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Here is a detailed post about Thailand Online Shopping Website. So, if you have been searching for thailand online shopping clothes, thailand online shopping electronics or other keywords online, then this article is dedicated to you. It contains the best online shopping websites in thailand. Read on to enjoy all these and more.

Over the past few decades, Thailand’s fashion industry has grown tremendously. Now and then, new apparels make it to the market. Business has shifted online. 

Today, Thailand wholesale clothing suppliers are making significant sales across the globe with fewer hustles. The online internet world has made it easy for buyers to get in touch with those in the Thailand wholesale clothing business. Thailand wholesale clothing online is slowly taking over the physical stores. 

In this article, I am going to share with you everything you want to know about wholesale clothing online suppliers in Thailand.

Thailand Online Shopping Website

Reasons Why You Can Purchase Wholesale Clothing Online

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1. Choice and variety

The internet is an all-in-one shop. Through the capacity of the internet, you can find many stores in Thailand offering different products. Thus, you can choose what to buy from a wide array of choices.

2. Convenience

The online stores are easy to access as compared to taking a trip to the physical stores. All you require is a pc and access to the internet, and you’re ready to make the purchases. Shopping for wholesale clothing online can be done using even using a smartphone. Besides, you can do it at any given time, in the office, while cooking, even when in a cab or train.  

3. No crowds

A visit to the physical stores can be a bit messy. More often than not, the stores are usually crowded and hence making it difficult to get a dress, for example, that you’ve always desired. No one enjoys those long queues at the clothing stores leave alone the hustles when there are new items in stock. Luckily, online shopping has made it easy for buyers. 

You can now place your orders while relaxed at home. The internet has come to the rescue of the wholesale buyers, as well. You understand how annoying it can feel when a store is crowded, and you’ve to buy your items in bulk. Most likely, you will end up forgetting most things in your shopping list.

4. Cheaper

As stated earlier, the clothing industry has shifted towards the internet and hence a rise in the number of suppliers. As a result, you’re likely to get different prices for the same item. Besides, by shopping online, you’re likely to come across coupons, and discount offers and hence a reduced cost.

best online shopping websites in thailand

 Company Category of products Location
Platinum Fashion MallFashion clothes and accessoriesPratunam Bangkok, Thailand
Lanna Clothes DesignClothing and fashionChiang Mai, Northern Thailand
ShoppingwebthailandClothing and fashionThailand
Wholesale ThailandT-shirtsBangkok, Thailand
Ethnic Lanna Women clothing and apparelsThailand
Bangkok ClothingMen and women clothingBangkok, Thailand
One Tribe ApparelClothing and fashionNorthern Thailand
Mystery BuddhaWomen clothing and fashionChiang Mai, Thailand 

1. Platinum mall

Along Phetchaburi road is where you will Platinum Fashion Mall. The mall is known for high-end fashion clothes and accessories. It deals in both retail and wholesale. So, it’s not surprising when you find two price tags on the clothes. One card is for the retail price while the other represents the wholesale price. It has six floors. 

Surprisingly, the mall’s levels are named after world famous shopping districts. It has over 1300 shops. More often than not, you will find the mall crowded. Many Thais throng the place to acquire the clothes at a wholesale price and sell them at a reasonable price to other customers. 

It operates on a 24-hour basis. Besides, anyone can enter the mall and make purchases without the need of any proof of membership. But, making the orders online is efficient. It prevents you from facing the many hustles that come with visiting the mall.

2. Lanna Clothes Design

Lanna clothes design is one of the certified wholesale clothing suppliers in Thailand giving back to the community. The store is a family venture. It supports Fair Trade Thai Handmade Products. The business has been in the game for the past six years. 

Thus, when it comes to experience, it has all it takes. Currently, the store has over 35 staff who facilitate the designing and the sewing process. Thanks to the power of the internet, Lanna has seen the number of sales skyrocket. 

As a result, the venture has thrived from a single machine into a comfortable workshop. The firm has helped in uniting the family. It has also employed the talented designers and hence eradicating poverty. Besides, Lanna is known for its generous giving. Now and then, the clothing business donates towards children’s homes and schools. 


It’s right to say that is more of an online store. Well, the store acts as a middleman between customers and the top wholesale fashion lines. It collects trending clothes and apparels from top stores such as the Platinum Fashion Mall. 

The store’s primary mission is usually to take the trending stores to a global market. The store provides a convenient way to shop online at a go. That’s, you get to choose your products from a variety of stores and pay for them at a go. Also, the clothing distributor has a variety of shipping services and hence making it easy for an individual to order the goods at whatever geographical location. 

It provides all kind of apparels from t-shirts, trousers, bags, dresses, jeans, shoes and decorations among many other items. But, the products are usually sold at wholesale prices and hence suitable for individuals who prefer large purchases. 

4. Wholesale Thailand T-shirts 

wholesale thailand.jpg

Wholesale Thailand t-shirts is a store located in Bangkok, Thailand. However, its presence is felt all around the world. The vendor specializes in the supply of t-shirts. As many people would say, it’s the best place to find all sought of t-shirts at a wholesale price. Their communication is efficient and hence the bets to transact. 

Now and then, you’ve come across customers complaining that they received a product, t-shirts especially, that was different. Well, for this store, delivering what you ordered is their priority. You will always get what you see on the website. Besides, the quality of their products is top. It’s worth spending a dollar. 

5. Ethnic Lanna

Ethnic Lanna has been in the market for some time now. The store deals with women’s clothing and apparels at a wholesale price. Like its name implies, the store has a reputation of providing products that tell more about traditions. The store does the work from scratch. 

That’s, they craft the products before proceeding with the distribution. Well, the internet has helped significantly with the delivery. Today, the store is making great sales. Besides, they have earned an excellent reputation for their superb work. 

6. Bangkok Clothing

Bangkok Clothing is one of the wholesale clothing distributors located in Bangkok. The store deals in the manufacturing and distribution of men and women clothes. When it comes to sourcing products, the store has a good reputation. It’s known for sourcing goods on behalf of its customers. 

As if that isn’t enough, the store follows up on the delivery process. Today, with the power of the internet, Bangkok has managed to build its name in the game left alone increasing the sales. 

7. One Tribe Apparel 

one tribe apparel.jpg

One Tribe Apparel is known for manufacturing and sale of dresses, tops, jewelry, and other accessories. As its name implies, the wholesale clothing supplier specializes in traditional products. The history of the store is somewhat unusual. The founder had set a hostel in Pai. 

It’s then that he realized that the travelers were embracing Thai boho fashion and something needed to be done. Thus, he created One Tribe Apparel to bring bohemian apparel from around the world to their home. The rest is history. Today, the store supplies their gear to travelers from Northern Thailand and around the world. 

The shop’s primary objective is to give clients unique, traditional and quality clothes and apparels. The store also supports people from various tribes, and whose products they distribute. Currently, the store has over 50 staff members who facilitate the designing, sewing and distribution processes. 

Today, Carlos Mantilla, the founder, is lives the enjoy the success of his idea. Thanks to the internet, today, his different gears are being appreciated around the world.  

8. Mystery Buddha

Mystery Buddha can be found in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As many people would say, it’s among the few shops that you can see everything that you could ever require. The store is well placed to understand the different stores based in Thailand. 

Thus, it acts as the bridge between the customers and the top suppliers. It collects any product that a customer may be interested. 

According to the store’s policies, all the products are sourced following the Fair Trade policies. Today, and thanks to online sales, Mystery Buddha is in a position to supply different products around the world and at a wholesale price. 

You can Also Buy From Chinabrands

If you are wondering where to find long-term cooperation suppliers, Chinabrands is one of the best options for you. 


Chinabrands have a wide range of products and all of them is at wholesale prices. No matter you are looking for cheap items wholesale, qualified products supplies or other interesting goods, you will get what you want from Chinabrands.

Moreover, many retailers complained that they don’t know how to identify the products quality, and some of them even get cheat during the purchasing. 

Chinabrands is investing lots of money on the quality control system, every products from them needs to be inspected for 3 times at least and differ from most of the manufacturers who randomly check the goods, Chinabrands is offering 100% products inspection to make sure every piece of wholesale electronics meet the quality standard.

Again, compared to what retailers got from some other online marketers at expensive price. Chinabrands is insist on providing the best price for all the businesses.

Besides, every purchase on Chinabrands, you will then get corresponding CB points as return which can be used to deduct your order amount in the next purchase. 

To register on Chinabrands, you will notice that there are attractive discount offered for Chinabrands’ members. With CB points and the attractive discount, the final price you get from Chinabrands could be extremely competitive.

Is that all you can get from Chinabrands? Of course not, there are more possibilities Chinabrands is providing:

. Start Your E-commerce Business At No Risk

You are in shortage of money for the business? You are not willing to take any risks? All your troubles have been solved by Chinabrands. Their drop ship service for retailers to set you free from risks and capital problems. 

. Click On The Button On Chinabrands To Get The Boost Products

Most of the retailers are investing lots of time on searching for the profitable products. There are more than thousands of retailers purchasing from Chinabrands everyday. You are very easy to find the market trends and hot selling models from the website. Just leave the product research to Chinabrands, you can put 100% capacity to boost your sales.

. Leave SEO Job To Chinabrands, Save Your Time

Many retailers complained about the preparation of optimized SEO products description for e-commerce online shops, especially for the new starters. Chinabrands is equiped with professional teams to build strong SEO products descriptions for its group members to upload all the product details to their online shops much more easily.

. Get Your Products Within 24 Hours

Are you tired of waiting for your packages? With the help of the wordwide warehouses and logistics system from Chinabrands, you can even get your wholesale sandals within 24 hours. 

. Find Whatever You Are Sourcing

Your target products is not available in Chinabrands? No problem, leave them a message or email, the sales team will definitely offer you a satisfied solution and get what you want.

Best-Selling Clothing Wholesale on ChinabrandsMore >Stylish Round Neck Long Sleeve Spliced Hollow Out Women’s Blouse$0.79Bowknot Chiffon Shift Tank Dress$1.07Tassel Asymmetric Long Sleeve Top$1.42Scoop Neck Tribal Printed Bikini Set$0.86

best online shopping websites in thailand

How to Import Clothes From Thailand

If you are willing to import clothing from Thailand then the first thing that you need to know is that the process may differ from country to country depending on the importing regulations of your own country. However, in order to trade with Thailand, you need to first prepare certain important documents.

Such as:

  • • Invoice
  • • Import License (if necessary)
  • • Other relevant documents (e.g. origin certificate, packing list, etc.)

1. Invoice

The invoice should include details of products including description, purchasing quantity, weight, customer information and country of origin.

2.  Import license

You must be equipped with the import license when buying from Thailand. Otherwise, if you are not able to prepare this document, you can rely on a trading agent who is allowed to import goods from overseas countries to take care of the importing process for you.

3. Other relevant documents

• Country of origin: It’s necessary to mention the country of origin when you import clothes from Thailand. Additionally, the purchasing quantity should match what you’ve specified in the invoice.

• Packing List: This should include the total number of cartons, net weight, customer’s name and the kind of goods as well.

What’s more, many countries such as US or UK may require some quality certificates when importing goods to make sure all the imported products match their quality standards. 

Tips on How to Find a Wholesale Clothing Supplier in Thailand

• Google

Google is your best friend, especially when doing online searches. Type and search for “ wholesale clothing thailand.” Here, you’ll find thousands of search results.

It’s up to you to figure out trusted wholesalers, something that can be quite frustrating and time-consuming.

• Online Marketplaces

There’s a rich selection of online marketplaces where you can buy clothes. Consider top online stores, such as Alibaba, AliExpress, DHgate, and Chinabrands. Here, you can find any sunglasses you want.

Remember, Asians own most of these sites. That said, you might experience communication issues since most aren’t good at English.

• Supplier Directories

Consider supplier directories, such as the list we have in this article.

thailand online shopping clothes

Well, Thailand has plenty of wholesale clothing stores. 

Pratunam Mall is the most common. Although crowded, you will always find trendy clothes. The mall has plenty of shops and hence a variety of choices. 

The second most liked is the Bobae market. The market is usually less crowded as compared to Pratunam. Although it stocks less trendy items, you will find clothes at a much lower price as compared to Pratunam mall. 

Where to Buy Wholesale Islamic Clothing From Thailand?

Shopping for Islamic clothes while in Thailand is no way different from the other gears. You can find the Islamic attires at Eve shop, for example, at a friendly price. 

Besides, you can place your orders via Chinabrands, Alibaba or The two websites have plenty of suppliers dealing with Islamic clothes from Thailand. Therefore, you can always get a deal that matches your budget. 

Which Are the Websites Providing Free Shipping for Wholesale Clothing in Thailand?

Many online shops offer free shipping. However, the amount spent is what determines if the order qualifies for free shipping. Most wholesale orders are eligible for free shipping regardless of the location. 

Shop JJ is among the few websites that you can get free shipping. Also, Alibaba and offer free shipping for various orders. 

Where to Buy Wholesale Suits in Thailand?

Like any other piece of clothing, finding a suit in Thailand is easy. You can check out Best Tailor Bangkok for designer suits. Also, Magnifique Tailor and Wonders Girl Princess Shop are known for providing quality suits. 

Which Website Provides Baby Clothing for Wholesale in Thailand?

At Pratunam mall, be sure to find everything, even baby clothing for wholesale. The pieces there are trendy. However, be ready to handle the crowds in there. Also, at Bobae Market, you can find baby clothes at a friendly price.   

Last Words

So that’s my post all about the best wholesale clothing suppliers & websites in Thailand. And the tips and tricks in Thailand wholesale clothing industry.

Now It’s your turn:

Which Thailand websites of wholesale clothing from this guide are you going to choose?

Are you ready to start buying from Thailand?

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