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Get the best guide on how to buy High quality native styles or sale online at the best prices ranging from $5 to $15 . These include cheap native styles for gown, best native styles for long gown and so on. Our recommended latest native styles for short gown are neat and we have carefully handpicked quality native styles for gown ‘for all our beautiful customers’. Nairacloset wide selection of latest best native styles for wedding gown are choices for every ‘men’ should make in order to have the special feeling  of  wearing durable look designed specially for handsome men who love ‘quality styles’.

Nigerian native styles choice for your owanbe party can be confusing. This is because the styles are just too numerous with beautiful body figures to pick from. Most importantly, when it comes to the native wear there is no “Ideal” style only that it must not be ordinary although this depends on where you are going.  it is therefore left to you to choose whether you want to steal all the attention at your owanbe party.

best native styles for long gown

Styles For Native Gowns

Tips to consider before picking from any of the Nigerian native styles, you can read more about African wear here African Wears: Types, Designs and How to Rock them

  1. Your body size
  2. Your height
  3. Don’t pick a style because it sits well on a model
  4. The colour of your skin and the colour of the cloth
  5. The fabric

After observing the above points and a chat with your designer, you can now consider the different Nigerian native styles below:

 Gowns Nigerian Native Style:

Seriously, If you are a lady and you don’t have gowns in your wardrobe, you are wrong. Gowns are life saver. Especially Ankara gowns for your owanbe parties, it is another fantastic way to wear your Ankara or any Nigerian native style you have in mind to your owanbe. At a point, when you get tired of Skirt and blouse or Iro and buba, gown is the solution to your problem.

Nigerian Native stylesNigerian Native stylesNigerian Native styles

Off Shoulder Nigerian Native styles:

This style always reminds me of the popular Nigerian actress, Sola Sobowale. To be honest, that style is so nice on her. One unique thing about Off Shoulder Nigerian native style is that it makes you look mature. Talk to your designer about this style. There are some things to be considered in designing off shoulder style; like your shoulder, your neck and your burst. You can never go wrong with this style.

Nigerian Native stylesNigerian Native stylesNigerian Native styles

Skirt and Blouse Nigerian Native Styles:

Skirt and blouse are perfect and classical. It is also one of the old styles we have in Nigeria Native styles. Gone are the days of the ones our mothers used to wear. If you want a well-styled skirt and blouse, talk to your designer. A good tailor will do justice to a style for you. Therefore, for your perfect and classical Ankara styles that will make other guests to show respect for your presence, skirt and blouse will give you that.

Nigerian Native stylesNigerian Native styles

Nigerian Native styles

Iro and Buba Nigerian Native styles:

The oldest form of Nigerian native style. Iro and Buba has been modernized with the blouse.  The fact is that Iro and Buba can never go into extinction. Brides are now rocking the new iro and buba. Most importantly the buba. Designers always come up with a different stylish top for the iro. The modern fashion has taken the ‘old’ form of buba away. You can’t go wrong with this style too.

Nigerian Native stylesNigerian Native stylesNigerian Native stylesNigerian Native styles

Jumpsuit Nigerian Native Styles:

Everybody thought jumpsuit will fade away just like the other styles. Jumpsuit has proved us wrong, seems this style is not going anywhere. Jumpsuit style was welcomed to native wears. Have you seen Ankara or lace Jumpsuit? You are permitted to change your owanbe slay with this style. Your Auto gele, your accessories and your make up will make this style well defined.

Hot Fresh Short Native Gown Styles That Are Winning


When it comes to changing your wardrobe, there is something that you can do.  You should not get attires that you will get tired of within a few days. Have you realized that the short native gowns are making their ways into many ladies wardrobes? These beautiful gowns have come to make us look beautiful and simple.


This is the new phase we are talking about! You just cannot resist these short gowns that  will bring out the real African woman in you without making a noise.  If you have been staying away from short native gowns, these styles will surely woo you.


What do we mean when we talk about short native gowns? Ankara has come to give us a run for our creativity. Whether you are the casual type or the corporate person, Ankara has these short gowns to make a difference in office too.

These gowns come in various cuts and textures that will look different from what you last saw of it. Every year, we witness some amazing Ankara designs that will surely look good on us.

latest native styles for short gown

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Stylish Laptop Backpacks For Ladies

Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote & Wristlet

Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote & Wristlet

Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote & Wristlet


Simple and laid-back, Street Level’s faux leather tote should be a go-to for women who need to grab and go (see what we did there?). The reversible bag is available in black and cognac or cognac and peach and comes with a matching wristlet. The bag itself doesn’t have any compartments, but it’s an affordable 2-in-1 solution for anyone looking for a no-fuss carry-all.

Everlane Day Market Tote

Everlane The Day Market Tote

Everlane Day Market Tote


If you like the feel of a tote but want something a little more upscale, Everlane has your back (and your bag) with their Day Market Tote. This perfect do-it-all bag is made of structured 100 percent Italian leather and is slightly longer and taller than the average tote. Inside, you’ll find a sleek side pocket, perfect for storing notepads, keys or your phone.

Matt & Nat Fabi Frappe Faux Leather Backpack

Matt & Nat Fabi Frappe Faux Leather Backpack

Matt & Nat Fabi Frappe Faux Leather Backpack


Backpacks aren’t just for kids. Stylish picks like this one from Matt & Nat keep your hands free and distribute your bag’s weight across both shoulders. The Fabi Frappe is feminine and practical, available in four matte colors, closes via a push-lock closure and features a small zipper pocket on the back for your most valuable possessions. Inside, a 13-inch laptop compartment, smartphone pocket and logo-embossed Vintage patch keep all your possessions neat and tidy.

Dagne Dover Signature Tote

Dagne Dover Signature Tote

Dagne Dover Signature Tote


You might compare this purse to Hermione’s beaded bag from the Harry Potter books. While unassuming on the outside, it’s packed full of surprises meant to delight its owner and make their life easier. Everything from your coffee cup to your metro card has its own designated spot, meaning you’ll never lose anything in your bag again — well, you won’t have an excuse anymore at least. It also comes in four sizes and 12 colors to suit your exact preferences. 

Furla Large Tote Bag

Furla Large Tote Bag Ss20

Furla Large Tote Bag


Sleek and timelessly chic, this Furla tote is compact but is spacious enough to hold all of your essentials. With black leather and gold hardware, the bag works well with all of your jewelry to keep every outfit polished and professional. From daycare to your desk and happy hour drinks, the sleek rectangular shape and neutral color allow the tote to seamlessly pair with any ensemble.

Aqua Pebbled Leather Tote

Aqua Pebbled Leather Tote

Aqua Pebbled Leather Tote

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Sometimes, you need to go back to the basics. To those searching for the perfect basic black tote, we uncovered this fashionable and no-frills option. With its spacious interior, there’s enough room for your laptop, all of your daily essentials, and then some. The minimalist design is classic and sleek, making it the perfect accessory to polish off any outfit. 


Types of Bags backpacks


Backpacks have two shoulder straps and are designed to be worn on the back giving you a hands-free option. They are commonly small to medium-sized and are designed to fit all the extras you may need for work or school. Extra-large backpacks are used by travelers young and old, backpacking around the world. They can also be called rucksacks.

Types of Bags barrel

Barrel Bags

Barrel bags have circular or oval ends with a cylindrical body. They have two shoulder straps and may additionally have a long strap. These bags are often larger and suitable for travel, sports and the gym.

Types of Bags Basket


Basket bags are made from cane or rattan and usually have an open top and shoulder length handles. Great for carrying towels to the beach, they are extremely popular in summer.

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 Types of Bags Belt

Belt Bags

Belt bags are similar to waist bags except they are designed to thread through or attach to a belt. The bag may be attached or detachable.

Types of Bags Box

Box Bags

Many box bags are wooden or leather and of course have a boxy shape! This term can be used not only for bags made of boxes but modern bags that are rectangular prisms in shape.

Types of Bags bucket

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags have a round base forming a cylindrical shape. They often have very open tops and can have long or short staps. Because of their wide bottom, they fit a great deal of contents inside without looking too large.



Clutches are small types of bags used for formal or evening occasions. They have no shoulder straps but may have a wrist strap. Types of clutches include envelope clutches, box clutches, wristlets and bracelet bags.

Types of Bags coin purses

Coin Purses

Coin Purses are small pouches to put coins inside. They may fit a credit card as well but not much else. They have no straps. Coin purses may have a metal frame or a top zipper.

Cross body bags

Cross Body Bags

These types of bags have a long strap to wear diagonally across the body. The bag generally sits at the hip but may be slightly higher or lower depending on your height. They are considered a comfortable hands free types of bags which are extremely popular.

Types of Bags daypack


Daypacks are smaller sized backpacks designed for everyday use. Favored by students and workers needed to carry more than a small bag can carry, they are extremely popular. Daypacks can be made from fabric or leather.

Types of Bags duffel


Duffel bags are long roomy bags with a zipper top that are designed for travel and sport. They are easy to get into and hold a large amount of contents.

Types of Bags envelope

Envelope Clutches/Bags

Envelope clutches have a flap that is triangular much like the back of an envelope. They don’t fit much due to their slim width but are useful for carrying a phone, some money and lipstick when you are going out. Envelope clutches may also turn into a bag with the addition of a thin strap that is often made from metal chain.

Types of Bags frame

Frame Bags And Clutches

These smaller bags have a metal frame at the top giving them structure and elegance. Most often used for evening wear, frame bags have chain straps that can be tucked inside when you want to use it as a clutch.

Types of Bags grocery

Grocery Bags

Grocery bags are large fabric or paper bags designed to hold food and your precious shopping. They typically have open tops and a flat bottom to fit a large amount of items. Most grocery bags have 2 handles but some designs have just one. There are no closures on grocery bags.

Types of Bags messenger

Messenger Bags And Satchels

The term messenger bag is sometimes used interchangeably with a cross-body bag. Messenger bags are typically larger satchel type bags made from canvas or soft leather. They have long straps and the bag often has a large flap on the front.

Types of Bags saddle

Saddle Bags

Saddle bags are inspired by horse’s saddle bags and are rounded satchels with a round flap and a long strap.

Types of Bags shoulder

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags have one or two straps that allow the bag to fit under your arm. Unlike tote bags, they usually close with a zipper or magnetic closure and are likely to have compartments inside. This term is often a generic term used to describe any bag with a strap of a length that fits over your shoulder.

Types of Bags tote

Tote Bag

Totes are large soft bags with an open top. They are mainly produced in fabrics but can also be soft leather. A tote bag has a simple rectangular construction and can have short or shoulder length straps which are usually double.

Types of Bags waist bags

Waist Bags And Bum Bags

Waist bags of course are worn around the waist. They typically clip around your waist and are designed for holding smaller items and for traveling. Perfect for when you need your hands free, waist bags are popular for men in particular. They are also known as bum bags and fanny packs.

Types of Bags wallets


We all know wallets! Somewhere safe to put our cash and cards, it is a type of bag you will use every day. Most wallets have multiple compartments to separate items and to speed your payment at checkout.

Types of Bags wristlet


A wristlet is a small clutch bag with a strap attached through which you can thread your wrist. This makes it particularly handy when you go out but are worried about losing a small bag. It gives you something to grab on to.

Types Of Bags – In Conclusion

So there you have many types of bags. A lot of these designs can cross over and look completely different decorated in different fabrics, leathers, trims and hardware.

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