Here are a few of the most common strapless bra questions my customers ask. Soon, you’ll be a strapless expert!

Q: What size should I buy my strapless?

A: When buying a strapless bra, you should size down in the band and up in the cup. The reason for this is that the band is the only source of support, so it has to fit snug to keep the bra, and the girls, up. However, don’t try to go too much smaller! A too-tight strapless might ultimately slide down, looking for the thinnest part of your frame to call home.

Q: I need a minimizing strapless. Where can I get one?

A: Nowhere. Unfortunately, strapless minimizers don’t exist because they’re impossible to create. A minimizer, a bra that produces the illusion of a smaller bust, is able to do so by evenly distributing the breast tissue around the cup. This is only possible when the entire breast is covered in fabric and held up (and down) with straps. A strapless bra simply doesn’t have enough material to minimize.

Q: Can I get a strapless bra without molded cups?

A: Yes, but be aware that you will be sacrificing shape and support. Bandeau bras – or stretch fabric straplesses – are often unflattering. I usually recommend molded cups for the extra separation they provide.

Q: I’m a size 34G. Do they make strapless bras in my size?

A: Yes, they do! Brands like Elila, Panache and Elomi create comfortable and supportive bras for women with cup sizes above D. If you’re unable to find a regular strapless bra in your size, consider wearing a longline strapless. A longline bra has a bodice which will help support your bust. Remember how the band is the source of support? With a longline bra, the band extends all the way to the waist for maximum lift.

Q: What is a non-underwire strapless and do you recommend them?

A: Bandeau bras are an example of non-underwire strapless bras. They provide coverage but no real support and tend to create a “uniboob” effect.

Q: I’m a size 38DDD and am wearing a strapless low-back dress. What type of bra should I wear?

A: Unfortunately low-back strapless bras don’t run above a DD cup. The bigger your cup size, the heavier your breast tissue. Low-back strapless bras can’t offer enough support so brands don’t make them. Instead, try a low-back longline bra like the Elila Lace Strapless Longline Bra. The extra wide band in the front helps make up for the support you lose with a low back style.

Q: I don’t have full breasts on top. Can I get a push-up strapless?

A: Yes, push-up strapless bras are available and most run up to a size C or D. The Le Mystere No 9 Lolita Strapless Bra runs up to a 36F. Be advised that without straps, it can only do so much!

Q: I just bought my wedding dress. Should I wear a bridal bustier or a strapless bra?

A: It depends on the dress. If the dress has built-in boning or a lace-up back, you can go with the strapless. If you don’t have a built-in bodice in the gown, go with a longline bra, which will give you a nice, smooth silhouette. Once you find the bra that’s right for you, take it to your fitting. You should try on the bra with the dress since that’s how you’ll be wearing it on your special day! When it comes to finding a bra for your wedding dress, it’s important to plan ahead. The strapless that fits with your dress is the hardest to find in a rush.

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