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This guide I will show everything you want to know about wholesale T-shirt suppliers in the UK,Canada,India,USA and China.

Even though fashion is a big part of the world, most people want to wear comfortable clothing and outfits.

One of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that is out there in the world is a T-shirt. Most of them are made from cotton and a mix of spandex or some other fabric that makes it stretchy.

T-shirts are definitely a favorite among people and a retailer can make loads of money by selling them. The summertime sees a huge boom in T-shirt orders. If you are thinking about selling T-shirts, then definitely check out the wholesalers that we will mention in this article. 

List of T-Shirt Wholesale Suppliers in the UK

CompanyCategory of ProductsLocation
Wordans.co.ukT-shirts & FashionUK
Cottonprint.co.ukT-shirts & ClothingUK
UK T-shirt PrintingT-shirtsUK


This particular T-shirt producing company is based in London, UK. They have a 25-year long experience of making all kinds of T-shirts and you will be astonished to see their long catalogue. 

They make T-shirts for males, females, and children. The company specializes in making plain solid T-shirts which are loved by people. They have a nice color selection and you have the choice of ordering from them in bulk.


This company has a very simple website where you can place an order on the T-shirts of your choice. They have the classic solid T-shirts and also the ones that are fancier. You will get all types of colours that you can imagine. 

Bulk pricing is also available on their website. They also stock T-shirts from popular brands so you have the option to buy a brand of your choice there.


Wordans is actually a Canadian company but they have several stores across the UK. So, you get to have a lot of options for T-shirts that you may like. They provide T-shirts for babies, males, females, and kids. 

Go to their website and check their bulk and wholesale pricing. It’s sure that you will find something that you will truly like. The company also provides free shipping on bulk orders.


Fire label will be your best friend if you want to be printed or merchandise T-shirt. They have good quality T-shirts from amazing companies in several popular colours. Choose the T-shirt of your choice and send them the design idea. 

They will accomplish the project and sent it to you in the promised time. they also provide free set up if you order 50+ pieces. They also have a huge selection of several other things except for T-shirts.


Cottonprint is based in the UK and they seek to provide the best customer service ever. They stock ethical cotton T-shirts from renowned companies. They strive to provide the lowest prices and they do have a nice selection of them. 

You can also get next day delivery in the country if you order before 4:30 PM. They also provide free shipping over £150. They provide awesome customizations on T-shirts as well.  

UK T-shirt Printing

Many people want to wear ethical and organic clothing pieces these days. This company allows you to design bulk T-shirts which are made from organic cotton. They have kept their prices quite low considering the quality of their products. 

If you are a bulk buyer, then you can get the quote within 30 seconds of enquiring about it to them. They also offer printing services like digital and screen printing.

List of T-shirt Wholesale Suppliers in Canada:

CompanyCategory of ProductsLocation
Wordans.caT-shirts & FashionCanada
Gildan CanadaT-shirts & FashionCanada
Needen CanadaT-shirts & ClothingCanada
Tshirt IdealT-shirts Canada


If you want to sell nice T-shirts from renowned brands then this is the best place for it in Canada. They have all sorts of T-shirts in several colours. You can go through their catalogue to order the products. 

You will definitely save in bulk purchases and they will provide you with fast shipping. Just go through their page as it is easy to browse through and you can place your order in just a moment.


As we said above, Wordans is a Canadian brand, so it is one of the best options if you are from the country. They have placed in all the prominent cities of the country. Their stocks are phenomenal and the prices are low as well. 

You can also search for particular items that are readily available in cities around Canada. They have got T-shirts for all genders, age groups, and sizes.    

Gildan Canada

Gildan is a renowned brand that makes T-shirts which are of amazing quality. You can order their T-shirts in bulk from their Canada section. They have T-shirts for men, women, and youth in several sizes and colour options. 

The weaving is nice and you can follow their colour guide to choose colours that will be profitable for you. The specialty about them is that they have different quality ranges which have different price points. 

Needen Canada

Needen is another T-shirt company that is well known in Canada. You will find both printed and solid T-shirts in their house. They have organic T-shirts and heavy duty T-shirts as well. 

All you will need to do is pick the type, colour, and size of the T-shirt. They give you nice discounts on bulk buying and provide free shipping over $199. You can definitely check them out for good quality T-shirts. 

Tshirt Ideal

If you want to stock up T-shirts for your store then this can be a right website if you are in Canada. They promise to give you the best price in the country. Their collection of T-shirts is huge and you can find the most loved brands. 

You have to buy in bulk to get the best deals. They are based in Montreal and they have a nice wholesome rating throughout their website.


The website for this company is very easy to use and they are all about their business. You will get a nice selection of T-shirts that you will generally need. They have sections for men, women, youth, and infants as well. Every piece differs in style and it will satisfy you. 

Register on their website to order the T-shirts and get it delivered right at your door at a phenomenal price. 

List of T-shirt Wholesale Suppliers in India:

CompanyCategory of ProductsLocation
IndiaMartT-shirts & GeneralIndia
Shop4ShopsT-shirts & ClothingIndia
TradeIndiaT-shirts & GeneralIndia
Tirupur KnitWearsT-shirts & ClothingIndia
StillvollT-shirts & ClothingIndia
KCGarmentsT-shirts & ClothingIndia


IndiaMart is a huge online marketplace that has an ample amount of sellers. So, it is justified that they have T-shirt suppliers as well. The price is quite low and you can directly contact the manufacturer or seller for more details. 

Place an order with the verified and leading suppliers and you will get the best deals present in the country. The website does ship in India as well as internationally. 


This particular T-shirt specializes as a wholesale online market for clothing pieces. You can get several styles of T-shirt on this website available for men, women, and children. 

The price is reasonable and they have a minimum order quantity. The t-shirts are of great quality and you can find them in both printed and solid styles. They do offer to ship all over the country and even in international locations. 


This is another B2B marketplace in India that has an amazing collection. You will love to browse through their T-shirt section as the collection is amazing. You will find T-shirts of all kinds that have an Indian touch to it or are of international quality. 

Contact the sellers that have showcased their products on the website. A nice thing about the website is their categorization of products which is done professionally to help users in selecting specific items. 

Tirupur KnitWears

You will be in the heaven of printed T-shirts as soon as you get inside this website. They have a huge section of T-shirts at the most reasonable price that you may find. Request a price quote from them and they will get back to you as soon as possible. 

The company specializes in exporting their products to several countries around the world. You can contact on their numbers to know more about them. 


India is a leader in textile manufacturing and this professional website is a gem among them. They cater to all gender and age groups when it comes to T-shirt. 

You can browse through the categories to find amazing options in both solid and printed T-shirts. So, just go through them and request a quote so that you can finally place an order for your desired amount of products on the website.


This particular company is making T-shirts from 1987 and you can see their experience on their website. They have made a nice catalogue by using real-life models so that you can see the T-shirts quite well. 

They have trendy printed T-shirts and well as normal solid T-shirts in different designs. Just browse through the styles and place orders. But do remember that they sell bulk products on the basis of cartons.

Start Your Wholesale T-shirt Business with Chinabrands

From the suppliers above we can find that,the price of some wholesalers are really expensive.

As we know,Chinese T-shirts are cheap in price,and can be very profitable.

But you may worry about the quality and the long-time delivery.

So how to get the wholesaler which provides both cheap price and high quality products?

You Can Start Your Business with Chinabrands.

Chinabrands is a leading global drop shipping wholesaler from China.They have global reach servicing customers in more than over 200 countries.

● Cheap

Most of the T-shirts are manufactured in China thus making the cost slightly lower than other platforms. You get quality goods at affordable pricing.

● Variety

It offers full catalogs, including T-shirts, clothes, bags, jewelry and accessories, beauty, 3C products, household necessaries and so on that totally more than 500,000+ SKU. Also, new and trendy arrivals added every day.

Given the sheer number of supplier on the platform, you are exposed to possibly the largest volume of products that you could ever get from local supplier .  

● Quality 

As stated earlier Chinabrands never make a mistake when it comes to quality. Suppliers are all reviewed and quality assurance guaranteed.

● Automation

Suppliers at Chinabrands will be able to offer you fully automated order fulfillment services ensuring you spend less time on processes and more on customer satisfaction.

● Huge inventory 

You can always rely on Chinabrands to be honest with you regarding available stock. Stock is almost always available and if it isn’t you will be able to see it in real time because all of the inventory data is available to you.

● Global warehousing 

Chinabrands has warehouses in different parts of the world including Birmingham and London.It means that you don’t have to worry about your shipment taking too long. Additionally, they have even partnered with shipping companies such as EMS and DHL just to increase efficiency. It only takes less than 2 days that goods deliver to customers’ door of most consumers.

Also, there are more China wholesale websites available.

Best-Selling T-shirt Wholesale on ChinabrandsMore >Tassel Asymmetric Long Sleeve Top$1.42Multiway Off The Shoulder T-Shirt$0.96Sleeveless Two Tone Mini Bodycon Sundress$4.78Cross Drape Wrap Sweater$0.70

How to find a T-shirt Suppliers near me?

Finding T-shirt suppliers isn’t that hard if you do a little research. You can visit some of the websites that we have mentioned in this article. Another alternative is to find them with the help of the internet. You can use Google to search them by their brand names. 

Manufacturers often list the suppliers on their website. Another way is to visit your nearest local wholesale markets. You will get several suppliers and wholesalers in the market. But occasionally you can also land up in the shop of a manufacturer who is the best possible sources of getting the cheapest T-shirt. 

Do you know any t-shirt suppliers for printing?

We have already mentioned some websites that specialize in printing over the T-shirts. One such website is the UKTshirtprinting.com. But you will also get T-shirt printers around you who specialize in designing things for you. 

Try to track them down through the internet or also from a wholesale market. Give them your idea regarding the t-shirts and they will try their best to make it into a reality. Online based printers can also be a nice choice as you always have the option to upload your own design and get them printed on specific T-shirts of your choice of material and color. 

Which is the best wholesale T-shirts bulk supplier?

You can read the above section of our article to find out about the best wholesale T-shirt suppliers according to 3 countries. But the amount totally depends on several aspects of a T-shirt. You can find cheap quality T-shirts at cheap prices. Whereas you will need to pay a little more to get organic or ethical cotton T-shirts. 

Several companies around the world actually buy their T-shirts from India as the cost is quite cheaper in the country. You can definitely contact one of the websites that we have mentioned in our article to know more about them and their work. 

Do you know any T-shirt wholesale distributors?

Generally, the people who wholesale their products may also work as distributors. Your distributor will depend on your area and also the company that you favour. Most of the websites that we have mentioned stock products from different brands. Another alternative that you have is to take help from the internet to find a T-shirt wholesale distributor that is near you. 

Then you can contact him with your query or your demands. You can also go to the company’s website to check their list of distributors near your location. The local wholesale textile or apparel market is also a place where you will find information regarding these things. 

Where to wholesale high-quality blank T-shirts?

If you are a producer of high-quality blank T-shirts, then the best place to sell them will be an online B2B market. There are several around the world but some famous ones are Aliexpress, Alibaba, IndiaMart, DHgate, eWorldTrade, and iOffer. Just register yourself on their website and start selling your t-shirts. 

You will get amazing crowds from all over the world and can make a huge profit. After getting a little recognition, definitely building your own website to promote your business. You can also sell the T-shirts in the local markets and talk to distributors or suppliers who will be interested in stocking your things for their customers. 

Last Words

So, here are some of the things that you need to know about buying and wholesaling T-shirts suppliers. If you are a retailer, then definitely keep an eye on these websites as they give offers from time to time. Selling T-shirts can be very profitable if you keep a track of the market and sell the trending things. We hope the best of you and definitely check out the websites. 

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