sukam solar panel price

Today, we review the Sukam Solar Panel Price. Su-Kam is the leading solar retail brand in India that started in 1988, today it is among top 5 solar retail brands in India with strong product portfolio of solar products that include solar panels, solar grid tied and off grid inverters, solar charge controllers, and solar power conditioning units. Sukam is an innovative company having major focus on brining latest and technologically advanced products for home, business and industries. So let’s get down to the su-kam solar price list…

Sukam solar panels

Sukam solar panels are made of best quality silicon cells designed to give higher performance in hot weather conditions in India. Sukam makes solar panel from 40 watt – 320 watt in poly crystalline technology that gives up to 16% cell conversion efficiency. These panels comes in 36 cells, 60 cells and 72 cells design with 4 and 5 busbars. Certification of sukam solar panels from IEC and TUV makes it made in India product that also qualifies for subsidy.

Sukam solar panel price list

Sukam has the wide range of solar panels starting from 40 watt – 320 watts, the price range of Sukam solar panels are between ₹ 2,300 – ₹ 11,900

Here is the latest price list of Sukam solar panels in 2019.

solar panels ratingsselling priceper watt price
Sukam 40 Watt / 12 V Solar Panel₹ 2,300₹ 57
Sukam 75 Watt / 12 V Solar Panel₹ 4,000₹ 53
Sukam 100 Watt / 12 V Solar Panel₹ 4,300₹ 43
Sukam 150 Watt / 12 V Solar Panel₹ 6,500₹ 43
Sukam 250 watt / 24 V Solar Panel₹ 11,500₹ 46
Sukam 320 watt / 24 V Solar Panel₹ 11,900₹ 37

Sukam solar panel warranty

Sukam solar panels are made of long-lasting and reliable solar cells made of silicons, the life of Sukam solar panels are 30 years, however, Sukam offers 25 years onsite performance warranty, during warranty, physical damage is not covered.

  • 10 years – up to 90% performance warranty that it will generate rated power
  • 25 years – up to 80% performance warranty that it will generate rated power

Sukam solar panel – technical details

Power (Pmax): The capacity of solar panel that how much power it will generate in an hour. It is denoted in watts peak (Wp).  250 watt solar panel means, it will generate 250 watt power in an hour.

Open circuit voltage (Voc): The open circuit voltage is maximum voltage available in solar panel at zero current. If you just connect +ve wire of solar panel with –ve wire, open circuit voltage can be measured, this is used for testing solar panel efficiency at the time of purchase.

Short circuit current: It occurs when solar pv panel +ve wire is connected with –ve wire, it is used to measure weather panel is generating some power or not.

sukam solar panel technical details

Current at max. power: how much current will be travelling to inverter when sun light falls at solar cells called current at max. power. Higher current means better quality of solar cells is used in solar panel and it will generate more power. Power generation is directly proportional to higher current, current at max. power will also increase and decrease with change in sun light intensity.

Voltage at max. power: It is the voltage at which maximum power is available in a photovoltaic solar panel. Higher voltage is always good.

Tolerance: it is always measured in %, the chances of error while testing the devices.

Specifications at STC: specifications of solar panels at standard testing conditions. Solar panels efficiency will always be higher at 25° Celsius. With increase in temperature solar panel efficiency decreases.  

Sukam 100 Watt Solar Panel

Sukam 100 W – 12 Volt solar panel is polycrystalline technology PV modules. It generates 5.56 Current at Max Power, Imp (A) and generates 100 Watt/hour. It has 1 year on manufacturing warranty and 25 years performance warranty. You can compare and buy Sukam solar panel at Loom Solar.  

Sukam 320 Watt Solar Panel

Sukam 320 Watt – 24 Volt solar panel is polycrystalline technology PV modules. The panels designed by Sukam are made to work for long years even in extreme weather conditions. The space required for installing 320-watt solar panel is required 12 sq. ft.

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