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The 1,100-HP Tesla Model S Plaid Plus Is Back


And it’s now sporting some exciting active aero.

The Tesla Model S Plaid represents the pinnacle of Tesla performance right now. With 1,020 horsepower on tap, the Model S Plaid will hit 0-60 mph time in 1.99 seconds and max out at 200 mph. With those specs, no one was surprised when Jay Leno set a 9.24-second quarter-mile record in the electric performance sedan. It’s since been usurped by Rimac, but we remain impressed.

More recently, the Model S Plaid set an electric sedan lap record at the Nurburgring, beating the Porsche Taycan by seven seconds. As impressive as the Plaid already is, Elon Musk was planning to launch an even more hardcore Plaid Plus version, but the project was abruptly canceled. However, Musk is no stranger to changing his mind.CarBuzzSaveCarBuzzSaveCarBuzzSaveCarBuzzSave

Elon Musk argued there was “no need” for the Plaid Plus because the standard version “is just so good.” However, these photos sent by our spy photographers suggest that the hardcore Model S Plaid Plus is still being developed and tested after all.

At the Nurburgring, our spies spotted a modified blue Tesla Model S Plaid prototype being pushed hard. The exterior is extensively modified with aggressive aero components including a front splitter and a prominent active rear wing that moves from a horizontal to an almost vertical angle. The Model S Plaid Plus prototype also rides lower to the ground and has noticeably larger brakes than the regular production Plaid.CarBuzzSaveCarBuzzSaveCarBuzzSaveCarBuzzSave

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When it was announced, the hardcore Model S Plaid Plus was going to produce 1,100 hp and would offer 520 miles of range. According to our spies, Tesla was also testing two other Model S Plaid prototypes. One was the red Model S Plaid prototype we’ve seen at the Nurburgring before and the other was a mostly stock black prototype with racing seats.

Chances are, Tesla is using these prototypes to benchmark the Plaid Plus to compare performance and Nurburgring lap times. Clearly, Tesla isn’t going to let Porsche reclaim the Nurburgring crown any time soon. We’ll have to wait and see if Tesla really will launch an even more powerful Model S Plaid, but the evidence certainly suggests that the Plaid Plus project is back on track.CarBuzzSaveCarBuzzSave

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