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I was at the hairdresser the other day when I complimented my stylist on her new gold sandals. We somehow got into this great conversation about metallic sandals and how they’re so versatile and perfect for summer.

After I got home, I realized I had a lot of gold sandals! Check out our strappy heels gold, gold ankle strap heels, strappy gold high heels, and strappy gold heels cheap picks. 

I found that eight out of my 12 pairs of summer shoes were gold/metallic. So I asked a friend, “Is it just me or do you like gold shoes too?” It turned out; she had quite a few pairs herself. What’s the attraction?

Strappy Heels Gold

Pineapples - Tote


1. Gold and Silver are considered neutrals – Metallics go with any color outfit and are your best go-to neutral. While black can be harsh, white tacky and brown too earthy,  soft gold or soft silver is perfect.

2. Gold matches my skin – I’m warm. In the world of color analysis, I’m considered a Spring. Gold works well with my coloring. The gold works with my light golden hair and slightly golden skin giving my legs a nice, long, lean look.  Even if you are not warm skinned, anyone with even a hint of a tan looks fab in gold.

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3. Metallics look rich and elegant- No matter how summery and chic I look in stylish shorts or a sundress, I always feel more elegant wearing metallic shoes.  They add that touch of class.

4. They don’t show a lot of dirt or wear- Finally, just my experience, but I have worn gold sandals on vacation all over the world, and even though they get as much wear and tear as any other sandal, you don’t see nicks or dirt as much as you would with a solid colored shoe

Rose Gold Shoes That Are Perfect for Your Wedding Look

rose gold wedding shoes


When it comes to your wedding, no detail is too small—especially in terms of your look of the day. After all, not only do you want to pull out all the sartorial stops and have jaws dropping as you walk down the aisle but also those photos are also going to live on for all eternity, so it’s definitely your time to shine. The only problem is how do you add a little something extra without going over the top? Our answer: rose gold wedding shoes.

A metallic tone is an awesome way to add that little extra kick to your wedding look, whether you’re going for a super-traditional or more modern vibe. It’s understated and classic, but when the light catches your metallic heels in the right way, they’re more stunning than ever. That said, to take it one step further, ’tis the season to opt for a rose gold tone. Feminine and flirty, it has the power to infuse a little color into your all-white look without actually wearing color. What more could a girl ask for?

From block heels to stilettos, classic sandals and whimsical statement shoes alike, shop our favorite rose gold wedding shoes here.

rose gold wedding shoes: Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia Lola Knotted Metallic Textured-Leather Mules ( $575) $230

Available in Italian sizes 35 to 41.

rose gold wedding shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti Alien Metallic Leather Stiletto Sandals ($490)

Available in sizes 6 to 11.

rose gold wedding shoes: Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster Rosalind Crystal Embellished Leather Sandals ($495)

Available in Italian sizes 35 to 41.

Black Blazer & Cuffed Jeans with Silver Sparkly Heels


At the beginning, I have mentioned that the silver sparkly heels are the perfect match for a black dress. To start off the list, I am going to give you a little bit of surprise by showing you a non-dress outfit ideas. Here is a smart looking and stylish outfit that consists of a white v neck t shirt and a black blazer for the top. For the bottom, it consists of the blue jeans and silver sequin sparkly heels.

Wear with Black Shirt & Leather Mini Skirt

black shirt leather mini skirt

This outfit is a great example to demonstrates how the silver sparkly heels look so nice with other black pieces. To achieve this look, wear a black button up shirt with a leather mini skirt. Pair these pieces with the silver sparkly heels for a stylish street look.

Silver Sparkly Heels with All-White Outfit

silver sparkly heels all white outfit

Now, you may be wondering, do the silver sparkly heels look nice with an all-white outfit. I think this picture can give you the perfect answer. They do look amazing when put together. The outfit consists of a white lace shirt, a white blazer, white loose fit pants and silver heels. What an adorable look that is.

White and Black Printed Sheath Mini Dress with Silver Heels

white and black printed sheath mini dress silver heels

To achieve a lovely and energetic look, you may want to wear the white and black printed sheath mini dress. For a printed dress that already look pretty good in its own right, try to do less by only wearing the dress with silver sparkly heels and no other accessories.

Silver Sequin Top with Sparkly Heels

silver sequin top sparkly heels

Now, let’s explore this silver-on-silver outfit. Wear a black shift dress. On top of the dress, create a layer by wearing a silver sequin top over the dress. Finally, wear the silver sequin heels that matches perfectly with heels. This silver-on-silver look is definitely remarkable and attractive.

Wear with Black Leather Moto Jacket & Silver Sequin Pants

black leather moto jacket silver sequin pants

In the previous outfit, we have seen a subtle way to wear silver on silver. This particular outfit, on the other hand, is an attention demanding silver on silver outfit. For the top, wear a grey t shirt with a black leather moto jacket. For the bottom, wear a silver sequin skinny pants with silver sparkly heels to complete this stunning look.

Wear with White Top & Baby Blue Pleated Mini Skirt

white top baby blue pleated mini skirt

For a young and feminine look, wear a white sleeveless sweater and a baby blue pleated mini skirt. Complete the outfit with silver sequin heels. Wear a baby blue bag to add a lovely touch to the overall look.

Wear with Denim Shirt & Black Blazer

denim shirt black blazer outfitsource

Here is a business casual outfit that the silver sparkly heels just seems to blend right in with the rest of the outfit. For the top, wear a denim button shirt with a black blazer. Complete the outfit with cuffed jeans and silver heels.

Black Short Sleeve Leather Mini Dress with Silver Sparkly Heels

black short sleeve leather mini dress silver sparkly heels

This outfit is a stylish dark outfit with the silver heels providing the little spark that makes the outfit look much more interesting. Simply wear a short sleeve black leather bodycon mini dress with black patterned stockings. Complete the outfit with silver sparkly heels to complete this cool and dark look with a touch of elegance.

Wear with Black Wool Coat & Grey Knit Sweater

black wool coat grey knit sweater

For a poise and wise professional looking outfit that is perfect for teachers and professors, you can wear a white button up t shirt, a grey sweater, a black wool coat, and a grey scarf for the top. For the bottom, wear black chino pants and silver sequin shoes to complete the outfit with a little bit of extra eye catchiness.

Wear with Pink Knit Chunky Sweater & White Shorts

pink knit chunky sweater white pants

To achieve a ladylike girl-next-door look, you can wear a pink knit chunky sweater with white denim shorts. Typically, you would simply pair the outfit with white sneakers. Now, since the goal is look more ladylike, wear a pair of silver sparkly heels to look more elegant and also make your legs look longer. A pale pink clutch bag would be the perfect piece to glue all the pieces together.

Silver Sparkly Heeled Sandals with White Sweater & Black Pencil Skirt

silver sparkly heeled sandals white sweater black pencil skirt

For many people, when they go on vacation, they tend to dress a little differently than they typically would. They would dress in a more refreshing and slightly less casual way. This outfit is a great example of how to dress when you travel. Wear a white sweater with a black pencil skirt. Then wear a pair of silver sparkly boho style heeled sandals and a statement necklace to achieve a unique and refreshing look.

Silver Heels with Black and White Printed Bomber Jacket

silver heels black and white printed bomber jacket

For a stylish and casual looking street outfit, you can wear a white t shirt with a black and white bomber jacket for the top. For the bottom, wear navy dress pants and silver pointed toe heels to achieve this laid-back and cool look.

Wear with Baby Blue Knit Sweater & White Skinny Pants

baby blue knit sweater white skinny pants outfit

For a ladylike and cozy look, you can wear a white collar shirt with a baby blue sweater for the top. Pair them with white skinny pants and silver sequin heels. To add an extra touch of elegance, wear a classy white purse to complete this remarkable look.

By now, you should be able to see that silver sparkly heels are indeed very easy to pull off. They do fit in very well with what you may have already been wearing. By imitating some of the above outfits and doing a little bit of tweaking yourself, I am sure that you would look great.

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