over the years. A 1-year warranty is nothing remarkable but is pretty standard for vacuums in this price range.

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners for carpet

​1. Dyson V​​11

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​No review of  stick type vacuums will be complete without including a Dyson model. ​When it comes to cordless stick vacuums, Dyson sure know what they’re doing. Based on the enormous success of their previous generation cordless stick vacuums, the company has recently introduced the Dyson V11 Torque Drive. There have been some notable upgrades.

In keeping with what we expect from a cordless stick vacuum, this is a lightweight and compact machine, weighing only 6.68-pounds. As if we weren’t already impressed with the Dyson cyclone suction, they’ve gone beyond this. The V11 Torque drive now has 14 concentric cyclones.

Perfect, fade free, suction is delivered for up to an hour from a single nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery. This is achieved by using a state-of-the-art digital DC motor with excellent computerized management.

The high torque cleaning head is designed for effortless cleaning on both hard floors and carpets. This is thanks to a combination of tough nylon bristles and carbon fiber filaments. It also comes with a mini motorized tool, combination tool, crevice tool, mini soft dusting brush, and a stubborn dirt brush.

The wall mounted docking station is great, allowing you to store the vacuum and charge battery within about 4.5 hours. The dirt is deposited into a, larger than average, 0.2-gallon bin which is super easy and hygienic to empty. It has a touch button that allows the dirt to drop out the bottom of the vacuum.

The Dyson V11 Torque drive cordless vacuum is one of the quietest and has very easy to use electronic controls. You can select between an ECO mode, Auto, or Power Boost and an LED display gives you real time information on how your vacuum is performing.

While Dyson is not a cheap brand, they certainly deliver on their promise to deliver the finest technology. The upgraded V11 Torque Drive is a brilliant innovation, certainly the best cordless stick vacuum to come from the brand.

2. Shark IONFlex 2x DuoClean Cordless Vacuum IF251

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When discussing the best cordless stick vacuums, we have to include the Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean (IF251). Its price defies the innovative design features and superb functionality of this cordless stick vacuum cleaner. The Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean is compact, light and does much more than one would expect from such an easy to use stick vacuum.

If you’ve read reviews on other Shark vacuums, or you’ve ever owned one, you probably know a little about the DuoClean system. It’s a common feature on most Shark vacuum cleaners. The two brush rolls offer the best cleaning abilities on any floor types.

To deep clean carpets, the bristle brush does a fantastic job. When you need clean and shine hard floors or remove large debris, you can change to the soft brush in a jiffy. This is the ultimate cleaning solution for the entire home.

Cordless technology has become increasingly popular, it makes moving around the home and cleaning the car so much quicker and easier. The only limitation to cordless vacuums is the battery time, you don’t always have enough battery charge to complete the job. The best way to get around this is by using another battery. While you’re using one battery, the other can be placed on charge. Shark has taken care of this by supplying an extra lithium-ion battery with the IONFlex 2X DuoClean, as well as a battery charging dock. So for an already great price, you have the bonus of the extra battery. The Smart Response Technology also helps to maximize the battery whilst giving you optimum cleaning power for every situation. It will adjust the power to the job at hand.

One of my favorite features of this stick vacuum is the MultiFlex design. The upright pipe is flexible. This makes it incredibly easy and effortless to clean under furniture. Because the pipe can bend over completely, the height of the machine can be reduced by half when storing the vacuum. A simple idea that really makes a big difference.

At 3.8-pounds, anyone can use this stick vacuum without a hint of strain. Adding to this, it converts to hand vacuum very easily, giving you excellent reach for high areas, cleaning stairs, and it’s perfect for cleaning your car’s interior. The inclusion of LED headlights is another great feature as are the washable foam filters and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal design. It has some really useful accessories too, like an Anti-Allergen dust brush and Pet Multi-Tool for removing pet hair from your upholstery and other areas. Of course, you’ll also get the standard duster crevice tool as well.

If I were to find one complaint (if one can call it that) about the Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean, it would be the small dust cup that only holds 0.3 dry quarts. I suppose this is one of the sacrifices one has to make if you’re going to use such a compact, lightweight stick vacuum. The dust cup is really easy to empty. So, even though you’ll be doing this quite often, it doesn’t take much effort.

There are so many reasons why the Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean can hold its head high among the best cordless stick vacuums. It has all the features that one would want from a high-end cordless stick vacuum and then some. It’s one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners ever made. Along with this, you get the excellent after sales service for which Shark is renowned and a fantastic 5-year warranty.

​3. Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum

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​The ​top cordless stick vacuums are usually more expensive. So the Tineco A10 Hero comes as a wonderfully pleasant surprise. At this price, one wouldn’t expect the Hero to be a worthy competitor when pitted against its more expensive rivals. You just need to take a look at the more than 1,000 customer reviews on Amazon to realize that is, without a doubt, an unexpected hero amongst the best stick vacuums. It would be an almost impossible challenge to find a better value for money deal.

Battery power that can hold its own against corded stick vacuums, is the first of many exceptional traits that you’ll come to find. At 350W, the super-efficient brushless DC motor makes light work of any task.

​The battery also holds up well under normal use. You can expect an average working time of around 25-minutes from the standard battery that’s sold with the vacuum. The battery is detachable, so it can be placed on charge while you continue working. Though if you want to extend your working time, you’ll need to buy extra batteries which are sold separately.

The lightweight, versatile design is yet another reason why the nifty little Tineco Hero is so highly rated. The body weighs only 2.87 pounds and is detachable. So, without any complicated procedures, the stick vacuum converts into a handheld cordless vacuum. You can then use it anywhere, with the added benefit of no power cord. Cleaning curtains, upholstery, or your car, couldn’t be easier or more convenient.

The cleaning head has a two-speed power brush and LED lights. It functions perfectly on both carpets and hard floors with a really wide (10.4”) cleaning path. Along with this, you get a great array of handy cleaning attachments: a mini-power brush, crevice tool, and a 2-in-1 dusting brush. A charging adapter and single battery are supplied with your purchase. The dust cup is reasonably large and can be emptied with a single touch. Simply hold the vacuum over the trash can and the debris drops away with touch of a button, no mess and perfectly hygienic.

It may difficult to warrant spending more on any other cordless stick vacuum. Not only is the Tineco Hero as cheap as it gets, it’s packed with great technology and has everything you could possibly want. Unlike so many other cheap products, this one has a very competitive 2-year warranty.

​4. Dyson V10

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​Not many people are prepared to pay top dollar for ​a stick vacuum, especially if you need it only to clean your studio apartment. For those who are, the Dyson V10 Animal, cordless stick vacuum offers industry leading technology and the ultimate in durability and reliability. The Dyson brand is synonymous with outstanding quality and performance, albeit at a price.

I can always see the sense in paying more for an appliance that is going to outlast cheaper machines.  

​This is something I’ve come to expect from Dyson and their ceramic shaft is clear evidence that no expense has been spared in order to make this a vacuum that’s going to remain in top condition for years to come. Not only is the Dyson V10 Animal likely to outlast most other stick vacuums, it will outperform just about all the others.

Cordless vacuums have become more powerful over the years and the batteries offer better working times. Though, in true Dyson style, they’ve had to push the boundaries even further. They claim that the V10 digital motor is the most powerful used in a battery vacuum and I see no reason to doubt this – it is an exceptionally powerful machine. Even more impressive, is the extended working time that you get from the battery. If you’re doing a general, light clean, you can get up to an hour from a single battery. The Dyson V10 Animal has 3 power settings, so you can achieve the perfect suction for the type of floor you’re cleaning, or conserve battery power if you wish. Even when using the power assisted torque cleaning head with the suction set at the number two setting, for pretty heavy-duty cleaning, you can expect to work for around 20-minutes continuously, before the battery needs recharging.

The Dyson V10 has a convenient docking station, so you can store the vacuum out of the way and charge the battery at the same time. It also converts into a hand vacuum in seconds. The dust cup is huge, 0.77 liters (0.2 gallons) and is perfectly easy and hygienic to empty.

The Dyson V10 Animal is also one of the best stick vacuums for a home with pets. Amongst the range of handy accessories, it has a motorized mini-tool which is ideal for removing pet hair from your furniture. You also get a crevice tool, mini soft dusting brush, and
a combination cleaning tool. The entire vacuum weighs only 5.86 pounds, which is remarkable for such a powerful machine.

Many will agree that Dyson is one of the top names in the vacuum cleaner business. It goes without saying that this kind of quality and cutting edge technology is going cost you. Then again, you’re certainly getting a high-end product and the Dyson 5-year warranty is conclusive proof that they expect their product to outlast those from most other brands.

​5. Shark SV1106 Cordless

Shark SV1106

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​You’d expect a Shark cordless vacuum to be priced about the same as the Dyson – they’re both considered to be just about the best vacuums on the market. At first, it seems surprising that the Shark SV1106 is about a quarter of the price of the Dyson V8. This is until you look at the specs. The Shark SV1106 is certainly one of the best when it comes to quality, but it’s nowhere nearly as advanced as the Dyson V8 – I doubt any cordless stick vacuum will be.

The Shark SV1106 also has a motorized roller brush, so it’s pretty good on all floor surfaces and is also a great vacuum for removing pet hair. It doesn’t have the pet hair tool or soft roller like you get with the Dyson. The brush roll has two speed settings, so this does mean that you can adjust the speed when transitioning from carpet to hard floors – the lower brush roll speed will also improve battery time.

Suction is good, but I can’t get battery specs for this model, so I can’t tell you how much time you’ll get from the battery. I strongly doubt it will be nearly as long as what you’ll get from the Dyson V8, but should compare well with most others. It is made by Shark and, therefore, will have a battery that can hold its own amongst the best.

It weighs 7.5 LBS which is very reasonable for a cordless stick vacuum. The dust cup is larger than most – but again, I don’t have the exact specs for this. By the looks of it, it will hold at least as much, if not more than the Dyson V8.

Many will choose the Shark SV1106 based purely on their respect for the brand. When looking at the price that you’ll be paying for this little wonder, it becomes all the more attractive – it’s exceptionally cheap for a vacuum that is backed by one of the best brands in the industry.

Though, this cheaper model doesn’t have the great warranty that you get from the premium Shark products. The 1-year warranty seems to suggest that even Shark doesn’t rate this as highly as some of their other vacuums. That’s not to say that this is a piece of junk. The company has a reputation to uphold and you can bet that this is probably the best cordless stick vacuum for its price.

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