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A Complete Guide to Crystals from SWAROVSKI® Assortment

modastrass · Apr 15, 2019 · 4 Comments73

As a Swarovski authorized wholesaler we have received thousands of questions over past twelve years. And we get it. Swarovski loose crystals assortment is extremly complex and difficult to navigate through. Without some basic understanding it is quite hard to choose and order the right crystals for your jewelry, fashion and craft projects. In order to make that process a little bit easier for you, we prepared this overview of Swarovski crystal categories.

Basic Classification

Crystals from SWAROVSKI®, in past also known (and today still referred to) as Swarovski Elements, can be divided into two main groups: standard products and forward integrated items.

Standard Swarovski Crystals

These crystals have a 4-digit item number and fall under 6 main categories:

  1. Round Stones (a.k.a. Chatons)
  2. Flat Backs No Hotfix & Flat Backs Hotfix
  3. Sew-on Stones & Crystal Buttons
  4. Fancy Stones
  5. Pearls & Beads
  6. Pendants & BeCharmed Collection

These products are a part of “in stock program”. Generally speaking, this means that they are being manufactured regularly and consistently. Of course, each product in a particular size and color has its status:

  • in program = being produced on a regular basis
  • special production = being produced on demand with huge MOQ (minimum order quantity), usually 14 400 pcs
  • out of program = being discontinued
  • future out of program = being currently produced but going out of program soon
  • out of program with discount, if available = discontinued with additional discount for remaining stocks

We always advise our customers to keep in mind the status of a certain product in a particular size and color. If you’re not sure whether your desired crystal is standard or not, you can always contact us. Read more about each of these categories below.

Crystal Mesh

Swarovski Forward Integrated Items

On the other hand, these products are being produced upon customer’s wish and order. Since you first have to configurate them, i.e., you have to choose, for example, type, size and color of carrier material, plating, setting, stone etc., prices vary and there is no fix price list for them. These items usually have a 5-digit item number and can be also divided into 6 main categories:

By clicking each of these categories you will open a PDF-file with all information and available sizes and colors.

6 Main Swarovski Crystal Categories

Swarovski Round Stones

Round Stones

Round Stones start with number 1 and have a pointed back. There are 17 shapes available in this category, but the most popular ones are 1088 and 1122. You might be wondering why some of these stones have a letter U or F next to their numbers. The letter F stands for Foiled, which means that the crystal has metal foiling on the back which reflects the light and produces that so much desirable shine and sparkle. Without the foiling the light just passes through the crystal and that’s what the letter U denotes – Unfoiled. Unfoiled crystals are, therefore, transparent, you can see the surface behind them, which limits their usage.Swarovski 1088 Xirius Chaton

When talking about bestselling crystals in tis category there is one more thing we would like to point out. The round stone 1088 starts with the size PP14 (∅ 2 mm). If you need smaller size, then choose the cut 1028 which starts with PP2 (∅ 0,90 mm) and goes up to PP13 (∅ 1,90 mm). Generally speaking, round stones are most often used for jewelry design, but many fashion designers also use them for textile embellishment by sewing them on the garment with an appropriate sew-on setting. Another way to use these round stones is to glue them with Swarovski Ceralun 2-component clay which is available in 17 colors.

At the bottom of this category in our shop you will find the plastic color chart set with real stones which shows you all the colors that a particular product or product group comes in. Last year we wrote an article explaining Swarovski color variations. In that article you can download all color charts in PDF format so we’re not going to go into too much detail on that here.

Flat Backs Hotfix and No Hotfix

Flat Backs

Flat Back crystals start with number 2 and have a flat reverse side so that you can glue them on to various surfaces. They come in 60 different shapes and in plenty of colors. For Flat Backs No Hotfix you need an external glue. People use them mainly for nailart, textile, shoes and home décor items. The 2 most popular cuts are 2058, which goes up to size SS 10 (∅ 2,70 – 2,90 mm), and 2088, which starts with SS12 (∅ 2 – 3,20 mm) and goes up to SS48 (∅ 10,90 – 11,30 mm).Swarovski 2058 Flat Back No Hotfix

Flat Backs Hotfix come with a thin layer of a heat sensitive glue on the reverse side. This glues is being activated by the heat of a household iron, hotfix applicator or heat press. This kind of application guarantees a long lasting crystal effect which is so much desirable when it comes embellishing of textile, dance dresses, gymnastic leotards, etc. The 2 most commonly used shapes of Flat Backs No HF are 2038 and 2078.

Sew-on Stones

Sew-on Stones

Depending on the shape, Swarovski sew-on crystals come with 1, 2 or 3 holes and are perfect for sewing onto clothes, wedding dresses, home accessories, etc. You can also combine them with other types of crystals to create one of a kind sparkling jewelry. These crystals start with number 3 and the most popular in this category are Swarovski 3288 Xirius and 3223 Navette Sew-on Stone.Swarovski 3223 Navette Sew-on Stone

Fancy Stones

Fancy Stones

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