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Tattoo Removal Laser Machine

used laser tattoo removal machines for sale

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 Laser tatoo removal is a growing market. In fact, experts expect spending on laser tattoo removal treatments to exceed $83 million by 2018. While there are many factors that lead to tattoo regret, one thing is clear… the regret is strong and many Americans are looking for a reliable way to erase their ink.

Tattoos are created by injecting colored pigment into small deep holes made in the skin. Regardless of whether a tattoo artist or an untrained individual injects the pigment, the marks or designs are relatively permanent. When people subsequently want their tattoos removed, most physicians today consider laser tattoo removal one of the best methods.

For years, the Q-switched Nd:YAG has been the most frequently used laser for tattoo removal. With the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser available on the Harmony XL PRO laser system, you can effectively treat dark tattoo inks, specifically black (which accounts for more than half of all tattoos) and dark blue. The 532nm KTP laser is often used to treat red, yellow and orange pigments.

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Today, most tattoos are created with more than one color, so most physicians looking to offer laser tattoo removal need multiple wavelengths.

Recently, picosecond laser technology was introduced as a groundbreaking new option for effectively treating tattoos. This next-generation laser tattoo removal technology uses ultrashort pulses to target ink particles. These pulses are able to shatter pigment into tiny particles that are more easily absorbed and cleared by the body.

Put quite simply, picosecond laser tattoo removal technology enables practitioners to eliminate tattoos in fewer treatments. This results in faster results and happier patients.

If you are a tattoo fanatic, you always want to get your old tattoos removed to get new ones instead.

Getting a new tattoo is as simple as it seems but your main headache is to get your old tattoos removed.

For this purpose, you need to have the best laser tattoo removal machine.

Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Since the 1980s, tattoos are being removed using laser tattoo removal machines.

Still, at this moment, the laser tattoo removal technique is great to get rid of your old tattoos.

In those days, you had to go to a doctor to get the job done.

But as technology progressed, now you can remove your tattoos while sitting at home, at a small expense, with the best laser tattoo removal machine.


The technology used for tattoo removal procedures is called “Q-switching.” It is the production of a specific type of quick, powerful pulse that shatters tattoo ink without harming surrounding skin tissue. To learn more technical details about this advanced technology, please visit our Q-switch Laser Technology page.

All other types of aesthetic lasers will not safely and effectively remove tattoos – Q-switched lasers are the only proven method for removing tattoos safely without scarring.

There are two main types of Q-switched lasers on the market: passively Q-switched  and actively Q-switched. Passively Q-switched lasers produce pulses of energy capable of removing tattoos, but do not have the high performance capabilities of larger, actively Q-switched laser systems.

Passively Q-switched lasers are generally smaller, more portable, and more affordable, but do not have the advanced power and features of actively Q-switched models.

The Astanza Duality is an example of an actively Q-switched laser – each pulse is merely 6000 picoseconds in length for peak power many times greater than competing actively Q-switched laser systems. The high peak power from a professional-grade system such as the Duality allows for the removal of the most stubborn and difficult-to-treat tattoos.

Peak Power

Power matters for getting quality tattoo removal results with each treatment. Some systems may provide adequate fading results for the first few treatments, but do not have sufficient power to break up the ink of stubborn tattoos deep within the dermis. To avoid this problem, it is important to consider peak power as you make your laser purchasing decision.

Peak power is a result of pulse width and energy – the smaller the pulse width and the greater the energy production, the higher the peak power. Higher peak power levels allow practitioners to treat tattoos at greater fluences without compromising on laser treatment spot size. In all, peak power allows you to get better removal results for increased patient satisfaction.

Both the Astanza Duality and the Astanza Eternity (paired together to make the Astanza Trinity tattoo removal system) feature high levels of energy production and exceptionally short pulse widths for best-in-class peak power production. Make sure to consider peak power as you make your laser purchasing decision.

Astanza Duality - Laser Tattoo Removal Q-Switched


Different colors of tattoo ink absorb different wavelengths of energy – meaning that tattoo removal practitioners switch between different wavelengths of laser energy when treating tattoos. Understanding the capabilities of different wavelengths will greatly guide your choice of laser.

There are three common types of Q-switched lasers in the tattoo removal industry: Nd:YAG, Ruby, and Alexandrite.

The go-to laser for most tattoo removal practitioners is an Nd:YAG laser, such as the Astanza Duality, because it is capable of producing the most versatile wavelengths: 1064 nm and 532 nm. The 1064 nm wavelength is a powerhouse for treating black, blue, and other dark ink colors; the 532 nm wavelength is highly effective for removing red, orange, pink, and other bright colors. These two powerful wavelengths can completely remove 95% of tattoos.

Elite practitioners who are worried about the remaining 5% of tattoos often invest in an additional Ruby laser (694 nm), such as the Astanza Eternity, or Alexandrite laser (755 nm) to compliment their purchase of an Nd:YAG laser. Both Ruby and Alexandrite wavelengths function very similarly and are excellently absorbed by difficult-to-treat ink colors such as lime green, teal, and turquoise.

The Astanza Trinity system – which combines the versatility of an Nd:YAG laser with the unique capabilities of a Ruby laser – is a powerful option for clinics looking to have the best of both types of lasers.  The important difference between the Trinity and other multi-wavelength tattoo removal systems is that it has exceptionally powerful pulses for each wavelength.  Be wary of “handpiece filter” systems that tout additional wavelengths but fail to deliver on power.

FDA Clearance

The United States government considers laser tattoo removal to be a medical procedure. Therefore, tattoo removal laser equipment is classified as medical devices and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“FDA clearance means this method for removing tattoos complies with agency requirements for safety and effectiveness”, states an FDA representative in their article about tattoo removal.

If you have searched for lasers online, you probably have probably seen the machines sold on eBay and other online trading sites. These lasers usually boast very attractive pricing, but don’t be misled ­– it is illegal to perform tattoo removal in the United States with devices that do not have FDA clearance. These lasers are often are built with low-quality materials, produce inconsistent amounts of energy, and endanger patient skin.

Penalties for practicing with a non-FDA cleared medical device in the United States can range from fines to imprisonment. In addition, any patient treated with a non-cleared laser has grounds to take legal action.

For all of these reasons, if you are practicing in the United States or Canada, please only consider legal, FDA-cleared laser devices from reputable laser companies such as Astanza. ALL Astanza laser systems sold in the US have FDA clearance. Learn more about Astanza’s full line of FDA-cleared tattoo removal laser products. Learn More.

Laser Maintenance

Advanced actively Q-switched tattoo removal lasers require regular maintenance to perform at their best. These advanced laser systems have delicate technical and optical components that need periodic cleaning, calibration, and alignment. Without preventative maintenance and service by trained professionals, tattoo removal equipment will have a reduction in power and efficacy over time.

Because you probably plan to be performing tattoo removal for many years to come, it is important to choose a laser supplier that will provide ongoing service beyond the warranty expiration. After all, your tattoo removal laser is the cornerstone of your practice.

Some laser manufacturers do not offer a la carte services, which means that if you aren’t under an extended warranty contract, they will not service your laser if it fails. Similarly, used laser dealers typically do not provide any maintenance or service support, and the original manufacturers of the used system may not agree to provide service.

Unlike other manufacturers that either gouge customers with outrageous contract costs or neglect to provide responsive, quality technical support, Astanza stands by our systems with ongoing service support by in-house expert technicians. To learn more about Astanza’s fair, responsible service commitment to customers, please visit our Technical Support page.

Training and Support

There are two things that every laser purchaser should consider when buying a laser: the quality of the laser system and the reputation of the laser manufacturer. When you buy a tattoo removal laser, you are also establishing an ongoing relationship with the laser supplier; you want to make sure that they provide the resources for your clinical operation to thrive.

In-depth training is essential for any tattoo removal practitioner to feel confident as they start treating patients. From assessing tattoos to discussing aftercare, there are a lot of details that have to be learned to provide top-notch service to your patients.

Astanza gives comprehensive practitioner education to all customers. Training clients learn extensive details about the science and practice of laser tattoo removal, giving them a foundation of knowledge as they start performing this profitable procedure.

Also, effective marketing efforts are essential to the success of any tattoo removal operation. Even if a clinic has the best laser technology available, it will not achieve profitability unless marketing is used to bring patients in the door.

Astanza has a Customer Marketing Partnership program that gives expert marketing services and advice to those adding tattoo removal to their existing practice or starting a new tattoo removal clinic. Our marketing services are the most comprehensive in the industry – ranging from Google AdWords setup to website content writing – and are completely customized to practitioner needs.

Astanza provides more than world-class laser technology ­– we provide an ongoing partnership to help you succeed with laser tattoo removal.

 Astanza Tattoo Removal Lasers

Astanza is the only laser manufacturer specializing in tattoo removal technology and equipment. Our systems are chosen by the most-recognized names in the tattoo removal field and by elite skin specialists that want the best results for their patients. Our systems are in use across six continents, and our training and support services are unparalleled.

The Astanza Trinity is the most powerful multi-wavelength laser on the market today. With three full-powered wavelengths and high peak power, the Trinity is the ultimate in ink removal technology. No other tattoo removal system can remove the full range of tattoo ink colors as quickly and produce such beautiful skin results.

Astanza’s Line of Tattoo Removal Systems

q-switched nd:yag and ruby laser, astanza trinity

Trinity TSR
The World’s Most Powerful Solution to Colorful Tattoos     

Learn More

Our Flagship System for Professional Removal Results

Learn More

Q-switched ruby laser tattoo removal, astanza eternity

Eternity TSR
The Ultimate Solution for Rare & Resistant Ink Colors 

Learn More

Astanza specializes in working with practices serious about laser tattoo removal because this procedure is our core focus as a company.Our clients include leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical spas, and tattoo removal specialty clinics. Our systems are chosen by the #1 and #2 highest volume tattoo removal practices in the United States, along with the #1 non-profit provider. Many experienced practitioners upgrade to our technology to stay at the forefront of the tattoo removal industry.

Contact Astanza today at (800) 364-9010 to speak to a tattoo removal expert and learn more about laser technology and the rapidly-growing demand for this procedure.

Laser tattoo removal machine for sale & rental VA-402 is CE approved. Q-switched ND YAG laser machine is effctive and safe for tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal healing process general need 1 to 3 treatments.

The treatment is a little painful. But the pain is acceptable if treated by a licensed doctor. VIVALaser is the manufacturer of high-quality laser machines.

What is ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal treatment. – also called laser surgery and laser skin rejuvenation. – is a low-risk option with minimal side effects. A licenced doctor removes the tattoo by using nd yag laser machine.

Tattoo removal machine break up the pigment colors of the tattoo. Laser works on skin precisely by red aiming beam. 1064nm nd yag tattoo removal laser destroy the tattoo.

Different colors need different laser tips and parametres.  A 1064 nm Nd:Yag Q-Switched laser is for black and blue tattoo. 532nm yag laser treatment tip is for red and brown tattoo.

The laser selectively targets and removes the tattoo without damaging the surrounding tissue. Laser tattoo removal healing process decreases scarring. Most tattoos do require a series of treatments. It depends on how deep and what color is the tattoo. 

ND YAG Q-switched laser technology

Tattoo removal machine uses ND YAG Q-switched laser technology. It is the procedure of a specific type of fast and powerful pulse treatment. Nd YAG laser removes tattoo ink without harming surrounding skin tissue.

Nd YAG Q-switched laser is the only method for removing the tattoo without any scar. There are 2 kinds of Q-switched lasers on the market. Single rod and Double rod. Double rod Nd YAG Q-switched laser energy is 2 times higher than a single rod.

Double rod  Nd YAG Q-switched laser energy is up to 2000mj. Single rod Nd YAG Q-switched laser is 1000mj. Double rod laser tattoo removal is more effective. Single rod also works but need more times treatment.

The laser tattoo removal machine VA-402 is double rod nd YAG laser. The energy is up to 2000mj and frequency is 10Hz. The laser tattoo removal procedure is effective and fast. Nd YAG laser tattoo need 1 to 3 times for tattoo removal treatment.

How did laser tattoo removal machine work?

The Tattoo is made up of many particles of ink pigment suspended in the skin. In the tattoo removal procedure, The nd YAG laser handpiece passes the energy to the target inks. The YAG lasers destroy the ink in the skin cells into a much smaller particle size. Your immune system clear the tiny particles out of the body.

The tattoo needs a different wavelength to clear all the color. No single laser wavelength can remove all tattoo colors. Usually, we use 1064nm and 532nm to treat tattoo colors.

Every tattoo ink pigments have very specific light absorption capabilities. Skillful using 1064nm and 532nm could remove almost all types of tattoos.

What can nd yag laser tattoo removal machine do?

These 1064nm lasers specialize in the treatment of pigmented lesions of the skin and tattoos. Pigmented lesions are simply discolorations of the skin. and these lasers are very effective in treating those. They are also clinically proven to work well in tattoo removal treatment.

Laser tattoo removal is not the only function for Nd YAG laser machine. It can do laser skin rejuvenation also. Laser skin rejuvenation is also called laser carbon facial.

Laser carbon facial treatment cover carbon gel on the face. The carbon absorbs the nd yag laser.

Difference between picosure laser and q-switched ND YAG laser

Nd YAG q-switched laser and picosure, which one is better? Tattoo removal laser machines are safe and effective. We will answer the question from these points:

Safety: Which tattoo removal is safer?

Speed. Which is the safest tattoo removal laser?

Health: Which laser is good for my skin?

Cost: Do I need to pay a lot for tattoo removal treatment?

Main difference:

  • Q-Switched Laser has a different wavelength. 1064nm, 532nm, 1320nm and 755nm. It is more effective at targeting certain colors of ink than picosecond laser.
  • The Q-Switched Laser is less likely to be a painful treatment than Pico laser.
  • Pico laser tattoo removal treatment is more expensive than Q-switched laser.
  • There is not enough evidence on which laser is more effective or faster at removing tattoos.
  • The Pico Laser is more likely to cause skin damage, scarring, burning, and blistering compared to the Q-Switched Laser.

Nd YAG Q-switched laser and picosure, which is the best?

The 2 popular tattoo removal machines that are currently being used: the Q-Switched Laser and the Pico Laser.

What is picosecond laser and how it works?

Picosecond laser technology is new for ink tattoo removing. There is too much hype around picosecond laser.We all know Q-Switched lasers pulse width is nanosecond level. While the pico laser declares to be picosecond level. It means, a Pico Laser fires 1,000 times faster than a Q-Switched laser.Pico laser increases the amount of heat that is penetrating to the body. Picosecond laser seems to be a more aggressive procedure than Q-switched laser.

The mistake you hear from pico laser

Too much hype about picosecond laser is not true. Some manufacturers, beauticians, and clinics are enlarging the result of Pico laser. There is no clinical evidence.

There is evidence to prove the mistakes. Please check.

Academy Journal artical

Mistake 1: Pico laser needs fewer treatments than Nd Yag q-switched laser.

It is not true. The main factors affect the treatments as below.

  • Person’s health
  • Immune system’s ability to absorb broken down ink, and
  • What the tattoo ink is actually made of
  • Tattoo years.

Mistake 2: Pico laser is more effective than ND YAG Laser

Incorrect. Nd YAG Laser is a technology which has been proved effective for ink tattoo removing. Pico laser is most likely less effective in removing all shades of the tattoo.

Mistake 3: No side effects of picosecond laser treatment.

The reality is just the opposite. There are many stories of people getting severely burned and scarred from Pico Lasers. Pico laser treatment has a larger risk for side effects.

Mistake 4: Picosecond laser is faster than Nd YAG q-switched laser.

It is not true. The factors for the speed of laser treatment:

  1. The frequency of the laser
  2. How skillful is the operator

Laser tattoo removal treatment price list

Tattoo removal price varies due to the tattoo size and ink type. Here is a reference price list for tattoo removal treatment.

Tattoo SizeNoteSingle Price(USD)3 sessions pack list
Very SmallSmaller than a Quarter$80$200
SmallSmaller than a Name Card$150-$200$400-$550
MediumSmaller than a cash dollar$200-$300$550-$800
LargeSmaller than a CD$300-$400$800-$1,100
Very LargeNo limit$450 and higher$1,250 and higher

Tattoo Removal Laser Machine

#1, Zynx Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Zynx Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
Zynx Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
Zynx Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
Zynx Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
Zynx Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
Zynx Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
Zynx Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
Zynx Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Machine


This is a professional grade tattoo removal machine for eyebrows that you could normally found in beauty salons. This sophisticated device is desirable for causing no harm to the hair follicles or damage to any normal skin or tissues at any level. As a result, you will be left with no scars at all and this would genuinely fade the pigments only.

 There are three combined cooling functions for this machine to provide the user with much rapid heat dissipation. It also provides a resourceful penetration of its function to easily reach the deeper dermis.

The particles of the pigment are capable of absorbing the light energy conveniently and then explode sharply, bursting itself into smaller fragments while reducing the intensity of the color and eliminating it. The equipment is good to work with the removal of black and blue pigments from the eyeliner, eyebrows, and lip line. It could clear the birthmarks, tattoos, and different age marks as well.


  • The removal machine is fairly easy to operate with its stable handle structure.
  • There is a color touch screen on offer to easily monitor the progress of operations.
  • It can work on tattoo removal from eyebrows including age spots, freckles, and sunburns also.
  • The performance of the machine is harmless for hair follicles, skin, and deep tissues.


  • Limited use for commercial salons only.


#2, Biotechnique Avance Personal Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine

Biotechnique Avance Personal Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Personal Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Personal Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Personal Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Personal Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Personal Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Personal Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Personal Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine


This is professional-grade equipment for permanent hair and tattoo removal. The machine offers superb performance with its 220 jcm2 per second for giving an unbeatable performance at an unbeatable price. The SDL-90-EC-A provides users with a permanent hair removal system as in the form of an electrolysis machine.

The machine has proved to be 75 percent faster and extremely effective as compared to many of its competing brands in the market. This device also includes a pre-treatment gel of 2 ounces along with carbon dye.

 You will also get the hair growth inhibitor gel, which could be used as a useful post-treatment formula. You will be happy to buy this product with a 1-year standard warranty. It is a risk-free purchase as you are also given an unconditional money-back guarantee of 90 days.


  • This permanent hair removal system offers powerful performance with 220 jcm2 per second.
  • The kit comes with a 2% pre-treatment application for excellent results.
  • The product is ideal for eyebrow contouring, laser shaving, and facial hair removal.
  • It is easy to operate with a thumb switch ideally placed.


  • You may experience temporary discomfort including skin redness.


#3, Biotechnique Avance Portable Tattoo Removal Machine

Biotechnique Avance Portable Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Portable Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Portable Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Portable Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Portable Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Portable Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Portable Tattoo Removal Machine
Biotechnique Avance Portable Tattoo Removal Machine


This is one of the best portable tattoo removal machines that you could have in your home for regular use. This is your most reliable system to entrust to permanently remove a tattoo and other similar scars. This mini equipment would surely provide you with professional-grade output at a very affordable price.

The kit comes with the tattoo removal machine and gun, along with the cream required to complete the operation. You may also use it at a medi-spa salon and other commercial places where tattoo removal is performed.

The manufacturer has endorsed this machine to be effectively used over the face, neck, and body and to get the best results. It operated on 110 – 240 V while guaranteeing global compatibility. The machine is also approved for wrinkles erasing and skin tightening etc. This is the best option for home users and professional aestheticians alike.


  • The machine kit comes with useful eyewear to protect eyes during laser treatment.
  • It comes with a comprehensive guide for a better understanding of the potential of the equipment.
  • It works for permanent tattoo removal along with wrinkles erasing and skin tightening as well.
  • Excellent compatibility is provided with its 110 – 240 V machine.


  • It is suitable for limited, small laser removal only.


#4, Konwell Scar and Tattoo Removal Machine

Konwell Scar and Tattoo Removal Machine
Konwell Scar and Tattoo Removal Machine
Konwell Scar and Tattoo Removal Machine
Konwell Scar and Tattoo Removal Machine
Konwell Scar and Tattoo Removal Machine
Konwell Scar and Tattoo Removal Machine
Konwell Scar and Tattoo Removal Machine
Konwell Scar and Tattoo Removal Machine


This is a multiuse tattoo and scar removal device that could be both home and professionally used. The beam produced through this device is capable of effectively resolving any of the melanin over the skin into tiny particles. This as a result promotes skin metabolism and also keeps a good check on further unwanted melanin deposits. The usage of this product is safe and risk-free.

There is no damage caused to the skin and neither your skin tissues at any level gets hurt. The users of this scar and tattoo removal machine may also employ it for reducing the impact of any dark spots on the skin and also to treat freckles. You may refine your skin most desirably with results produced in a quick time as well.

Thanks to its super-fast beam offering focused energy for removing and cleaning the rigid melanin problems.


  • A comprehensive user manual can be maximized for ideal use at home.
  • The device offers a fast beam with focused energy for treating melanin issues.
  • The usage of this product is safe with no threat to skin health.
  • It can treat dark spots, freckles, and refines skin.


#5, Zyyini Portable Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine

Zyyini Portable Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Zyyini Portable Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Zyyini Portable Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Zyyini Portable Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Zyyini Portable Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Zyyini Portable Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Zyyini Portable Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
Zyyini Portable Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine


This one is an excellent professional laser hair removal machine for salon and medi-spa use. It is ideally used for hair and tattoo removal but, it has a variety of other applications as well. This fully-functional equipment could help you in getting rid of the different skin issues such as skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, and skin redness, etc.

The eyebrow removal machine has a wide array of applications and it is frequently used in spas, hospitals, skin beauty clinics, and skin management centers for the purpose. The experience of treating skin issues with this including tattoo and hair removal is completely

There is a very unique color filter function with a 640 filter to help with the hair removal on the whole body. The 530 filters of the machine could be used for spot removal, skin rejuvenation, redness reduction, and so on.


  • It offers multiple options including tattoo removal, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and redness.
  • Use gets 3-color filter options to treat specific skin issues.
  • The laser treatment is completely painless.
  • It is a risk-free purchase as a 100% money-back guarantee is offered if you are not satisfied.


best tattoo removal laser machine

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