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We have researched the Strongest Vacuum Cleaner. Hence, this article on best vacuum cleaner for carpet. Below, in this article, you will find vacuum cleaner brands. Read on to discover them.

Whether you’ve got a small flat or a palatial home, it won’t clean itself. What is needed here is the strongest vacuum cleaner. But what is the strongest vacuum cleaner? The market is changing, and battery-less vacs are now outselling corded (in terms of market value, if not unit sales). As living spaces are getting smaller, they’re getting ever more powerful. 

best vacuum cleaner for carpet

strongest vacuum cleaner

1. Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Powered Lift-Away and TruePet NZ801UKT

Best all-round vacuum cleaner reviewed

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Powered Lift-Away and TruePet NZ801UKT hero

Do you need a plug-in vacuum cleaner that can happily cope with any job going? The Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Powered Lift-Away and TruePet NZ801UKT could well be the model for you. This vacuum cleaner has Shark’s DuoClean floor head, which has two rollers to cope with hard floors and carpets. It works brilliantly and means that you don’t have to change heads through cleaning.

In our tests, the NZ801UKT managed to clean up perfectly in our pet hair, hard floor and carpet tests. What’s more, the Anti Hair Wrap technology meant that the rollers staid free of hair, even in a house with three people with long hair.

As with other Lift Away vacuums, the central bin and vacuum unit lift out to create a more portable vacuum cleaner that you use with the wand, hose and accessories for detail cleaning. Suction remains just as powerful, but you get a more nimble and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner.

Well-priced and with plenty of accessories, the Shark NZ801UKT strikes the perfect balance between a powerful upright cordless vacuum cleaner and a more nimble cleaner that can tackle any other job. If you want the best mains-powered vacuum cleaner, then this is it.

Vacuum cleaner type: Upright with Lift-Away mode, Size: 1170 x 260 x 300mm, 6.5kg, Provided heads: DuoClean floor head, turbo tool, dusting brush and crevice tool, under appliance brush, upholstery brush and car detailing kit, Bin capacity: 0.83-litres, Bagless: Yes, Run time: Mains powered

Buy Now from EBay for £247.99
Also available at Amazon (£349.98)

Dyson V11 Absolute

The best cordless vacuum reviewed

Dyson V11 Absolute - Best Vacuum Cleaner

How do you make the best cordless vacuum cleaner even better? Simple, with the Dyson V11, the company has added a screen onto the back, boosted power and made the vacuum more intelligent. Now, the V11 is the only vacuum you need for any job around your house.

First, about that screen. Having a display on the back of your cleaner may sound like madness but it’s actually a really smart move. On the screen, you can see the exact runtime remaining, so you know when it’s time to return to the charger. And, if your vacuum develops a problem, the display shows you what’s going on and how to fix the issue. That’s really smart.

On top of that, the V11 Absolute is now more intelligent thanks to the High Torque floor head, which senses the surface it’s on and adjusts power automatically. There’s no more messing around with power modes. To top it off, the vacuum is now 20% more powerful and has a larger battery, which will deliver up to an hour’s runtime on the Eco mode, with a motorised brush head.

If you’re looking for more of a bargain, last year’s Dyson V10 is an excellent buy still, but for the best, go with the V11.

Vacuum cleaner type: Cordless vacuum cleaner, Size: 1286 x 250 x 261, 3kg, Provided heads: Motorised floor head, soft roller, mini roller, crevice tool, dusting brush, combination tool, Bin capacity: 0.76-litres, Bagless: Yes, Run time: 60 minutes Eco, 12 minutes Max

Buy Now from EBay for £310
Also available at Currys (£599), Argos (£599.99), and Amazon (£739.00)

Numatic Henry HVR200-A2

Best cylinder vacuum cleaner for price and reliability

Numatic Henry HVR200-A2 - Best Vacuum Cleaner

The Numatic Henry HVR200-A2 is one of the best-known vacuum cleaner brands around. It’s a favourite among professional cleaners everywhere and with good reason: it’s made to withstand serious punishment. This makes it a great workhorse for small offices and shops, but it’s a good home vacuum cleaner as well and inexpensive to boot.

One of our favourite features is the huge, 9-litre capacity bag, which means you don’t have to empty it often. You have to work quite hard to agitate dirt in carpet, but it’s a good cleaner on all surfaces. It struggles a little in edge cleaning compared to the very best, but then it costs a fraction of the price and the provided crevice tool gets the job done.

Our only serious warning is that at 8.5kg it’s rather heavy, making it a poor choice for anyone with a bad back.

Vacuum cleaner type: Cylinder, Size: 320 x 340 x 345mm, 6.6kg, Provided heads: Floor head, crevice tool, soft brush, upholstery brush, Bin capacity: 6-litres, Bagless: No

Buy Now from Amazon for £129.00
Also available at Argos (£159.99)


Best for quality and accessories

Vorwerk Kobold VK200 Review - Best Vacuum Cleaner

The Vorwerk Kobold VK200 is slightly different, as it’s a product that you can only buy direct after having a demonstration. The reason for this is because the VK200 has a huge range of optional accessories that can push the price way over £1,000 – the aim is to only sell you the kit you actually need.

What the range of accessories tells you is that this is a bagged vacuum cleaner that means business. It has optional extras for mopping floors, dry-cleaning carpets, freshening mattresses, and even for sucking up dust as you drill holes.

Performance from the vacuum cleaner is exceptional, with the VK200 sliding through all of our tests without issue. And, the flexible range of attachments meant that we could clean all parts of our home, including behind radiators and on top of wardrobes.

Yes, the VK200 is expensive, but with the build quality and tools it comes with, it is the ultimate vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner type: Upright, Size: 850 x 150 x 210mm, 3kg, Provided heads: EB400 electric floor brush, Bin capacity: 6-litres, Bagless: No

Buy Now from EBay for £739

Dyson Small Ball Allergy

Best reviewed for allergy sufferers

Dyson Small Ball Allergy hero
DYSON Small Ball Allergy Upright Bagless Vacuum – Iron – DAMAGED BOX – Currys£164.18
In Stock

Dyson had originally said that it wasn’t planning to release any new corded vacuum cleaners, so the Dyson Light Ball Allergy is nice to see. This model uses Dyson’s ball technology, which makes the upright cleaner super-easy to push around and get between furniture. We’d go as far as to say that this is the most manoeuvrable cleaner that we’ve used.

It comes with Dyson’s standard floor head, which did a great job picking up mess from carpet and hard floors alike. When you need a bit of detail cleaning, the wand can be removed and there’s a combination crevice tool and brush, and a soft brush for finer jobs. As this is the model designed for Allergy sufferers, it also comes with a mattress tool to keep your bed nice and clean. There’s only room on the cleaner for two of three tools, though. You also get Dyson’s premium filtration, including dual washable filters, to keep allergens trapped inside the bin.

We found the bin a bit stiff to open at first, but it should loosen over time, giving you one-finger emptying directly into your main bin, without spilling dust everywhere.

For allergy sufferers, the Dyson Small Ball Allergy is certified asthma and allergy friendly, making it a great choice. There are some slightly more flexible cleaners on this list if allergies aren’t your main priority.

Vacuum cleaner type: Upright, Size: 1057 x 384 x 281mm, 6.9kg, Provided heads: Motorised floor head, combination tool, stair tool, mattress tool, soft dusting brush, Bin capacity: 1.2-litres, Bagless: Yes, Run time: Mains powered

Buy Now from EBay for £164.18
Also available at Dyson Cleaners (£199), Currys (£199), Very (£199.99), and Argos (£199.99)

Karcher WD4

Best wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Karcher WD4 - Best Vacuum Cleaner

If you need the most flexibility, the Karcher WD 4 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is the model for you. This model uses the same filter for both wet and dry cleaning, making it easy to change mode. To use with wet spills you have to remove the bag, but you can also use the vacuum bagless in dry mode, making it great for picking up DIY mess: you just tip the mess into a bin when you’re done, emptying the huge 20-litre bin. Bags are expensive at £14 for a pack of four, although the size means that you have to empty the rarely.

The Karcher WD 4 comes with a series of well-designed tools, so you can easily tackle most jobs. In our tests, the Karcher WD 4 coped with our usual test spills with ease, but also sucked up liquid and followed our builder, picking up the mess left behind from rubble to plasterboard. Basically, as long as the mess fits down the hose, the Karcher WD 4 can pick up the mess with ease.

Vacuum cleaners with rotating brush bars tend to deal with normal dust on carpets better, but there are few devices that have the flexibility of the Karcher WD 4. If you’re looking for a well-priced vacuum to deal with all manner of really messy stuff, then this is the one that you should buy.

Buy Now from Amazon for £129.82
Also available at EBay (£129.99), Very (£129.99), and Argos (£129.99)

Bissell Vac & Steam 1977E - Best Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell Vac & Steam 1977E

Best reviewed for vacuum and steam cleaning


  • Fast heat up time
  • Vac cleans in front of steam mop
  • Good run time


  • Limited suction power
  • Average steam power
  • No pivot on head

Not just a steam cleaner, but a vacuum cleaner, the Bissell Vac & Steam 1977E is a quality all-rounder. Individually, its comparatively weak vacuum and light steam cleaner won’t win any awards; yet, it’s the combination of the two that prove to be such a winner with the cleaner abling sucking up dirt and cleaning hard floors.

With no detail tools, the Bissell Vac & Steam 1977E is focussed entirely on mopping. After a short wait, the mopping pad is moist enough to clean. Testing on a hard floor, this cleaner turns two tasks into one, doing a very passable clean in one pass. Subtract the time it would take to get out, set up and clean with two individual machines and this is a real time saver.

The weak vacuum means that this isn’t a tool for using around the house for general jobs. That might make it sound quite niche, but the Bissell Vac & Steam 1977E could well find itself useful in many homes. If you’ve got hard floors that you struggle to keep clean in a timely fashion, this is a great all-rounder that does two jobs in one.

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