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In this post, we will discuss the strapless push up bra, best strapless push up bra, strapless push up padded bra, strapless push up bra uk, and strapless push up bra with low back. For a significant portion of women, the push up bra is a holy grail and some may even call it the affordable boost to your bust sans any plastic surgery! Push up bras are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe; whether you’re looking for a natural lift or even add an extra cup size, it serves a plethora of purposes – all in the name of giving a fuller look! If you’ve ever felt intimidated by push up bras or have been unsure of what suits you, forgo them and take the plunge!

Strapless Push Up Bra

What is a Push Up Bra?

Essentially, a push bra is one that creates the appearance of a fuller bust. Using extra padding in the cup, it lifts the bust upward and towards the centre of the chest. Push up bras come in a variety of silhouettes to offer comfort and support under outerwear. Most push up bras are designed with a plunging centre front with a demi cup to be worn under revealing tops and dresses.

What You Need to Know About Push Up Bra?

Push up bras are popular amongst women with varying bust sizes. Small breasted women opt for push up bras to add an extra cup size and boost cleavage whilst women with medium to large busts opt to wear push up bras to enhance their current silhouette. Push up bras come with a range of padding to suit many needs! Most push up bras are designed with soft foam at the bottom or sides of the cup. This padding can be air pads, gel pads or even removable pads. Air pads provide a lightweight lift. Whilst removable pads to be worn without the push up feature, if desired.

Push up bras are designed to not only provide an enhancing appearance to your breasts, but also to boost your confidence and to fit an outfit well!

It’s important to note that whilst push ups enhance the bust, the bra should still fit you. There shouldn’t be any spill over or any gaps in the bra and the breasts. Similarly, you may notice that your usual cup size does not fit as the structure of the bra is different.

 How Push Up Bras Work?

Push up bras lift your bust upward and towards the centre to give an enticing cleavage. The lift of the bust depends on the extent of the padding. The bust should sit on top of the padding – sometimes you may have to adjust your breasts for the perfect fit.

Push up bras are a great option for women who have wide set breasts, or even bottom-heavy. Bras with subtle lift will give a rounded appearance at the top, however will not fully bring the breasts together. More moderate push up bras can add up to one more cup size. Lastly, extensive push up bras, can add up to two cup sizes with a significant increase in the lift of the bust. Women with smaller breasts can opt for this type of bra to give a fully enhanced look. This type of bra will push your breasts upward and closer to the centre for a very voluminous look. However, do keep note that women with larger breasts might find extensive push up bras uncomfortable as the lift is extreme.

Benefits of Wearing a Push Up Bra

Also known as a woman’s best pal, a push up bra serves many purposes and benefits. Push up bras are a great option for anyone looking for an exquisite lift whether it be for a woman with smaller breasts looking to increase her cup size or a fuller busted woman simply desiring to give a sensual uplift. Either way, a push up bra is a must have in any woman’s closet.

Push up bras are also perfect for formal wear with low cut as most push up bras come in a demi cup with a lower centre-front to hide underneath your gorgeous attire.

It’s a known fact that a bra can make or break an outfit. Therefore, choosing a well fitted bra, especially a push up bra, can enhance your silhouette to compliment whatever you wear.

Push up bras can also lift bottom-heavy breasts to give a more youthful look. Some push up bras come in a balconette/strapless cut which is perfect under strapless formalwear!

Who Should Wear Push Up Bras? 

Push up bras can be worn by a variety of women, all the way from small breasted women to those with large busts. Smaller breasted women can benefit from push up bras as they can increase cup sizes and give a rounded and fuller look. For the most part, women with bigger breasts (C and D cups) wear push up bras to create a subtle uplift as they already have a fuller figure. It is important to note that push up bras for women with larger busts need not always give the appearance of very heavy breasts, but rather, push up bras can provide enhanced support given by the extra padding. For both small and big busted women, push up bras can create cleavage as the lift brings the breasts closer together at the centre.

Anyone looking to wear bras that enhance the silhouette for an occasion may find push up bras useful. Strapless push up bras are a great option for tube cut dresses. For plunging dresses and tops, a demi push up is a good choice to give the appearance of a fuller cleavage.

Types of Push Up Bras

There are many different styles for the push up bras depending on the requirement of the wearer. Here are top five push bra silhouettes for every woman!

  1. The Demi Cup Push Up Bra

As mentioned previously, demi cup push up bras are a great option for women looking to wear under low cut tops as the cup does not provide a full coverage. Demi push up bras also add an extra layer of push as the natural formation of the bra is such as it pulls the breasts together to create a subtle cleavage.

  1. Strapless Push Up Bra

For any outfit that requires the bra straps to be concealed, the strapless push up bra is a great choice! It is important to clarify the common misconception that the straps hold majority of the support in a bra. It is the band around the wearer’s rib cage that promotes more support and thus, wearing a strapless push up bra can be both supportive and alluring.

  1. Double Padded Push Up Bra

For women with smaller breasts, a double padded push up bra can increase the bust as much as two cup sizes more! These bras have twice the amount of padding to provide sufficient padding. This creates a look of enhanced uplift. Keep in mind though, that even with double padded push up bras, the breasts should not spill over and fit the wearer perfectly. Furthermore, large busted women may not wish to opt for this type of bra as the extra padding may cause some discomfort.

  1. Cotton Push Up Bra

For women with sensitive skin, a cotton push up bra is usually the first choice. With breathable and stretch fabric, cotton push up bras not only provide uplift but also significant levels of comfort and support. This type of cotton t shirt push up bra creates a round shape and is ideal over most outerwear.

  1. Removable Push Up Bra

For anyone looking for a versatile bra, a removable padded push up bra is a great choice. With customizable options, you can opt to wear it as a normal bra or a push up bra. These bras are great for women who experience fluctuations in breast sizes (i.e. depending on hormonal cycles).

Comparison with Other Types of Bras

  • Push Up Bra vs. Padded Bra

Push up bras and padded bras are both padded, however, the key difference to note is that one has extra padding and the other is simply lightly lined. Padded bras are lightly lined bras with cup size of ¼ of a centimetre. Push up bras, however, have significantly more padding to provide a look of cleavage and enhance breast tissue.

  • Push Up Bra vs. T Shirt Bra

A push up bra can be a t-shirt bra, as well. A t shirt bra is simply one that has a seamless cup so that one can wear it under most types of outerwear. Push up bras, with the function of being simple (without many features of lace and other elements). This is considered as one of the more simply bras as it is very versatile.

  • Push Up Bra vs. Sports Bra

These two types of bras are very different. A push up bra is not equipped to be worn by anyone partaking in physical activity and vice versa. A Sports bra (with varying impact levels) are purposefully designed to reduce bounce and cup the entire bust area whilst doing sport, whether that be cycling, running, or even strength training and yoga. A push up bra has little support in this regard as it is not designed to have such an extent of support. Further, the padding on a push up bra may prove uncomfortable for anyone partaking in physical activity. Do note that some sports bras come with extra padding for alluring look, even at the gym!

  • Push Up Bra vs. Plunge Bra

Push up bras can be plunge bras and vice versa. Plunging push up bras are designed to be worn under low cut outfits to ensure that the bra is invisible. However, certain plunge bras do not come with push up padding and simply provide a lightly lined padding for everyday wear.

  • Push Up Bra vs. Non Padded Bra

Push up bras and non padded bras are very different. A non padded bra has absolutely no padding whilst a push up bra has extensive padding for cleavage. A non padded bra is one designed to mould to the shape of the woman’s bust naturally without any enhancement. Certain women with large breasts prefer this type of bra as it holds the natural shape. Further, non padded bras are also preferred by women who wear sarees, kurtas and other ethnic wear as it is designed for such outfits.

Considerations for the Best Push Up Bra in 2018

As the 2017 year draws to a close and we begin a new year, it is important to wear your best clothes! Lingerie is the backbone of every outfit and it is important to know how to pair the best bra to your outfit! Check out these tips and tricks on selecting the best bra for yourself!

  • Decide on the type of bra you want – as this is directly correlated with the occasion. Is it a formal office function? An informal party? Or simply for everyday wear? Ask yourself these questions as the type of push up bra you choose depends on the occasion. A formal office function would require a simple non-embellished push up bra whilst an informal party may require you to choose a strapless high cleavage push up bra.
  • Know your size – it is important to note down what your size is so that you pic the best bra for yourself. Keep in mind that push up bras may require you to choose a size bigger as the padding provides extra lift. Consult a fit specialist for sizing guidelines if you’re unsure.
  • Fit preferences – Push up bras come in different silhouettes (plunge, strapless, cotton, etc), I it is important to know what your preferences are and the special features you wish to have in your bra!
  • Buying a push up bra – When you’ve decided on the type of bra and size, it is important to note down the colour, design, embellishments and other features that go into a bra. These are important as it should fit according to your tastes as well as be suitable for the outerwear you choose to pair it with!

Push up Bras Sizing & Buying Tips

When it comes to push up bras, it is important to get the right size. No two breasts are the same and similarly, a well fitted bra can be the difference between a great outfit and a not so great one! With that in mind, check out a few tips and tricks on the size guide to find the bra size that fits you!

  1. Band size: Wrap your measuring tape around your ribcage, directly and evenly under your bust. Write down the number!
  2. Cup size: Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of you chest. Hold securely, not tightly! Write down the number! 
  3. Find your fit: Refer to the Chart below using the measurements you found for your Band and Cup Size to find your perfect match!

Keep in mind that a push up bra may cause you to spill over the tops of the cups, so be mindful when purchasing a size if the padding is very prominent.

Under bust 

Band Size

Over bust Measurement

Cup A

Cup B

Cup C

Cup D

23” – 24”


28” – 29”

29” – 30”

30” – 31”

31” – 32”

25” – 26”


30” – 31”

31”– 32”

32”– 33”

33” – 34”

27” – 28”


32” – 33”

33” – 34”

34” – 35”

35” – 36”

29” – 30”


34” – 35”

35” – 36”

36” – 37”

37” – 38”

31” – 32”


36” – 37”

37” -38”

38” – 39”

39” – 40”

33” – 34”


38” – 39”

39” – 40”

40” – 41”

41” – 42”

35” – 36”


40” – 41”

41” – 42”

42” – 43”

43” – 44”

As mentioned previously, embellishments and materials are very important in selecting an appropriate push up bra!

  • Cotton – For the ultimate comfort and support, cotton push up bras are a great choice as they are designed with breathable fabric and moisture locking technology!
  • Lace – If you’re looking for something sensual with alluring design, lacey push up bras are perfect! They offer the perfect amount of sweet sensuality and support!
  • Synthetic – these are the most common fabrics for push up bras as they mould the cups very well and last for a long time.
  • Silicone lining – Some strapless push up bras will have silicone lining and these offer extended support when you want to go strapless. However, keep in mind that silicone might be an allergic material to some and might cause skin irritation.

How to Wear Push Up Bras?

 As with any bra, a push up bra is worn normally, with a few adjustments. It is important to note that push up bras lift your breasts upward whilst normal padded bras simple hold your bust naturally with support. In this light, the process is slightly different. To wear a push up bra:

  1. Put the bra on and hook it into place. Fit consultants recommend wearing it on the loosest hook so that as the bra gets worn, it can continue to fit you perfectly on the more tighter hooks.
  2. There should be no spilling over the cups or bulging. Manually adjust your breasts to sit on top of the padding to create that oomph look!
  3. Adjust the straps if you need more support. The straps should not be cutting into your shoulders, but rather, simply sitting comfortably.

It is important to remember that wearing a push up bra for an extended period of time (10+ hours) is not advisable as they are not in their natural position. You will feel discomfort and feelings of constraint as they are purposely lifted.


  1. What are push up bra levels?

Push up bra levels refer to the level of padding in the bra. Push up bras come with varying layers of padding. Push up bras with a small layer of padding may be ideal for anyone looking for a natural and subtle lift whilst those looking to increase their cup size by one or two sizes, may opt for a more intense push up bra.

  1. Is push up bra good for small breasts?

Yes, for women with small breasts looking to enhance their bust and create cleavage, push up bras are a good option. They are comfortable (when worn correctly) and also give a natural lift and rounder look.

  1. Is push up bra good for large breasts

As with women who have small breasts, women with large breasts can also opt to wear push up bras. Women with heavier busts should opt for light padding on push up bras to avoid any spilling over the cup and to wear without any discomfort.

  1. Is it good to wear a push up bra?

Unless due to a skin irritation regarding the material of the bra, there should be no harm in wearing a push up bra. Do keep in mind that one should not wear a push up bra for extended period of time as they are designed to be worn for a few hours. Alternate between push up bras and normal padded bras to avoid discomfort.

  1. How to wear a push up bra correctly?

Wearing a push up bra is quite easy and only require a few adjustments. Check out the list above to find out how to wear a push up bra correctly.

  1. How to wash a push up bra?

It’s important to note that bras should be washed in a specific manner. Care instructions on how to wash your bras can be found here.

  1. How push up bra should fit?

A push up bra should fit you as normally as a lightly lined bra. There should be no bulging and spilling over the cups nor should the band and straps of the bra be digging into your skin. To find the perfect size and fit, checkout the sub category above!

  1. Can I wear a push up bra while breastfeeding?

It is recommended that women wear maternity bras during breastfeeding as underwired push up bras can inhibit blood flow or cause clots.

  1. Can I wear a push up bra every day?

You can wear push up bras on a regular basis but it is not recommended to be worn for extended period of time. Wear a normal padded bra alternatingly to give your breasts a break and return to their normal silhouette.

The Best Push Up Bras for 2018

There are many push up bras you can choose from to suit the occasion and the need! Here are some of the best push up bras for 2018 from amante!

  • Perfect Lift Push Up Bra: Simple and chic in design, this bra is ideal for anyone looking for a minimalist design push up bra. With small embellishments on the centre, this bra is great choice for a enhanced lift!
  • There are more than a few undergarments on the market that make little sense to me. The c-string, for example. Can someone please explain that to me? Call me crazy, but I simply don’t see the point of having a piece of wire wedged between my cheeks when I could just go commando. It’s basically the same thing anyway, right?

    And how about those asymmetrical man thongs? I mean, to each his own, but I don’t understand. If it’s supposed to be an aesthetic thing, I’m just not seeing it. Plus, it looks incredibly uncomfortable. I guess beauty is pain?

    High heels, waxing, skinny jeans… we put ourselves through some pretty bizarre things.

    But sometimes it’s all worth it — like when you can wear your beautiful strapless dress without having your bra straps showing. Of course, there’s the whole ordeal of finding a strapless bra that’ll actually support your chest and won’t fall down, which can be a bit of a nightmare, but there’s nothing like the satisfaction of finding a good one.

    Here are a few tips to demystify the strapless bra, which, fortunately, is way sexier than any remixed man thong.



    1. Play Around With Sizes

    It’s a good rule of thumb to get measured whenever you’re buying a new bra, but your usual size could vary from your strapless size. “When buying a strapless bra, you should size down in the band and up in the cup,” Linda the Bra Lady suggest on her blog. “The reason for this is that the band is the only source of support, so it has to fit snug to keep the bra, and the girls, up.”

    2. Make It Stick

    To minimize the risk of your strapless heading south, help your bra stick to your skin as much as possible. For example, keep your skin clean and forgo putting beauty products like oils and creams on your chest. Also, try to look for styles that have sticky features like silicone or a rubber grippy band on the inside seam. “Silicone inside the cups of a strapless bra will give extra stay-up support,” Jenny Altman told Lucky . “Skip the moisturizer and powder around the bra area for the silicone to work its magic!”


    Chantelle Intimates Sublime Convertible Strapless Bra, $30, Nordstrom Rack

    This underwire strapless, which is available in sizes ranging from 32A-38F, features a silicone trim on the inside band. It also comes with detachable straps, so you can wear it with more garments and get more bang for your buck.

    3. Try Before You Buy

    I seriously hate (yes, I know hate is strong word but I definitely mean it in this case) trying on clothes in stores. However, there are some occasions when taking a trip to the dressing room might not be the worst idea. Case in point: when buying a strapless bra. “The fit and size of your bra can vary hugely from brand to brand so get in the changing room for a trying on session,” Laura Puddy told Cosmopolitan .

    4. Look For Well-Constructed Garments

    Women who are well-endowed will get greater comfort from a strapless with a little extra band support. “If you’re full busted, you need a strapless bra from a brand that specializes in C cups and up,” Altman told Lucky . “The construction should feature a wider band, three hooks in the back, and extra support through the cups.”


    Victoria’s Secret Body By Victoria Multi-Way Bra, $59, Victoria’s Secret


    This bra changes depending on the size, so smaller busts get a double row of hooks, mid-sized busts get three hooks, and larger busts get four rows of hooks for a more supportive fit. Adjustable, detachable straps included.

    5. Consider The Longline

    And if that wide band doesn’t do the job, try a longline style. These styles will give you some reinforcement from below your chest. “A longline bra has a bodice which will help support your bust,” Linda the Bra Lady wrote on her blog. “Remember how the band is the source of support? With a longline bra, the band extends all the way to the waist for maximum lift.”


    Felina Essentials Convertible Underwire Longline Push-Up Bra, $48, Nordstrom

    This longline style not only offers support, but it also acts as a push-up.

    6. Fill It In

    And you thought your days of bra stuffing were over? According to Cosmopolitan ‘s Charles Manning, you may want to reconsider. “I don’t know any woman whose breasts are perfectly symmetrical,” he says. “Fit your bra to your largest breast and use a pad to fill in the other side.”


    But I don’t recommend stuffing with eggs. (Image:


    7. Take Proper Care of it

    A good bra is definitely worth the investment, but it’s your responsibility to make sure that it’s taken care of properly. “When it comes to underwire or more sturdy bras, always hand wash,” Steve Boorstein (aka “The Clothing Doctor”) told The Huffington Post. Let them dry with the cups facing upwards and smooth out any dents to help maintain the bra’s original shape.

    • Finding a strapless bra that stays put and gives shape is a necessity, but it’s also really difficult.
    • We’ve done the research to find the best strapless bras you can buy. The ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra is our top pick because it offers diverse sizing and its smart design will stay in place all day.
    • See also: The best bras

    Everyone knows the right foundational pieces can make or break an outfit. In warmer weather, slinky dresses and off-the-shoulder tops are very popular, but you need a good strapless bra to wear underneath those more revealing pieces.

    But with so many silhouettes, sizes, and styles to choose from, finding the right strapless bra for your needs can be downright overwhelming. It’s often the trickiest bra to shop for since you have to find one that not only fits properly but will also stay put all day without slipping down or digging into your side.

    Whether you are looking for a strapless bra for larger cup sizes or one that gives your bust some lift, these strapless bras will be the perfect addition to any lingerie drawer.

    best strapless push up bra

    • The best strapless bra overall: ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra
    • The best affordable strapless bra: Lily Of France Gel Touch Strapless Push-Up Bra
    • The best strapless bra with a plunge: Simone Perele Velia Plunge Strapless Bra
    • The best strapless bra for lift: Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Strapless Push-Up Bra
    • The best strapless bra for fuller busts: Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Full Bust Underwire Bra
    • See also: The best bras

    Updated on 10/24/2019 by Mara Leighton: Updated prices and formatting. Added a few related links. We are currently testing new products, so we’ll update this guide soon.

    The best strapless bra overall



    ThirdLove’s 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra comes in a wide range of sizes so it fits perfectly and stays in place all day long.

    Almost 80% of women purchase the wrong size bra, which leads to discomfort and an unflattering fit. ThirdLove is here to change all of that with its FitFinder test that is designed to help you figure out your perfect size in less than 60 seconds. You may be surprised to find out that you should actually be wearing a different size or even a half-cup size.

    ThirdLove’s 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra is made with super soft micro jersey fabric, flexible nylon-coated nickel-free underwires, and cups that were designed to offer a great lift. You can buy the bra in three different colors. Bands range in size from 32 to 48, and cups from AA to I. 

    The nylon/spandex fabric stays perfectly smooth under all types of clothing and each bra comes with two sets of removable straps, one tonal and one clear. The bra has two to four hook closures on the back, depending on your size. That way, it won’t fall down.

    We’ve tested ThirdLove’s 24/7 T-Shirt Bra at Insider Picks before, and we loved it. We also recently tried this strapless bra and came away impressed. Guides Editor Malarie Gokey has never before found a strapless bra that stays in place all day, but the 24/7 strapless bra actually works. Even larger bust sizes get the support they need, and that’s impressive.

    The ThirdLove bra has a 4.5 star rating with over 2,900 reviewers on the company’s website. Verified Buyer Eyde M. wrote “It is the most comfortable strapless I have owned and stayed out. I would highly recommend this bra!”

    While most rave about how much they love the bra, some buyers noted that the bra’s wiring makes it stiffer than expected.

    Pros: Half-cup sizes, FitFinder test, stays in place, makes a smooth shape, works for large and small busts

    Cons: Can seem stiff, expensive

    $68.00 from ThirdLove

    The best affordable strapless bra


    Lily of France

    If you are looking for a strapless bra that stays in place, enhances cleavage, and gives a smooth shape, the Lily Of France Gel Touch Strapless Push-Up Bra is a good pick.

    The Lily Of France Gel Touch Strapless Push-Up Bra is made with gel cushions that offer a slight lift at the bottom of the cup. A silicone lining rings along the underwire, the sides, and back of the bra, in order to prevent it from slipping down.

    The bra also comes with removable clear straps that can turn the strapless style into a convertible bra that can be worn under everything in your closet. A lacey edge adds a pretty feminine touch, but the bra still remains smooth under clothes.

    This strapless bra has a 3.7-star rating on Amazon, with 65% of reviewers giving it 4 or 5 stars. Most ladies report that it is a well-built bra that offers support and stays in place.

    One reviewer named Emily said “I pretty much gave up on strapless bras after how frustrating my past ones were. I stumbled across this one on accident and decided to take a chance after reading the reviews. BEST decision ever!”

    Some reviewers did note that the bra left marks on their skin after wearing it for long periods of time. You can buy the bra in beige, black, or white. Sizes range from 32A to 38D.

    Pros: Affordable, stays put, enhances cleavage, convertible, gives a smooth shape

    Cons: Can leave marks after long use

    $14.40 from Amazon

    The best strapless bra with a plunge


    Simone Perele

    The Simone Perele Velia Plunge Strapless Bra is a sleek and sexy strapless bra that works perfectly with plunging necklines.

    Lingerie brand Simone Perele is famous for its ability to produce bras that are innovative, comfortable, and elegant at the same time. The Velia Plunge Strapless Bra is no different.

    Made with ultralight materials to make it super comfy, the seamless bra also features two concentric bands of ph-balanced latex inside it, to help keep it in place. The plunging neckline was designed for you to wear under even your lowest-cut garments without worrying that your bra may show.

    Journelle, a one-stop-shop for lingerie, started selling the bra when an employee, with a 32D cup size, wore it under a sheer t-shirt and it fit so perfectly, no one could tell it was a strapless bra.

    The Journelle’s website is full of positive reviews for the bra, including this one from a buyer named Rose, “I am a 32E and this bra stayed in place all day while wearing a low plunging blouse. It was so incredibly comfortable, I even forgot I was wearing a strapless. I have it in both colors.”

    While it is a little pricier than other bras in our guide, the Velia is made to last for years to come, making it a worthy investment. Sizes range from 30B to 38F.

    Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, stays put, plunging neckline

    Cons: Slightly pricey

    $61.50 from Neiman Marcus $79.98 from Amazon

    The best strapless bra for lift


    Calvin Klein

    The Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Strapless Push-Up Bra will help give your bust an extra boost while keeping things in place.

    If you are looking to give your cleavage some extra oomph, look no further than Calvin Klein’s Naked Glamour Strapless Push-Up Bra. Each bra is made with felted underwire and extra padding to help support and push up your breasts for a smooth and natural look.

    The non-slip grip material placed at the interior of the bra, along with the side boning keeps the undergarment in place as you move around all day long. Each bra is made with a hook and eye closure and comes with adjustable and removable straps.

    Rank & Style users loved it, saying, “Great strapless bra! Fits well, stays up, and is comfortable. I’ll be back to get another one in a different color for sure.” Plus, 88% of buyers on Calvin Klein’s website say they would recommend this bra to a friend.

    The bra comes in four different colors, so you can match your skin tone to your bra. Cup sizes range from A-DD. Some reviewers did mention the bra can run small, so be sure to check the size chart before you buy it.

    Pros: Affordable, extra padding, stays in place, comfortable

    Cons: Can run small

    $27.50 from Nordstrom $21.98 from Amazon

    The best strapless bra for fuller busts



    The Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Full Bust Underwire Bra is made for women with larger cup sizes who need a full-coverage strapless bra that supports and stays in place.

    A lot of women with larger bust sizes say that strapless bras are not something they can wear, as they often lack the ability to support full-bust silhouettes. But the Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Full Bust Underwire Bra is here to give you the support you need to wear strapless styles.

    Made with a fuller busted woman in mind, the bra features underwire cups with a silicone grip lining at the top, to keep it from slipping. The side bands stretch to smooth and minimize any bulges, while the hidden boning keeps the bra in place. The bra comes in black, nude, and brown and ranges in cup sizes C-H.

    Wacoal’s bra scored the coveted top spot in Rank & Style’s Best Strapless Bras of 2018 list. One of the commenters said, “The bra fits like a brand new glove (slightly snug but will fit better over time)-and gives great support. I also love that you can wear it with the straps, in multiple ways.”

    The bra also has almost 5 stars on the Bloomingdales website after 450 reviews. One shopper named Mary commented, “I could never find a strapless bra as my breasts are large and heavy and aren’t as perky as others. I just thought maybe I could never wear one. Well, that changed when got this Bra. It supports my heavy girls and gives them a little lift. Best purchase I’ve made so far.”  

    Pros: Full coverage, made for fuller figures, stays in place, comfortable

    Cons: No small cup sizes

    $68.00 from Nordstrom $68.00 from Amazon

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    The best bras

    We know that finding a bra that’s so comfortable that you forget it’s on sounds impossible, but it’s not. With an intelligent fit finder quiz, half sizes, and carefully designed bras that are as sexy as they are comfortable, ThirdLove makes the best bras you can buy.

    You’ll also love Hanes for budget-friendly bras, Natori for a bra that will fit atypically sized or shaped breasts, and Wacoal for a great strapless, convertible bra.

    The best women’s underwear

    You have to wear it every day, so you better make sure your underwear is the most comfortable clothing you own. Tommy John makes the most comfortable women’s underwear we’ve ever worn.

    You’ll also love Everlane for its ethical all-cotton underwear, Commando for the best seamless underwear, Aerie for an unbeatable price, TomboyX for gender-inclusive underwear, and Thinx for period underwear. 

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When asked what type of underwear they buy, 58 percent of 650 guys surveyed in this Huffington Post/AskMen survey said “boxer briefs.” That kind of makes us laugh… what about you, ladies—do you have a favorite kind for yourself? Not so easy, right?!

Not only do we have lots of options to choose from for women’s underwear styles, but some of them serve totally different purposes or have very subtle differences that you might not be aware of. Or, perhaps you’re less confused and more indifferent about underwear variances, having never given much thought to them before.

Either way, it’s good to be educated about these things so you can reach for the best underwear every time without hesitation. To make things easy, we’ve compiled a guide to types of women’s underwear and the purposes they serve to meet your underwear needs.

Bikinis vs. Hipsters

Bikini vs. Hipster

These two popular styles are undeniable in their versatility and go-to goodness. While they are similar in shape, bikinis sit right below the hips, while hipsters, as their name suggests, fit a bit higher—usually just above the hips and have a wider waistband.

Bikini cuts can include string bikinis and other variations with narrower sides, while hipsters typically offer a bit more coverage. You can easily find cheekier styles (or less cheeky styles) that fall into either category, depending on what you’re looking for.

When it comes down to it, both bikinis and hipsters are incredibly versatile and go perfectly with any outfit—especially when they’re seamless. So it’s really just a matter of personal choice. These Silk Panties are a great option for a bikini or hipster style. 

G-String Thongs vs. Regular Thongs

G String vs. Thong

Ah, the thong. What was once a racy lingerie item reserved for special occasions has now become a staple in any woman’s underwear wardrobe. A G-string thong has the most minimal coverage of all undie styles, featuring a single string of fabric down the back and usually around the sides as well. (V-string and T-string are similar to the G-string, with V or T-shaped fabric right at the tailbone).

A “regular” thong is really just any thong that is not a G-string. They can be found in varying fabrics—though we happen to prefer our VIP Seamless Thong made of our sweat-wicking Happy Seam fabric (perfect for the gym). Any type of thong-style underwear will have little to no coverage in the back, which makes them the ideal choice to wear with those leggings, linen pants, or a little black dress that hugs in all the right places.

Briefs vs. Boyshorts

Brief vs. Boyshort

Briefs are the most classic cut, often with a higher waist and more coverage than previously mentioned styles. They aren’t typically very cheeky and some brief styles are mid-rise, like our No Brainer highwaisted brief—which is also stretchy, tagless, and made without any stitched seams. Boyshorts are a feminine twist on a men’s classic boxer style, with coverage past the cheeks and a hipster waistline.

We tend to think briefs are an excellent choice if coverage is your concern, or if you just need something hassle-free to toss on during the morning rush. Boyshorts are a fun, flirty style that may not be best if you’re looking to avoid panty lines, but they’re great to wear for lounging with just a big t-shirt or a cute cami.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some info to use next time you’re shopping for new undies or digging through your drawer of current favorites. If you’re in the market, we’ve got a few lacy and seamless styles that are sure to fit right in to any wardrobe.

What are Cheeky Panties? 

A Cheeky panty is exactly what it sounds like! It’s similar to our silk underwear brief with a lot less fabric around the seat. A cheeky panty is our least favorite underwear style at Uwila Warrior. A cheeky panty is not designed to stay in place throughout the day. It is not designed to wrap around your bottom, so as you move around the fabric will not recover with you. This style of underwear will 9/10 times cause an uncomfortable wedgie and our team suggests you opt for a thong or a full coverage brief. The “in-between” styles are what causes unwanted underwear problems! 

40 Different types of Underwear and their names

You hardly need half a meter of fabric to sew up an underwear. Who would think that out of that fabric, designers would come up with so many different varients. Here are the different types of underwear for men and women.

English terms related to underwear : Panty is the general term used to refer underwear for women. Skivvies is the slang term for men’s underwear (trunks or briefs). Commando is the term used for going without an Underwear.

Different Underwear Styles

1 Bikini Panty  (Women)

underwear types

This is the panty part of a 2 piece bathing suit used for swimming. It is very brief and the top of the panty usually starts well below the waist and consists of a triangle shape in the front and the back. Bikini panty is made of an opaque waterproof fabric. A V cut bikini has a V cut in the front.

2 Boy Shorts /Boy short panties (Women)

boy short underwear

This is a type of innerwear for women that looks very similar to the boys’ underwear (boxer briefs) with the leg hem cutting straight across the thigh. It will be very short with the waist sitting by the hip but with full coverage on the back and the hem will be almost on level with the crotch. (Boy leg briefs/Boy cut panties)

3 Briefs (Men & Women)

different types of underwear panties

The regular underwear for men are called briefs. For women it is a modest underwear style that usually starts at the waist.

4 Boxers (Men)


This is a loose fitting underwear for men, usually made of cotton or silk and look like shorts. You can call them shorts worn as underwear. They have a comfortable relaxed fit with elastic waistband.

5 Boxer Briefs (Men)

Boxer briefs are snug fitting boxers. They may be of the same length of boxers but they will be more form fitting.

6 Booty Shorts / Hot pants / Short shorts (Women)

Extremely short shorts (with very low coverage)  that can be worn as underwear. Also called Daisy Dukes. Learn more about the 18 different types of shorts here.

7 Brazilian Back Panty (Women)

A skimpy panty style with a triangular shape on the back.

8 Butt lifter Panty

These are panty designed to give a lift to the buttocks

9 Camiknickers / Teddy (Women)

This is one piece garment that cover the upper portion of the body as well as the lower – a combination of a camisole and panty.

10 Control briefs /Control Panty

types of under wear

This panty is designed so that they give the appearance of a flattened waist, stomach and bottom

11 Cheeky Panty

different types of underwear

This is a Panty with an exposed back, cut high in the back.

12 C String

This is a micro bikini, the skimpiest of bikinis. 

13 French Cut Panty/Bikini (Women)

This Panty style will have high cut on the leg with a total coverage on the back. The Leg opening  will be extending higher than for other panties/bikini. (also called High Cut Brief )

14 French Knickers (Women)

This is a luxurious panty style made in silk or satin; it looks like short shorts but with wider loose fitting legs. Also called Tap pants

15 Flutter Panty /Knickers (Women)

This is a Vintage style panty (20’s) which is loose on the bottom and legs and has an elasticized waist. They can look like a frilly slip from the outside.

16 Full Cut Brief (Men and Women)

This is a category of panties /underwear that give full coverage on the back and front ; the waistband will sit on the natural waist (high waistline) and has a low cut leg line

17 G string panties (Women)

many kinds of underwear

The style of panties or Bikini with  a triangle of cloth on the front and held on by strings on the sides and back. The back will be exposed, with a small triangular shaped fabric. This style is used to avoid the panty line in tight fitting clothes

18 Gartini /Garter Panty (Women)

different types of underwear

In this a garter belt is attached to the Panty.

19  High Waist Brief Shaper (Women)

This is a Shape wear panty with a very high waist supporting the stomach and the waistline.  It is meant to tone and flatten the midriff and the tummy area. 

20 High cut briefs (Women)

underwear kinds

This is a panty cut high on the leg – this helps to visually lengthen legs and minimize panty lines.

21 Hikini (Women)

This is a Panty style similar to French cut bikini with higher cut legs

22 Hipster ( Women)

underwear types 3

A type of panty or brief with a waistband that sits on the hips (a few inches under the waist) and covers the entire hip area for a medium coverage. It is cut high on the sides, but has enough coverage. 

23 Jockstrap (Men)

Men’s underwear that consist of just a triangular shaped fabric to cover the bare essentials. It was used as a protection gear in sports , though today it is also used as a fashion underwear. 

24 Long Johns (Men)

LongJohns is an underwear with long legs extending up to the ankles. It is usually worn with a top with long sleeves and used as a thermal underwear. 

25 Mankini (Men)

It is a thong type one piece swimsuit worn by men with straps over the shoulder and a thin strip of fabric (T shaped) at the back.

26 Maternity panties (Women)

These are panties made to fit the growth during pregnancy, with good comfort. They usually have a fold over top edge to accommodate the growing belly.

27 Panty girdle (Women)

A type of control panty with an elasticized corset

28 Pant liner /Under liner (Women)

An undergarment that begins at the waist and extends down past the mid-calf. It is meant to be worn as a slip under pants

29  Post pregnancy panties (Women)

Post partum underwear meant to slim post baby belly.

30 Open Crotch Panty

Panty with an opening at the crotch.

31 Seamless panties

Knitted panties in one piece without seams

32 String Bikini / String side bikini panty

many types of underwear for women

This is a bikini style with only a small narrow strip of fabric or elastic joining the front and back panels. Tie-side string bikinis have strings that you can tie on the sides.

33 Skirtkini

underwear styles

A bikini panty with a short skirt on top.

34 Sports Underwear/ Athletic underwear

These are meant for workouts and sports activities.

35 Strapless/stick-on panties 

These are also called adhesive panty because  these are temporary adhesive underwear worn to eliminate the panty lines.

36 Thong (Men & Women)

This is an underwear with just a  center string /narrow strip of fabric or thong on the back, resting between the buttocks. It is meant to eliminate panty lines.

37 Tanga

A type of panty/bikini with thin straps across the hips and a narrow back coverage, just slightly larger than a thong. 

38 Teddy (Women)

Another name for camiknickers.

39 Tights /Pantaloons (Men & Women)

Compression Tights are close fitting pants  that cover the body from waist to ankle or thighs – they can be worn under trousers and shorts. Running tights can be worn for support. Thermal tights are worn for their insulation properties.

40 Trunks (Men)

These are underwear that look somewhat like boxers but will be a lot shorter(even shorter than boxer briefs) and tighter.

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