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With winter approaching, many women are considering a new pair of boots to keep their feet secure and comfortable at work and at social occasions where flimsier shoes just wont do. For some, the task of finding the ideal knee high boot for the situation is made more difficult due to the size of their calves. Luckily, there are many brands designing fashionable, comfortable super plus wide calf boots for a range of calf sizes from 20″ – 24″ that can provide that ideal fit. The following five products offer an introduction to the clever design features and styles of these boots to show that there really are great options out there. You do not have to sacrifice fashion for comfort and you can make your legs look really good.

plus size riding boots extra wide calf

Super Wide Calf Boots 23 Inch

Rose Petals Women’s Addison Boots

Rose Petals Women's Addison Super Plus Wide Calf Boot

The Rose Petals Women’s Addison is a super plus boot that is designed to fit extra wide calves upto 24″ in size while still offering something attractive with its equestrian boot style. There is no concern about a tight, uncomfortable fit here because the sizes range from 21” calf to 24 3/4” and the boots have been carefully designed with the supple calfskin and full length zipper on the inside. The cognac color provides something rich and warm for the winter months, although there is also the option of black, and the buckle details are a nice touch but they are also pretty practical as well as fashionable with the low heel, non-slip sole and cushioned foot bed, making them the ideal boot for all-day wear in winter.

Rose Petals Women’s Piper Boots

Rose Petals Women's Piper Super Plus Wide Calf Boot

For a plus sized boot – calf sizes are available in the 21”, 22″, 23″ to 24.75”  – the Rose Petals Women’s Piper Super Plus Wide Calf Boot is a pretty elegant looking model with the sense that it will add some length to chunkier calves. This look is largely down to the simple shape of the black leather and the lack of detailing up the calf – there is a pretty strap around the back of the ankle but that is about all. If you prefer there is a chocolate brown option for a little more indulgence, emphasizing the fact that this is a great winter boot for social occasions; however, it retains the comfort features of the previously mentioned Rose Petals number so you wont suffer for fashion.

Rose Petals Women’s Sadie Boot

Rose Petals Women's Sadie Super Plus Wide Calf Boot

The next extra wide calf boot is yet another of the Rose Petals products, showing that this is indeed a brand that knows what they are doing when designing boots for the larger calf. The Rose Petals Women’s Sadie Super Plus boot offers a pretty similar specification to the Piper, with the size range from 21″ – 24 3/4″, the low 1” heel and full zipper for an easier fit. It also has a similar style with that long high knee shaft made from smooth black calf skin and the clever design choice to put the detailing, a simple cord tie, around the ankle. It appears to be black or nothing with this model, which is a little limiting, but the makers promise that it will be a go-to pair for formal and casual occasions.

Tori Super Plus Wide Calf Boot

Tori Women's Super Plus Wide Calf Boot

The attention to detail on the accents of the Rose petals boots is key when trying to create a boot for the wider calf that still looks long and elegant and this is a trick that has also been used on the Tori Super Plus Wide Calf model. Here there is the buckle on the ankle but also one further up the calf that it said to be “perfectly angled for a visual slimming effect”. The use of the strong black or richly dark espresso adds to this visual effect for a classic riding boot for many occasions. The extra wide calf sizes offered add more sizes, where the smallest calf size starts at 20″ instead of 21″ and go upto 24 1/4 inches, and once again there is that handy full length zipper and some elastic paneling for good measure.

Riley Super Plus Women’s Wide Calf Boot

Riley Super Plus Women's Wide Calf Boot

For the last product in this introduction to extra wide calf boots we come to a different brand, Riley, but again there are some familiar features that are key to creating a fashionable, appealing pair of boots for women with larger legs. Again the shaft of their Super Plus Women’s Wide Calf Boot is kept long and plain to give that look of length rather than width, the strapping and the subtle buckle remaining around the ankle, but there is a more interesting distressed look to the cognac or black leather that enhances the riding boot style. The calf sizes again caters to the “smaller” 19″ calf and goes upto fit the much larger the 21″ sized calves – and there is also the added bonus of the stretchy elastic paneling for a more adaptable and comfortable fit.

Rose Petals Women’s Skye Super Plus Wide Calf Boots


There can be no mistaking the Rose Petals Women’s Skye Super Plus Wide Calf Boots for anything other than wide calf boots because of the emphasis on the “super plus wide” element. These knee-high boots accommodate a range of women with their extra wide shafts and openings. At their smallest, they measure 21 5/8 inches for size 7M and just over 24 inches for size 12WW. This means that there should be plenty of size options available in this style to help users find the ideal fit. This great fit is aided by the fact that these leather dress boots have a full length zipper and a pull loop at the top.

A lot of attention has been placed on the size and fit of these tall boots. However, there is plenty going on in regard to the comfort options and style too. The boot is available in either a black or a warm chocolate brown and has a low heel and a buckle accent around the ankle. It is a simple but classic look with wide appeal. The comfort is enhanced through the use of the soft fabric lining, generous cushioning on the footbed and elasticated goring on the shaft.

David Tate Women’s Layla Super Plus Wide Calf Leather Boot


Another “super plus wide” option is the David Tate Women’s Layla Super Plus Wide Calf Leather Boot. There are many dress boots for narrow calves that take advantage of lacing on the back. Here David Tate have shown that wide calf boots can use this feature too. The boot has a classic, practical look with the 14 inch shaft, plain black leather and small heel, but this lacing adds some shape and aesthetic appeal in all the right places. At its largest size option of 12WW, these extra wide boots have an opening of just over 23 inches. The idea is that this expands by another inch with the addition of these laces. This lacing, and the full size zipper mean that it should be easy for women to find the ideal fit and take the boot on and off.

Additional features of interest with this boot are the cushioned insole, fabric lining and non-skid sole. This means that women should have no trouble wearing this boot for long periods or walking in wet conditions. The Layla is more than a dress boot as it is a comfortable, practical boot that can be worn for different occasions.

Lola Women’s Extra Wide Calf Stretch Boot


There are two aspects to the Lola Women’s Extra Wide Calf Stretch Boot that immediately stand out when looking at sales photos online. First there is that large 3/5 inch heel that brings more shape and elegance to this boot than some of the other wide calf boots around. Then there is the blend of materials with the calf-skin leather and the stretch suede. The leather provides shape and strength in all the right places while the stretch material on the 15 inch shaft allows for a better fit on extra wide legs. This choice means that the measurement of a 23 inch opening on a size twelve is an approximation.

This ensures that women with larger calves can enjoy the features of these tall boots with ease. The discrete full length zipper allows wearers to take the boot on and off with ease. Then there is the added comfort of the leather lining and padded insole. The interesting bonus with this insole is the fact that it can be removed in favor of orthotic devices, which is ideal for those that need a little more arch support. The blend of practical materials, comfort features and a customizable fit mean that there is a wide appeal here.

The models below are older styles which are out of stock or not available in the 24″ wide calf sizes

Rose Petals Sophia Super Plus Wide Calf Boots: Feminine Look

Looking for a pair of super wide calf boots that’s right for a feminine look is difficult – most boots are either chunky or scrunchy that only add width to your calves. You certainly don’t want your legs to look bigger than they actually are – who wants that? Wide calf boots with circumferences measuring from 23 inches to 24 inches can be tricky to wear, but these Rose Petals Sophia boots in super plus wide size is the exception. Made with real leather that looks sleek and chic, it perfectly covers wide calves without making your legs look bigger or chunkier.

With a unique braiding detail that circles the back of the ankle, it adds a perfectly beautiful touch to an otherwise masculine pair of footwear. Get to wear tights and skinny jeans with the calf part tucked inside. If you thought these looks were only limited to skinny legs, then this pair of boots will prove you wrong.

Get to walk in these boots without sacrificing your feminine style – comfortable, durable, and ultra feminine, this is the perfect pair for women with romantic styles.

Rose Petals Julia Super Plus Wide Calf Boots: Badass Look

Super wide calf boots can look masculine, but how about a masculine pair of boots that also looks sleek and chic? This pair of Rose Petals Julia Super Plus wide calf boots is the perfect combination. Badass boots don’t have to mean bulky- you don’t have to look like you borrowed your father’s combat boots when you want a pair that performs. These boots give your feet protection and coverage without sacrificing style.

Made with real leather, this knee-high pair has all the features that make it ultra comfortable. With the understated leather straps its only design detail, this pair is ideal for anyone who wants a no-fuss pair of boots that fit their wide calves. You really don’t have to shop at the men’s section to find a pair that will take you on every type of surface possible – this option by Walking Cradles is durable, chic, and comfortable.

With most options in the market offering only chunky and scrunchy boots for super wide calves, at a maximum of 24″ calf width, this is a great option for women always on the go but want to look tough and chic at the same time.

Ros Hommerson Brooke Super Plus Wide Calf Boots: Urban Look

A pair of extra extra wide calf boots are hard to find – especially one that will look good on outfits that have an urban flair. If you live in a major city, casual scrunchy boots just won’t do. It’s either you find a wide calf boot that looks like leg warmers on your calves, combat boots, or no boots at all – chic-looking boots that’s perfect for walking and working are just hard to come by.

With this Ros Hoomerson Brooke edition, you’ve got a sleek-looking pair that will actually make your calves look exceptionally slimmer and leaner. Made with fine quality leather, you can take this pair to all kinds of surfaces – walk on water-drenched grass, slippery streets, and parade in your office tiled floors – it will provide you with comfort and the right amount of traction that will make walking a breeze. And get to withstand all these by looking ultra chic and modern at the same time. Perfect for women with calf sizes 23″ and up.

Designed with the true equestrian look and quality in mind, this latest wide calf offering provides an easy solution for the career woman or the busy mom who just wants to look good on the street with the right pair of boots that deliver.

extra wide calf over the knee boots

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